Dmax = δ + square root of (S^2 / 4 - [R/2 + (L * sin(θ/2))/θ]^2): Quick maffs.

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In a late TL7 game set in the occident, what melee weapon skills are actually relevant anymore?

Is not a way to start dispelling the rumors!

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Are there rules anywhere for psychic powers in 4e that are more like 3e powers? I.E skill based, albeit still with talents?

Some threads ago some anons were tslking about making a revised GURPS lite, how is that coming along?

Oh balthazarr, you never cease to amuse me

>And his first question was “So were they rounded up like THE JEWS?”

That's what you get for recruiting on Veeky Forums friendo

That guy was weird, even for Veeky Forums. We dodged a bullet, I assure you

Did he ever disclose the intended use of this unusual amount of bowls?

It's in progress, but the main text is going to need a lot of work.

In the mean time, there is a plan to produce a one-page add-on for the existing version which just provides a handful of important rules. That is at an earlier stage of writing, but will need way less editing.

The various psionics books have a combination skill and advantage system, but there isn't anything more towards the skill side of things that I'm aware of. Would be nice to have some general-purpose system for turning an advantage into a skill, although no idea how to go about doing that.

Has anyone done any writeups of supernatural martial arts? Stuff in the vein of tome of battle, Exalted, a lot of anime and wuxia, etc.
Stuff incorporating imbuement skills and powers and such.

Depends on the game. You'd pretty much just want a splash of Judo for self defense in a game where you play mercenaries in Rodesa trying to use tiny shorts and FAL to protect wealthy miners and ranchers.

In 1984 East Berlin you could want a mix of Judo, Karate, Knife and Axe/Mace to maximize your ability to kill people with anything at hand because you can't always trust you will be able to get a gun when the Stazi might be watching.

And of course if you are schattenjäger chasing down a nest of vampires in 1980 Chicago you could really use Two Handed Sword, Wrestling and maybe Brawling to make sure you have options to handle monsters with Injury Tolerance (Unliveing).

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if you put out proper magic rules I'll suck your weenie

Check out GURPS action and power ups, that has skme of the stuff you're looking for

If you're talking about a general "Wuxia" or "Shounen anime"book, then sadly no, I'm prettt sure Martial arts has some stuff on cinematic kung fu though

Brawling, Karate and Judo are always useful, especially in cinematic campaigns.

Obviously proper melee wrapons are not really going to be used anymore, but things like knives are always nice, and you can always take the improvised weapon perk and put some points into axe/mace to swing around a pipe or plank of wood in emergencies

If you're playing a resistance member or something carrying around knuckles or a bat is also suitable. And of course peeps like police would probably have batons

What type of armor / weapons would you have in a post apoc game? Trying to stat out some pre gens for a one shot using the templates from After The End

Also: Are there stats anywhere for using / making zip guns or pipe guns? Seems like most bandit minions would have a shitty one shot pipe pistol on them

I made four styles that incorporated traditional unarmed martial arts and imbuements, but they were for bending a’la ATLA.

So far I figured that - apart from the unarmed skills - only Shortsword to handle machetes and batons, Tonfa for policemen, Two-handed Axe/Mace for fireman axes or baseball bats, Axe/Mace for hatchets or blackjacks, and Knife for kitchen appliances and combat knives. Maybe Garrotte for assassin characters.

Seems that skills for fencing weapons, flails, polearms, whips and most swords have failed to stay relevant to modern realistic settings.
Thanks for the replies.

Aaaaaaaaaa that's some good shit balth

I can't find a gurps game anywhere.
Not even in Veeky Forumss gamefinder.
Someone help me out? I want that sweet, sweet rpg.

What would be the less obvious side-effects of doubling the cost of feverish defence and would it break the game?

That sounds rad.

Flail is totally viable. Brick in a sock, padlock on a piece of chain, belt with a big buckle, handbag, camera... all kinds of improvised weapons use flail.

Whips are easy to carry and can entangle, so that isn't too bad.

It isn't terribly difficult to get a club which can work with the sword skill of your choice, but the only real advantage there is being able to find training in sword forms.

Polearms seem very niche, although arguably those noose-on-a-stick things they use for dangerous animals and really crazy mental patients might be polearms. If not, then they are probably staves.

Staff is OK for the usual reasons; it's easy to make one and the parry bonus is sweet.

Spear is the skill for bayonets, which are still considered fairly relevant at TL 7.

Gets used less often, I guess, but it doesn't seem to be used often enough that it will make much difference. As far as I know, most GURPS GMs don't even use extra effort in close combat rules. I never see them taken into account in theory discussions.

>would it break the game?
How would nerfing something that - in my experience - barely sees any use break a system that's build for modularity? Is your group constantly using feverish defence? If it's such a problem, where do they get the FP for that?

In almost every game I've been in, feverish defense with every defense has been kind of a no-brainer since FP doesn't matter until it gets really low and everyone has 10. I

I'd rather not use last breath so as to keep it simple, so this is my second solution.

10 FP as standard, with no mechanical effects until you reach 3.

That's 7 essentially free boosts to defenses, which in most fights is all you'll have to make.

If all you use it for is feverish defense with no other extra effort and after every combat the characters have time to top up on FP, then yeah, it's abundant.
You could also use more afflictions, poisons or chokeholds to bring down FP during combat.

You fuckers are hungry; I got a hundred pageviews today! Thanks k you again!

Here's a new post; the first encounter with the game's resident grimnderp npc, Deloth-Ainur!


We thirst for more


>Fencing weapons
Yeah, outside of sport fencing by TL 7 you were much better off carrying a gun or knife than an estoc
Rock in a sock is a tried and true makeshift weapon that can do some damage
Yeah, nobodies gonna be using anything Polearm like by TL 6
I mean, if you're going for a more pulpy feeling then you may want whips available for your indiana jones types. Also nice for scaring people and snakes

Spears are not gonna be used really unless someone decides to stick a knife on the end of a long stick, which is more of a desperation survival thing. It's used for bayonets as well, but by the late 20th century I don't know how many people were still using bayonets with their guns.

Also TECHNICALLY machetes are knives, but you can just make them default to each other

Now and then a Roll20 game will pop up

If you check the GURPS discord there's almost always someone looking for a game

I'd host a GURPS game for some fags on GURPSGEN, way too busy though. Also I'm scared of it turning out a bit like

Do you guys really use FP that much outside of extra effort in combat? It seems to be little more than MP for spells / extra effort rather than real fatigue, nobody I know of uses it for travel, strenuous activity or anything, it's too much bookkeeping to track the exact mileage and how much FP it takes away

A lot of people came out of the woodwork the last time this question came up. Tracking FP from exhaustion seems to be the norm rather than the exception.

>I'd host a GURPS game for some fags on GURPSGEN, way too busy though. Also I'm scared of it turning out a bit like
It's hard to do hard math with gurps.
God forbid, make pregens so there's no math but rolling

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Do you guys use minis in you game? I am toying with the idea of slowly accumulating and painting minis for all of the Dungeon Fantasy monsters.

Tons of digital media myself, but only due to convenience of roll20 to run my games

I also have a huge mini collection due to participation in two bones kickstarters. I may never use half of them, but they're on the shelf.

I believe my collections are both system agnostic as I'd use either die to the convenience, not the convention of the situation.

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Is a cloak a viable alternative to a shield? The idea seems really cool, but I'm not sure how well it would actually do in combat.

>Is a cloak a viable alternative to a shield?

Eh, kinda of and kind of not.

The main advantage of using a cloak over a shield is that it's much more portable and lightweight. You don't have to lug around a big piece of plywood, and when you're not in combat it's a useful piece of clothing that keeps you warm. It can also entangle opponents weapons, which is nice

On the other hand they have very poor DR, and don't take much damage before tearing, meaning you'll need a wardrobe of cloaks if you're going to be in combat often. Unless you're playing in a more cinematic campaign that doesn't use damage to shields, in which case it's just a nice stylish way of using a shield with some unique options, though they don't get fun stuff like Shield Rushes

user that sometimes posts characters here. I made my first* modern (TL8) character! I was at first make him fully mundane but decided against it because it would be boring so I gave him a superpower. Not very precise but more or less 150 points character + 100 points power.
He's a guy in not!marvel that was born with a power similar to aquaman and squirrel girl but specialized in birds. He was picked up by not!shield and trained into a field agent. He has the power to control (most of the time) all the ordinary birds in an area to do his bidding and the ability to talk to them, which if I'm not fucking up mechanically will give him some excellent scouting capability. His own skillset was based on Action 4's Mean and Lean template plus Infantry Training, Law Enforcement, Detective Work and Sniper School.

For making characters like those featured in Rainbow Six Siege, what's a good sourcebook? I'm taking a hard look at GURPS SWAT but there's also the Special Ops book...

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By the way, you American gun nuts tell me, did I fuck up the ammo amount on the weapons? As far as I understand the extra ammo in the barrel is loaded manually, not from the magazine, so a spare magazine can only carry the usual amount of rounds, is it correct?

Tactical Shooting, maybe?

Very neat; he looks lean and we'll built for his role. Sniping after observing, after learning all he can about the target and deployment area.

Also, a lone man with thick glasses, who speaks to birbs. Why is he not named "Mr.Owl"?

I skimmed through it while making the character but it doesn't contain any tips besides shooting. I'm looking for the other part of the training. In other words, reference template for badasses like pic.

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I know high tech includes rules for assembling a Zip Gun, but are there rules for creating other improvised firearms such as pipe rifles or Slamfire shotguns?

>No hand signal skill


Also check out Tactical Shooting and Seals in Vietnam (though that one's going back a bit farther than you may want). If you want more about specific procedures, read that SWAT book you're taking a look at.

>, did I fuck up the ammo amount on the weapons?
No. With ammo that is "X+1" that means a magazine is X rounds and one in the chamber, when the gun it totally full up.

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>Also, a lone man with thick glasses, who speaks to birbs. Why is he not named "Mr.Owl"?
It's a carry over from the times when he was a former military sniper turned private security officer (definitely not Adam Jensen), it was supposed to be an injury he suffered from an IED that made him unfit to keep his role. It gives decent points so I kept it.

Shit I forgot Gesture, good catch.

Aww shit. Thanks dude

I guess Pyramid 3/88 - The End Is Nigh might have something for you.

The short version is “yes, if a gun has Shots listed at 8+1, extra magazines hold 8 rounds.”

For a longer explanation, the extra round doesn’t need to be loaded manually; it just has to be chambered. The easiest way to do this with modern semiautomatic weapons is to simply not fire the last round in your current magazine before changing magazines.

The chamber is where the bullet is held and ready to be fired as opposed to the magazine (round is not ready to be fired) or barrel (round has already be fired). When a semiautomatic (or an automatic, for that matter) fires the round in the chamber, it ejects the casing and loads a new round into the chamber from the magazine.

At least I think so. I’m actually just a filthy liberal that has never held a gun before. My knowledge of the subject comes exclusively from Guns!Guns!Guns!, so take it with a huge grain of salt.

It’s a wash most of the time, but sometimes it can be worth having seven shots now to have nine shots later. In general, walking around with a gun with a bullet in its chamber is a big no-no, though.

Thanks for the clarification, anons.
I like guns but living in a country where they are mostly banned makes it hard to get familiar with their operation and details, these comments really help me.

>In general, walking around with a gun with a bullet in its chamber is a big no-no, though.
Yeah, outside battlefield it sounds very dangerous.

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/K/ tard here; you are functionally correct

Good use of magazine as well

>Shit, I think he was on our side

my sides

>walking around with a gun with a bullet in its chamber is a big no-no
It depends. Having your pistol ready to fire when your rifle is out of ammo or malfunctioned can save your life.
For civilians/police people have different opinion. Decent pistol in a proper holster is at no risk to fire accidentally, so it boils down to whether you trust specific person to handle the gun properly or not.

In GURPS terms you can drop your rifle for free, Fast Draw your pistol as free action, and then shoot immediately, all in a single turn. Of course it's always better to take cover and deal with your rifle here, but sometimes you just don't have time or cover.

you can hold your gun unready in 1 hand, so you just take a hand off it to draw and fire your pistol 1 handed. Then if you have quick sheath you can put it back on your next turn, use fast draw longarm to ready your rifle again and continue to shoot.

Carrying condition 2 (loaded, round chambered, hammer down) is perfectly fine for just about any double action pistol, and carrying condition 1 (loaded, round chambered, hammer cocked, safety on) is safe for many modern single action pistols.

Not dropping means you can't brace the pistol with a second hand for your +1. It's a trade-off, especially if you don't have quick sheath and will need to tuck the pistol back away. A sling lets you drop the gun without it hitting the ground, and makes recovering it a action.

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Armour can be just about anything. Leather, cloth, rubber, mild steel, aluminium and plastic. Pyramid issues 52 and 85 have decent armour design systems which cover loads of materials beyond the ones in low-tech.

Melee weapons I think should be mostly cobbled together from scrap rather than custom made, just for aesthetics. That means the most common ones are going to be sticks, clubs, maces, mauls, etc. Knives are also fine, as are axes, polearms, spears and flails.

Throwing weapons suit the genre well; bolas, javelins, lassos, nets...

Crossbows are good for that Road Warrior vibe.

There are stats for a .22 zip gun on p. 92 of High Tech. Other calibres probably have similar stats with damage appropriate for their round.

An easy way to 'nerf' modern guns is to have them reloaded with black-powder cartridges. That will usually knock damage down by about -1 per die and probably do something unpleasant to Malf. too. Add further Malf. penalties for old weapons which have been using bad rounds for a long time and things get ugly.

The biggest problem with reloading in a PA scenario though is primers, which are tricky as hell to make. Without those, you are forced to go back to wheellocks and the like (probably using the barrels from more advanced weapons, possibly the trigger mechanisms too). So guns can get really crappy if you want.

Anyone got any idea how good tires would be as armor? Seems like a mixture of nylon and steel embedded in a rubber / carbon particle composite would be pretty tough.

Probably pretty effective. Unwieldy and awkward most likely, but it'd probably be quite effective

>In general, walking around with a gun with a bullet in its chamber is a big no-no, though.
>The easiest way to do this with modern semiautomatic weapons is to simply not fire the last round in your current magazine before changing magazines.

You're right about everything but these. It's always wise to carry one in the tube, unless you are a Brazilian policeman, and the easiest way to do so is to load the gun, remove the magazine, and just put an extra round into the magazine.

>load the gun, remove the magazine, and just put an extra round into the magazine
Not necessarily something a character would do in an active firefight though.

It's never a thing that happens in an active firefight. It only comes into play when loading out for the day, like I do when I cc my pistol, or after a firefight when you do it like he mentioned.

Vehicles p. 182 says a tire has DR 2.

Black powder is filthy, and will jam modern self loading weapons pretty fast. Simple blow-back weapons like a Makarov last the longest, while gas operated weapons like almost all select fire military rifles will only cycle a dozen times or so before being reduced to pulling the charging handle after every shot until it is too fouled to operate at all in another dozen rounds.

Well, in a firefight you will likely use a tactical reload (removing a magazine before it's totally empty and reloading with a full) for capacity + 1 on most modern firearms, or reloading on an empty magazine.

Reload, charging, unloading, refilling the magazine and reloading is, yeah, just something to do when you are putting your boots on and brushing your teeth at the start of a day.

Has anyone ever had a Transhuman Space campaign without a single Felicia PC?

I had to look that up. Literally catgirls?

I could imagine a game where they are allies instead. That would be reasonable, right?

Milspec catgirl bioroids who can activate adrenaline/faster movement in exchange for wild hunger, libido, and moodswings afterward.

Did Pulver write them?

>Murderhorney catgirls
Well gee I wonder.

Why would I ever use a dagger over a large knife? Not only does it do more damage, it can be used as a tool unlike the dagger