What kinda sports they got in your setting?

What kinda sports they got in your setting?

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Chasing greased pigs.

They have weight classes for adults and children.

This and soccer

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Orc ball. Usually played with a severed head.

Dwarven mud wrestling

>t. England

This came up recently. Peasants need to spend 6 hours a week either training archery in the churchyard, or cardio. This is so they're ready when a lord comes over and drafts every man over 14 into the war. The local noble offers a modest prize pool for sporting competitions held during the summer faire including archery contests, cross country races, hammer throwing, wrestling, and horseshoes.

>Dwarven mud wrestling

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so far I have: martial arts tournaments, Drone Derby, Zero-G Bowling, Polo Golf, The Interstellar Race(but that's only held on February 29th) and Infinite Rally.

Heavily ritualized unarmed wrestling in a watered mudpit while only dressed in a loincloth. Coed, typically done one on one.

The dwarf seeks to prove that he or she is resolute as the stone and not soft as mud by pinning their opponent into submission. It is allowed to grab hair and beards to gain leverage on your opponent, making more honorable dwarves (with bigger beards) require greater proficiency or strength to win consistently.

Hi ho Hi ho !
And off to /d/ I go!

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Halfling freewheeling. Barely a legitimate sport, more of a glorified training course for future thieves and rogues. Requires creative navigation of urban terrain created for larger races - so a human can only really practice it in an ogre city or similar.

Halfling Freewheeling purists assign points based on specific difficult maneuvers (hard DC climb, acrobatics and stealth checks) but the sport is usually played without keeping score.

Because of its connection to unsavory underclass, it is looked down upon and sometimes banned in human communities where halflings are common.

The most popular sports are without exception bloodsports, in particular arena fights, which are almost always deliberately unbalanced. It could be an armed man versus an unarmed man, a man versus a dangerous predator or even a pack of them, a small group of warriors versus a larger group, etc. Various lethal and non-lethal variants are all quite popular, and successful gladiators become beloved celebrities (especially if they win fights while being on the disadvantaged team).

In addition, many simple sports (simple both in how many rules there are and in the amount of preparation required, for example footraces) have at least some popularity among the lower classes. Though the popularity in those cases comes more from the gambling on the side than from the athletic activities themselves. The athletes involved never reach the level of fame and admiration that successful gladiators get, though they can make a lot of money if they're clever.

Elves, with their long lifespans, prefer methodical, slow sports that rely on multiple levels of strategy, great memory and ability to concentrate.
These games, colloquially refered to as elfgames by humans are as numerous as they are diverse.

Most involve reenaction of historical or mythological events, either in person or using ornately carved wooden figurings through arcane rules.

All elf games involve concentration and knowledge checks, regardless of whether it's a contact sport or a boardgame.

Sp...orts? What is that?

In the case of a marital dispute where the husband and wife absolutely cannot reach an agreement of continued cohabitance, the following contest is instituted: a pit is dug up to waist height and just wide enough for two. The man stands in the pit with the wife standing above him, and the two are bound together at the wrist by the rope. The wife receives a stone or brick to hold in her right hand. The only rules for the ensuing combat are that the man may not leave the pit and combat may not be stopped until one yields or is dead.


It's netball mixed with Rugby and a Volleyball style method of scoring.

>hairy dude wrestling

Look up Turkish oil wrestling.


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When I first saw that I thought it was that game they made people play before being ritually executed

>Time to oil up

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potato toss
chicken kick
the stones game
that thing what miller's boy thought up
runfast bonanza
arrow shootying

Swordball, it's like Ozzy Rules only there are clerics on standby and you're allowed to take weapons onto the field.

So that's just Trollball from RQ, but allowing choice of weapons...

More or less, I may not be original but I was in need of a varsity sport for the adventurers' schools to have a rivalry at.

Nothing but watersports, as far as the eye can see.

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"you didn't roll a perception check to see if the spouts were actually water"

>Look up Turkish oil wrestling.