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Why are taverns one of the best places to start a campaign in? Why are taverns one of the worst places to start a campaign in?

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So, how does one get around magical resistance/advantage on saving throws as a Draconic Sorcerer?
Me and our party's paladin currently have a less than friendly relationship that I fear will turn to blows eventually. I'm playing neutral evil and he's lawful stupid.
The main problem is that Oath of ancients paladins get resistance to spell damage at level 7(Which is bullshit imo).
How do I fight that as a Draconic Sorcerer?

Good image this time.

Stop using a hammer to do a screwdriver's job?

Don't try to beat him in a slugfest.

Don't try to fight the guy who hard counters you? Get a martial character to beat him up?

Why does everyone play bard

>neutral evil
Well you're already and ergi semen-drinker and a nīþ, so try knifing him in his sleep.

They're great at everything they do and get full caster progression.

>Hey, I got in an arse kicking contest with no feet against a kickboxer.
>He's bullshit and it's clearly a problem with him, not me!

>How do I fight that as a Draconic Sorcerer?
i've always liked chill touch and wall of force

just do chip damage for 10 minutes

In many ways, bard's mechanics represent the culmination of nautral evolution towards what an adventurer in a world informed by D&D mechanics should be.

Can use martial weapons that deal respectable damage? Bard.
Can use armor that gives reasonable protection while allowing decent mobility and stealth potential? Bard.
Can hold its own in a toe-to-toe, hang back and lob arrows/shot, or throw a couple murder spells into the fray? Bard.
Comes with its own suite of recovery and control options? Bard.
Can heal itself? Bard.

It's the same reason paladin and UA Ranger are so effective. They can do a little bit of everything, and then have a slight lean towards a certain focus. Over-specialized classes might get some radical abilities, but compare it to a modern fireteam or any other group of professionals: Each specialist should and often must know the basics of the other jobs in the event there's a need to switch out, but sticks to their specialty when it becomes useful.

Even out of context, inherent spell damage resistance as a ten ft aura at level seven is kinda op.
I mean, do you realize how much bullshit counts as a spell?

Given the power magic has in D&D, it's only fair that at least one fucker can flip wizards off.

Relatively little, actually. Magical effects that don't explicitly say they're cast as spells, with spell slots, don't count.

And it's only spell damage, not spells in general.

Question 5eg, what ways are there to deal damage to multiple targets with one melee attack? Any class option, spell etc.

Considering how many spells are bullshit, I feel like it evens out. It is a great magic/anti-magic Oath, though.

You know, you have a point there, but I don't think it should be an aura.

Optional rule in the DMG, p. 272 lets you carry extra damage from nuking a target onto the dude next to him.

But the paladin is all about tanking. He's not just there for himself, he's gotta protect his fucking lads.

Fuck off, wizardfag.

So as a nature domain cleric does

>Toll the Dead for ranged damage
>Thaumaturgy for stuff
>Guidance skill checks
and from the druid cantrips
>Shillelagh for hitting stuff

Sound ok? I am open to other suggestions on cantrips.

Anything else? That's a little mother may I.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah, fuck off. I hope you end up killed.

Why not? The barbarian got single target resistance to a huge amount of stuff.

Yeah, just remember Guidance isn't something you just do automatically, you're gonna have to do your vocalized prayer to Greed God of Guidance and wave your shit around for three seconds like everyone else.

A Young Red Dragon (CR 10) is, on paper, an "easy" fight for six level 5 players.

In reality, the dragon's breath attack hit for 49 damage and most people failed their saves, which instantly knocked 3 players unconscious. The other three were finished off when the dragon regained its breath weapon on its second turn (rolled a 6) and hit the survivors for 53 damage.


That arguably makes it better because it would be in character for the guy.

The most effective tank is a tank that isn't dead, so a resistance to magic damage helps pretty substantially.

Although it is just 10´, so rear line isn't going to get it. I dunno, maybe it's fine.

I think GWM let's you do it but I'm not sure if you roll for the attack/damage twice or not.

Unfortunately, CR is a pretty shaky measurement, and relying on it typically results in a steamroll, either for the party or the encounter.

What happened /5eg/? Are we now just accepting paizofags posts so he can start stretching how shitty of an image he can post?

Because they can fill a wide range of party roles, meaning you can be potentially be useful regardless of what the rest of your group plays, unless you're part of a murderhobo fest with many encounters between long rests.

Dice can fuck everything up, this isn't news by any stretch. Did they know what they were going to fight? Fire resistance and spreading out would have helped.

Eh, maybe I'm just not fond of the blanket ALL spell damage.
It's the same reason I loathe bear totem barbarians.

CR is shit and dragons tend to get lowballed to make them more impressive, news at 11.

What level is he? What level are you? What spells/metamagic do you have? Surely you can be a bit more creative than "throw fireball until he dies", right?

You bigby's hand him into a lake

Worked for me.

Why? It's not a super broad category when most spells don't do direct damage and it's not everything magical, just spells.

>A calculating system based around averages.
Something out of the ordinary happens
>The result is different than expected!

A party of 6 that has 5 or 6 people get hit by a 30ft cone has it coming. It might be your players that are underleveled, not the characters.

They're a full caster with armor and martial weapons, plus the ability to buff other party members. The only thing they lose in the trade is most direct damage spells, which are generally the least useful spells, and even then they can just magical secrets a fireball to make up for it.

Certainly makes it harder for enemies to crack the frontline by dumping loads of dice on them with magic. Also helps if the party's caught off-guard and eats a fireball while marching in tight formation.

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A Young Red Dragon (CR 10) is rated for 5900xp. Six level 5 adventurers have an Easy XP threshold of 1500xp. Dial that up to Deadly and you get a budget of 6600xp, which is the only way you can afford to draft that dragon for an encounter.

I know CR is inaccurate, but the rules say this is a Deadly encounter for party of 6 level 5s. And it is.

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If they can dump loads of dice on the frontline, what's preventing them from dumping them on the backline?

Nah, if you look at the low IP count you’ll see he’s just trying to samefag the thread to make it look like it’s being used. Nobody’s falling for it except for a few saps.

Real thread:

We're both level 7.
I'm a Blue draconic kobold Sorcerer.
He's a half elf oath of ancients paladin.
My GM let's sorcerers change out spells like a cleric due to balance, so suggested spells are useful.

I've never played nothing but 5e (I started playing like a year ago). I joined a party with a dwarf barbarian/psionic that's annoying as fuck and basically unkillable. Nevertheless that reminded me that you usually have a very low opinion of the psionic class (or whatever it's called). Can you explain why is it so bad? I haven't played much with this group.

>>Nah, if you look at the low IP count
There are 13 more IPs in this thread than in the other.

Can you stop shitting the thread up and fuck off?

In the first place, why the fuck would your character stay in a group where he's likely to get shanked? If you're the only evil character in the party, you're the problem, not the "lawful stupid" paladin.

Just hide and report him user. He's not going to stop until he either burns /5eg/ to the ground around him out of spite or gets himself banned.

Generally, the backline has better defensive positioning and a means of countering magical assault. Meanwhile, the frontline is generally exposed and has less of an answer for magical attack. Of course, if the backline leaves itself exposed without any real protection, there's going to be some problems.

just spam levitate and throw cantrips at him

kill him with chip damage

Mystic isn't bad, the mechanics are a bit clunky, and some disciplines are a bit broken. The class itself is versatile, but not so good that it breaks the game. As a single class, that is. UA material is not balanced for multiclassing, and 1-2 level dips in Mystic is pretty damn powerful.

In later levels, full casters pull out ahead (Mystic is only ever going to be able to cast the equivalent of 5th level spells)

I imagine user's looking at the ratio of posters to posts. It's 21:52 (0.40) in this thread, and 11:17 in the other (0.64). At the time of writing this, anyhow.. It's a slower thread, but a more diverse one.

If the frontline is trying to squeeze into the frontline to fit into the 10' aura, I bet they're going to have more problems than magical dice dumping.

Wait, so sorcerers in your campaign get EVERY spell on their spell list? And you're saying he's strong?

The biggest problem is the saving throws. Wisdom and Charisma are going to be his best, which is tricky, because you don't want to try using direct damage and most of the best non-damaging control spells involve those.

I'm going to guess his worst save is Dexterity. What you'd want is some kind of control spell that makes it very difficult for him to do anything that also somehow targets Dex. Sorcerer gets one notable one in Wall of Stone, but that's 5th level. The direct damage will be weak for the reasons mentioned before, so that's no good. You could Polymorph him into a snail or a crab and then toss him into the sea, but that targets wisdom.

Man, you really are dealing with the one class and archetype that outright counters yours. And at possibly the worst level to do so, after he's gotten his spell resistant powers but before you've gotten any spells that could get around that. Why couldn't you have waited until level 9 to pick a fight?

In either case, he's spamming the thread trying to advertise his thread and trying to start a flame war, best just to ignore him and alert the mods so they know that trying to get both threads deleted.

You don't fight him in a direct, fair PvP confrontation because he'll kick your ass. It's not bullshit, he just counters you. The luxury of YOU being the evil one is that you get to select the battlefield; the Paladin is most likely not going to strike first, so it's your own choice of when and where it happens, or if it even happens at all.

Basically, hit him while he has his pants down, don't hit him at all, or you could even think about "hitting" him in the metaphorical sense. Do a frame job or something. Drive him to break his vows. Be creative.

>Why are taverns one of the best places to start a campaign in?
It's an easy excuse to gather the party together.
>Why are taverns one of the worst places to start a campaign in?
It's an easy excuse to gather the party together.

Taverns are lazy, but they work.

Well, not every fight takes place on open ground. Sometimes, resistance within two squares is plenty.

I don't understand why we're seriously discussing PvP here. Why would people hang out together if they hate each others' guts?

Are shadow sorcerers any good? I want to play a darker, charisma-focused character and I don't feel like being an EB bot.

>Summon Lesser Demons

>You utter foul words, summoning demons from the chaos of the Abyss. Roll on the following table to determine what appears.

>d6 Demons Summoned
>1–2 Two demons of challenge rating 1 or lower
>3–4 Four demons of challenge rating 1/2 or lower
>5–6 Eight demons of challenge rating 1/4 or lower

>The DM chooses the demons, such as manes or dretches, and you choose the unoccupied spaces you can see within range where they appear. A summoned demon disappears when it drops to 0 hit points or when the spell ends.

>The demons are hostile to all creatures, including you. Roll initiative for the summoned demons as a group, which has its own turns. The demons pursue and attack the nearest non-demons to the best of their ability.

>As part of casting the spell, you can form a circle on the ground with the blood used as a material component. The circle is large enough to encompass your space. While the spell lasts, the summoned demons can't cross the circle or harm it, and they can't target anyone within it. Using the material component in this manner consumes it when the spell ends.

This seem especially shitty to you all as well? For one thing, there are no CR 1/2 demons in 5e, near as I can tell. And secondly, by the time you get 3rd lvl spells, A couple CR 1 monsters, or 8 CR 1/2 monsters, don't seem particularly good in a fight. especially when you don't actively control them, and have to stay in a single 5x5 square to not draw their attacks.

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Wait, no, I've got it. Use greater invisibility on yourself, then spam Scorching Ray. He gets disadvantage on his attack rolls, and you get advantage on yours, so your spell attacks should have a better chance of hitting. Even if it only does half damage, it should add up over the 10 rounds of invisibility you get.

They're okay, nothing spectacular, but still full casters.

Different user, I can see why people are getting upset and doing such, even if I don't agree with it. In context it's just more trolling, op pic is something you'd expect to see for /pgg/ and the question is a normal bait topic abiut taverns being used by shitty DMs. I hope you realized this before I explained it and aren't just that dense as to why someone would take issue with it.

If you have heavy armor proficiency but low strength you still get slowed right?

Is this the right thread? Oops.

Well, anyway, a fighter in my game just got a bit too cocky and has been captured.
I want it to be a little hard for her to escape, but she's got 20 strength so I don't think manacles are really going to do it.
I also don't want to use some convoluted combination of spells to keep her imprisoned, since it seems unfair and it's not a magic-heavy setting.

Would a straitjacket work, do you think? Any suggestions on mechanics or a DC?

It's not a modern setting. A homebrew medieval-esque thing, hence why I'm not sure if a straitjacket will fit into that sort of era.

As far as I'm concerned, they're making a huge deal out of something as minor as the picture OP chose. You look at it maybe once, and then spend the rest of the time scrolling down. If the image is on-topic, that's enough.

Out of 25 unique IP's, only like two people raised an issue with it. Besides, most people ignore the thread topic anyways in favor of asking for advice for their campaigns.
It's a non-issue being turned into an issue because nobody knows how to act.

Speed reduced to 10 if low str, D/A on any D20 roll that involves STR or DEX and inability to cast if unproficient, both if unproficient with low str.

Any other good options for a darker full-caster? Wiards are cool and all, but necromancy will get me in trouble and skellies are a bother to maintain, druids are fine but their theme isnt all that dark or edgy, I am not so sure exactly how Death clerics work. It seems like my options are sorcerer or deathmetal bard

In one of the Drizzt books they used chains attached to the wall, and spikes behind the back, so that if the held person tried to peel the chains off the wall he would have been impaled. Maybe work with something like that? If the character is that strong, it should be easily discernible by the captors.

Say you are a lizardman caster with heavy armor proficiency and you have your spell casting stat maxed out as high as you can go, Would it be better to pump dex and rely on natural armor or to pump strength and just wear heavy armor?

If you don't want a warlock, your only real options are Bard and Sorc, or you could refluff some of the Wizard traditions. Talk with your DM.


>Is this the right thread
>Poster ID didn't go up
You couldn't be more obvious if you tried

Nah, there have to be CR 1/2 Demons.
>checks 5etools

huh. weird. why bother having that on the roll table at all?

Reposting in the new thread

Running sunless citadel with a bunch of newbies, they're about to reach calcryx: what are some good ideas to make the adventure funnier?
Calcryx is supposedly happy she found a new lair where she's not ruled over by kobolds, and the easiest approach a party could have is to bring her back by force, so what could she say to convince them doing something else?

If all you're concerned about is AC, then it would be better to wear heavy armour. How would you get proficiency, though? I feel like this discussion is purely academic since you max out your stat at 12 (unless you roll) and wouldn't have time to pick up more proficiency feats until a very late level, at which point you can just true polymorph yourself into a damn dragon and faceroll the game.

The rest of the party is neutral to our squabbles.

see >I don't feel like being an EB bot.

Might go for some edgy religious fanatic chanter-themed bard and roll with that. I am interested in the powerful spells casters get later on since I usually always play martials.

I'm trying to build a fighter that wields a longsword and longbow like a generic fantasy main character. Would dipping in kensei then maybe champion x while having mobile, sharpshooter and gwm be feasible enough?

IP counter was at 24 a couple of posts ago. Seriously dude, fuck off. You can use that other thread if you so desire, but don't come here and try to shit this one up.

He's a dex paladin.

5e combat benefits massively from numbers. They can just be a couple of guys standing there and they can keep chipping at opponents for ~1d8 a turn each
That shit adds up

No, I just posted the same thing in the other thread first. You can check if you care so much.

That could work. And yeah, the captors know from struggling to capture her, hence why I figured they'd find something special. It's a bit bloody, though. Certainly seems like a drow method.

She was caught by sanitarium guards, trying to break in to get to someone who was 'disappeared' by shady nobles. Not sure if the background helps at all. Thanks for the idea, though.

I doubt they would remain neutral if you seriously tried to kill eachother, except if they were evil, in which case why the fuck would there be a paladin in the party?

Why are you playing an evil character to begin with? Are you an edgy attention whore or something?

It wouldn't have ever been an issue if the fag who started it all hadn't got butt blasted about /pfg/ being /pgg/ now. Since he decided to not only post op pics like the one in the last thread and this one, then fucked with the OP links and such, several people have taken a no tolerance reaction to it. In context it makes perfect sense over all, it also doesn't help your case that happens with no change to poster ID.

Quite, though I would complain that a bra like this feels out place in medieval fantasy.

>>Might go for some edgy religious fanatic chanter-themed bard and roll with that.
You might be interested in the College of Whispers, then. It has a dark and edgy twist to the bard class.

Nevermind that last part, miscounted and it's late for me, my apologies.

The whole thing is blown out of proportion. Just discuss some fucking DnD.

You get if from being a cleric.

you effectively get darkness as a level 1 spell and that's it

just pick a chromatic dragon

Agreed, but being unable to give them direction, or keep them from being hostile, feels overly nerfed. Maybe give the caster an arcana check DC or something to 'bind' the demons more completely on the turn after summoning?

And yeah , I also don't get why they would bother with the CR 1/2 shit. The spell came out in Xanathar, you'd think they'd put some 1/2 demons in there to go with it.

It's Final Fantasy, isn't it? Anachronism and strange designs are pretty firmly in their wheelhouse.

cast it inside a wall of force or a force cage
how is this better than levitate
so he's got a bow? gg

I'm playing warlock, and staying away from the EB spell tree entirely. You can still do some decent dps without it, imo. I was rolling 2d8+1d6 with advantage per round last encounter, and we're at 3rd lvl.

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>The whole thing is blown out of proportion.
Welcome to Veeky Forums
>Just discuss some fucking DnD.
>Implying I'm not but have the courtesy to separate posts like this and others
Most people don't want to sift through shit to get their advice so I keep shit sperate.