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So while the Jacetice League got their ass handed to them by bolas, Ajani was working with Jhoira. Intredasting.

Could Arvad be a descendant of Crovax?

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The writing in this one seemed more amateurish. And it's still moving too quickly.

So what's the deal with the angel? I thought Jhoira was gonna kiss her at one point

Arvad is unlikely a descendant of crovax, sincem uch like Gerrard, Crovax never had kids. He may be related, but I'm pretty sure Crovax's whole family was killed, which is part of why he went along with the Weatherlight. More likely (based on his card name, Arvad the Cursed) he may be afflicted by the same or a related vampiric curse that afflicted crovax.

>what's the deal with the angel?
she's a guardian angel. given her reactions in the story and again her card name, she's probably the Weatherlight's guardian angel.

>More likely (based on his card name, Arvad the Cursed) he may be afflicted by the same or a related vampiric curse that afflicted crovax.
Double likely, given that the angel was the one who introduced him and she said that it's a long story.

Are we actually going to finally get the Weatherlight crew and narrative that Maro originally intended all those years ago?

>she's probably the Weatherlight's guardian angel.

That certainly makes sense.

Also, they named dropped my nigga Molimo.

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Raff is going to die.

If their endgame here is getting the Weatherlight operational and traveling the planes, we have to consider how the crew interacts with the roles occupied by the Gatewatch. Raff is an illusionist, same as Jace, and has already been called out as not being fully aware of the likelihood that he might die.

Shanna, by contrast, is not redundant with Gideon. He's invulnerable to physical harm, but she can see through illusions. Two different aspects of resistance.

She seems to shrug off magical damage. And yes, Raff has the death flag, here. Though I'm betting it will be the angel that bites it.

can you refresh me on what that was?

I think the "ignoring magical effects" thing is meant to be the new type of Hexproofing they're using for their cards.

I agree that Raff has several death flags, and my personal theory for the angel is that she is a reincarnation of Serra and will double as the Weatherlight's literal and figurative albatross. If my theory is right about her, this might be how we get an Angel Planeswalker card.

From the same bloodline that gave us Gerrard, we get this welp. Wizards really hate pretty people.

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I want to hug the angel.

>yfw Phyrexia returns at the end of the second half of the set

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Rona, Disciple of Gix

We don't know, honestly, beyond Mirri not dying, Crovax staying on the Weatherlight and dealing with his vampirism, and someone other than Takara being Volrath in disguise.

Serra died a long time ago on another plane entirely out of despair for her husband's death. It's more likely Elspeth's going to become the Angel Planeswalker (if they EVER GET AROUND TO HER again)
If Tiana is a reincarnation of anyone, she's either the Weatherlight's original guardian angel/vampire lover Selenia, or possibly even Hanna just to fuck over Gerrard a bit

>new type of hexproofig
kinda? it's right on her card, I don't think it's meant to be any deeper than that. Though I'm almost positive that giving the ability to Sisay is a retcon, I don't remember it coming up.

I don't know that the plan is to get the weatherlight to travel the planes. After the mending all planar travel was supposedly broken, that's why all the phyrexian portals probably in wrecks around dominaria weren't bolas's first try. It's more likely just supposed to be an airship, and just fly around dominaria.

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selenia was crovax's guardian angel, she was just part of the weatherlight story. I don't know that she was actually on its crew, or if so only briefly before volrath corrupted her.

also elspeth being an angel planeswalker is actually stupid and you're a terrible person for suggesting it.

more weebshit

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More like Moe-gic the Gathering.

Too bad the angel wants to fug the ship.

I usually don't approve of moeblobs, but it kinda fits on Tiana.

All five colors were going to be represented among the crew, as positive characters. Crovax was going to struggle with the curse, but still be an honorable noble. Mirri was going to not get completely fucked over. Ertai was still going to get separated from the rest of the crew, but, when they met up with him next, he wasn't going to be Phyrexianized--instead, due to Weird Time Shit, he was going to have grown old and matured from the snotty, arrogant young shit into the traditional wise old wizard.

>I don't know that the plan is to get the weatherlight to travel the planes.
There's literally no other reason to make that big a deal out of the ship's original core.

I mean, it needs that to fly too. Otherwise it's just an awkwardly designed boat.

>it needs that to fly, too
Not really, no. Airships were kind of a dime a dozen during the Invasion. What made the Weatherlight special was the planeshifting ability, which it had due to having Serra's Realm as its core.

It's what makes it fly

that's what made the weatherlight unique, yes. But all of those airships were powered by powerstones, and several on the dominarian side weren't even proper airships, they were just blimps. While the mana rig still exists, we don't know what its status or production is, it's entirely possible that another powerstone capable of powering an airship doesn't exist on modern dominaria. Also wasn't part of the reason serra's realm had to be collapsed into the powerstone for the weatherlight because making powerstones sucked mana straight out of the plane? they may not want to do that to Dominaria if it's only a few decades into recovering from its last near-apocalypse.

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I misremembered the first part, my fault there - thought she was doing that BEFORE Crovax was around, but I'm wrong. Woops.
And the Elspeth thing is a shitton more reasonable than 'Tiana is the reincarnation of Serra and thus will be a planeswalker'

>While the mana rig still exists
actually scratch that, the mana rig was left behind when teferi phased out the rest of Shiv. I don't know if it had a certain fate in the invasion, but it's entirely possible that they can't make more powerstones at all.

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>And the Elspeth thing is a shitton more reasonable than 'Tiana is the reincarnation of Serra and thus will be a planeswalker'
no, they're both equally terrible.

I'm not saying you wouldn't need a powerstone, but Jhoira was banking really heavily on the original core working, with some unspecified alternative in her back pocket. Given flavor text we've seen, the alternative was almost certainly powering it with Teferi's spark.

The amount of emphasis on THAT STONE IN PARTICULAR only really makes sense if they're planning on it being an interplanar ship. Similarly, Ajani being this heavily involved when the entire reason he's on Dominaria is to recruit allies against Bolas wouldn't really make sense if it was going to stay planebound.

Reincarnation has never been demonstrated to exist. Meanwhile, Elspeth is specifically in a pocket Underworld that has been confirmed to leave her spark intact.

You don't have to like it, but it is at least set up with a logical structure to it, rather than being pulled out of nowhere.

How long before we get people screeching about “racemixing” and how Gerrard is a cuckhold?

To be fair Gerrard had no children. Both Capashen we saw are his relatives.

About -5 days.

i don't think there's a "second half". iirc, dominaria is supposed to be a one-shot block.

except there's absolutely nothing to suggest she could or would spontaneously become an angel for any reason.

Yeah, in that they'll be going to a different plane for the next set, but I think we're clearly setting up Dominaria as a place to return to every time they want to inject some nostalgia.

i think that's the new route they're going with for the next six months. every set is going to be a large set, with no blocks. probably will change again next year.

This story seems like a step down from the Liliana narratives from last week, but it wasn't bad. I really like Jhoira. The descendants, not so much.

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The fact that she wants standins for the previous two captains on the crew makes me think its as much a matter of legacy as it is function.

The Cabal is trying to take over the world. Jhiora is old enough to know the power of stories, and is loading up on narrative power to save the world.

For that, she needs a REAL Weatherlight. Not an imitation.

gosh darnabit, i want a proxy whit that pick

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not long, seeing how the card spoilers thread is already full of whiners
I just want to talk about magic without any bitching over pc stuff

You're on to something there, given that Belzenlok (or whatever his stupid demon name is) is trying to do the opposite. Change the stories so he's always been the darkness in charge.

I really want squee to show up. even if he doesn't actually join the crew just an in-story acknowledgement that he's still there, and he was part of the crew. another immortal to commiserate with all these other invasion survivors but with a starkly different perspective on basically all of it could be fun.

I can't even talk about magic anymore. The more wotc pushes their obvious agenda, the more racist I become desu.

>I really like Jhoira. The descendants, not so much.
Pretty much.

The angel's cute, I guess. But the blatant nostalgia pandering is more interesting to me than the story they're setting up.

Then get the fuck out of the threads.

Stories about stories are the best, I hope that it continues in this direction for the rest of the block

then leave. I really don't care. the more I see people whine the more I want to see poc depicted

I kinda want Squee to be remembered as a hero with a much bigger part than he actually had, like Buggy in One Piece

Didn't Teferi lose his spark at the end of Time Spiral?

apparently goblins have grown to be a more respected race among shiv since crossbreeding with moggs in however long since the invasion, it's possible his brief experience with mercadian politics has left him as the smartest goblin in the goblin lands. That'd be cool too, squee goblin king.

yeah but apparently it's a magic ball now?

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Nope :^)

>She nodded to the vampire, who was clearly a vampire

this is kinda weird. the moe art makes him look a little dusky, so he's probably not albino pale. unless he had like three inch fangs what made his vampirism so blatant?

>friendship ended with Sram
>Now Tiana is my new best friend


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>replace two mana draw engine for 5 mana recursion
I mean, you can do that. I guess.

but there are no nabobs on dominaria. also his new card is Squee the Immortal, so I'm not expecting him to actually be king, but it'd be a nice thing. Or maybe he's king but does join up with the crew and just tosses the crown and forgets about it as soon as they ask.

Didn't that thing blow the fuck up in order to kill Phyrexia? and the Weatherlight as well for that matter?

"Fools! I am Belzenlok, master of darkness! Every calamity is mine to claim, every murder by mine own hand. Every villian you have ever feared has been me. Such is the incalcuable will of Belzenlok!"

"Jokes on you, asshole, that just means you've already been beaten time and time again. By people just like us, with tools just like this. And we'll do it again too."

When will best boy Jodah show up?

I want to hug the moeblob angel.

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Oh no. She's cute

I thought Gerrard was basically Cpt. Kirk and fucked everything that moves.

No, he was more malcom reynolds, being reckless and debonaire while pining for someone he couldn't express his obvious feelings for.

Gerrard loved Hanna

>that's why all the phyrexian portals probably in wrecks around dominaria weren't bolas's first try.

I just figured that was because the portals are connected to the original Phyrexia, and not even Bolas is THAT reckless.

Original phyrexia got blown to shit. Even assuming there's something still there it'd be a mewling wretch grasping at nothing. Plus he'd probably have just sent tezzeret to try it out, like his did with both new phyrexia AND the planar portal he did end up getting. So hardly outside of his machinations.

He also loved Yawgmoth tenderly for two nights. Whe he didn't curl his big toe during orgasm, he caught on to that real quick.

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If that were true Mirri wouldn't have been wound up so tight all the time

Yawgmoth got blown to shit. Phyrexia was there long before him, and it's still there after him, and has had just as long as Dominaria to rebuild.

No, it literally got blown to shit. The whole planeswalker power armor force planted bombs throughout it and blew it up. it's a shattered eggshell of a plane. I'm not saying there can't possibly be anything there, but if there is it's undirected and has no more motivation than the glistening oil itself. on new phyrexia the new phyrexians were influenced by the mirrans and the multiple colors of mana infusing the plane, they were given motivation and the different mana gave discordance to the completed factions. the remains of old phyrexia would only be filled with things purpose built to follow the will of someone who's long since dead.

Meh, Old Phyrexians without Yawgmoth would probably be fine. We know that Elspeth's plane was conquered by Old Phyrexians and she was born well after Yawgmoth died.

elspeth's home plane makes no sense though. There weren't supposed to be any phyrexians anywhere else during the invasion, it was an all-hands on deck situation since it was the whole goal of everything yawgmoth had done for millenia.

The only half-decent explanation i've heard for elspeth's situation is the plane she grew up on was basically a dumping ground for deranged or otherwise flawed phyrexians, the kind of things that couldn't or weren't worth recycling (because waste not want not is a core phyrexian philosophy). So the phyrexians on her plane were things that horrible terrifying monsters looked at and went "yeah, dude, no."

based. Fight the good fight

Karn didn't just leave oil on Mirrodin, he tracked it to literally every plane he ever visited after he got his spark.

So how is the Weatherlight still in one piece? Wasn't the legacy weapon just one big bomb if you combined them?

Wish the clarified that or showed some of her plane. But Elspeth has gone the same path of Garruk and Domri Rade but "dead" added to being forgotten.

I don't remember the exact circumstances of the end of the invasion, but apparently it's only the thran metal that's still in one piece so it kinda didn't. it is a bit of hand wavery, I admit.

but that doesn't make sense either! As an oldwalker he was a shapeshifting god-being. How the fuck does he track oil around when his physical form is a mutable mental projection? He didn't even do that while he was just a regular golem, and the whole premise of the oil coming from him in the first place is due to xancha's heartstone which powered him as a golem, but he wasn't fucking oozing oil at any point in the hundreds of years he existed before the invasion. The idea that he put a lot of himself into mirrodin and a sublte influence of the phyrexian tech at his heart I can kinda buy, the idea that the phyresis mostly started after the mending when he was back to being an actual golem I can live with, but to suggest he just accidentally every plane in the multiverse he touched is stupid and completely inconsistent with events as portrayed.

the oil was in his hearthstone, which also contained his spark. So, his physical form did not matter, since the corruption was inherently tied to his ability to planeswalk

He didn't convert every plane he went to. They merely suggested that he left oil behind in some capacity on every plane he went to. Mirrodin is most likely the only one to have turned by now due to the perfect environment.

Bant mythos (which, while she's not from Bant, she greatly cared about it and was greatly influenced by it) and the loss of her everpresent cloak freeing up space for wings.
Regardless, if there's going to be an angel walker, it's going to be 'human with wings' after their constant insistence that angels can't have a spark naturally.

>but that doesn't make sense either!

And yet, it's canon.

>Karn left traces of the oil in his travels from plane to plane, including the artificial world, the world Karn himself created: Mirrodin.

Have we gotten any explanation for Teferi's spark?

Mirrodin was certainly uniquely vulnerable, but Elspeth's background suggests not the ONLY one that has already turned.

>Have we gotten any explanation for Teferi's spark?
Never mind. Huh.

But more than half of the Weatherlight was wood. The only reason why Karn is still around is because he got the Spark at the right time. The Weatherlight's story had a pretty definite ending with irrreverable consequences and bringing it back feels kind of cheap.

We don't know if her plane was Old Phyrexia or Karn oil.

Well, I'm assuming is correct and that the Invasion really did clear out ALL the Old Phyrexians.

I'm not entirely sold on the layouts of the Saga cards but I love that the art is "in-universe" depictions of the events.

Easy excuse to have Phyrexia pop up wherever they like.