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>MFW no wycch cults making me doubt they'll get any better edition

Dark Eldar preview:

>Latest sisters news

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Name one god that can beat them.
Pro tip:you cant

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FAQ when?



The God Emperor of Man.

Dumb green xeno BTFO.

Khorne could.

Gork or mork



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I hope we get our named characters back, why did they remove GW remove them in the first place?

No models no rules.

Tzeentch he's kunnin

If the orks were artificially created by the Old Ones wouldn't they not have gods? Are Gork and Mork even real?

If T’au had consistent, cost efficient anti tank outside of suicide fusion commanders they would be overpowered. Prove me wrong

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>he worships a corpse on a chair

Reposting from last thread: New Ork Codex Wish List. What would Gork (or possibly Mork) wish for?

>Ork non-flamer template weapons get more shots (double or something) to compensate for the shitty BS
>Point drops for Big Guns and Mek Guns
>Better Profile for Deff Dreads
>'Eavy Armour, either inbuilt or purchaseable, for Flash Gitz
>Point Drops for all the specialist boyz (Burna Boyz, Lootaz, Tankbustas)
>A Stompa that is not absolute steaming hot garbage

Khorne wishes his penis was as large as Gork's or Mork's


I havent played admech in curre t edition. How do they fare? Tips / strategies?

Why wouldn't they have gods?
Gods are just coalesced thoughts.

...Are those air intakes on her nipples?

Khorne isnt kunnin enough and Tzeentch isn't brutal enough.

Mortal races accidentally Gods into existence repeatedly in the lore

What's all this I am hearing about with Hive Tyrants dominating the Tournament scene in 40k? What happened to the Army Organization chart from yester years?

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Chapterhouse, basically.

Why does GW hate the Psychic phase?
>do random shit for d3 mortal wounds!
>modify x roll by +/- 1!
>once per turn tho!
Is it too much to ask for some actually creative powers?

The orks think they are real so...

>Corpse on a chair kicks your gods ass
Makes you think.

If you stopped posting the same weebshit fapbait tau images, the quality of this general would improve a thousand fold.
Prove me wrong. Pro-tip: You can't

Kind of off-topic but was anyone else a little let down by GG's Warmaster? I mean, to me, it just kind of felt like not a whole lot happened until the very end when it all really starts to kick off.

>nipple placement
What the fuck breasts have you been looking at?

>what is mind control

Shooting always hits on +5s (maybe as a Bad Moons Clan tactic)
Cybork bodies as wargear
A good Deathskulls Clan tactic that works on Killa Kans so my babies are good

GW aren’t smart enough to pull that off, and their attempts at such were the 90% trap options and 10% game breaking shenanigans psychic tables from 7e

Psychic power where you do d3 MW, then on a 4+ d3 MW till you stop rolling 4+ or the unit dies.

Casting value 7, 18" range.

There is no excuse for railguns being as shit as they are.

The last tournament had something like 7 of the top 16 being Tyrant spam. 8th ed's army construction rules are EXTREMELY permissive -- you can take pretty much whatever you like (except Tau Commanders OMEGALUL) as long as the points permit. This includes characters from other factions as long as they share one keyword -- a winning list from last year (nerfed since) was Magnus, Mortarion, a Renegade Knight and a billion Malefic Lords and Brimstone Horrors.

That's not as bad as the fact that it hinges on a dice roll and can be denied.
Also all the sight and distance rules fuck it up too.

Worst part is the d3 mortal wounds is the best ability in most scenarios. Buffs rarely do more than 25% out put increase, and those are the really good buffs.

Nobody knows, but definitely after the next three codexes (Knights, Harlequins and Deathwatch, not necessarily in that order). I still think they'll continue the whole Sanctus Reach thing and release Orks and Wolves together, maybe with some kind of boxed set similar to Forgebane.


Alright Haemys, what are your thoughts now its settled a bit?

Prophets of Flesh still seems like a the winner over all, Dark Creed has that nice sniping gimmick but outside FW stuff (which is going to be a big fat target) its not as dangerous as it looks.

Really surprised we didn't see a single Relic.

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I would also love to know this. GW squigs are expensive.

>Shooting always hits on +5s
Stop it with this meme. invalidating a factions CT is just as bad as invalidating an entire armies shooting.
The only problem with -1 to hits is how easy some factions (Eldar) can stack them, which is easily fixed by saying that the bonuses don't stack, just like how malanthropes and venomthropes don't stack

>if tau had anti tank like every other faction they'd be overpowered

What do they do that would be pushing it over the edge?

Draw me more weebshit blueberry fapbait art and we won’t have this problem
>t. Taufag who literally can’t stand anime

Sounds busted. Amazed that Tyranids are back on top but on the other hand I am happy for them. They were getting trashed for a good few years.

I'm mostly excited that they said Dark Eldar armies can have multiple warlords. This could be fun and hilarious.

>fapbait weebshit is a problem
>therefore the solution is to make more of it

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Wasnt that finished yesterday?

It's getting errata'd to death within a week or two

>+1 to saves, -1 to hit baneblade
Guard is guard.

>t. Taufag who literally can’t stand anime
Obviously you can.

>in a week or
Yeah I heard the head of the FAQ GW team fought one of the lists. So that's one way to get things "fixed" quickly.

>New Fire Warrior video game comes out
>just like Macha for DOW, the devs gets influenced by Veeky Forums tau-smut, and show Shadowsun as an hot anime-tier xeno waifu in a beach episode

The problem with -1 to hits is that they take agency away from your opponent and change more how your opponent has to play than how you play. They’re an obviously overpowered gimmick and unfun to have in the game. At least as an army wide rule.


you mean how Imperial Fists invalidate Jormungandrs tactic?

A single Clan ignoring -1 to hit is fine

Yes, which makes the fact that it's already being posted over and over again so pathetic

>The only problem with -1 to hits
Or the fact that it literally halves Orks already mediocre shooting, to which a 5+ without modifiers would be a decent solution. Sure, it invalidates some CTs, but so do some other combinations. Dal'yth or Jormungandr get invalidated by Iron Warriors or Imperial Fists, and I don't see people complaining about those being OP.

Probably just going to stick to Prophets because they didn’t make any The Hex rules and they’re simple to use.

He did say “the same” art
>I like 2d erotic art
>I like anime
Yeah these aren’t the same sorry

The save doesn't mean much to a tank when they get hit by high -ap.

That hit thing will sting but honestly that's the only good pyschic power of theirs. Guard need invulns for that save thing.

>cybork body stacks w/ dok's tools
>might is right gives your warlord +1D for melee weapons instead of shitty +1S

T°au biology is very alien to our own.

>fapbait weebshit is a problem
this kind of ridiculous statements almost killed Veeky Forums

6+ always hits should just be in the BRB.

People actually think the Exorcist tank is something else beside trash ruleswise?

>still shooting with a melee race
>M 5"

not on her nipples silly, they are there to vent air to avoid underboob sweat it makes the armour uncomfortable

Yeah, should be good. Honestly I'll probably take it just with a Archon and Haemy as I'm not interest in most Wych Cult stuff, a second Warlord trait seems like a good return on 1CP.

The worst part is that ork players don't understand it's supposed to balance elite armies against their over efficient enemy hordes.
>but orks are inneficient
Index, also helpful against guard.

Auto hit on 5+ is absurd.
It's like ignoring moral, ignoring abilities is just stupid.

6+ always saves should just be in the BRB.

>Grandmaster in Nemesis Dread Knight

This notion that "orks are already bad therefore they shouldn't be allowed to be made worse" is simply illogical though. By that logic, shouldn't conscripts have the same safeguards against -1 to hits?
Or hell, why not actual shooting armies, like tau or guard, instead of a melee race, for whom shooting is just a nice side benefit? It's one thing to say that they shouldn't be allowed to be denied shooting entirely, hence why I said that stacking modifiers should be disallowed. But to make them exempt entirely? Fuck off.

Dark Angel Talon Master
[Laughs in Secrets]

They are here because the artist wanted to draw a cute shadowsun, not to be logical while doing it

>Throw in a photon grenade with breachers, unload, then assault the incapable-of-overwatching shmucks who dared to stand in the way of the Greater Good
You’ve just killed this scenario and I hate you for it

6+ always denies should just be in the main book.

>The problem with -1 to hits is that they take agency away from your opponent and change more how your opponent has to play than how you play.
It doesn't take away any more agency from the opponent than AP takes away agency in their ability to make armor saves

I could see something like 'This order focuses on discipline and inner peace, allowing them to ignore distractions on the battlefield' for a faction bonus of 'You can ignore penalties to attack' on guys already good at shooting. Orks, a bit less so.

Fuck off nigger. Every single thread it's the same damn shit: tau players posting fapbait anime pics of tau girls for no good reason than it makes them hard.

I'd make the 4+ built in on all "nob" class units.
Be it armour, thick skin or just hardasses.

Swap Powa stabbas for Powa Choppas, seriously, we've ONE "stabba" weapon, and it's a nob cybork arm, meanwhile we've a freaking dozen axes with power weapon nodes on them, but they havent' had rules.. well in all the time the sculpt's existed.

Some "disposable" trait on grots.
I miss using them for cover, mine clearing and traction-pads for your vehicles.

Risky Tellyportas, let you drop your lads closes to enemies than most other factions, with a risk to see models dies from materializing in the ground, trees or if lucky an enemy (two fer one y'see)

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>GK Chaplain
>Grand Master in Dreadknight
>Brotherhood Champion
>Twin-assault cannon razorback
>Scout sergant with anything that isn't a snipper/bolter/shotgun/CC weapon+pistol

Do I need to go on?

>>Twin-assault cannon razorback
Has a model from FW. You're right on the rest though

>Orks, a bit less so.
Orks are easy to fluff the +5 always hits for, just accentuate the sheer amounts of dakka that your average Bad Moon spams.

Black Heart Archon with labyrinthine cunning
6 Patrol Detachments +8 CP
battle forged +3 CP
haemonculus with Diabolical soothsayer +D3 CP

Potentially 14 CP so far, rolling 6s for more CP.

This army is going to be able to pull tricks out the ass.
Diabolical Soothsayer

Makes you wonder why we all keep coming here...

Are wracks worth using now?

Doesn't count. Remember all the options Dreadnought used to have? Yep, they're all gone now, despite FW making all of those.

technically exalted champion too

So why can't they make any actual extra hits with all that extra dakka? This isn't previous editions where twinlinked weapons couldn't actually hit more times.

>making a reduced armor save for one unit shot by armor piercing weapons
>literally your entire army is significantly worse at shooting because I took the faction trait that is obviously objectively superior to all the other ones 99% of the time
One of these is healthy game design, the other is not.

yeah but why should orkz get it? shouldnt they get something to help them assault better due to being an assault army?

Because bans are pointless.

>orks upset their shooting that is supposed to be a happy little bonus is bad

Drukhari will have leadership shenanigans on par with night lords

Fair enough, I get your argumentation. I'm not saying Orks are inherently a shooting army, but they can be very much made into one, and they were always fluffed as having piss-poor accuracy, but countering that by simply pumping the air so full of lead they'd hit anyways. Most ork weapons accurately simulate that by having higher RoF than their imperial counterparts, but it completely falls flat when you factor in hit modifiers (which never existed in previous editions), which get progressively more severe the worse your initial BS is. Similarily, Orks were hit harder than anyone else by the change to template weapons, but that's another topic.

GK chaplain
GK apothecary
GK librarian
dreadnought drop pod

desu if the mods actually banned/warned as per the rules, most of the thread would get the hammer for saying "nigger"

Because they're firing a metaphorical wall of bullets. Its just a case of filing the air with lead soe SOME of it hits, the rest is naturally going to miss.

How about they can't ever shoot worse than 6+

>technically exalted champion too
I thought this guy from Dark Vengeance was the model

Non Primaris Space Marine Lieutenants

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