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So why doesn't the Imperium just destroy their enemies?

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>from previous
are melta deep strike command scions worse than plasma deep strike command scions?

>Xmass garb before Easter
>not bunnysuit
Luth, pls

Reposting my WIP of a DG/Big spawn.
For the glory of Nurgle!

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It's simply too large to be efficient

Which is the best Tau sept?

They also seem so bland and one dimensional.

This statement is so dumb it hurts.

WTF Veeky Forums keeps rotating my pics?
Its some kind of oldfag fetish right?

Can you show the nurgling?

I like painting toys and playing games. It's a good way to spend time with friends

Bork is probably most competitive.

the one you make up and run with borkan rules.


Tau for special characters
Bork'an for range
Se'cae for her broadsides

Are Alpha Legion broken because of stealth or because they can infiltrate?

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First and second are the best.

Tigtone is dropped into 40k on some agri world, what happens next?

Big dark eldar tits in my face

Because of -1 to hit you dingus

Literally who?

Actually, don't answer that.

Look at his pic. That's what you have to work with.

I made an Arbites today out of a marine scout body, deathwatch shotgun, and skitarii head. i havent painted his tilt shield on his armpit yet.

im making a cyber hound, arco-flagellant, priest, inquisitor, 2 acolytes, a death cult assassin, a 5 man kill team (using van saar minis when they come out).

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Could Iash'uddra be the creator of tea Tyranids?

was working on my warhound last night, going to try doing the other side after doing some fixing up tonight when I get home from work.

Because of the vipers nest strategem that allows you to resurrect 3 units of infantry and place them 9" away of enemy units for 3cp

Sure m8 but there is just one layer of wash on him so far so there isnt much to show.

i think its just 3 & 1/2 wounds at ap 4 vs. 4 wounds at ap 3.

In all the games I played 《MY DUDES》 as Alpha Legion the -1 did very little as everyone was within 12". Infiltrating berzerkers however, did a ton of heavy lifting.

forgot picture

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Very nice. That thing next to him looks like a daemonhost

Farsight if you like mechs
Vior'la if you like hotblooded warriors and dont mind lots of sterile white
T'au if you like the classic color scheme and/or if you want to use the vast majority of the Special characters in the army
Kor'tal because they orbit a black hole

Vior'la for if you want to move and scoot
Bork'an if you want to maximize your shooty ness
T'au if you plan on getting charged/want to use any of the important named characters
Farsight if you ever want to use a crisis suit

consider your arbites idea stolen.

Has a chaos marine warband ever been completely wiped out?

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>Shas'O Kais is pretty fun guy in DoW:DC
>after that he has assignment to colonise a planet
>oops Death Guard just made entire planet poisonous
at least he has his own sept nao

So out of boredom I looked into how you would go about replicating the Eight for 8th Edition, since they couldn't be arsed to include them in the Codex. There's a few things invariably lost in the transition -- for one, every suit came with a Multi-Tracker (which is now a Support System option) and a Blacksun Filter (which is gone now, though they could bring it back as a SS that gave you immunity to negative hit modifiers). Aside from that, there's a couple options that are now stratagems and a couple of members who use more than one Relic. Oh, and several have Stimulant Injectors, which are gone from the Codex but there in the Index (and used to give 5+ FnP instead of 6+). So, with that in mind:
Already in
Ion/Fusion Riptide with EWO and Stim Injector (see above). Unique gear is Earth Caste Pilot Array, which would give him WS6+, reroll 1s to hit when shooting and the ability to help bypass the Nova Charge drawback (so I would say a 5+++ versus Nova MWs). Also a Character.
XV8 Commander with Iridium and Plasma Rifle, Stim Injector, Shield Gen and the Onager Gauntlet. Valid loadout.
XV8 Commander with Fusion Blades (not sure whether the two Fusion Blasters are replaced or not), ATS (redundant in 8th) and Stim. Also comes with a Warscaper drone, which would give ignores cover and infiltrate if translated to 8th ed.
XV8 Commander with Plasma Rifle, Flamer and Shield Gen. Also taking the Vectored Retro-Thrusters (now Vectored Manoeuvring Thrusters, JSJ relic) and Puretide Engram Nerochip.
XV85 Enforcer Commander with Plasma Rifle, ATS and CIB, as well as Counterfire Defense System. He also has a Repulsor Impact Field, which is a stratagem in 8th (MWs when charged), but it could be made into an always-on ability without much trouble.

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Because then their enemies win.

>as everyone was within 12"
Start playing on properly sized tables

*move and shoot, sorry

Getting my skittles undercoated wanted to have their breaches painted today but didn't find the time

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What kind of clippers do you guys use?

Do you use mouldline scraper from citadel or just a knife?

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I use my teeth

>Vior'la if you like hotblooded warriors and dont mind lots of sterile white
Armour colour isn't prescribed per sept, only the rank marking and such are kept in the sept colour because T'au value camouflage

i use a cabel knife and a nail clipper. being poor sucks.

Yes, mostly during the scouring, but some warbands have being killed in modern 40k

warbands/vectorums? sure. They might only be 30 or 40 in number. Even if theres a small number of survivors, im pretty sure they would just get rolled up into a larger thriving warband.

I use 10 year old citadel stuff but wish I bought wire clippers and an exacto instead.

Sure, 10k years of war without proper suply and overall fuckery going on in galaxy wiped some of them out I asume. If it could hammen to SM chapter it can to Chaos Bands too.

Move and scoot was better

Yeah, but a pure white scheme is obviously the baseline for Vior'la, like how ochre is the baseline scheme for T'au.

Bog-standard Broadside with SMS x2, HYMP x2, a Seeker Missile and Velocity Tracker. And Character keyword. Also has Bonding Knife Ritual, which is useless for single-model units.
XV8 Commander with two Flamers, Target Lock (useless on Flamers in 8th), Drone Controller and two more former-wargear-now-stratagem options. Multi-spectrum Sensor Suite gives her Ignore Cover and Neuroweb System Jammer gives an enemy unit in 18" -1 to hit.

On the whole, most of them are easy to replicate, but for the most part are fairly inefficient. Would take some minor retooling too in order to remove anti-synergies due to rules changing into 8th (see: Torchstar). More importantly, you'd need 6 Detachments (assuming O'vesa and Ob'lotai didn't get the Commander keyword) to field them all in one army. Maybe we'll get a supplement after codices are done or something.

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I'm not sure on what the thinking behind having the thighs be black on the leftmost one is, I suppose its just to have more of the center be darker than the extremities
We're heading to something dark here I feel like, user
Well, that is on the right here

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Got a vid to demonstrate?
Both horrified and confused.

and a Flamer on Bravestorm *

As long as it works and get you forward. Victory dosnt need explanation.

you forgot the hose neckline, thats supposed to be white also.

Aren't meltas more points too? They're at least 17 instead of 13, and they might be more because bs3+

Bruh, Look at this dude
Wait till you see this

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I headcanon that a passive effect of the SoB's faith is keeping them pretty.

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left looks better, but only if you use the head of right.

it is a daemonhost. when i eventually base him, im going to paint a bunch of arcane symbols on the floor, like hes being contained.

are dark eldar posters the new sisters posters? they allready piss me off

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I use my wire clippers from work. Does the job well enough.

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>Shas'O Kais
Isn't it pretty much confirmed he got blessed by Khorne or something?

you can buy a hobby kit on amazon with files/clippers/ and x-actos knives for like 15 bucks.

>clip from sprue

>clip off the extra

>scrape the moldline

>file to polish

Cant really fail there.

My next step though is going to be a pair of japanese GodHands. Its hard to understand why they are 50 dollars, until you use a pair yourself. it's like clipping through butter.

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>not liking cute beakie shnoz

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Why does everyone use those stupid green mats with white lines?

You don't need a special mat to paint little toys lmao


I'm pretty sure that was the other guy. Isn't Shas'O Kais the reasonable one? The dude that was in fire warrior?

>GW won't do boobpla-

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CItadel tools because I'm a tool

It helps me relax while using the jewelsaw.

The real MVP.

12 years and going strong. I even have a brand new one I lost a long time ago and found.

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Its not faith, its mechanicum boys doing their best to make angels look like anges.

I still think that this Sister form codexpade descibing SOB equipment is one of most beautiful women I have ever seen. Can you help with a pic? google hate me and that image.

You mean a cutting matt?

having the helm and thighs black makes it look more part of the center armor, instead of only having the corset be black, especially when everything else is white or purple. I think the gold on the helm really works out, and the white on the outside armor pieces looks pretty nice. I would almost say make the bicep armor black too, matching the thighs and it looks fantastic.

so Right with black bicep armor, gold helm ornament and that will look fantastic.

I thought everything pointed to them being the same person

It's not to paint little toys. It's to keep your table from getting scratched and painted on.

>cutting, painting and using greenstuff on an unprotected surface

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Find me one (1) example of GW not putting boobplate on women.

I just use a thick piece of cardboard for that

>want to run Scions as Inquisitorial Stormtroopers with Deathwatch
>anything Deathwatch can do, Scions can do better
I'm wondering if the Codex would even fix this. Currently they don't really have an edge in anything except being tacticals with access to AP ammo.

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stormcasts got monoboob

Would a kind user help me by elaborating on what the fire that engulfed the Damocles Gulf mentioned in the Tau codex was and how it worked? I'm thinking of setting up a my-dudes sept on the fringes of the 3rd expansion. Was the fire something that would have disrupted space travel and kept them in a pocket of systems with similarly marooned other factions? I'm guessing the Eldar could have have popped in and out via the webway and, if it wasn't a warp storm, the imperium could still get ships through but a race like the Tau would basically be stuck.

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Monoboob is still boob.

Sory but I think they are one of the worst looking helmets for SM.
I use cuting board I stolen form ma mam.

>being such a clumsy child you keep cutting the table and can't control your hands

dont worry, it was weeb week last week, with all the Tau posters.

I cant wait for the slaaneshi EC fapbait, and orkposting at end of year.

>I'm wondering if the Codex would even fix this.

If anything the Stratagems will at least be interesting. Why not just have a detachment of Vanguard Vets? Scions are certainly lacking in close combat and a bunch of small units is pretty good to tarpit stuff.


>female tau.

I would also say female guardsmen, but they dont make female guard models.

>T■au pissed off Mechanicum
>Mechanicum set fire to space

It's not that hard.


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It was a archo tech device set off by the beep boops in the imperium of man.

Look in the megas for last years tau/marine campaign.
It was a 2 part set its detailed fully in there

Ores'Ka was the asshole, BUT it's the Shas'O Kais that was in the Fire Warrior, novelization of which implied that he was helped by Chaos, either Khorne or Tzeentch. Dunno how grimderpness it will bring to him.
Anyhow Ethereals have a lot of explaining to be done, especially after Death Guard encounter.

>fans of race that will get soon codex are spamming about it
where have you been before every single codex that is out were released?

By sheer points cost, yes. If you weren't having a prime Tempestor deep strike with them (which is dumb cause what else is that model going to do) and you were targeting vehicles or similarly high wound models, then maybe the meltas could do more damage if you were my lucky, but otherwise they would be outside of melta range, and would likely be dead before they can move up and shoot in melta range the following turn.

That would be an issue if tau had tits.

Well if you mean the bit between where the tits and the hose, I cant colour that separately with the program unless I want to start messing around with paint more
So I did the next best thing and made the hose white
Combined with Hmm, well here's what that looks like on the right
I'm getting dizzy with all these images so apologies if I mixed my girls up

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