How would 40k fair as anime?

How would 40k fair as anime?

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It would just be sailor moon

lamenters anime when?

>he doesn't know about 1993 WH40K OVA
Good for you. It's abysmal.

It wouldnt sell well. Sub par plot, no characters for otaku to relate to or waifu over. Model kits are shit and you have to assemble and paint the figures yourself but they still cost full price for some reason.

It would go down as a legendarily bad flop, remembered only for the memes.

>tfw no Bolter to Kokoro anime

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Probably about as well as Berserk has the past few years.

It would actually have some value as entertainment, in that case.


How has Berserk been doing? I heard efforts were made somewhat recently.

>Implying otaku wouldn't relate to Perturabo, Trazyn, or the AdMech
>Implying otaku wouldn't waifu Yvraine, Lelith, or the Sororitas
>Implying the plot is any worse than your average FotM isekai or moefest

if they covered a campaign from multiple perspectives, I could see it doing well as an OVA series.

maybe hour long episodes. formatting could be like one scene of High Command per episode and then the results of their decisions or indecisions and how it affects the campaign over all.

could have multiple casts for the different groups and theaters: Ground Combat, Void Combat, policing the logistics, etc.

>Full Price

As opposed to every other model line, which are always sold at half price

If they're always being sold at half-price, wouldn't it be their full price?

Wait what?

The other anime figures you buy come assembled and painted. Only GW would send you a bunch of parts to build and paint into your own figure and still charhe $200 for it.

And before you drag it into the conversation, gunpla involves no paint (just stickers) AND always costs less than figures.

How would an Isekai in WFRP fare?

Caska has come back to sapience last chapter.
There might yet be a twist, but she seems okay.


Subtle, isn't it?

He's just messing with you, user.

Now that I've said this, you should expect at least a couple more posts insulting us for "not knowing about it".

>ofw we still believe that it will update...

You are fooling yourself if you think that we would get any story other than the ONE STORY people can physically tell when writing a 40k storyline outside of a black library book:

"Space Marines fight Orks while IG die (heroically, I guess? Does anyone care?) somewhere in the background EXCEPT IT WAS CHAOS THE WHOLE TIME WOOOOOOOOOOO"

Dark Eldar, Necrons, and Sororitas are all way too unimportant to be included in the show. We probably get Eldar for a bit, but not a lot of them? Like, every couple episodes we get a scene of the same two Eldar in a dark room somewhere scrying the plot and making obtuse references to unrevealed plot points that dont actually tell us anything because its just supposed to convey that there is probably a master plan in motion.

It would be a pleasant surprise if the Admech got any kind of screentime, and its far more likely that if they did they would be AdMech in Name Only anyway.

And as sad as it is to say, I think 40k legitimately does have at this point a worse story than your average isekai. Because it has all of the weaknesses of a shitty isekai universe but none of the selling points or an actual plot arc (even a bad one).

Badly, because anime adaptations of western IPs are almost always bad.

On one hand, 40k is pants on head retarded but takes itself completely seriously, which is exactly what anime is best at.
On the other hand, it would be a fucking nightmare to animate. The characters are too detailed with all the purity seals, skulls, techno whatsits, and whatever other shit they chained to themselves. Imagine trying to animate Horus fighting the Emperor consistently.
I think there's a lot of potential there is they can get over that hurdle. Maybe a movie would be better than doing a whole series.

yeah he wasnt joking
and yes it's absolutely abysmal and incredibly hard to find
They decided that most of the setting's aesthetics "wasn't appealing to the public audience" and turned it into some generic shitty spehss animu

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This is from "Uchuu no Senshi", a Starship Troopers anime.
Not 40k.

oh c'mon
can't we have some fun here for once
and even if it isn't 40k, it's still abysmal

> no characters for otaku to relate to or waifu over
>implying they couldn't make it about a big-tittied ordo xenos inquisitor with a deathwatch retinue
>retinue has an Emperor's shadow in it
>they fight the Tau, Eldar, and Dark Eldar
>Shadowsun, Macha, and Lelith all show up
man, you need imagination. There is plenty of waifu-bait

>implying they couldn't make it about a big-tittied ordo xenos inquisitor with a deathwatch retinue
Rouge Trader could be better as fuckers can have xeno retinue.
So you could have MC rouge trader(male) that have his own "harem" of tau, eldar and human waifus for wafufags to fight which one is best girl

Senpai give me your geneseed

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just base it off a dark heresy campaign, the nips have done much the same before, there you have a decent justification for meeting most of the major players in the setting

>what is Berserk
>what is Gundam
>implying weebs and otaku give a shit about actual good storytelling
>implying weebs won't waifu absolutely anything
you ain't been on /a/ or /jp/ long, have you?

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The Warhammer 40k universe is large and diverse that there are so many things you can do with it. Whether or not it'll be successful depends entirely on the story, which races and factions will be in it and what studio is making it. How popular is Warhammer 40k in Japan anyway?

"Less" high powered in a sense.

They`d spend alot of time focusing on a main character and the other Marines/Guards/Nids/Firewarriors/Boys/etc would just be speed bumps on the way between the Main character and the anti-hero who just want to clash with energy swords.

You'd get a mar- Sister of battle that wants to unite all humanity and end the techno-phobia, probably hinted to be the emperors daughter. A DUAL-sword wielding tau with psyer abilities. An eldar who controls her local warp space and befriends friendly demons. And an Ork that understands the only true way to stop fighting is showing all the Orks the true heart that he's seen in man kind.

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Haven't you read the Salamanders trilogy by Nick Kyme?

40K has already become DBZ, it even has Super Saiyan psykers.

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Its depiction of the power armour is probably the most accurate in any adaptation, and it's not the Verhoeven dumpster fire so at least it has that going for it.

This but with Marines

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Farsight Enclaves: the anime.

It's popular enough that there are several GW stores in the Tokyo area,every issue of white dwarf gets published in Japanese, they have their own line of blind box space marine minis exclusive to Japan that's getting a second series this year, there have been some doujin made of it, and later this year Hobby Japan is putting out a special issue dedicated to Warhammer models and minis, and they regularly have articles about them in said magazine.

Still nowhere near as popular as in Europe and NA, but I've always suspected a good anime adaptation might change that.

>*title card with generic electric guitar riff*

>How would 40k fair as anime?
The 40k setting as anime, or a sports anime portraying 40k players playing 40k?

Wait is 8th ed and BL HH primarch melodram not anime?

>No paint

Only casual faggots and little kids don't paint their Gunpla. That or they pay other people a few hundred dollars to pro paint a HG or even more for a MG.

On top of that, the military and car model scene is huge in Japan, WAY bigger than elsewhere in the world. at least a dozen new military model kits come out each month ALONE. And that shit costs just as much IF NOT MORE than GW models. Gunpla is only cheap as dirt because the plastic is cheap and they're all beginner level snap fit models, and they have TV shows that work as advertisements.

The 1/35 scale Girls und Panzer girls, not the tanks, just the little sets of 3 or 4 animu girls in 1/35 scale, go for a MINIMUM of 35 dollars each, and sometimes upwards of 60 dollars or more if it's out of print. And those sell incredibly well even five years after the show aired.

You're a dumbass and have no idea what you're talking about.

>Odd One Out, but it's a marine vs a warboss
fuck, I'd watch it.

Warhammer 40k already is an anime, the creators just forgot to make the girls look moe.

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