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>Latest sisters news

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>not taking a sacea vanguard detachment with a fireblade, 3 marksmen, and marker drones
Its like you guys hate markerlights

Anyone else disappointed that GW announced Sisters of battle before female Space Marines? They missed a great chance to introduce them with Primaris and now they could have done it at AdeptiCon. How long they are going to keep ignoring over 50% of their player base? Sisters of battle are also a sexist faction played by alt-right, why else would they want them so badly if not, so they can objective them? I hope GW gets on the right side of history and releases female Space marines soon since there is no reason why there can’t be female space marines since lore can be changed and only loser neckbeards care about Warhammer lore.

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Reposting for more advice:
Alright lads, put togther a 2k mephit list using the new necron dex:

Necrons 2klist , mephrit 1995
10 warriors 120
20 warriors 240
10 blasters immortals 170

Overlord, res orb, warsythe 130
Cryptek, chonometer, Staff of light 95
Destroyer lord, warsythe, phylatracy [Voidreaper] 131

4 destroyers 200
5 wraiths 275

[Heavy support detachment]
Cryptek, cloak, staff of light [voltaic staff] 85
3 Heavy destroyers 171
Anahilation barge, gauss cannon 153
C'tan shard 225

Idea would be everything fast sticks together to get 4+ RP, and to deliver the D.lord and the shard into CC, whilst the warriors deal with DS and back feild objectives. Immortals are in there for any TEQ stuff

Any feedback?

Baitposting in full force already.

Reposting for rating in the new thread.
T'''''au Sept for Darkstrider, 5+ overwatch and +1 to wound strat. Shieldd rones camp beside the Broadsides and one unit is held in reserve for manta-dropping on the COldstar Commander when he moves into the enemy lines.

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Nice bait.
I assume you will get some serious replies. :capplingemoji:

Yeah they're really playing the thread title to the hilt

>only neckbeard losers care about the lore
neckbeard losers are 100% of their customers

Duke Nukem reporting for duty!

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>They missed a great chance to introduce them with Primaris
When will this meme die, the only thing cawl did was copy two organs that already existed and put more metal on a skeleton, this took him 10,000 years. Fem marines would have needed a fuck ton of more time to even be a concept.

Please don't feed the trolls

at least be artful with your attempted trolling, this is just sad

Read feminis 40k and they tell you this hobby majority womyn

i hope you make those alien bastards pay for busting up your ride

There're a few chads in the hobby

this thread is already filled with a rousing amount of shit and I blame the OP

How are you going to claim objectives? You plan on using pathfinders?

So what are you expecting for todays Dark Eldar news anons?

I'm 50/50 on whether they'll go straight into Wych Cult stuff or pad it out with something else first.

What I am wanting to know is whether having non Kabal/Cult/Coven things is going to make Obsessions not work the way Chapter Tactics and the like do; I would expect Scourges/Incubi/Mandrakes to get an exemption from that the way Fabius Bile does, but what about having a unit of Reavers in a Kabal detachment for example?

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Ummm no sweetie ;)

So if I'm reading this correctly kabal of the black heart gets reroll to charges turn 1?
Do s even have any kind of melee troops they can deepstrike?

I blame all of Veeky Forums

>2nd post

You should have had that text ready to go rather than typing it out. You also lost a few seconds choosing that image.

Next thread try text only. I believe in you.

Tau strat
>Point Defense Targeting Relay
Lacks the Irrespective of BS/Moddifiers clause. Is this intentional?

Question, can a progena o certain regiments from such progena have ties to a certain space marine chapter, such as getting redeployed with them in every warzone? What if the chapter is already a canon one?

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Coolest factions?

World Eaters, Emperors Children, Orks, Dark Eldar, Black Templars for me.

Fire Warriors. That's why there's two ethereals and two Fireblades, so I can split the group to claim midfield objectives. I have a Ghostkeel on order which will be replacing a Broadside when it arrives. I may run it with a couple of Stealth Suit units for midfield speedbumping, but we'll see how it goes.

But without the image its easier to gloss over the text.

>So if I'm reading this correctly kabal of the black heart gets reroll to charges turn 1?
>Do s even have any kind of melee troops they can deepstrike?

You are correct, and no Kabals don't really have much assault power; best I can think of is an Archon and his retinue, which actually might be alright especially if there is a good melee relic/trait loadout for the Archon.

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im not sure what you are saying, but there are regiments that work alongside space marines, and even use the same colors.

Those are all pretty good user. I'd add Ad Mech to the list as well.

>he doesnt lift

Yeah my list is pretty similar to yours at 2k. I got a ghostkeel, 2 units of 4 stealth suits, a commander, pathfinders, a fireblade+two ethereals and darkstrider, broadsides and a bunch of shield drones plus two units of vespids!

>Veeky Forums anons aren’t neckbeard losers
They are one of the most autistic boards on this site. Pretty much invented “y-you too”

>but there are regiments that work alongside space marines
I meant to ask if it is correct to say that my scion dudes work alongside my marine dudes all the time, moving together from one warzone to another.

The second question is if my scions dudes can do the same with a chapter that isn't my dudes, but the crimson fists, or the raptors, or whatever.

Pretty sure this is bait, but how can you confirm that 40k even HAS a "50%" female player base? Where are these mythical creatures that never seem to appear at gameshops to actually, you know, PLAY THE GAME? Seeing one is like a unicorn, I've only ever seen it twice in 8 years of playing, and it was Orkz and Sisters respectively.

First for the fastest kabal, the unbeatable flaming skulls.

they might be neckbeard losers but at least they arent fat as fatass


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Archon info or wyches.

i want covens but wyches are most likely

There are regiments that have honors from fighting along side a chapter. The guard in hellsreach are allowed to adorn the black templar cross for example.

That image just makes it easier to gloss over the text since everyone knows that it's bait.

Sick-nasty. Have you played any games with it yet?

So for a guard army consisting mostly of LRs, payker support seems important to give tanks 2+ or -1 to be hit. With chapter approved we have astropaths at 30 and primarus psykers at 46. Is the 16 points worth it for HQ over Elite? Also is taking an engi seer per tank silly given tanks will probably get focused fired?

for those extra points you can make a supreme command detachment, so I'd say it would be worth it.

It is worth it. The know two powers and can cast full smite, plus they can do decent melee damage in a pinch.

Also I'd take like 2-3 Enginseers.

go for it my man. i dont think you would ever find someone who would care. my guard and scions are painted in the same blue scheme as my ultramarines

I'm leaning towards Team Poison Kabal so far, even if they don't seem as mechanically strong. I just like having lots of splinter weapons. Hope they get a good trait or stratagem.

That seems likely. Maybe some of the generic Archon traits?
I'd prefer Covens too (so I know whether to buy another Talos or some Wracks), but yeah, Cults seem like the next thing on the list, the new SC box clinches it.

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hopefully yes, i've heard the archons are super fluffy and have amazing customization now so an article on them wouldn't be strange.

how do I build a wych cults army? i'm new as fuck

Ecclesiarchy, Inquisition, Astra Telepathica, Navigator houses, Adeptus Mechanicus

Nukem! Is this a firing line or an aiming line? It's aim and fire! Not aim, aim, and aim! And for the sake of the Emperor's Tits, why aren't your paints thinned??

I'm really hoping for a World Eaters or Emperor's Children codex.

I'd add pre-heresy Thousand Sons to the list, I like me some scholar-warriors

Their trait is reroll 1s to wound with poison weapons

Thats their obsession, the Chapter tactics analogue. I meant their Warlord Trait, like how the Black Hearts get the CP restoring one.

Hoping for something to make poison weapons cause mortal wounds on a roll of 6+ or something, but I guess we'll see.

with wyches and venoms

Anybody have some insight? I’m not a waacfag/ruleslawyer or anything, but it’d be nice to know if there’s some precedent for this


GW control the space marines IP. If they don't make them no one will At least they won't be called space marines.

So no matter what they do in that regard they are on the right side of history.

Why do people hate Ynnari ? Is it the lore? Or the fact people keep losing to them ?

Honestly, no sense trying until we get the Codex to drop. I'd assume barring any real changes it'll still be throwing massed Wyches out of Raiders, backed by Hellions and Reavers to taste (though I think a Clawed Fiend herding Beastmaster is an underrated pick)

I will say that if you want pure cult you'll probably need lots of Reavers with their newly buffed Blasters for any kind of tank busting. If you're happy to branch out, Scourges can do it too.

It's just a meme. Most people are pretty cool with Ynnari.

Imo the lore is fine, but when they came out they were a massive, game-breaking buff to an army that was arguably already the strongest in the game outside of mono-builds.

You guys convert anything lately?

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I don't hate them, but I wish they'd be developed a bit more. It'd be nice to have some generic Ynnari options so that one of their big three doesn't have to show up to every skirmish they're in.

But the rules don't do them any favours.

I saw a woman come into the game store once, so me and all my mates started banging the tables and chanting "Old enough to bleed, old enough to breed" until she left.

Old GW is best GW
How does it feel to have incomplete codex?

When does Mannbo come out in stores? I really want to make Space Marauder

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thats a pretty chainsword girl.

Haven't converted anything in a couple of weeks, but I ordered a whole bunch of stuff I plan on using to make a World Eaters Contemptor, a bird themed Chaos Contemptor and a third Archon.

Where's collage guy!?

And then your mums picked you up to go home.

>50% of women
There was one in my LFGS that player tyrannids but she left and sold her army some time ago. I think there is probably only 10% of female players.

>going to make Obsessions not work the way Chapter Tactics and
I really hope not.

I do tbwant WAACY mix and matching I just don't want to buy a haem and wracks, and cut points for them to bring my one pain engine

What went wrong?

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not in trump's burgerland!

Bit of a shitty pic, but the first psyker for my Astra Telephathica themed army.

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not gonna lie a couple of times I've managed to tilt female opponents with jokes like that, it's a real psychological advantage.

separate metal wings

otherwise their quality was fine, though definitely on the lower end of the 3e daemon releases

Do you think we can use screaming jet on more than one vehicles ? I do hope there is a stratagem akin to the old night shield to lower enemy weapon range.

You seem to be throwing the baby out with the bathwater here. The 2nd turn bonus also lets them reroll advances, useful for your blasterborn if their ride gets destroyed somehow. And it gets your troops one turn closer to the fearless bonus, fourth turn fearless is useless, but on turn 3 it might see some use after all. True, re rolling charges might be the big prize on the pfp chart, but it's not the only thing there.

Costs 3CP to deepstrike an Archon and His Retinue of 4, assuming a court acts as a single unit for the purposes of deepstrike and not 4 individual characters (Which it is).

>accompanying drone units provide victory points for killing
I mean it’s not as bad as 7e Ethereals being actively detrimental to bring to any list, but come on now.

No one was talking about fat asses except you. We seriously need to address this fat fetish of yours, stop trying to turn this thread into your magical realm.

I've seen maybe 3 women in my store, 1 is married to the owner and the other 2 show up only once in a blue moon.

What the fuck is with you guys and asking for utterly ridiculous shit that's nowhere in line with the other faction strats? Is this just an Eldar thing?

It was my mum though.

Reminder that just because you painted them the same colors as GW doesn't make them any less /yourdudes/

That's why I only bring 5 man units of shield drones. PAD drones and the like are too much of a liability.


Not that guy, but part of Deldars shtick has always been that they do weird derpy shit others don’t do.

If you don't like them there are alternatives.


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Covens confirmed night lords nao.

kek fuck off kiddo, my army is nothing more to me than a weapon to wield against the pathetic caacfags who swarm to my store


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I can understand why they would, to prevent cherry picking the best units with the best obsessions, but hopefully somewhere in the middle can be found.

I'd be fine if the "outsider" in a detachment (so Reavers in a Kabal) didn't get their usual Obsession so long as it didn't prevent the rest of the detachment getting theirs.

>wanting unique stuff is bad
Let me guess you think 8th is the best edition ever.

Just deep strike the entire fucking party boat and reroll your charge with that for one CP my man.

Tried to make the easy build reivers look a little nicer and have each one equipoed with carbine, pistol, and knife

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Whst are you on ? Raiders had night shield in 7th ed. I'm sorry it must be your baby first 40k army.

There's about seven female players at mine. One of them actually joined because her husband was into it. She plays Eldar and does some painting workshops now (she taught some of us how to do this really cool 'glow' effect). The other six are all pretty chill too, although we briefly did deal with this new guy who joined who was Luke-levels of poor hygiene and completely obnoxious. He kept offering to 'teach' the women how to properly play 40k, or he'd throw a fit whenever he lost to anyone. Like full blown temper tantrum "I'm calling me mum!!!". One of the other six ended up in a screaming match with him after he accused her of cheating since her DKoK managed to wipe out his Nids (probably due to shit planning on his part) and she left the store for a week. He was really smug for the entire week until he got tabled again, then he accused another guy of cheating. In fact I don't think he ever accepted a loss. It was always cheating or him 'letting' someone win.

I am also 100% sure he stole Painter Lady's Eldrad before he moved to Boscombe since he was the last person I saw near her table while she was talking to the manager.

I think my store is a anomaly though.

(also if you live in Boscombe I am so sorry)

not in trump's 8th edition