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Have you ever had a fight go south really fast? How about a hopeless fight that wasn't ass pulled by the DM?

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I once almost killed all my players with ice knife

>Have you ever had a fight go south really fast? How about a hopeless fight that wasn't ass pulled by the DM?

Literally our last session where our party went up against a random undying Barbarian. The Barbarian had like +12 or +13 to hit and four attacks along with a bonus attack and a multiple non-reaction eating retaliation attack. Oh and she had a Vorpal weapon so on a crit she auto-chopped our heads off. She ended up critting multiple times and downed the entire party except for our npc companion guide who ended up killing her with her attack.

from last thread because I really want to get to the bottom of this

>>Each spell you know and prepare is associated with one of your classes, and you use the spellcasting ability of that class when you cast the spell. Similarly, a spellcasting focus, such as a holy symbol, can be used only for the spells from the class associated with that focus.

This cant possibly be right, whats the incentive to use anything other than a component pouch then?

Players confront a flesh golem with several paladin levels, made from the parts of a dead PC that fell in battle 5 sessions before and they never learned what happened to the body

>This cant possibly be right, whats the incentive to use anything other than a component pouch then?

Because multiclassing in the PHB is assumed to not be in play? I've never seen a GM ask a player if they were using the correct focus before casting a spell.

Oh, a decent thread.

how do I play a paladin? I've never had trouble with roleplaying before, but I recently tried playing a paladin for the first time, and I can't quite seem to do it. I love the idea, I've always wanted to play a paladin, but now that I'm trying it I just feel unatural and stiff, and when push comes to shove I fall back on old habits and methods of doing things that I've developed over my roleplaying career that aren't very paladin like. I just don't seem to quite know how to be the character the way I have with other roles I've done and enjoyed, but I really want to. Any advice? Or good reference materials?

I really don't get his deal, maybe it's more than one person?

That sounds ridiculous and it's bullshit that the NPC got the killing blow. What level are you guys?

Or just one really dedicated autist.

What drew you into it in the first place?

Fucking 12. Like I joked about it but I would've been fine with a TPK and just starting at level 1 with a new party.

I really like the idea of helping people, of being an all around good guy with good morals striving to make the world a better place.

Don't you know anyone who is sanctimoniously right all the time? A literal boyscout? Also you should feel stiff and unnatural, play it like that, play it stuffy, like you don't know how to interact with people who are like you used to play.

ding ding ding

So instead of just demanding that we post content (though I'll still do that), I think that critiquing (shitting on) and reviewing what we find is a better way to go about things. Maybe offering up potential changes, as well.

For this alchemist, I'm not a fan of the wording on a lot of things. Explicitly calling the splash damage of the bombs that instead of keeping it in line with the rest of the system. I like that the spells aren't cast at all, but drunk as potions. Explicit references to Jekyll and Hyde aren't welcome, either; I'd say mutagens should be entirely limited to their own subclass rather than being a small class feature that then gets buffed to all hell. It's a lot of bookkeeping as well. Ultimately I think it's needing a few changes, but isn't too terrible. How would you guys rate it?
>being an all around good guy with good morals striving to make the world a better place.
Then focus on that. Every situation you encounter, ask yourself "how could I make these peoples' lives better?" Anything from killing a monster to a kind word of encouragement to donating money to a woman for her sick baby can go a long, long way.

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That's easy enough. Help people, and be an all-around good guy with good morals striving to make the world a better place.

Tbfh if any DM cares about spellcasting requirements other than
>Vocal means you need to be in a situation which you are able to speak
>Somatic means you got have a free hand
>Components are irrelevant unless they cost shit

Then your DM is a huge fucking autist and
So no yeah, pouches, most of the time, are the same as foci

why would i be in this thread

and i answered in that thread, it's gay to roleplay components and i think a pouch costs more anyway

Who's that dedicated tho? Dude needs a group to play with... Preferably pathfinder so I never have to play with him

Also helps to look up old school comic book heros/Superman in most renditions or some manga like MHA and see such examples in action.

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How do I RP a true neutral yet angry as fuck high INT / low CHA wizard without making him a non-presence in the group?

Specially since I got a very vocal lawful good cleric in my group

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Have you ever gotten pushback from your group when you wanted to retire a character? I've been playing a cleric in our new campaign, which has been running for about 2 months now, and I'm just sick of both the class and the character, since it's just not playing out in a manner I find in any way interesting or engaging, but when I brought up sunsetting them, both the DM and other players seemed to get really, I don't know, passive aggressive over it?

Our previous campaign never saw any deaths or retired characters, so this is the first time it's come up, and I just don't understand the reaction I'm getting from them in the least.

God the fact that that autist thinks that could ever happen.

is this homebrew or what

i've never really wanted to play as an alchemist, artificers have all that weird shit covered anyway
make him physically disgusting and obnoxious with a reedy voice, that's the only way you can model low charisma if you're not going to be quiet

like a weirdo contrarian who quibbles over small points in the name of technical neutrality

Their healslut wants to retire
What you think?

I was the guy that asked him, but I still don't get it. Guy needs to take a chill pill and realize that it's just a game, it's just a freaking Taiwanese pottery imageboard

He is solely adventuring with the group to accomplish his goal and isn't afraid to remind them of that if he thinks something is stupid or a waste of time.

Just tell them how you're feeling and that it's either you retire him or keep not having fun which is bullshit.

Well his charisma is kinda average, so I just made him a hobo
But I had this difficulty on my first session
I mean, I can do the indifference part of true neutral just fine
But when it comes to party interaction its hard

Do they just like the character a lot? It happens sometimes that retiring a character can sometimes actually make people emotional and they don't want acknowledge that. Just hold your ground and come to the next session with your new character sheet ready to bring 'em in

The problem is it isn't even about the game, it's about his precious /pfg/ getting shafted because surprise Paizo are hacks and unless they're doing a damn near 1:1 and cashing in on nostalgia they can't attract customers.

Yeah I think I will stick to this
I mean , my character background completely fits a "im only on this for my objectice" kind of RP

oh so this isn't about charisma but being true neutral

have you read any analytic philosophy? basically quibble the shit out of both good and evil, like be the bertrand russell of this world

A fighter in my game just had one and she's been captured.
I want it to be a little hard for her to escape, but she's got 20 strength so I don't think manacles are really going to do it.
I also don't want to use some convoluted combination of spells to keep her imprisoned, since it seems unfair and it's not a magic-heavy setting.

Would a straitjacket work, do you think? Any suggestions on mechanics or a DC?

I have the opposite in my group where there's a dude who won't retire his character even though there's no reason his character would want to come on adventures anymore. It took almost ten minutes for him to talk himself into a reason for his character to go with us and then on the adventure his character basically bitches every other session that he shouldn't have come.

I never played pathfinder so i d

Oh, I should note that it's still a medieval-esque setting. It's a homebrew, so not forgotten realms, but that's why I'm asking about a straitjacket. I'm not sure if it'd feel out of place in something that isn't modern.

If I was DMing I feel like I would try to off that guy as soon as possible if it became that egregious

So I've never played pathfinder so I don't know the ins and outs of the system. Someone I knew said that druids were broken, also I don't like /pgg/'s OPs or pathfinder's goblins

Magic users are broken in general in pf.

Even more broken than Wizards in 5e?


Concentration was introduced in 4e or 5e, forget which, so that should tell you all you need to know. Think of all the really good spells that are concentration, now stack them together on someone with the slots to handle it.

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By an order of magnitude. Wizards in 5e are tame compared to the bullshit of any magic user class in PF, and martial classes are completely unusable

Mearls, get back to working on the UA and not just shitting one out in an hour the day of.

He gave me the books but I haven't really looked through it, the only art that I like is the lady barbarian with the huge sword. I don't like that bards are half casters or the only LG paladins

I used Gamefinder thread on Veeky Forums to find my players and we're all having a good time. Today's session was great, even though one of them died