Villain is infatuated with whoever can defeat her

Can this be pulled off in a non-cringeworthy manner?

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literally anything can be pulled off non-cringy if youre not retarded

nope. Unless the infatuation started prior to the fight and before they knew they were adversaries.

Romance in general is always hamfisted and retarded in tabletop RPGs.
>but but I had one game where X and Y and Z
No. You've been mindwarped by genre fiction to the point of retardation.

>strong woman is like untamed animal waiting for man to break and tame her into proper housewife
XIX century telegraphed, they want their morals back.

that's most girls though
the entirety of female behavior boils down to shit tests built to accomplish that end

How would you pull this one off?

>no means yes when woman says it
Dude, you sound like a rapist.

>literally anything can be pulled off non-cringy if youre not retarded

This is the lie that Magical Realm fags tell themselves, right before they ruin a game with their cringy retarded shit.

>this is what the alt-right actually believes

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>there is no subtlety in language
See, I can put words in your mouth too.

>cucks think this isn't true

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He’s taken too many red pills, send him back

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>there is no subtlety in language
Maybe when she screams no and frantically tries to call the cops or run away it means she actually doesn't want to have sex with you, mate.

When are you gonna make a point?
You're throwing out fantastical, imagined scenarios thinking you're making a point.
Harry Potter has rotted your brain.

It's more of a Khutulun kind of deal, in which she only wants to get it going with someone who could beat her.

>you're alt-right if you think women engage other people mostly with subtle physical and verbal queues rather than rigid, straight forward language

This is literally why you're a crypto-virgin with nothing but a couple of fat girls and a goblin under your belt.

>Harry Potter
Try reading another books, mate.

Could probly get away with some sort of defeat = saving.
Like a fem knight cursed to guard something until shes defeated or the thing shes cursed to defend is destroyed.

But that doesnt play into the fetish anyways so theres not much point.

That sounds pretty neat actually

I think he's upset by the "all girls want to be housewives" claim. Which is wrong, all girls want to keep the option of being housewives open. Some want to be housewives but for most these days it's just a fallback to avoid having a mid-life crisis.

>I, as a man who never talked to a woman other than my mother, know exactly what all women, to whom I deliberately refer to as children, want

>Defeat villainess
>She falls for me
>She breaks out of prison to be with me
>Decapitate her for her crimes since prisons apparently cannot hold her

Certainly. The Greeks did it just fine in regards to Atalante, though that may depend entirely on your given definitions of "infatuated" and "cringe".

Because if that user was a woman then It would be totally fine for her to talk for all women

Never said that, but that guy is clearly a sexist shitlord.

Nah, just get him some oxytocin. It's scientifically proved to erase undesirable alt-right thought patterns.

>romance roleplay where one dude is RPing as a female
>in person
>as in meatspace
>with both of them sitting there at a table with some other dudes
I would rather hit myself in the dick with a hammer.

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>give someone brain damage
>they turn leftist
It's like poetry.

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It isn't for sex. They're cursed to be unable to take their own life and want to die.

>give someone brain damage
>they stop being sociopaths


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Unless I'm wrong, this is true in Overlord and it still manages to be cringy

>that guy is clearly a sexist shitlord

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>the only way to cure impure thoughts is brain damage
Leftists, everyone.

When did we start letting girls post here?

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>yarrick turns out to be gay

still can't believe it

What if both dudes roleplay as women?

you would need proper character development and reasoning behind why this would happen and also curbing enthusiasm.

we're not talking fucking jerk mc is me, girl fauns instantly, and losses all personality traits shit.

magical realm shit is simplicity for the sake of fetishization. you'd have to avoid that and would you really want this trope without it.

...or a nigga just wants to be femdomed by the romance option whose route is NEVER taken outside of porn games.
How many stories do you know where villainess wins the MC?

changing the brain changes personality and behavior.

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Are they wearing frilly skirts?

Literally give her daddy issues. Problem solved.

Have you ever considered the fact that giving people brain damage becasue they disagree with you is something an actual sociopath would do?

I haven't promoted it being used in this way and I just don't think it's necessary to make this a ideological issue.

Are you not ? Because he seems pretty clear on it.

Doesnt work with a female villain since the majority of the male population can beat her

Robotech did this in the 80's, it's not that hard to do it just requires a bit of finesse.

I will let you in on a little secret, user:

Everything can turn out cringeworthy if it is played straight.
On the other hand its hard to create something cringeworthy when its played for laughs.

Thats it. Thats literally the secret to Pen&Paper. Have fun and play with people who dont hate fun.

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>do it in reverse
>they become more easily angered and prone to gesturing dramatically, have impaired language skills, and sometimes talk, lick their lips or pick up nearby objects without conscious awareness that they're doing so

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Na, I'm not.

While we're on the topic of doing something in a non cringeworthy manner: What about homosexual attraction between PCs or PCs and NPCs. Can it be done without being obnoxious or accused of magical realming?

Sure. Nearly anything can be done in a non-cringeworthy way. This exact trope is the hallmark of Red Sonja.

same answer as for straight romance
depends litterally on so many factors that it renders the question pointless

Oxytocin isn't brain damage, its the chemical you produce when you feel loved and love others.

Don't punch Nazis. They're reacting because they feel omnipresent threat, you'll only make them worse. Instead, (As a black/lib/w.e.) hug them and tell them you're worried about them, and just want them to come home.

They'll melt.

So beer and pretzels P&P is the purest form of TTRPG, furthest from cringy online freeform?

Well yeah, both overdose and deficiency of hormones/neurotransmitters have negative results.

Honestly back when I was a little retardlet almost sinking into RoK and shit, this sort of thinking kept breaking my SoD because these permavirgins were like, literally incapable of thinking exception exist.

Thank goodness MRA's are idiots. Helped a lot and stopped me going down a shitty path.

To be fair women who say no have a habit of being shot by the men they said no to. The ones who don't... Well, they don't die.

You tend to avoid doing that hit when pushy men see restraining orders as challenges.

That's not Demestos.

Then you're in my Magical Realm now, boy.

I love how you tried a fetish thread and now we're all debating MRAs.

How about this; It's a geis. She beat the shit out of the mage who casted it, and in order to never be trapped, sought to become the strongest.

I understand now. You people actually taken random comments on the internet seriously. No wonder you're always mad

Well, if the villain is a monster/creature/person from a society/culture/race where they can only mate with someone who can beat them to show them they are of "good stock" it can make sense. Several animals kinda already does this. It also makes sense that through several trials this villain have become stronger and stronger and essentially created a problem for themselves. Granted I probably won't make the creature human, probably some sort of demon or possibly vampire. Now you have the basic premise, then it's really about presentation. You could make the monster seem a bit excited it's about to lose (careful, not going too far though) and perhaps they change to a friendlier tone. At the end they would probably be rather submissive, also confused should the party members just want to kill it outright and would like to explain itself.

Tl:dr. Go the route more a long that it's customary to fight your partner and you can only take a partner you can beat in battle than "OH SENPAI YOU SO STRONG DESU, GIVE ME YOUR DICK UGUUU!"

by not being retarded.

>Several animals kinda already does this
including humans

You stupid newfags are actually taking that in good faith?

Yeah wouldn't surprise me if some cultures like that existed or even if there are still some tribes around who still practice it, I just can't think of any off the top of my head hence no mention.

>Tfw theater kid growing up
>Often have to remind myself others aren't as touchy feely or open to such things even in RP
They are habits user just let it go

Easy, make him a barbarian warlord man who wants only the strongest progeny.

You're literally slightly more pathetic than PUA types. I don't even know how that's possible.

user, we have people on Veeky Forums unironically posting demotivators and saying shit like "good sir"
We've been through the looking glass for a while

Ye best start believin' in subreddits, user, YER IN ONE

>sexist shitlord
who said you were allowed to post here?

fuck you faggot don't touch me

user I don't think that will work

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Given that the left's sole reason for existing these days is to utterly destroy every white country everywhere by flooding them with human detris I don't think a hug is going to be good enough.

it's not fair to judge the left and right by their modern incarnations.
If that were the case, the right exists entirely to waste money, and the left exists entirely to whine about social problems.

You only say that out of fear.
There's nothing to worry about.

>it's not fair to judge the left and right by their modern incarnations.
That's a useless sentiment, user. I'll judge the left by what it's been doing these recent years, and I judge them to be a malignant cancer on society.

>right exists entirely to waste money, and the left exists entirely to whine about social problems.
And both to funnel money to wealthy individuals while pretending to care about the little man.

That is correct, yes.

You're right. They(you)'re clearly a lot more afraid that what a simple hug will fix. But that's not to say it won't help.
Certainly moreso than antagonizing them further.

And the right is not? Both are parasites, they just feed different mouths.

We'll see in vol 40

Convince me right now not to be afraid of the left.

I don't fear you, I hate you, and I hate what you've done to my people. fucking queer

Wait what?

I'm pretty sure its bullshit.

Oh. Ok.

It's not a lie. Just takes skill. Something the average joe turd doesn't have.

They will put you in jail if you don't conform, but if you smile, wave and play along nothing will happen... See nothing to be afraid of little user, now go to sleep and dream about not being such an oppressive cis white male.

"Victory or death!"

"I love mating before battle."


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Make the love interest into the villan rather than the villan into a love interest.

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>”she can’t say no if she’s dead”

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They are merely a powerless byproduct of larger scale schemes

They're just as afraid of you as you are them.

Anger is a symptom of fear.
You're anxious about what will happen, and feel the need to protect yourself and your own, and lash out against this potential threat.

I mean, my girlfriend would pick fights with me in middle school and high school to provoke me into dominating her when we wrestled around. It’s not that crazy.

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Real life Tsunderes. Neat.

>tfw theatre kid growing up
>tfw trying out for the play Annie
>tfw offered the role of one of the orphan girls or a homeless guy
>tfw chose an orphan girl
Summer and the building wasn't air conditioned, the people playing the homeless guys had to wear rough winter coats. Wearing a dress beats the shit out of passing out from heat stroke.