I need pictures! Pictures of female fighters!

I need pictures! Pictures of female fighters!

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>ywn get swept off your feet by a gallant lady knight
It's not fair anons, it's not fair.

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Do you want only solo images or comics would do as well?

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I am a fan of comics! Post away, user

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Give me an idea of what kind of fighter you want and I'll dump. Knightly? Barbarian? Mercenary? Western, Eastern?

I like them more when its not apparent theyre female
>inb4 trap
>inb4 gay
No i mean like how many female "armors" are tailore to curve with their curves rather than just be effective. The idea is that them being female has no influence of them being a warrior or knight, that being a knight or warrior is more core to their identity than making sure everyone knowa theyre female
To me thats whats really cute

Do this please

I've got a couple pics just for you user.

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Will do. This comic is a great source of armor porn.

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And my personal favorite.

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>inb4 trap
>inb4 gay

pick one

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It probably looks abrupt since I continue from the first pic. Basically notScottish mercenaries under Queen Medb or pagan Joan of Arc come to help the Holy Roman Empire against notOttomans and their undead allies.

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Got any mongolian style warrior women?

Ah, and she has a young ladyknight in training

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your vagina makes you weak

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looks like someone is sleeping on the couch tonight..

your so cute when you're angry..

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This concludes this chapter and Artesia Afield which is the second book out of four. Main heroine will see new battles, sorcery, allies, betrayal and gangbangs in the future.

Btw you can download the full comic and lore material here:

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Imagine being this much of a weird cunt.

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Tresdin is cute

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send bob and vagene

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Post yours

I miss Momma Wolf.
Wish we'd gotten to see her face; I need more Milf in my vidya.

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