Why is the 40K fandom filled with cancerous impfaggots that keep posting unfunny "you're a heretic" memes

Why is the 40K fandom filled with cancerous impfaggots that keep posting unfunny "you're a heretic" memes

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They are basically the tabletop wargaming equivalent of the Steven Universe fandom


Tau posting should be banned.

Show me on the doll where the Imperial Gaurdsman touched you

They're one of the largest factions and given that the high-gothic aesthetic is really what defines 40k when compared to other Sci-Fi ips, so it's sort of comes with the territory.

He..he touched me on the gene-seed OH GOD HE FONDLED MY GENESEED

gotta keep the memes alive by posting them everyday so people who are new see them and join their game

Same reason it's mostly filled with cancerous conservitards who hate women. They're the same group.

most 40k posters on this board haven't touched a miniature in their life

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How do we stop it?

Age of Sigmar 40k

so you mean a "fandom" then

anyone who uses the term fandom at all needs to be gassed and then burned

Because of unfunny heretics like yourself.

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As a Steven Universe fan/Warhammer casual who has witnessed the worst the SU fanbase has to offer I can definitely see that.
Just switch the crazy SJWs who get triggered over everything with Stormfags who get triggered over everything.

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How does it affect you?

Says the one posting unfunny you're a heretic meme

Atleast the 40k fandom doesn't drive girls to commit suicide just because of a drawing they made

Ok hold up who killed themself over Steven universe drawings?

The women haters - incels, MGTOWs, MRAs - are mostly right wing radicals rather than conservatives.

>tfw still remember putting together the first plastic Marines from RT era
I bet you don't, nubbikins.

>unfunny "you're a heretic" memes
Being a heretic is never funny OP.

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OP you are a heretic

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I don't understand how outing yourself as the ultimate faggot sounded good in your head.
"Yeah people will REALLY listen to me, after all,I watch Rick & Morty"

>SU fanartist draws character
>Character is fat in SU
>Fanartist draw the character mildly overweight
>Got flooded with hatemail/deaththreats
>Tried to kill herself

She survived if I remember correctly, but it as quite a shitshow

This sounds like heresy to me

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Because everyone on the internet insults people for no reason. But instead of using generic slurs, you use 40k ones when semi appropriate to do so.

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I'm assuming this thread was just a subtle plot to get anons to post heresy memes

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New and young players, they need to start from some common ground.

Because OP is unable to comprehend context or is too dense to realize more than "impfaggots" use the heresy memes

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Are you going to say that they aren't a subtype of conservative?

Only fucking retarded progressives still uses this terms. but then again, Post like yours and made me think that you're out to shitpost and scapegoating innocent right-wingers and conservatives to spread your batshit retarded agendas. So yes, heresy is never funny.

>Only fucking retarded progressives still uses this terms.
So what do you call yourselves these days