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What is your favorite Time of Battle rules?

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What would be some good ideas for converting up Desert Legions/Tomb King styled necromancers and vampire lords?

The normal necromancers and battle wizards just don't look Egypt-y enough for my taste, and I don't want to buy Liche Priests due to their fairly outdated sculpts.

Only ideas I've got are of picking up a C'tan Deceiver and turning that into some sort of flying vampire lord.

>tfw have multiple shopping lists written up for different armies I want

Same here. I have a list for BCR, Spiderfang, Nids and Tau

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When the world that was blew up, all these kingdoms and souls of the desert of Khemri got kicked up and exploded outward with the rest of everything, souls bound to this sand. The sand found itself embedded into every realm as it was carried by the winds. So within every realmsphere there is pockets of these old world fragments in the earth itself that will eventually come to the surface. These bound spirits have found themselves reanimated by the Malign Portents, and have risen from the sands of these areas, and began to continue doing what they did before, conquer and raise the dead, though without knowing why. Boom, there’s your way to write TK back into the setting

Dispossessed battletome when?

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Never ever ever and even if you got it you'd still complain and just say you're 'in character'.

I think he's asking how to convert models, not write lore

That's cool and I like it. Consider it stolen and made into a part of my head canon, user.

But I was actually asking for hobby and conversion advice. Like, what models could I kitbash into cool vampire lords/necromancers.

Unless you're suggesting to use the normal models with the above justification, which could work, but then my army will look a little thrown together.

probably never
be glad your old mono dwarf army book is now two complete distinct battletome armies.

if elves got the same level of attention as dwarfs there would currently be six elf battletome armies

I’m recommending the using the normal models with that justification user

I am finally going to try and move past my disdain for AoS after the euthenasia of WHFB, at the insistence of my hardcore AoS shill pal.

Going to try out Nighthaunt, since spooky ghosts aren't too offensive as a concept a la Stormcast or Khorne Bloodgoreblood Bloodskull whatever.

In a practice 1000pts match, the Knight of Shrouds backing up several Spirit Hosts units was quite devestating, Mortis Engine underperformed but maybe I didn't use it properly (run into middle of enemy army and screech).

Any tips and tricks for Nighthaunt? I'm not 100% sure on how the allegiances and whatnot work, but apparently I did it correctly for the game (Nighthaunt allegiance with allied Mortis Engine).

Do I have any other options for allegiance with ghosts?

Generic Death? Can I put them in one of Nagash's legions?

If anyone has any ideas on how to put an army together or fun alternative models (looking at Reaper Miniatures, Kingdom Death), would be appreciated.

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Are you seriously claiming that Dwarves get more love than Elves? Because there is three elf factions in WHFB and now the way things are looking, Elves will have twice as many as that, compared to the Dwarfs only having three flavors

That the Mathlann model is called an Eidolon and not an Avatar makes me think that it's possible that Mathlann is actually dead and the Deepkin know this and that they're either worshiping what he stands for and/or attempting to revive him.

1 dwarf army became 2 new armies in AoS

by that logic the 3 elf armies should become 6 in AoS

i doubt itll happen but the point is your bitching about wanting potato sack dwarfs is tiresome

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For vampires and Necromancers, check out old school Lahmians; they are pretty eygptian looking.

Your whining about people whining is even more obnoxious, faggot.

>Aos2.0 is coming
>I can't get hyped for it because I'm worried that GW will fuck up my army warscrolls and make it unplayable
Is this how 40k players feel with every new edition announced/rumoured?

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responding to a question with a logical answer is obnoxious?

no you are just unhappy with the answer

there is no assurance that anything from the previous version will still work the same way in the new version. The best you can hope for is that the models you had before will still be playable/supported in the new edition.

I love your little markers. They have a ton of character.

I haven't had much luck with the Mortis Engine, either. Too many high bravery armies in vogue at the moment in my meta. I just use it as an anchor for Lords of Sacrament.

Legions of Nagash is the new hotness, and yes you can take Nighthaunt in the Legions. In some ways, it's even better than just sticking with pure Nighthaunt. You may want to keep an eye out for the rumored Nighthaunt release on the horizon, though.

Shit, I'm playing StD. I'm gonna be mad as fuck if they will be moved to compendium or lose the mark of chaos ability. I love my 6-flavours-of-mediocre dudes and I will drop AoS for good if GW makes them unplayable

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What is the thinking mans army?

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Elves will have 4 battletomes at least.
Dok, Idoneth, hysh elves and Ulgu ones.
So yeah twice the battletomes od dwarves usual knife-ears get more love than other races.

don't be stupid. they're not going to invalidate all the previous battletomes, especially the recent shit like the idoneth and upcoming nighthaunts by redoing everything. there isn't even a solid rumour about a aos 2, just a new starter set.

Imagine how Tau players felt when they went from top tier to garbage when 8th came.

I hope Tzeentch, order soup, and Fyreslayers players get to know that feeling.

Take tzaangors, remove horns, add blings

enter the blessed by the true sun, Rhasethr, so luminous neither it or its chosen messengers have a shadow to be found cast anywhere in the mortal realms for there's never an object high enough to make it cower, nor bright enough to claim its place and it does not swerve out of the sky.

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I play Tyranids in 40k. Ever since our new rules in 8th, I have unwavering faith in GW.


so many buffs and ranges to keep track of

>that cover
Why are battletome covers always so fucking shit?
I want to be proud of my awesome rulebook with awesome art, not hide it in shame and hope no one judges me for carrying such a hideous thing around.

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the mortis nuke is pretty gud
there will be a nighthaunt release by the end of the year, get them if you like them since that way youll have your battleline ready and painted by the time the new shit comes out

They really are ugly
Looks like chinese mobile game splash art

Its t'au you racist. Please respect my Blue Guardsmen. Fuck 8th, they didn't even properly nerf the right shit and changed tau to a horde army fuck this.

>mfw started playing Tau in 8e because wanted to run some retro-futuristic small suits but GW decided to turn them into horde army
Honestly, I don't mind nerfs. What I truly hate is revamping the whole playstyle. It's like changing the BCR into horde army based on retarded cats spam

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On the bright side, as a Dispossessed player this is not an issue I have to deal with.

what kind of cover do you even want?
minimalist? armyshot? symbolic?

Excellent idea. I could even put Tzaangor heads and just put them onto battle wizard bodies.

Any of those would be superior to this. I don't care as long as it doesn't look like this hot garbage.

The DoK one is the ugliest I reckon which I find funny

nothing currently in production that JUST GOT REBOXED and has round bases will be moved to compendium.
It doesn't make sense to waste resources on the SC boxes, the regular boxes etc just to throw it all away 3 years later.
Everything that was dropped was done so when AoS came out (empire knights, brets, tk, some other shit)

tau codex is not a horde army, theyre a combined arms army

everything but crisis suits and kroot is good

Honestly despite my issues with the way the elf is drawn, at least it's somewhat visually interesting to look at and has a nice usage of colors.

Not this user but End Times cover aesthetic would fit the AoS perfectly

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I still find it weird that we get greenskins orcs in a SC!, but literally no support for them. Same with things like generic STD. Are there any other "legacy" feeling SC! boxes?

I sorta hope that we get Generic Orc and Goblin Soup: the Book sometime next year.

Endtimes were shit but the art was A+

I like mine

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>Do I fit in yet, gaiz?!

Here is some art of the same skaven units.
I think its pretty obvious which rats were drawn for AoS and which were for WHFB

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>everything but the iconic unit that makes 2/3 of the start collecting box value is good
Can you play elite Tau with no crisis suits? I want to run 20-30 models for 1000pts rather than 70

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Can some kind user post "The Tainted Axe" and "The Witch Takers" in the original epub?

>So yeah twice the battletomes od dwarves usual knife-ears get more love than other races.

dwarfs was 1 and is now 2. twice as many armies as it used to be. by that logic the 3 elf armies should now be 6. According to your standards we need at least 4 more elf armies to be released just to have parity with the spoiled dwarves.

ok so looking at my old models I decided this might be a good list to get me into this game at 2k points

The stratagy is
1. Go fast
2. Eat Ass
3.Shoot anyone whos anus I am not tounging
4. Maybe have swordmasters baby sit the wizard at an objective

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middle has to be the intro to some furry fanart right?

As a Stormcast player, Tzeentch can go get fucked, I'm tired of the spell spam and Stormcast having no way to protect themselves from it. The best I can hope for against Tzeentch is sniping their heroes and hoping their spells don't go off. If the Tzeentch player brings a LoC against me, its essentially an auto-win for them because I don't have a StarDrake.

I know Tzeentch is master of magics and whatnot, but I hope they nerf MW spam in general


Say that to my face on the street and I will rip your ass off.

DESU only seraphon looks meh, the other look good.

>Drawings of models vs drawings of actual creatures
That's what it looks like, to me.

>Is this how 40k players feel with every new edition announced/rumoured?
Yes. Former WHFB players the same.

Wat. That's literally the worst one.

I did not realise there was a new Nighthaunt book coming at some point.
Either way I will have fun painting up some spirits until it comes out, thanks for the heads up. Even if I eventually decide AoS isn't for me, having some spectral hosts, ghost knights, and a funky ethereal castle will be nice for the shelf.

I imagine you in this general get this alot, but god damn I loved WHFB, the Old World is probably my favourite fantasy setting. WHFRP 1st and 2nd edition were the perfect mix of gritty, tongue in cheek dark humour, excellent atmosphere and emotional resonance. I hope AoS clicks with me but I'm not sure where to start, lore wise.

Apparently the Freeguilds now are just sort of eccentric high fantasy versions of the Empire, which could be okay? If Nighthaunt have some ridiculous, insulting, He-Man tier lore then I'm simply going to pretend we're still on the Old World, and just not fight Stormcasts and other BS. Forging that narrative is important to me.

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>was finally warming up to this game, getting hype to use my whfb elves
>even hype for sea elves with snek mermaids

>see this
God dammit why does everything I touch die?

List is illegal, you don't have required battlelines.

Autisic Dispossessed user here.
Got some display cases for my art show tonight.

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oh shit
Aren't highborn silver helms battle line? or should I add more?
The bottem of the list says I have 5 out of 3?

Don't worry so much about it.


I think we’ll see stone golem dwarves at some point to get a more "traditionally" take on dwarves. Litteraly nothing is stopping them from doing wild creative awesome armies.

What's the theme song for /your dudes/?

>That one stormcast
That's a Grudging.

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My Daughters of Khaine have a mobile temple called the Vengabus

You have to check the general's handbook.

If allegiance is Order Draconis: only Order Draconis battleline (so 2 out of 3), the rest would be allies (so 680/400) and you can't ally in Highborn stuff (it's not in the ally list, since it's legacy).

If takes as general GA Order, you can take only battline that don't require specific alliegiance, so, in your list, only Silver Helms and Reavers. The good thing is, you can then put everything Order you want inside, since you don't have to check for alligiances and allies.

Warscroll doesn't tell you if your list is correct, so so you have to check for yourself.

Mixed High Aelves
Not even a big facist guy but they had the best marches

Get ready for the nerf nuke Waac fag taking 6 flyrants. Tyranids dominated the tournament and made it its bitch. GW furious at nids players and even delayed march faq just for you fuckers.

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Whats the cheapest yet viable army to start collecting?

I have SCE, Tzeentch and Legions of Nagash, so I'm just looking for something decently priced that I can buy a little box at a time.

Slaanesh seems cool but every list runs a KoS, and the metal model looks like trash

So, thoughts on the Avatar of Mathlann?

For those that can't read the pic:
Wounds 12 (first model with more than 10 wounds that doesn't decay)
Move 12"
Save 3+
Bravery 10
Spear 2" A4 3+ 2+ R-2 D2
Hook 1" A4 2+ 3+ R-1 D1
Fish 3" A2d6 4+ 4+ R- D1
- If you charge you heal d3 wounds, gain +1 Damage on the spear and reroll 1s to hit. He can also retreat and charge in the same turn.
- Units within 9" can reroll Wound roll of 1
- Select enemy Hero within 3" with less than 8 wounds; he gets -1 to Hit until the end of the combat phase.

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Do a closeup of your dorfcopter

They're skaven

BCR, you can get like 2500 points from 3 SC boxes.

Completely agreed user, I want decent art of scary bitches, not cheesecake that detracts from their vibe


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For 200p is Best

>GW hating any race they designate as NPC
Can't have anyone else be remotely good, right?

Have nice rules. Its kind of cowboy

so the only way the dragon blades count as battle line is if its allied to order draconis, and that is also the only way to take the fancy battalion rule I assume
But if I do that I can take 400 points of models from other armies and none of them can count as battle lines

Or I go general order alliance and then Dragon Blades are not battlelines, but the reavers and silver hands are. But at no point can I use the legacy bois becasue GW hates me and won't let them into the GAO despite being under the list in the warscroll builder

This game's army creation rules are both too broad and too narrow at the same time...

Huh, NuGW art that actually looks halfway good.

Archaon and the Avatar look fucking sweet.

I wish more of the art was like this. It has a nice balance. You can see that they're hot but they're so fucking crazy that they look creepy.

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>Stormcast player
You deserve it. Here's a toast to our based Bird-bros.

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>Its kind of cowboy

C-c'mon guys this isn't funny anymore, we only got another 14 hours to stop the Drake-chads.
I-it's not fair. IT WAS NAGASH'S TURN

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That's true, but I don't really care if they're hot desu- I don't like things that try to manipulate me through sex appeal (such as my exes).

Good puch man
200p for -2 rend its wow


Mixed elf is best elf

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Howdy, pardner.

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That warchanter looks pretty dope. The bonesplittaz have some good artwork as well, and the new Malign Portents stuff is the shit.

Hit and run tactic