Bad guys wear black, good guys wear white

>bad guys wear black, good guys wear white

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>there are objective moral alignments

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>arguing subversion for its own sake

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uniforms can be a bitch.
It has some merit, variety is nice.
I am a hipster asshole, and instead of objective moral alignments use objective platonic shape alignments.
They are designed to mean almost nothing and be extremely confusing for player characters.

>there are video game "bosses" in the setting

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>bad guys are black
>good guys are white

>not taking cues from what other media does well to improve your game
I honestly can't fault anyone but you here.

How about bad guys wear white and black, good guys wear random bright colors?

Came here to post this

>Empires are evil
>Kingdoms and Republics are good

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>uniforms can be a bitch.

Reminds me of pic related

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>>bad guys wear black, good guys wear white
i want to fuck Aqua all night

If objective moral alignments dont exist then planescape doesnt exist and dont you take away my planescape

>implying she's best girl

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Sounds about right.

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>being contrarian is more important than being subtle
not appliable in Hussie's case

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Why not all three?

yes, having Darkness and Aqua behind Megumin is the best choice

>get the the mastermind
>Its just a normal dude who put all his points into CHA.

Ah yes, Andrew "Writing Is Easy" Hussie.

This is a world where gods, angels, demons, elemental evil and good, and entire planes of evil and good exist. It's hard to NOT have objective morality in most D&D cosmology.

>does well
ex dee

I normally make most of my good aligned characters wear black to subvert this. I don't really play evil characters, but if I did, now I sort of want to make them wear bright, garish colors.

>gods can make morality objective
Morality is an inherently impossible concept, and is also completely meaningless.

Yes, DnD cosmology is shit.

White is good, black is evil, it's an ancient theme and denying it is denying the essential memetic history of the species. Consider how black people are 13 percent of the US population and commit 51 percent of all violent crime.

what a shame tho
>has somewhat of a talent & a unique style
>spam thousands of words without taking the time to refine them
>milk his audience
>gets scammed
>his buddy leaves a stronger mark on popculture
I'll take Problem Sleuth everyday

Edgy. Explain to me how in a world where you can have a beaker full of concentrated evil, where you can have a being made entirely out of objective elemental evil, there can be no such thing as evil
Nah, it's fun. My point is there is a time and a place for objective morality. Not every campaign or game should focus on it, or even have it, but there are settings where it works and people enjoy it even if contrarians on the internet don't like it.

>what is the entire last half of Act 6

>Edgy. Explain to me how in a world where you can have a beaker full of concentrated evil, where you can have a being made entirely out of objective elemental evil, there can be no such thing as evil
That's like saying magnets having opposing poles is proof of good and evil. It's just two opposing elements, nothing more than that. Now, I don't mean "it's just chemicals therefore not real". It's very real, it's just not what people think it is, like people thinking schizophrenia was possession or potatos were poison. The concept of some intangible, inactive, imperceptible, and completely inconsequential "thing" that denotes, somehow, what is and isn't "good" is completely without meaning. That's like saying I can make something good or evil by tagging an element in a computer program. Okay, so it's "god" now, but it still doesn't mean anything because it's just a tag with no effect. Now I really want to stress that I am aware that chemicals are real and our feelings are in fact "real", and that I merely talk about the misinterpretation of our own chemical feelings as some universal law or constant. There's no reason why you shouldn't do what you think is right, but just because it's right to you doesn't make it objectively so. If that doesn't matter either way to you, good for you. I certainly commend people who forge their own meaning. I guess at this point I'm just being picky over what the terms really mean, so disregard if it's too much OCD nonsense for you.

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Okay, because yyou're incredibly stupid let me explain this.

White cloth is actually prtty rare. But common cloth is usually light grey, beigh, or near white. Peasants rarely could afford dyes that were valuable. Green, yellow, brown, are all easily and cheaply available dyes.

Back then, red, purple, indigo, and black were VERY EXPENSIVE dyes. You only say them beign worn by very rich merchants, who paid a literal dye tax to wear them, or nobility. So if you saw a man wearing black, he was rich, noble, and could have you casually executed or arrested on a whim.

So good guys - people you didn't have to be afraid of - wore white. People who wore black were very, very dangerous and bad people to cross.

Have fun with your higher level of awareness.

I can see where you are coming from, but once again keep in mind that D&D doesn't function the same as real life. You can cast a spell and see what someones objective alignment is. Both Arcane and Faith based magic can show an objectivity determined by the DM.

Alignment is like, a team I guess, that is assigned to you by the DM, and your actions determine what team the DM has you on. Still, it's like saying there are the moral forces of "the cowboys" or "the ravens" because people happen to root for those teams. It's really just an easy way of classifying different types of behavior and how human society or magic rewards it. As D&D alignments, however, good and bad aren't really the same as the human concept of objective morality.

Yeah but the final form of the bad guy is angelic

>It's a steampunk setting

I mean, c'mon!

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>The badguy wears white.
>Literally just because he likes the look.

you'd have to be some kind of extreme hipster to not appreciate boss fights.

>characters wear clothes

Maybe he's just 18+

Nah, if he was, he'd appreciate bossfights.

Nah, he's probably a full twenty sacks of shit stacked on top of each other.

It's a purely gameist conceit with a disregard for story and the suspension of disbelief. It has no place in a game that takes it's story seriously

shit ? Although I can't remember where exactly the caliborn part fits, so apologies if you're talking about this

Nah, there've been dragons and bosses in things that take themselves seriously since the first story told by man.

Remember back in ancient times when gilgamesh and enkidu had to put on a bunch of ultra-high-level rare gear and then go fight the boss of the god woods to steal enough wood to make a gate?
Good times.

>Bossfights have no place in a game that takes it's story seriously
I think you associate taking yourself seriously with being good. You're playing ttrpgs to have fun with your friends, not write a book
This is litterally baby DM's first mistake

Yes, fighting powerful enemies at the end of a long journey to cement how far you've come sure is a terrible concept, and not something videogames derived from other heroic media.

Everyone point at this man and laugh at him for not being versed in ancient storytelling.

I have no idea if you're being sarcastic or not.

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That is literally what happened.
They put on a bunch of really rare gear that only super high level people could wear, then fought the boss of the god woods for his sweet loot.

found the CN gnome/halfling rogue

From my point of it's the angels who are evil


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Then you are lost!!!

He went to the for
ge and said, ..'I will give orders
t o
the armourers; they
s h a l l
cast us our weapons while we watch
them.' So they gave orders to the armourers and the craftsmen sat down in conference. They went into the groves of the
plain and cut willow and box
wood; the
y cast for them axes of nine score pounds, and great swords they cast with blades
of six score pounds each one, with pommels and hilts of thirty pounds. They cast for Gilga
mesh the axe ‘Might of Heroes'
and the bow of Anshan; and Gilgamesh was armed and E
nkidu; and the weight of the arms they carried was thirty score

I couldn't find the bit explaining how heavy their armor was, but 600 pound guts swords confirmed for epic of gilgamesh online.

>Character with natural armor, or druid, goes around naked for shock value.

>T-the only thing that typifies a boss fight is a single strong individual!
Remember how Hercules memorized the nemean lions tail swipe pattern only accidentally aggro all the adds

>There's only one way to have fun
>You are not allowed to have friends that aren't like me and my friends
>I don't have to associate with you, but it offends me that I would not want to associate with you anyway.

maybe you need to just chill and let other people do whatever.

>boss fights are typified by having adds
Oh, you're MMO scum.
That explains the horrible taste, uneducated opinions, and lack of knowledge of ancient history.

The question is... Did the bad guys still fall under the "wearing black" trope since their skin was black?

>muh le ebin reddit souls
>adds are a thing unique to mmos

I actually think it was relatively common for ancient heroes to observe the monsters they were going to fight, and go into it with a plan to defeat their abilities and moves.
For instance, perseus learned the moveset of the gorgon and equipped the special mirrored item to counter it.

Adds aren't unique to MMOs, but thinking adds are a major part of boss fights in general is 100% unique to MMOs, mr. MMO scum.

>Having an encounter with a single strong enemy ruins stories

Didn't hercules have to learn the moveset, damage types, and resistances of the hydra before he could manage to kill it?

Really? I tend to think of 400 mooks as being more of a game thing to tide people over while they traverse a map. Encounters tend to be more meaningful when you can ocus on smaller numbers. Witches mean less when there's 7 of them and they can only cast magic missile, compared to one or two slimy hags that might genuinely feel like monsters because of how much more weight they have.

i understand not wanting boss fights in the classical sense in your campaign, but why would you argue they don't belong in TTRPGs of all places?

>Expecting anyone to take your story seriously in first place.

The only real explanation is hipsterism.
Sure, some might have legitimate reasons, but they are as rare as fat people who have legitimate conditions making them fat.

I'll have you know that I haven't played an MMO in nearly a decade
No, having a boss encounter with videgame-esque mechanics ruins suspension of disbelief. It might clash with the tone of the game and even shift it. It might cause your players to stop taking the game seriously and and abandon their character development for silly "I fart on the king" antics. I your game was silly to begin with it wouldn't cause any problems

I think me/ a lot of people mistook what you meant with your post. You explicitly meant boss fights with like legitimate vidya mechanics tacked onto an rp?

>not stealing video game mechanics when they are done well
>making excuses about how it would ruin suspension of disbelief when the most popular system running works on fucking hit points of all things
That's just classically foolish.
An almost textbook example of a blunder.

I'm having a hard time thinking of "vidya" boss fight mechanics you could put into tabletop that did not originally come from tabletop in the first place.

have you tried not playing dnd?

It doesn't actually affect the core point of the comment one bit, however.

red triangle is best alignment.

Good guys wear white. Bad guys are liars so they also wear white.

Everyone where's white since the only textiles available are cotton and dye hasn't been invented in this world.

>their guys wear black, our guys wear white
>everyone else wears grey so they know to avoid our faggotry

You say that jokingly, but I am currently writing a plot where big triangle cultists release cyberdrugs that cause the homeless to slot into terminals and burn themselves out, charging the city AI with triangle energy and causing an emergence event.

If the players fail at stopping this at every level, the emerged triangle being will ascend, look over the world it owns for a moment in satisfaction, and then be attacked by a multidimensional cube that has been summoned by the ascension beacon and doesn't want a new kid on his turf. Their battle would fuck up the moon, but leaves the playable setting mostly intact.

Of course you can! You have GOOD (cosmic mumbo jumbo) be distinct from good (actual objective goodness that no one understands, not even GOOD knows, and possibly doesn't exist).

i just dont like painting the whole think with hipsetism or contrarianism, because I am genuinely curious why some would be so against boss battles. I find them perfect summations of arcs and as another user in here said a way to cement your progress.

god damn I cannot write today.

An awesome antagonist wears the flashiest golden and white robes he can find, no reason to make yourself look like the bad guy, its best if you can inspire your troops by being a competent leader and a good diplomat and it is hard to do that by atatching a dead baby to your shield.

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...Is Darkness edited to be Centorea in this?

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consider my almonds activated

>playing D&D

>Andrew "Were Your Expectations Subverted" Hussie
>Andrew "Real People Don't Have Arcs" Hussie
>Andrew "Writing Is Easy" Hussie
>who are WV and Spades Slick, "good" black carapacians
He's a talented guy but good fucking lord you picked a bad example.

>bad guys are snake themed
Stop doing this. Its getting old real fast.

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>bad guys wear name brand fatigues comissioned by their boss
>good guys dress like a bunch of violent disorganized jackasses
All else is pleb tier

Honestly I need more antagonists with custom Romanesque decorated breastplates.
>the enemy captain steps forward from the ranks of his men
>throws off cloak and draws a sword and a cudgel while spitting vulgar battle cries
>emblazoned on his chest is his own likeness, stabbing a man to his right in the groin and braining one to the left with sword and cudgel respectively
>except on the decoration he’s a satyr, plowing the wide up thrust rear of a crying wench as he slays his foes
>also featuring a halo and prominent holy symbols
Not sure how I’d stay the intimidation bonus

I wanna see Aqua get Blacked

Thanks fluff user.


I’m blacker than a KFC in Detroit and I want to fuck Aqua.

(Why not both's in spanish)

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...Did this kind of shit actually get put on Roman armor?

I would genuinely love to play in this post-modern scifi setting.