What's the most interresting Alignment for a God of Wealth?

What's the most interresting Alignment for a God of Wealth?

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A neutral good God of trade (Like a less... mercurial Mercury) and a laeful evil God of monopoly sounds like a cool divine diad.

Lawful neutral. He rewards those with sound economic practice and punishes those who attempt to get rich quick

Should be True Neutral since money can be used for good as well as evil

Lawful Neutral. Thievery, bribery, tax evasion, and other illegal economic practices are disapproved of. But everything that is legal and profitable is encouraged, no matter how slimy it may be.

Cartoonishly evil.
Fuck you guys, evil moneyman is so interesting it is a goddamn cross-civilizational cross-eternity archetype.
I'd say I'm surprised the first known story wasn't about one, but since the first story was about man's struggle with mortality, i'll give it a pass.

To be fair you need to invent money before you can have the evil money man

I mean, yeah.
Like I said, I gotta give a pass on that. Mortality came before money.

Multi-aspected. Mutable, changeable. He's worshiped as a True Neutral God of Trade and a Lawful Evil God of Monopolies as suggests. Other Holy days, he's worshiped in his aspect of a Chaotic Good God of Gamblers and Sudden Wealth, as likely to be handing out free drinks as is to be penniless and begging. Easy come, easy go.

Lawful Good.

Wealth must be transferred fairly so all may prosper and eventually build wealth.

Viking god of plunder(or trade if those walls look a bit too tall)
God of More
It's all about having more wealth than others, not necessarily about getting more wealth


chaotic good.
guy who likes having a lot of shit, but is chill if you borrow some. just don't take advantage and you're good.

>not having a Three-Faced God of Commerce with multiple alignments

Neutral Good would be the most chinese option.

Lawful Good, and she's an outright communist. Businesses need to do all sorts of rituals to appease and distract her.

Can't believe no one has said Chaotic Neutral - a God of Wealth would surely have this as an altar.

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>Monopolies are inherently evil
I get what you're going for, but it's a bit broad

>communism creating wealth
thats funny

>Lawful Good
Choose one

>what is wealth?

someone has

baby dont gulag me!

Well, the alignment system is a bit broad. I wouldn't use it all all, but that's not what OP asked for.

Chaotic Evil

Capitalism is literally cancerous

Lawful good, think about it.

True Israelite

Nothing about that says wealth. Gambling is the realm of a god of luck.

go to bed, commie

capitalism is Chaotic/True Neutral. Communism is Lawful Neutral typically turned Lawful Evil. A god of wealth would never end up in the good part of the grid, just because of how easy it is for money to corrupt, but it also wouldnt end up in evil because of how much good can be done when you put money in the right places. Money, and the god of it, is True Neutral, and capitalistic markets are their churches

Lawful neutral. Dominions has title "God of luck through hard work" and think it is sadly underutilized concept for god of fortune.

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