Character art Thread

Character art Thread? Character art Thread!

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Looking for any sort of summoner/conjurer

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Playing a Fighter soon in DnD. Specifically, looking for some Halberdier art. Preferably a male character of any artstyle.

As payment, I'll dump some of my folder periodically over the course of the day.

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Requesting characters with hunting birds.

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Anyone got more like this? (orc/half-orc magic user)

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Just one.

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I need wizards, priests, and other fabulously dressed magic folk. Ideally in non-anime styles

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That is just a really thicc dunmer

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Aren't orcs just mutant mer themselves?

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i got a female for you

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Requesting Clerics or Knights with Maces. The less flashy/World of Warcrafty the better.

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Looking for Drunken Master looking Monks. Preferably bitter and homeless.

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Best I got

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Found a few for ya

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Anyone got lightly or unarmored clerics, preferably with longer hair, using quarterstaves?

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Do they have to be male? Because there's this

I would prefer male, yes, but I can use that image for something else, thanks

This outfit is ridiculous.

This is a somewhat strange request, but if anyone has any art of a "NOT" evil skeleton, with mage like weapons/spellbooks.

Running a Skeleton Wizard in my buddies new 5e game, and I want a visual that isn't just the normal shitty evil Lich minion.

If not, thanks anyway!
p.s. Take a Dwarf for the road.

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Looking for Arabian & Asian looking characters, preferably wizards, sorcerers, and warlocks.

Id love some human looking tieflings, preferably male wizards. Thanks

Hmm. Well, I've got this.

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and this.

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Looking for Dragonborn, preferably warrior types. Would prefer Golds or Reds but any color will do.

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Does anyone have any fantasy armour that is obviously enchanted or otherwise magical in some way?

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Can I have pictures of some guys like the Outsider from Dishonored? Like normal/handsome looking guys with something small demonic or lovecraftian about them. Modern and fantasy pleas

I don't really care about the rest of them, but I certainly wouldn't mind having that elf chick's head mounted on my spear.

I have a burning need for mech pilots. Male or female.

got tribal shit?

what kinda dude is this

Hey thanks, but I'm looking for like the least edgy, D&D 2e Monster Manual looking skeletons.

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Closest I got.

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Skeleton Mage.
Doesn't wear robes, so he blends in with the other skellies

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If your wizards aren't outlandish and fabulous, you're not doing it right.

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Could I get pictures of female Druids please?

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Skeleton druid for your troubles.

Does anyone have any obese, happy clerics?

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Does anyone have this in higher res.

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Anyone have a male naga/yuan-ti that isn't fetish bait?

White background preferably. I'm trying to make a mini out of him

Here you go.
For future reference: If you image search and all the results are tiny, check if any of them are on Pinterest.
If they are, open them up and replace the resolution in the URL with "originals".
A lot of the time the high-res just doesn't show up on search.

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Looking for magical girls and superheroes to expand the collection. Preferably not featured in any manga/comics, or really obscure ones.

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I'm looking for beast man villagers. Just normal, everyday animal folk. Specifically monkeys, cow people, bird people. But anything might be helpful.
snakes would be OK too


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Will post what I have

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y'all need birds?

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fucking raven people

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anyone got a skeleton, disguised as a human who is pretending to be a skeleton?

cakaw, mother fuckers!

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