DOM Spoilers

A weapon to surpass Metal Gear

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wtf you talking about?
>zoom in on elf

dear lord

Hot damn that's one spicy early-game meatball. And with Llanowar Elves returning for DOM, you could get that out on Turn 2 with a mono-green deck, at least.

I love it, it's going to make mono-green stompy so much stronger in modern too.

you guys didn't see, the elf, it's big boss
>eye patch
>slicked back hair
>being a bad ass

I get it.
I just wanna talk about the actual card.

How soon, do you think, until "can't be blocked by creatures with power 2 or less" becomes a new keyword? My guess is with the new core set coming in the summer.

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ya, guess it's a good card
>see it in standard playable
>still has to compete for jadelight rangers spot
don't know about modern

My nigga. Mono-green stompy has been my shit since Scars of Mirrodin. I like you.

2 is such a weirdly arbitrary number. I'd prefer the opposite of skulk.

Is that ugly-ass mount supposed to be a kavu, or just some generic ugly-ass beast?

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It has 6 legs, it's a Kavu.

Green Stompy isn't really a tier deck for modern, but it's one of the best budget options and this guy is definitely replacing leatherback baloth.
>Can kill Tasigur, Zombiefish, a bunch of relevant 5 toughness stuff Baloth would bounce helplessly against
>Can't be chumped by all the small-fry utility creatures that clutter up the format
>Straight murder with Aspect of Hydra
Oh shit waddup

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Homelands Saga card when

Stompyfag reporting in. First we got Ghalta, now this guy. This has been a good few months for us.

Green needs an evergreen evasion ability besides Trample so not too surprised. This one seems to work.

This makes me hard.

nice uncommon 4 at least for 1

homelands wasn't set on dominaria.

>time of ice + chisei heart of oceans
okay, let's do this.

>Can only tap creatures
If it could tap any permanent it might have been interesting

Get out oldfag

If they planned to do, then they should've done it with this set. Dominaria and the core set are already both done being developed, so having them come out so close together without using the keyword in both would be an odd choice.

The art is sick.

I like it. It's reminiscient of an old medieval tapestry.

Full art

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Tell me, good Stompyfag, what cards besides Steel Leaf and Ghalta, would you recommend for a mono-green stompy deck in Standard?

>No poc
trash sweetie

>Darien and Lovisa
>Jaya and Jodah
>Merit Lage
>sweet tapestry art
This is too good. This is the kind of shit I'd actually hang on a wall.

Yeah I'm glad that I built this deck just before the DOM leaks happened.
And with that art I wanna get my playset altered to look even more like Naked Snake.

Just get the fuck out and never come back, you baiting, cynical faggot. Let me have this.

Rhonas, Rhonas' Monument and Resilient Khenra would fit.
Definitely Llanowar Elves

u'd pilot it like r/g monsters, minus the red
>mana dork
>green kenra
>merfolk branchwalker
>jadelight ranger
>steel leaf
>4/5 drops with atleast 5 toughness
>carnage tyrant

then add in green removal and combat tricks

Gotcha. Thanks guys

This, I would hang all of them actually.

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How do I become as gud as Victor Adame?

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hi jeremy

>Being this easily triggered

Fuck off Jodah

Should I buy into some stompy parts? I think the only expensive ones are Rhonas, Jadelight Ranger, and Carnage Tyrant.

Any digital art program.

Yes, because I'm tired of all of the shit flinging mtg threads that Veeky Forums gets filled with. It's bad enough we get like 3 threads at a time complaining about Jeremy, POC, and SJW bullshit. Don't try and ruin spoiler threads.

hard to tell
>rhonas should only be ran as a 2 of at max
>jadelight will be in standard as long as dominaria and has yet to be trump as a source of mana fixing yet
>carnage tyrant has hexproof, and is in standard, reason enough to get atleast 2

>ruin spoiler threads
bruh. Spoiler threads are the basest from of Veeky Forums's magic posting. they used to be the epitome of "Veeky Forums is bad at magic," now they've just morphed into "Veeky Forums hates magic."

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I love the comment in the reveal article about this, "For once, yes, it is actually Marit Lage."


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cheeky lil' cunt


>that skeleboner



can't unsee the boner now

i meant this one through

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armada wurm's enchantment

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>Play this
>Get two dudes tapped
>They try to kill it before the bounce
>Cryptic Command to counter the kill and tap all their remaining dudes

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Stick the frostboner in the fire giney.

Really bringing that tapestry theme.

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>this plus Hex Parasite or Power Conduit
>it's a fucking uncommon

Someone make a deck please.

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I don't even know what the fuck is going on there.

It depicts characters and events from Ice Age.

It's the Ice Age saga in a very small nutshell.

So the CCC cycle of creatures are rare. Fuck. I was hoping they'd be uncommon.

This actually looks cool. Too bad it's going to be impossible to see on the actual card.

>big boss elf
>GGG for one fat motherfucker

I feel rejuvenated.

You watch lots of burgerland digital crap cartoons. Especially those who want to be anime.
Steve Belledin is the goat.

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Are people actually nostalgic for Kavu? I thought they were a completely retarded creature type, not to mention unplayable outside two cards (FTK and Titan).

I mean I don't know what happens in Ice Age. I watched the video by themagicmansam on Dominaria but I didn't understand anything.

Holy shit, a white male?

I guess they weren't progressive enough to blackwash the only white block out of 26 they have printed.

birb knight makes me happy

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and this is very clearly a pussy. Any lorefag care to explain why?

According to my research dating back to the introduction of vigilance, they will either abandon cbbbcwp2ol as a failed concept along with Skulk; or they keyword the ability at the most annoying time possible, likely in the middle of a block or "plane".

Sexuality was OK back in those days.

It still is, I'm asking if there's some lore motif going on

Basically Urza causes the ice age by blowing everything the fuck up, and during that time people are starting to learn how magic really works. There are some evil wizard doing evil wizard shit, and people are fighting a lot of zombies, and it turns out that there's a giant tentacle monster underneath the frozen water.
The card shows the humans fighting against a zombie army, the two characters are rulers of a part of the world and they merge their empire later on. The two at the bottom are Jaya and Jodah, one is a planeswalker and the other is a master wizard.

Probably not other than the fact that MTG, despite how we have come to know it, was conceived and born on Dominaria.

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And not just that, a squirting pussy at that!
Wait, Jaya is Jaya Ballard and Jodah was the descendant of Urza? Still dunno who the other two are or what impact on the sotry had Marit Lage, considering she was frozen.

Jodah is probably the descendant of Mishra, Urza's wife fucked them both and the kid looked more like Mishra than Urza.

Finally a Saga that it's actually worth abusing with blink effects.

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>Still dunno who the other two are
The armored man is Darien, King of Kjeldor
The axe wielding lady is Lovisa Coldeyes, chief of the Balduvians

Their kids get married, which made New Argive.

IIRC marit lage wasn't a big part of ice age. It was mostly dealing with Lim-Dul the necromancer stirring shit.

Just to clarify what you are implying- Does the saga actually remember what it's previous entity tapped, or will it only ever keep one creature tapped (permanently) at any given time?

Darien is the mythic in M25, right?
Yeah, I know.
Tapping a creature each turn seems fucking big. I'mma buy more Hex Parasites and Power Conduits just to make sure, they're so cheap anyway.

*two creatures, via lore 2, my mistake-

It would not, you definitely don't want to blink that one, you want counter removal shenanigans

Yo what's good my green niggas? What are your favorite green beaters? Primalcrux is a personal favorite of mine

No, he's a rare in A25.

I don't think that it can remember what was previously tapped, but I gotta see the ruling afterwards.

Still, freezing 1 or 2 creatures permanently or just tapping shit like crazy is already good enough.

if you blink it, the saga doesn't keep track of what its previous incarnations tapped, you're basically just turning it into a weirdly paced frost breath by blinking it. if you can diddle the counters without it leaving play you can turn it into a one-sided stasis wannabe.

Polukranos, now and forever

Darien's just a rare in A25, but yeah

Bellowing Tanglewurm won me many a match during the Scars of Mirrodin days. Not exactly the biggest green beater out there, but still quite effective.

>Kavu have 6 legs

Pls stop

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Thank you.

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I like this shit

I don't understand, from the wording it seems to me that even if you remove a counter the creature stays tapped and you can tap another one, it says "for as long as you control" the card, it doesn't say anything about the counters.

haha why r we still here jus 2 sufr haha

You already have reach

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