What are some good random consequences for the bold adventurer who eats alien fruit?

What are some good random consequences for the bold adventurer who eats alien fruit?

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They get a mild to severe illness that happens to prepare their immune system for a coming alien flu outbreak

Urine of changed taste and color for 1d100 hours.

acts as a random potion

Their stool turns blue for a week.
They become paralyzed for two days, they need to be cared for.
They get the most explosive form of explosive diarrhea. Roll for anal circumference.
Their skin gets horribly dry and starts breaking and oozing. They need to keep it oiled all the time.

That's not a fruit!

Turns out the fruit works on an entirely different kind of biochemistry that is mostly silicon-based, and therefore completely indigestible. Sickened for the next 1d4 days.

I think that's common knowledge at this point and OP is just posting it for the slightly outlandish look.

he gets wild powers but can't swim, which is awkward when you're in a world that's mostly water


hiroshima farts

Really treading the magical realm line there bud. Your PCs should never have need of that information.

Turns into a catgirl.

Is that just a giant onigiri?

The otherwise non-toxic fruit reacts with the chemicals in their digestive system and produces a chemical that reacts violently when exposed to oxygen, causing their bodily fluids to contain remnants of weapon-grade explosive oil.
>choose whether or not to enter the magical realm of explosive pee
Turns out that in addition to being an edible stable crop the fruit is also grown for the purpose of processing it into fuel cells for local weaponry.

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Slightly less worse than this

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it is. looks like its about 6 cups of cooked rice in one onigiri, which is insane.

i sure hope that has fillings in it and isn't JUST rice.

The imbiber is given great power, at the expense of no longer being able to swim.

This would not normally be much of an issue, but considering that the vast majority of the planet is covered by oceans, with only a few archipelagos dotting the surface, only the bravest few dare partake of the devilish fruit.

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Transformation into sexy alium


I see you are also a Hynerian of culture!

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>Australian power fantasy

I'll have you know that Medieval doctors often tasted urine.

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even if no one else gets this joke user i laughed hard


The shits?

google "alium"



explosive diarrhea, literal or otherwise

It leaves its very sour taste in your mouth. For months, if not years. The PC has "I liked the lemonest of lemon" face all the time.

For the next 3d6 hours, the character is excitable and easily amused even by things that would be under normal circumstances entirely inappropriate to laugh at.

Endless diarea

Go and play some Trials in Tainted Space.

Go with that.

TiTS has too few fruit, spontaneously I can only think of the Mhen'Ga mango and that one only makes you appear more attractive temporarily and gives you energy. CoC has more fruit.

looks like my gf

Beat me to it.

I just tastes good, but its not addictive.

>you will never be a tiny girl eating a giant jelly donut

inflated penis and an appetite for sweets.

It is extremely juicy and sweet, but the juice closely resembles human blood in smell and appearance and gets all over them if they partake.

They gain the ability to scream louder and longer than any other person in history. They also lose the ability to do anything else.

its incredibly addictive, and boost stats for 1d4 turns.
you wouldn't know it until the body becomes resistant to it quickly and paralyzing withdrawal symptoms show

Find out its entirely inedible and doesn't digest, merely sitting in their stomach until they make themselves throw up. Agility down for a while

I had some alien fruit show up once
>Looks like giant deformed lemon
>tastes like toothpaste
>grants a +10 to int (pathfinder, in 5e I'd say increases int to 30) for 10 minutes.
>after the super-intelligence passes the character has uncontrollable diarrhea for 1d6 days, a Remove Disease will negate this effect

Rick: Full disclosure, Morty it's not. Temporary superintelligence is just a side effect of the mega seeds dissolving in your rectal cavity.
Morty: Aw, man.
Rick: Yeah, and once those seeds wear off, you're gonna lose most of your motor skills, and you're also gonna lose a significant amount of brain functionality for 72 hours, Morty.
Starting right about now.

Their breath becomes toxic if inhaled within three inches for 4d20 hours

Parasites, or the fruit itself is sentient and the player's body starts to become a host to the fruit would be an interesting take. The parasites themselves could do pretty much whatever you need them to do.


The fruit's major strength is that the person's body can stretch like rubber. It also makes them almost entirely immune to blunt attacks, including hand-to-hand combat, bullets or even cannonballs, an ability which can be further reinforced with the application of Busoshoku Haki. The user's rubber-like body also allows the user to survive falls from heights and collisions that would kill a normal person.

Luffy's rubber body not only allows him to hit Enel, whose body is made of electricity, but also prevents Luffy from suffering electric shocks.

The user's ability to stretch and twist like rubber to extreme lengths not only makes him immune to injuries that originate from such, but it also allows him to even rebound, that can give him a great advantage in or out of battle. Stretching also allows the user to drastically increase the range of what would otherwise be considered a powerful close-range attack, turning it into a devastating mid-range or long-range attack. A stretched limb can also be used to store potential energy like a stretched spring, increasing the velocity by stretching his arm back resulting in increased power. Combined with Haki, his power is increased even more. Owing to rubber-like natural insulating properties, the user is also immune to electrical attacks and is also able to hit an electric Logia user without Haki.[9] Additionally the user is immune to the electricity produced by Electro.

Luffy's body is similar to a rubber band, requiring him to use excessive motion to "throw" an attack. After the time-skip though, the extra movement is unnecessary, and Luffy is able to stretch easily.

In the first SBS, Oda stated that Luffy's maximum stretching distance is 72 Gomu Gomus.[10] Going beyond this elasticity can cause the user to bleed and be at risk of ripping.[11]

Despite being quite nutritious a quirk of biochemistry means that the eater does not feel satiated.

What if your character is female?

inflated penis and an appetite for sweets

inflated vulva and an appetite for spicy food

Like in those elementary school horror stories, if you ate the seeds they're gonna grow in your stomach and vines will push out your belly button

That is clearly a jelly donut, user.