His character doesn't carry a dagger not even as backup

>His character doesn't carry a dagger not even as backup.

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>useless as a tool
Fuck daggers. Field knives are where it's at.

The guy next to me has 28 strapped to him, so I usually just ask to borrow one of his.

take yer pick

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Well not *a* dagger, no.

I made my first ever DnD kill with my belt knife from my home village, man. Don't underestimate the knife.

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I like the ballsack one.

Purely mechanically speaking: is there any system where you really do need one?

Hatchet/handaxe, broski

And that's how my polearm wielding blademaster died.
Remember. Always carry a knife. You never know when you're going to get swallowed by a T-Rex

They are literally called Bollock daggers yea.

Dageers for faggots, real men carry knives.

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My guy just carries 6 guns

Anyone who doesn't carry a knife of some kind for general use, including non-combat, is a pleb who is only interested in rollplay. Stick to wargames, shitters.

My character has
> Gun
> Hunting spear
> Knife, mostly utility
> Natural weapons

well in basic D&D it does 1d4 damage at most...

whenever its not retarded I tend to just main a dagger.

>1d4 damage at most
Crits aside, maybe with +-0 strength modifier.

Literally every character I make has a dagger or short sword for utility.

I've had daggers on every single one of my characters since the day I started playing 20 years ago.
I can count on one hand the times my DMs actually cared.

"Why would I need a backup weapon my war mallet does 3d8+12 lol"

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You think that's bad? I've never even had the chance to use rope.

D'ya know that some ladies in old times would wear hairpins that could be used as stabbing tools? Well, I do.

My paladin has a cold iron dagger with capillaries for holy water/poison.

I don't trust myself to not backstab myself.

I have a goliath barbarian who flintknapped his own knife because the Forgotten Realm wiki said goliaths are good at that. The first battle of the campaign had us fighting a bunch of bandits lead by a battlemaster fighter who could disarm, so he disarmed by greataxe. I pulled out my shitty homemade stone knife and sodomized him with it. It has since become an in-house meme that my barbarian pulling out his knife means shit is about to go down.

>tfw the US actually had hairpin-control and tried to ban pins above a certain length in the 19th century

Yeah cause all of them loose ladies running around and stabbing dudes.

Got it!

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>a knife
>not a great knife

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>Natural weapons

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>great knife

So... a sword?

Isn't a great knife just a tiny sword?

>great knife
>tiny sword
They made those knives because the peasantry wasn't allowed to own swords. They did the most /k/ thing possible; make their knives as big as swords to get around the law.

No, it is illegal for citizens to carry swords, but the 2nd Decree of the King permits the right to bear knives. That is merely a great knife.

Best bluff roll of the 13th century, I suppose.

Yeah, it sounds like the peasants got around not being able to carry swords by carrying swords but calling them "great knives".

>Bollock daggers
God save the Queen.

>calling them "great knives".

No, there's a distinct difference in construction between knives and swords.

A DM once gave my gear whore rogue an adamantine multitool.

Poor bastard didn't realize what he was doing.

a dagger have more use than just stabbing

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[Sicilian hissing intensifies]

It's based on the fact that only one side was sharpened and the hilt was two pieces of wood sandwiching the tang, like many knives had.

>not having a dagger AND utility knives

That's a myth.

Modern historians say it was more of a guild dispute between the knifemakers guild and the swordmakers guild. The grossemesser was a way for the knifemakers to get some of the swordmakers' business without infringing on any bylaws.

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My character’s a gunslinger and still carries at least two daggers.

Isn't there some law in IRL Texas that allows people to carry around swords by classifying them as big knives or some shit?
I'm not sure on the specifics, just that you can carry swords in Texas. Texas, why haven't you made that a fashion trend yet?

California allows the carrying of peace-bonded swords so long as they are not concealed or brandished.