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BattleTech video-game Beta gameplay


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>How do I find out which BattleMechs a faction has?

Unit Designing Softwares
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>How do I do this Against the Bot thing? (old)

2017-03-03 – (Against the Bot)

Current 3.21 rule set is included in the mekhq package

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I claim this thread in the name of Clan Jade Falcon! What forces dare defend this thread against the steel talons of the Clan Jade Falcon?

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Second for DOUGRAM


>Official /btg/RO design challenge:

We are looking for Glider Protomech designs for Clan Snow Raven. Designs must meet the following criteria:
>12 tons
>Must have at least 7/11 Glider MP

Designs with tech not currently used on canon protomechs are encouraged. Similarly, attempt to limit it to the base design and 0-1 variants unless you have a really good reason.

Submission requirements:
>Must be submitted in .txt file format with all construction data filled out (see pic for example). Megamek or record sheet files are appreciated, but are not required.
>Must have at least rudimentary fluff (state it's for, what it does)
>Must have your name included in the files supplied for the design
>Must have a description of how you want it to look. It can be as vauge as "small and blocky" or as detailed as "here's three examples of canon designs I'm taking from and a sketch of the end result"
>Ideally, give us a zipped folder with the format "Mechname_Tonnage(Creator name)" and all of the above inside

Submit your designs to the /btg/RO Email listed on the Built for War blog.

A convenient list tech not used on protos that can be legally mounted:
>Angel ECM
>Improved Heavy Medium Laser
>Ultra ACs
>Protomech AC 4 & 8
>(non-quad) Protomech Melee System
>MG array
>ER, Heavy, and Vehicle Flamers
>Watchdog CEWS
>Vehicular Grenade Launcher
>ER Pulse Laser
>Streak LRMs
>Recon Camera
>Remote Sensor Disperser
>Re Lasers
>RISC Repeating TSEMP
>RISC Viral Jammers

>Protomech designer:
For anyone trying to make protos for the design contest, here's the thing I've been using. It has a number of bugs and errors, like the inability to remove weapons after placing them and most weapons requiring the wrong number of heat sinks. It works at the basic level, though.

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Have you seen the Stalker model for the HBS BT game? Looks fly as fuck, super looking forward to schooling fools with one.

please send

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I submit to your victory and hope to be taken as isorla.

Sell me on Clan Jade Falcon over the other clans. If I'm a spheroid whats in it for me.

Another WIP.

Nuseen Wasp LAM for our local campaign, modified. For some retarded reason, the nuWasp has no arms in AirMech mode, so I kitbashed a couple of Stinger LAM arms just ahead of the hip actuators and it looks roughly 800% better.

Two more highlight layers to go on the blue, and then bone accents, markings, adding depth to the bare metal sections, cockpit, and finish the base. Water and snow effects get added after final varnishing. Considering adding some cotton vapor trails to the wingtips to indicate movement, but I don't know how well it'll hold up over time, since this is a game piece and not a display model.

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What's cooler, the Wolves or the Ghost Bears?

Neither. No Clan is cool, and neither is anyone who has ever played them or run Clantech during a game.

They'll both be pretty hot once Word of Blake is done with them.

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hahaha yeah can you imagine?

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What about a single Monsoon replacing a Winchester and the Dart on the Taurian side?
It wouldn't be beyond what they could be fielding, considering that Amaris' handed a couple over to the secret navies, not to mention RW leftovers and any overbalance could probably be corrected by the Taurians being predamaged as the scenario concept suggests


Neither are cool, but the Wolves are standard uncool, the Ghost Bears are fiat-tier uncool.

The Ghost Bears are stuck with the Canopians, Capellans and Star Adders in their tier of terminally uncool.

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both because they upset people

Only seen it in action in their latest combat gameplay video, and it's on the enemy team so you don't get a great look at it. Still, it's in a few shots and looks fucking great. Here's the vid, it's long but good.


Quick question or favour if you don't mind.

The question - is there an online mech generator?
The favour - and you can tell me to f*ck off, I'd understand because this is cheeky - but if someone has a mech design programme and wouldn't mind wasting a few minutes for, I'd like to request a design.

It has to be an Inner Sphere 60 ton Rifleman, but any tech level. While 4/6 movement would be preferred, I'd understand a 3/5 if you had to. The catch - I need it to have 4 (four) RAC/5s. Only needs ammo for a few shots. Any other details up to you. It's going to be used for a surprise boss fight. One of my players was mentioning how weedy RACs are and how weedy Riflemen are and I just want to surprise them. I'm not very good at the design work and especially not at the possible tech needed to get this to work at any level.

Thank-you and please tell me to bugger off if this is too cheeky!

Download Solaris Skunkwerks. You can even print your record sheets!


the RFL-8D is has two RAC/5s and jump jets and might be what you are looking for.

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>Solaris Skunkwerks
Thanks, I didn't realise it was mac capable.

Decent shot of the Stalker from the rear at 56 minutes in.

Do the Bears have cool mechs? That's really all that is important.

>60-ton design
>Quad RAC/5s

I hate to tell you this, man, but that's not going to be a thing. RAC/5s are 10 tons per gun, before ammo. No Mech is ever going to be able to have 2/3rds of its mass taken up by payload. Even using MixTech bullshittery to minimize support system mass (clan endo-steel, Clan XL engine, XL gyro, etc), you can't get quad RAC/5s plus ammo plus armor onto a 60-ton frame.

If you wanted to use the 80-ton Rifleman II as a base, that's at least closer to the realm of possibility. But not a 60-ton Mech; no way, no how.

None that I can really think of, no. Lots of people like the Kodiak but I find the ears more derpy and adorable than cool. Plus other clans use the Kodiak anyways.

Actually, wait. I had IS-tech DHS turned on. Clan DHS lets the non-engine heat sinks actually fit.

This is still a terrible, terrible Mech design, and you shouldn't field it. But it has quad RAC/5s and can technically fire for more than 1 turn, so it fits your requirements (even if your requirements are bad ones).

Again, I will reiterate: this is not a thing you should put on the battlefield except as an unfunny joke,.

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you'd need to use a SL Rifleman II (which is 80 tons) if you wanted it to work, like at all
though in the mean time you can have this suicidal abomination that technically fills the criteria.
I only gave it two tons of ammo because it's not gonna survive more than one turn, and I couldn't just mount 24 shots

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Unfortunately I'm figuring that out.
Oh well, thanks for the input.

Looks like the 8D is the way to go.

Thanks everyone!



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Oooooh, thanks guys! Very much appreciated!

I'm pretty sure it could be done, but it would be utter garbage with almost no armor or ammo

I could give you a not terrible rifleman with quad RAC *2*s if you wanted

>AV 72

Now THIS is podracing

...as evidenced by and

Yes please!

it requires jihad-level tech and it's not GREAT, but it's kinda OK

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Why do autocannon always have to suck so hard?

Tech no worries, thank-you!

it's really just the basic AC 2, AC/5, UAC/2, UAC/5 and LAC/2 that suck outright, along with to a lesser extant the LBX/2 and /5 and the UAC/10

the LAC/5 and regular /10 are both borderline fine, the LBX-10 is solid, all of the 20s are good, and the RACs are perfectly fine

Lets say that instead of attacking the IS, the WoB dedicated all its forces, and associated mercenary forces, to an attack on the Clan Homeworlds.

How would this go? Could they do it? Could they do it with nukes?

It would be an unholy shitshow for everyone involved, because once you start seriously employing WMDs in a war of extermination against an enemy that doesn't really know you're coming and what kind of war they're getting into, you can do a horrific amount of damage before anyone can stop you.
inb4 clan austist screeching

I forsee a mutual annihilation, where the last of the Homeworld Clans die strangling the last of the fanatical Wobbies who are stabbing them repeatedly, all of it covered in radioactive dust and surrounded by burning ruins and utterly wrecked mechs. Perhaps a few Wobbies or mercs live to limp back to report, only to get FUCKED by the IS clans, if those haven't come running home to help the Homeworld clans. I'd guess the Burrs, having gone full native, would come out on top of the whole mess.

WoB against all the clans? Clans win.

WoB turning the clans against each other a la Wars of Reaving, then attacking? WoB might have a chance.

The thing is that the WoB simply doesn't have enough WarShips and ESPECIALLY not enough battleships to hit the home world's, if it was total war they'd all get killed in space before they could land and start nuking shit

Why is UAC/10 on the kinda sucks list but not AC/10?

The regular 10 is good enough in introtech and in later eras can do decently with special munitions, but the ultra 10 doesn't get the specialized ammo that keeps the regular 10 even sorta viable

The AC/10 is the ICE's best friend. And who doesn't like a suddunly! flak shotgun.

XL engines with recourse to double heatsinks don't need friends.

If UACs could be unjammed like RACs, I'd bump the UAC10 up into good-tier

I'm looking through the unused items listed here and in most cases there's a really good reason they aren't mounted on any canon protomechs.

I think you're looking at it backwards, user.

You don't get people to appreciate the Rifleman and the x2 LL x2 AC/5 on 10 single heatsink loadout by throwing an optimized Rifleman at them. You do it by throwing a strafing aerofighter at them halfway through a battle.

Then rescue their bleeding asses with a Rifleman.

Why is a Banshee coded as BNC? Why not BNS or BSE?

Yeah, a lot of them are kinda trash. Some things, like AECM, the lack is a bit odd since they give it a nice niche. Others, like the TESMP or Re Lasers, don't really have a reason to be mounted at all.

The protomech ACs in particular compare quite poorly to clantech ER medium lasers

Ironically they're actually pretty great for small cheap tanks


How? What makes them better than a laser in that case?

Which Clans adopted the use of Protomechs?

Only on ICEs

Difference in heat management, probably

All of them except the WiE and Clan Snord, I believe

>no mention of the RotS or FS in fiat-tier uncool

They're on another, lower level

Several tried them, but long-term adoption was limited to the Horses and Ravens in the IS. Burrs decided they didn't need them, Wolves looked at it a bit and then gave up, and the Falcons tried it but their scientist caste sabotaged the program (see: Wars of Reaving stuff). The homeworld clans were more interested, which makes sense when you consider that the proto was made because resources in the homeworlds were short and protos were designed in response to that. IS clans have more material to make proper mechs.

>half of the viable factions in the game are at fiat-tier level

What's the point of complaining?

/btg/'s own image board: - (2018-03-22 - Still getting worked on & now has 35401 pics! Any help with tagging appreciated!)

Tagging wouldn't be a problem if something was done about that untagged macross pic upload troll.


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>IS clans have more material to make proper mechs.

They're also the "trial some innersphere freebirths against each other and put the survivors in a vehicle" expedient, which has proved irresistible to enough dissimilar clans to establish itself as a competing trend.

Honestly, even the "good" autocannons are merely okay, and not great. AC/2s and AC/5s of all types(UAC, LBX, LAC, and even RACs) could be bumped up to /3s and /6s and it wouldn't even be unbalancing.

This is even more true for Clantech Autocannons, who if compared to other Clantech are pretty bad. Only the clan LBX/5 and UAC/20 are defendable(LBX/5 for an AA and anti-vee weapon, UAC/20 for double tap).

Also, shoutout to the Protomech AC/4 and AC/8, who are both strong candidates for the worst weapons in the game, and that is INCLUDING intro-tech.

I've been trying, but it seem pretty hard to make it neither shit nor boring.

Hold on, that's me.
I'm working on the tagging, but I'm in a cloud of pics that I have done partially before, so it doesn't show up on the tallies.
Also the Macross thing, the booru has 6 components. Battletech as the main, and then Macross, Crusher Joe, Dougram, and Southern Cross and MOSPEADA because of the very scant pics of mecha from them in one FASA product of old. So I allow anything of those five animu.
There is also one Patlabor pic from Pencil Bro, but Pencil Bro is Pencil Bro so I'm cool with it. I'm also uploading a massive stash that's kind of mixed right now, so that's the current situation.
No problems, mate!

>before they could land and start nuking shit

they don't need to land to nuke shit lmao

Just chuck asteroids at Strana Mechty with the Erinyes to announce your arrival, then nuke/bioweapon/chem weapon anything that looks remotely alive.

So get creative lol

Find an unexpected synergy, fill an unfilled niche, whatever.



I was gonna say ... I see new pictures getting uploaded as we speak - and there's a ton of Mospaeda stuff in there - but I didn't see any Macross pictures until I got to page 35!

Looking for a couple of cheap vees to bodyguard the dropship while our mechs are out beating ass. Anybody got recommendations? Year is currently 3067.

RotS are on their own level, right at the very bottom, for "plot cancer"

FS are at "horribly bland stock protagonist" level

You really don't need anything else if you've got a lance of C3 (even regular will do, really) partisans and some artillery guarding the thing

The Capellans and Canopians have some things going for them.

Had, past tense

I was gonna suggest making anybody who gets close regret their decision with some (cheap) Hetzer Wheeled Assault Guns, but ... if anybody ever saw them, they could just sit back out of range and plink until they were nothing but wreckage.

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Partisans and Hetzers are a good choice, but grab a few Musketeers.

RAC/5s, TAG, grab a cheap AIV artillery unit to deploy, or slap it into the dropper and you're pretty much covered.

Hetzers aren't a bad way to haul a Thumper around (and tow another in a trailer), which might work for what he intends, but yeah, they aren't great as static defenses

So I’m not a Battletech guy, just a 40kid looking for color ideas for Knights (40k mechs, but with more skulls and rivets I guess?) Are there, like, great houses with established liveries? Where could I find them?

Thumpers with copperhead ammo, Hetzers to help bodyguard them, and Musketeers to spot and be rapid reaction isn't bad for dropper security. Though unless he has a lot of space, he may just need to settle for either/or.

Yeah, Capellans and Canopians haven't been cool for ages by now.

>Are there, like, great houses with established liveries? Where could I find them?

If you go all the way back to 3025, there was a whole book of them.

Attached: BattleTech 1632 - Camo Specs.pdf (PDF, 2.01M)

Nice, thanks! Beats my original idea of using Dune houses (although Miles Teg’s great-great-(...)-great-great granddaughter is still going to be the pilot of the #1 Knight)

If he's a mercenary unit using anything other than a cargo ship with tons of space for vehicles like these, he's already fucked and there's nothing for it

What are some religions in BattleTech that are original to its universe?

I know there's Blakism, the One Star Faith that believed Kerensky's fleet found some gaia world to live on or something.

Blakism isn't a religion

t. CGL

There are some cults in Niops, the OA, and other spots in the Periphery. It's where you'll find most of the setting's versions of the Puritans and other religious offshoots/non-mainstream cults.

There's the Unfinished Book people, the Taurian Deist Church and a couple of local animist faiths in the primitive parts of the Periphery

You could consider the Far Reachers to be a religion.

Clanners(especially Cloud Cobras) literally worshiping Kerensky as God

Proportionally how big was the Warden/Crusader split in Clan Wolf when the invasion began?

50/50? 70/30?

Strana.net seems to imply that massive parts of the Taurian Concordat, Fronc Reaches, and even Magistracy of Canopus think so. It's a pretty 'secular' religion, but I can dig it.