What is your favorite classless system, Veeky Forums?

What is your favorite classless system, Veeky Forums?

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GURPS. Bonus points for costs defined by labor theory of value.

the gulag

Combat has a few kinks, but nothing that isn't easily fixed, and the setting is absolutely awesome. The character building is fantastic for it's brand of high fantasy as well, and its not just another LoTR clone.

Burning wheel, but because of things completely unrelated to its classlessness

BRP in general, and Mythras specifically.

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Should have expected that a commie homebrew for GURPS exists, I actually wonder if there's something which doesn't
Had a chuckle
Will look into it
Because of setting or particular mechanics?

That's a flowchart for a technician, not an engineer.

Yeah, an engineer's flowchart would have thing like "write a 14 page technical report", "hold a meeting with four floor supervisors, at least one vaguely related specialist, and at least one middle-upper management guy", and "try to fix it and hit yourself in the hand with a hammer even though you're applying wd40 and shouldn't even have a hammer".

How else am I going to take my sick days/work related accident insurance out?

But were you wearing safety glasses?

Where I work the engineers get bright yellow hard hats so we know who needs adult supervision. So they probably weren't wearing any PPE.

I'm partial to Legend Quest.

Too many to count. Not being a faggot, I generally don't use classful games.

GURPS, but GURPS is also the AnCap of tabletop.

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La creatura

New world of darkness.

It's a mistake to assume that class *itself* is the issue with the class system norm. Rather, you have to turn class assignment on it's head. Instead of giving each player a single class with a hard restrictive overarching theme, do the very opposite. Use classes as microstatements that refer to just a single bit or theme of a character's design, and they gradually collect more as they grow and develop up to a maximum development.

So "heavy armour" is a class, as is "horseback", "sneaky", "berserker" and so on. You can go as granular or refined as you like. Certain classes may be concilable with each other and others may not, some classes may be subtypes of another class and can be rolled together if all the subtypes are taken together. And some classes may be tiered, so you can't take "Wizard" without "Mage". Otherwise encourage flexible design at all levels and let players build up their overall character classification.

Atomic Highway and to a lesser extent Barbarians of Lemuria.
Good shit and the character creation can be done quite fast

Cool, will check them out
Italian GdR?
Fair enough
Wasn't meaning to stir trouble otr talk about "issues" with this thread, but w/ever.
What you're saying is basically make every feature of the game a class? Sort of a very extended proficiency system?
...doesn't that exist already?
It looks fairly better than v1, thank you
Didn't know they dropped it, nifty

Of course you were looking to talk about issues, that's the reason why you're looking for alternatives to the predominant class system. If you didn't feel there were issues with it on some level, you'd be content with it and wouldn't look for alternatives.

>What you're saying is basically make every feature of the game a class?
Pretty much yeah. Classes are meant to be descriptive of the features of a unit, going beyond bone-dry stats and uselessly-precise gear listings. There are obvious overall themes and designs for units and this is meant to capture those basic elements. It's like a building block system for your character.
>Sort of a very extended proficiency system?
Yeah pretty much exactly like this, but maybe better or something. I'm not looking at "proficiency" as in "the character is good at this", so much as "the character *does* this, end of story". So not all characters do assassination, not all characters wear heavy armour.

>Of course you wanted to complain, you asked people what they like

>Should have expected that a commie homebrew for GURPS exists, I actually wonder if there's something which doesn't
No homebrew, friend. Official GURPS crafting rules have item value closely linked to labour required to make it.

I've had an inkling for a very similar sort of system, though recently I've found that keyword and effect based systems can satisfy that itch with similar sorts of conceptual advancement. Though not with as satisfying theming, and there's something to be said for that.

I think my ideal would pull inspiration from Fantasy Craft's species/specialty/class system, and its feats; Gamma World 7e's 'character origin' system, and it's powers; and Dungeon of Dredmor's skill-based advancement, Warrior/Wizard/Rogue passive progression, and the way skill advancement can grant unique passive or active abilities.

user, you know that not everything on this site is bait... right?
Pretty much
WELL THEN, time to bring the proletarian dream to life!
You could probably mash them together, given some core concepts you want to balance the game around
Not sure how much time it would take tho

Mutants and Masterminds

Who said anything about complaints? Picking on negatives and searching for positives are different activities. One is trying to find an issue, the other just assumes the issue and works from there.

Kewl, I'd like to see what you'd implement

That's your mindset percieving bait where there is none, not mine. This entire discussion is in earnest. Never be an ironybro.