This counts as rape

This counts as rape.

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Of course it does. Next statement?

Only if you slip it to someone secretly.

How else would you use it? If someone is willing to quaff it, you don't actually need it.

what if you're part of an arranged marriage but your betrothed finds you detestable. She's perfectly willing to go through with the marriage but knows that it will be an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. In order to ease the experience (and prevent possible bastards and infidelity) you offer her the potion and she willingly takes it as a marital aid.

>you and your girlfriend are starting to drift apart. The spark in your relationship is fading and you find you don't share each others' interests anymore
>but neither of you really wants to break up
>so you try some love potion to get that spark back

Fuck you my heart is dead and I need as much pure, concentrated juice as possible to get it going again.
So gimme the love potion.
And that terror potion.
And that boner potion, if it is a different potion than the love potion.
And you know what, give me some of that childhood whimsy too if you got it.

Agreed, I actually X-carded this on my last session. As a progressive, and taking away female NPCs agency disgusts me

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You think people wouldn't be up for willingly overriding their tastes to fall in love with a partner who's a perfect choice but that they just aren't into? It would be extremely common if it were an option. You can settle and be happy.

>what if you're part of an arranged marriage but your betrothed finds you detestable. She's perfectly willing to go through with the marriage but knows that it will be an unhappy and unfulfilling relationship. In order to ease the experience (and prevent possible bastards and infidelity) you offer her the potion and she willingly takes it as a marital aid.
Somebody on Veeky Forums a year or two ago floated the suggestion for a political marriage where both parties voluntarily drank love potions.

It's not violence if there's love

Thus, not rape

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>all these unhappy political marriages
Meanwhile, in the only political marriage I've ever played through, it was quite happy, with both participants seeming pretty willing.

Rape is about lack of consent or ability to consent. It is a form of violence but does not require force. Love or not, bucko.

>Somebody on Veeky Forums a year or two ago floated the suggestion for a political marriage where both parties voluntarily drank love potions.

And then someone tries to destabilize the realm by slipping an antidote to one or both.

But does this?

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If your partner loves you, they're much more likely to consent. So it could be rape but it probably isn't.

>Childhood whimsy
Hello puberty my old friend

If your partner is in a stupor they are also much more likely to consent. The point is that forcing someone to drink it is tantamount to date rape.

>one or both people are really shy but want it to work
>decide to use a love potion to get over than initial bump

A love potion is way worse than rape actually, because it changes the victim's mind and very soul. Rape is just unapproved borrowing of their genitals, that's almost like a childish prank in comparison to the everlasting damage of the potion. You basically murder the person if you slip them a love potion, you erase their very consciousness.

>ywn be chained to the wall in the yandere princess's chambers while she forces love potion down your throat

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Sounds like a really slippery slope, to me. I don't like that kind of drift in moral dilemmas. Either it is rape or it isn't.

>he thinks love is eternal
I wish I saved more images of laughing assholes for instances like this.

Oh my...

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If you consider date rape to be rape than forcing or tricking someone to drink a love potion is rape.

I have a few to loan you.

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What if you trick them into drinking it then never actually do anything with them, leaving them longing for you with unrequited love?

They both drank it willingly in the first place. They'll just do it again.
The fact that they did it in the first place means that they're semicompetent leaders who realize that a warring ruling family isn't going to be good for anyone.

Rape of the psyche and/or soul is still rape.

I am actually almost certain it is in fact a different crime, as rape refers to a specific activity.
Like how murder, manslaughter, and criminal negligence are all very different crimes with similar results and very different punishment schemes.

It's not. What I don't tell my customers is that I mix every bottle of Love Potion with half of this. They just need to believe it's working to finally work up the courage to reveal their true feelings.

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This counts as rape.

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Love and hate are already like 95% the same thing, user.
All you're doing is making it more effective.

>Realm explodes with revenge fucks/hate sex

What does this count as?

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Wow, you go all out. I just give my customers some water with food coloring in it and tell them it's slow acting and needs to be reinforced with efforts to impress their hearts desire to have a lasting effect.

not entirely condensed yet.

Raping the poor imp scylla loli story never

That's super fucking depressing.

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Not really. Love fades, people wear.
A love potion would be a magnificent fix to the broken hormonal love cycle that humans got going on.
Well, assuming you want to stay with monogamous societies. Humanity just doesn't work well with those, un-doped.

There is one scenario i can think of where it doesn't
>society where arranged marriages are common and accepted
>of course this leads to a lot of unhappy marriages
>becomes commonplace that both people in the arrange marriage consent to taking love potions on their wedding day out of respect to their cultural traditions
This can lead to quests about a group of anti-arranged marriage activists trying to destroy the supply of love potions or something

Tsundere potion.

>an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force
>an outrageous violation
Either could be used to define rape of the soul or psyche. Mind control of any kind regardless of how the victim is used would be rape and if a love potion is permanent then that would make it worse.

user, no using classical greek definitions.
We're in the modern day and we're talking about the importance of correctly identifying and punishing similar but distinct crimes.

Most people these days use the medical or legal definition these days, but those are valid (though slightly dated) definitions so you are technically correct.

100% right op 100%

You're describing infatuation not love. Love is rare but infatuation is everywhere.

Correct, but it's not really a big deal.

>he's a romantic

Assuming we're talking fantasy setting its apt for the "time period".

No. Literally he's describing almost verbatim what infatuation is.

An affront to all that is sacred

I didn't realize we were supposed to be discussing this in character using period language.

The only difference between the two is whether you stick around out of obligation and friendship. Any actual love juice you got going on there is dead before long.

>I actually X-carded

Drink bleach you retard

I remember something similar in the legend of Tristan

>he cannot identify the false men posted for cackles on the peruvian mirror complex

I mean, most love potions in fiction are straight up about infatuation rather than any deep commitment.

>the potion gets less effective over time
>you both end up quaffing a dose of the stuff every time you get back from work

Go back to /pol/

>A love potion? Sure, right here. It's a steal at $10.
>But just so you know: our perfectly undetectable poison is $1,000. Just sayin.

>laughing at romantics now gets you sent to /pol/
that's a new one.

>I was merely pretending to be retarded!

no, HE was pretending to be retarded.
That's what I'm telling you here.

I'm pretty sure you weren't pretending.

user, by definition if it goes away it was infatuation not love. Love sticks which is why it's rare.

>Great! I'll buy 10 love potions!

They used to pass that shit around like it was candy at Hogwarts

Is that not how this whole deal works? What use would there be holding and comparing a non-modern setting to our modern time?

the friendship sticks, sure, but what you are describing as love is literally just infatuation into friendship.

Depends on the kind of love potion it is. If it's the one you give to the person then yes, but if it's the kind you drink yourself and it makes them fall for you then no.

Yes, they always do shit like that.

This is new levels of autism

If that's it it would probably fall under a lesser rape charge. Probably 3rd degree or one of the rarer 4th or 5th degrees.
It would have to depend if sneaking it into their food or drink counts as "forcible" as that can cover everything from basic non-physical coercion to actual physical force.

Yeah, all the monogamous human societies are really shitholes, huh? An man, on the non monogamous ones turned into really great civilizations where everyone wants to live.


oh, I wasn't saying that it was a bad society to live in, just that humans have trouble actually making it happen.

Any time you reduce the rules enforcing marriages be permanent throughout history, breakups and divorces skyrocket.

It's just naturally quite difficult for people to pair bond like that without extreme outside influence pressuring them to. Humanity just doesn't seem to work well with them.


No, it only counts as rape if they actively attempt to stop you from giving it to them. Once they drink it, they consent, thus making it not rape.

user we now know what parts of the brain light up when "love" happens compared to what could be described as "infatuation" we just need a better map of it all to prove using proper data points and a little more time for the long term study to be considered valid as the corroborating studies aren't entirely finished yet.
Different areas of the brain light up for both though "love" initially also contains all the areas "infatuation" uses as well though eventually it drops those but not the chemical dumps.
I know it bursts your /r9k/ style world view but it's true.

Using non-modern meanings in these conversations is a bitch because the meaning of various words have had almost many connotations as there has been periods and cultural regions. If we don't use modern language how are people supposed to keep on the same page unless we explicitly name a period and place? Even then not every one would be familiar with the particular nuances of that established reference point. Trying to use period language is even more pointless because people wouldn't even be having the same discussion half the time.


Yea I'm certain that one dudes random Comment on the internet proves that anyone who thinks romance is gay is a nazi

Is this a song?

Are you a disney villain?!

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Wait, hang on, how do you know that if you give someone a love potion, that it is you that they would fall in love with? What if they fall in love with someone else?

Also, just out of curiosity, there wouldn't happen to be a love potion powerful enough to turn a girl into a yandere, would there?

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I'd moida someone for that.

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The user is an idiot, but for different reasons. Humans are monogamous creatures who have irrecoverabily assigned love with being the sole requirement for marriage. Blame poets in the 19th century.

user, your entire brain is chemical dumps.
When the infatuation is gone, the good juice is gone. All you have left is the friendship.
Which perfectly fits with the model you have presented.
You have effectively agreed with the point I was making this entire time but did not notice because you were too busy insisting I was someone unreasonable from another board.

Those are years of your life you can't get back.

I just cut the difference by using our older laws and definitions as I did earlier.
>an outrageous violation
>an act or instance of robbing or despoiling or carrying away a person by force
Are fairly old and not to far departed compared to our more recent highly specialized but vague enough definitions of it.

Divorce statistics are high due to two things: dumb, uneducated people, and those who have already divorced once and acquired a taste. Like man-eaters, only... Not so literal.

The rate of divorce among first-time college educated couples is around 15-20%.

I don't see how that really changes the point any?

Surprising, why do you think it's the case?

So the guy speaking up in favor of monogamy as being a bedrock of civilization with vague /pol/ flavoring is proof that the people shitting on the idea of love altogether are also /pol/?

Who the hell isnt /pol/ then?

You have very different chemical dumps in the social presence of friends when compared to those you are sexually attracted to or those you have an "infatuation" or those you "love". Just like you have different chemical dumps for stress or sadness or anger.
Assuming they're all the same just because these happen is retarded as hell.

Why don't we see more love potions for the other kinds of love?

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oh, because they went through extensive social conditioning.
Hence the more educated they are, and further from "base human" levels, the less likely they are to divorce.

I am 100% certain you can produce absolutely no articles on the brain chemicals you get from long term relationships with fuckbuddies vs "actual love".
Which means that I have to kill you before you can publish the paper and publish my own.

/pol/acks don't believe in love and dislike women but still want a loveless, controled marriage to make children because muh civilization.

No, it is not a song.
No, but it is sort of my childhood dream to be one, some day.

Yes and to be fair I did say you were technically right, but you have to whip out and explain the older definition you were using after some one started disagreeing with you because you didn't state that you were using the older, less common definition to start with.