Choose your class

choose your class

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Don't tell me what to do.


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any day baby

>Mexico is a riflewoman
>Netherlands has fuckin ROBO FISTS and a robo lion buddy
hrrrrngh don't make me choose

>5 power
I think the fuck not.

Brings a tear to my eye

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Australia is patrician choice.

>no Luxembourg

Cest la vie.


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Definitely Chile, but Nigeria is a close second.

Glass cannon Australia pls

idk about the other stats, but america should have pretty good range
we are the world police after all

>wanting to take care of Bosnia & Herzegovina-tan
>kinda want Iran's crazy tho

I like that each bar is exactly a certain percentage

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Belgium is the smuggest and cutest so I'd probably choose her. Algeria and Australia look like they'd be the most fun to play, though, and Algeria is the second cutest. Ivory Coast might be fun too since she gets to have good armor and her speed isn't completely terrible. Switzerland would be a blast to play too, you get to be good at power, magic, and armor all at once!

Japan and USA look like they're partners on the same superhero team, as do England and France.

Portugal is probably best choice though.


as a Colombian I get the reference of the hair and all, but it still bothers me to this day why the artist choose the mummy theme

>tfw back in the World Cup after 30+ years
>tfw managed to ensure Chile didn't make it in during the process

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>That dark skinned

The only correct answer.

>no canada

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>56% on every stat
Fucking lost

Australia is the greatest country in the world. None can dispute this.

Main: Belgium
Waifu: Greece

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top jej

el meme de mierda!

We have a containment thread for you faggots for a reason.

Interesring how iron man has replaced cpt. America as the national meme.

>We Socceroos can do the impossible!

Australia has won my heart.

Russia looks like an SMT character

Thanks Trudeau.

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It bothers me that Germany is literally just Asuka. I mean America is technically Iron Man but at least its a random blond in the armor instead of Tony.

The picture is creative enough otherwise that it stands out as lazy.

Stats: Aus
Waifu: Greece
Partner for 2v2: England

Speaking of which, i still have THIS fucking set, think of a nation and i'll post it.

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why so many tiddies just out flopping
and where the fuck are new zealand and scotland

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kek at bosnia