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Dawn of Rebellion guest article by Bryan Young:
Legion Commander Han Solo and SpecOps Rebel Commandos announced:
Legion Vader/Rebels tactics videos:

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How long until FFG announces a commander who isn't a named character?

Anybody have any good videos/guides to help me git gud at painting for Legion?

Never happening

If you want to run a game or scenario that way, agree with your opponent in advance and then use the field promotion rule at the start of the game.

You just need multiple thin layers, patience, and practice. Your first models will be shit, like learning to ride a bike, you can't avoid some scrapes at first.

How thin is thin? With water?

Water, yes. It'll take some practice to get a feel for the right consistency, but you want it thin enough that it takes multiple layers to hide the color underneath. People usually say "milk consistency", but that's never been useful to me.

If you watch the Warhammer 40k painting tips by Duncan, he usually does a good job of showing how thin he gets his paints, and how when they go own the base shows through until he's put on 2-3 coats.

about the consistency of whole milk is a good starting point.
Thicker than straight water, but not by a whole lot.

Specifically for Legion and Star Wars stuff, you can also look at Sorastros Painting on youtube.
If you're REALLY new to painting, watch the stuff from the core set for Imperial Assualt, then legion.

If you want to wait to paint Legion to practice, buy some other minis. Be warned. Painting if fun, frustrating, and expensive

I've never been a big fan of Sorastro's tutorials, desu. He focuses a lot more on colors and advanced techniques than basic stuff (even his old IA vids), and he's also got a kinda weird personal style that he teaches to.

His video on doing camo for the Rebels is probably the only legion one so far is really recommend. Maybe the OSL portion of the Vader tutorial.

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I need a name for some Star Wars writefaggotry about a Rebel gunship crew operating in some nowhere mid rim sector.

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Partisan colours are great, shame they all died. fuck you Kathleen, we could've put those characters to use in other, better works where they might get actual character development.

I want to make my rebel troops for Legion look like they're stationed on Dantooine. The basing should be pretty straightforward, but I was thinking about what kind of camo/color scheme I should paint them in. A predominantly khaki/brown color scheme seems like it would work well, with the occasional red to make it pop. Any other ideas?

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I'd go for a Sharpe's Rifles look myself, since I prefer my Rebels a mix of all types of militaries and styles.

The Partisans aren't all dead. Two-Tubes and several others were in the last arc of the main Star Wars comic.

That's neat, but I really don't want to read those fucking comics because the art makes my eyes bleed.

Was Rebels supposed to have the Death Star target Lothal? Things like the recurring allusions to it and 'lol they let them keep the planet' make more sense if the original plan was that the Empire planned to blow it up.

No? I never got that vibe. Death star and hints were merely linking Rebels to the galaxy as a whole

Preview article when

Armada still needs a wave 8 announcement, don't be greedy

I don't really like Thrawn, as a character. Am I a brainlet?

He's a good one-series villain, but you can't stretch him too much further than that, which is unfortunately what's happened

Thrawn is good when he's not overblown, he's just a guy who actually knows how to strategise and take advantage of situations but also has a real hardon for art. I'm honestly suprised nobody has shopped his face into Kira Yoshikage talking about the Mona Lisa yet.

>also has a real hardon for art
That's the big thing I don't like about him. Feels cheap. Feeds into the whole "entire species is like this" thing that he can deduce how an entire species thinks based on their art.


>he can deduce how an entire species thinks
His tendency to stereotype did kind of fuck him over fatally when he applied that to the Noghri.

But only then, and that was because anger at being lied to maliciously is universal.

I kind of have to agree, mainly on the notion that an entire species would even possess a single formulaic method of art. I mean seriously, what the fuck would thrawn look at just in regards to us to deduce our entire race?
But I also agree he is just over-hyped in general, both in and out of universe. He had his minute in the spotlight, but his campaign inevitably crashed and failed after a year, same as all the other would-be's.

He's evil Sherlock Holmes with an art fetish
That's really it

>a Rebel gunship crew
Assuming you want to write a story about something like a LAAT/i gunship and not something like a DP20 gunship:
>Fortunate Sons
>It Ain't Me
>Napalm in the Morning
>Get Some

>But only then
And one time was still enough to kill him.

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Rebels handled this a bit better, his art analysis is usually focused on small groups or individuals rather than planet wide species.

That said, if star wars commits the sin of a planet being a monoculture, you really could gain a lot of intel just by looking at their art

>Assuming you want to write a story about something like a LAAT/i gunship and not something like a DP20 gunship:
I was thinking either a Bra'ha'tok or something equivilent, so like a DP20.

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Rebels Thrawn is basically an extremely pragmatic autist whose main weakness is an inability to instinctively understand how anyone could not be as logical as him. You see bits of this in the last episode where he talks to Ezra about doing what is "morally correct instead of what is strategically sound", and again when he tells him that "whatever happens next, happens to the both of us."
A lot of his strength in the series comes simply from being the only competent Imperial commander but he does benefit from having a lot more resources than original Thrawn had.
It'll be interesting to see how much of this if any Zahn will pick up on,

I'm glad the Bra'ha'tok is getting more attention in nucanon. Fingers crossed it gets added to Armada at some point.

God, I love the U-Wing.

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What /tv/ could deduce from TFA's concept art from back when Lucas and Arndt were working on it, in its own words:

>Kira is the main character (an early version of Rey) and is described as a ‘gear-head’
>Kira lives on an unnamed junk planet (an early version of Jakku before it became a bland Tatooine 2.0)
>While searching the ruins of the sunken Death Star II she discovers the map to Luke Skywalker
>Sam joins her in her adventure (an early version of Finn) and is a deserting stormtrooper who escaped with John Doe (a force sensitive member of the Rebellion/Resistance and an early version of Poe); Sam has a hero’s journey of his own and goes through a spiritual journey of self-discovery
>Luke plays a major role in the movie; like TLJ he has isolated himself on another planet (concept art approved by Lucas); when Kira arrives he agrees to train her (and she does actually have some real training, unlike Rey)
>Luke goes on the adventure with Rey
>Several pieces of Luke/Kira concept art are very Kurosawa inspired
>Han Solo and Leia feature; Han and Leia are still together; Leia is the leader of the Republic
>The main villain is the Jedi Killer (an early version of Kylo Ren) - a masked figure who collects and hunts Jedi/Sith artifacts; at least one version had Darth Vader’s burnt mask as the film’s MacGuffin; The Jedi Killer is more pirate-like in design than Kylo
>The Sith have returned; both concept art for TFA and TLJ feature a sort of Sith ‘force ghost’ as pulling the strings behind the new Sith, the Neo-Empire/First Order and (in the case of TLJ) the one pulling the strings behind Snoke
>Darth Talon features in several pieces of concept art and even storyboards; several other Sith ideas are explored; Darth Talon would seduce Leia and Han’s son to the dark side
>The AT-AT and Star Destroyer designs are vastly different but still distinctively Star Wars; much more unique than anything we got in TFA/TLJ

doesn't sound that interesting desu

Why does George Lucas like Darth Talon so much?

She and Maul/Maul's clone/Maul's great-etc. grandson are friends.

So how is Legion? Worth getting in to?

Yeah, he really seemed to have a fixation on her towards the end of his ownership of Star Wars, such as trying to force her into the cancelled Darth Maul game.

Granted, conceptually Talon is an interesting character (but in actual use in Legacy, very boring).

Cuz he wants that lekku pussy

Was she George's waifu or something?

Entirely possible. It isn't the first time Lucas had a fixation on a Twi'lek character from the EU; he really liked Aayla Secura and put her in AotC and RotS.

Might be some fantasy of his, or maybe from a creator's POV, he liked the idea of a traditional slave race having badass women. Or both.

Is it wrong to want a remake of the Votoms OP but with Chirico replaced by Crix Madine and the Scopedog by Specforce troops?
Yes, remember this is the man who spend $2m an episode to make sure that Star The Clone Wars Wars rendered Luminara Unduli's ass the exact way George invisioned it.

It's pretty fun. I still like Armada more, but I'll be keeping up with legion for the occasional game and painting outlet.

George "no underwear in space" Lucas was definitely a perv

What do you think would have been the right niche for the Droid TIEs? I feel like they would have done best not as a replacement for manned TIEs overall, but as a replacement for them on Carracks and Nebulons. Allow them to have fighter escorts full time without most of the drawbacks of needing to externally carry fighters.

They would probably have been fine as big, guided anti-ship missiles like XWA's TIE Experimental M4. Alternately, if you want something flashier, go the Ace Combat 6 route: use them as either flying targeting beacons for even bigger missiles or as a swarm of annoying, highly maneuverable meat shields for a single experimental superfighter like the Missile Boat.

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Fill in as the low end fighter to fill ranks and screen for capitals, while your human pilots get the higher end machines and more training hours.

She's openly slutty, not a common sight in Star Wars

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>not a common sight in Star Wars
>Most female twi'leks
>Thyferran clothing
>The Rebellion's stripped-down Y-wings
She seems pretty run-of-the-mill in terms of fanservice.

>The Rebellion's stripped-down Y-wings

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The ICW had droid militaries make somewhat of a comeback as several breakaway states ultilzied droids and other automated systems to cover the manpower shortage. One warlord duo had a refined rigging system that allowed them to use TIE droids and RC AT-ATs to great effect.
The draw back to the TIE droids would be the fact that enemy pilots could exploit predicable behavior, but the droids were usually deployed in swarms to cover that weakness.

>no underwear in space-70s

My players are going undercover as part of a landspeeder-racing circuit next session. Hit me up with some good ideas for racers. This takes place a few months after ANH, to be specific.

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>Droid pilot who is integrated into his pimped out speeder
>Three blokes from a holonet piloting program and their tame racing driver
>A costumed superhero who wants people to show him their moves
>Tofu delivery man with superhuman drifting skill
>Wookiee in a big truck loaded with gadgets and automated weapons
>Sienar test pilot in a TIE podracer
>Card shark with big hair and an even bigger speeder bike

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>A lot of his strength in the series comes simply from being the only competent Imperial commander
This was true in Legends too, though.

>not a complete dickhead
got exaggerated to
>an invincible mastermind who planned for this very occurrence
by later authors though.

Character exaggeration happens in all works, but the fact remains that his main shtick was "Hey, what if we had an Imperial commander who actually is good at his job?"

Undercover agents of the opposing faction to the players. They're after the same thing the players are.

A last-minute entry who gives off all the signs of being a shounen protagonist.

>Peter Cushing was apparently considered for the role of obi-wan during the production of ANH before being cast as tarkin

How cool would that have been?

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Not as great.

>Prince Xizor's favorite racer (Sponsored by his front company)
>A man who's indebt to the Zann Consortium
>A family of racers who reluctantly return to the scene despite losing their eldest son in a heat
>A Veteran Clone in a BARC speeder with a tannish colored R4 sidekick. Drives the "Mean Machine", and have a rumored rep for cheating
>OOM Pilot droid in a pimped out STAP

Only if they'd then cast Christopher Lee as tarkin instead

Exactly what are you implying about the Guiness-Wan was less than perfect?

Found these from FFG forums, does anyone have Fully Operational yet?

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Creative Design looks good. I've seen a similar mechanic houseruled in before, to get more varied crafting results

Unmatched Ingenuity seems incredibly strong in starship combat. Give your starship weapons Vicious X, hello?

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Well, welcome to Signature abilities. You have to get to two bottom tier talents and then drop 30 EXP to do it. It should be good. It's fucking COOL though.

not so good for fighter vs fighter, but great for shredding things above your weight. as long as you meet damage threshold, that's a lot of chipping

Kinda vomiting at the idea of my big bad evil guys getting hit with a Concussive 7 weapon.

Well, good thing Concussive isn't allowed unless they spend an additional 40 EXP.

Also it's limited to whatever weapon they Ingenuity in the first place, lots of stuff you can do with that.

Check out Sorastro on youtube. I started following him when he was doing IA tutorials and he's been doing regular Legion updates now. Only thing I'm not a huge fan of is that he does a lot of color mixing which i feel is kind of tricky for beginners, though it's easy enough to slap on a coat of whatever you have that's close enough

I guess I need to actually make my players mpay to fix their shit now.

Oh and creative design is awesome. I love the idea that it evokes

The Veeky Forums ads on Veeky Forums are on point.

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Is it even statted in the RPG books?

Doesn't look like it. It was never even given an official name until 2006.

>isn't using Warbirds for his starfighter campaigns
What's your reason, /swg/?

>Doesn't run his starfighter campaigns entirely through X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter multiplayer matches

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How would one do that? Seems like it's a good way for your players to get wasted pretty easy.

>Seems like it's a good way for your players to get wasted pretty easy.
Any campaign events that occur while under the influence of whiskey may be retconned away by popular vote.

Finally starting the Legends Thrawn trilogy. Any quirks or continuity bullshit I need to be aware of?

It is heavily based on some old assumptions of what the clone wars was like, taken from old interviews George did in the 80's.

How to setup a Warbird/FFG hybrid for diamonds starfighter campaign?

You the ones where he literally called the Emperor "Richard M. Nixon"?

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Depends on what parts of the FFG system you want to keep. I personally find Warbirds superior to play in nearly every way, especially anything that has to do with flying. Even the dice could be made up for by making your dice check numbers a range instead of a hard pass/fail.

>tfw Palpatine never turned out to be a werewolf

What old assumptions? I'm not aware of these interviews.

Some early ideas for how george described storm troopers was that they were clones. So a lot of people thought the clone wars was jedi fighting clones. Which is the idea that Zahn went with

Reminds of me an old rewrite of the Clone Wars I did when I was a bit younger.

>Space Uruks and other creepy crawlies that changed with each planet's environment forced the Old Republic to go full total war to defend itself.
>A shitty GAR made of millions of militias from planets of varying quality trying to work together.
>They take grevious casualties and go more militaristic to try and survive. Sheev takes advantage and goes full Sith-Hitler.
>Human-supremacy takes a big turn.
>The outer regions are more oppressed as they try to separate under the pressure of the GAR not protecting them well-enough.
>We get the CIS and other independence movements, the Republic-going-Empire, and these mysterious clones all crashing against each other.
>Revealed to the audience and maybe a key character or two that some mysterious Dark Lord is sponsoring the anti-Republic cloners in the outer regions sending these armies out.
>Movie clones might make an appearance as an elite series of units sent by Kamino called "Republic Replicants," to avoid the bad press of calling them "clones."
>The Clones attack Coruscant, fail in a desperate defense, have their back broken. Sheev takes advantage of this desperation to form the Empire and try to keep the "memory of the Republic," intact.

Not the best, but it's still probably better than what we got.

better than this terrible-looking PS4 cutscene character

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What's the Vengeance's deal, anyway? Why aren't there more running around if they're apparently as heavily armed and protected as an Executor but clearly much less massive? Was it some thing where Palpatine wanted to make more but didn't have enough time to do that and make all the other, even more giant ships in Dark Empire?
Gotta say though, learning the original was Jerec's pet project helped calm my autism about this shit something fierce.

>it's still probably better than what we got
Spoken like someone who never dipped into the EU surrounding the Clone Wars.

The only good Clone Wars stuff I remember from the EU was the Traviss books. Her Mandalorian stuff needs a lot less Mary Sue, but her Clone work was top-tier. If you have any suggestions for good CW EU stuff, I'll happily check it out.

Just off the top of my head?
Genndy Wars
Labyrinth of Evil
The RoTS novelization

To be fair, the real Peter Cushing looks even less realistically human than that CGI.

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