Veeky Forums builds a town

Here is a map of a small town.

ITT: We populate this town with colorful NPCs.

Stage 1:

>Name: Nicknames too.
>Occupation: Bonus points if you can relate it to something on the map
>One unique thing: Can be pretty much anything, only rule is not repeat something that's already in the thread (e.g a special scar, a stutter, a lazy eye, always greets people by kissing them, openly racist, owns an expensive suit, keeps a stash of gold in his sofa cushions etc.)
>Picture (optional)

Once we're finished I'll compile the whole thing as a pdf!

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Watch Captains 'two-times' Heidmar and Reyar
Occupation: Sheriff/Head lawen
One unique thing: They're twin brothers, hence the nickname.
they resides at the barracks at point 5, usually training others or practicing fighting. They also have been known to be benevolent and train runaways and intercepted slaves as guards (whether it works out for better or worse usually)

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>Name(s): Harpaar and Herster Hony
>Occupation: Dredgers, the two of them are experienced swimmers and fantastic at holding their breath. Whenever boats drop something into the small harbor or near town they are the ones to retrieve it.
>Unique Thing: Harpaar, the younger brother can hold his breath much longer than a normal human, no one is quite sure why and he does well to hide just how long he can hold it.

house #11 Lance Godwinson "Boomer"
Crotchety old human male
official town militia wizard
dresses like Emperor Ming
actually a 300 year old awakened frog stuck in human form with a complicated past.
Secretly has odd dietary preferences.
3 apprentices, one is his totally human granddaughter.

#3 (cottage and Oak tree)
Father Bjorn Bearskull "Father Fuzzy"
huge hirsute berzerker priest of Odin, the tree is the holy site. the dead trees at #19 are sentinels that guard the village. He is handsome and likes to drink and engage in friendly fistfights.

Really good stuff guys! Keep it up. Here's what I have so far.

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(actually Frank and Harry S. Truman)

(#3 the biggest tree near the docks)

#8 Fandruilissi Galenros 'Little Missy'
petite female elf blacksmith and farrier
likes to drink and fight with the priest.
actually the strongest person in the village.

Mrs Lovakker, "Madam Lovecraft" hafling female with 9 grown daughters.
They run a busy seamstress business, much is sold in the nearby city. They make more money as prostitutes, but the village is tiny so they keep sewing.

for #15/16

Name: Majorie Quisana Dreenza (nicknamed Lady Qu)
Occupation: Trader/Dockmistress
Quirk: Has an extensive library and is constantly reading books on crafting skills

a successful business woman who inherited her father's business, she uses 15 as a private dock for her small merchant fleet (only 3 ships, never more than 2 in the docks at any time) and doubles as a warehouse. 16 is her storefront and small private home, with the courtyard between the two acting as both a bulk-goods display center and her private workshop. she is currently interested in glassblowing but she has equipment for tanning, pottery and woodworking. her shop has a loom and cooking equipment as well.

If you guys can keep to the format in the pdf that'd help me out a lot.


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#5 the Barracks Captain Greenwich, male human warrior, dresses like a scruffy ranger
likes horses better than people.

Militia are moderately trained and equipped, most try to look good in their tabards with the town device of three crossed oars on a field of gold. Almost half of the militia are human girls with bows.

i forgot the picture

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Name: Ghora Dounahugh-Nergalshi
Occupation: Local priest of the Earth god
Unique trait: Speaks with a highly dramatic, nasally voice at all times. Basically the Monarch impersonating Dr. Orpheus
Location: #17

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#10 the fancy house.
Prince Karl Winterose, 7th son in line for the throne.
human male Mayor of Podunkia.
Loves fishing, hates court nonsense, moved here to get away. has his own personal guard.

#4 Barnacus the Brewer 'Barley' human male
'The Barley House'. Large home, part is a brewery. Village is too small for a real tavern/inn, so he uses his living room for people to socialize and drink. Travelers can sleep by the fire if they want, or find a villager that will put them up for the night.

Name: Logan Hamlin
Occupation: Kennelmaster
Grizzled old soldier that's taken up training hunting/war dogs for the locals after his military service. Even after his 'retirement' he still remains active in the town's militia. Will initially come off as hostile towards the party, but will warm up to them should they gain his trust. Potentially willing to sell the party one of his hound.

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Name: Old Kraditz
Occupation: Gatekeeper
One Unique Thing: has a photographic memory, which is equal parts blessing and curse

A former slaver whose entire operation was destroyed by the town guard, he was sentenced to thirty years of isolated work atop the water-based tower. He's completed twenty-seven without much complaint, getting food and water shipped over daily, usually scraps from the restaurants and taverns. he's had plenty of time to reflect on his actions and nobody would recognize him these days.

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Sarah Flamehair "Singin' Sarah" human female
Boatwright - some claim her singing magically speeds up her boatbuilding, she is very fast and talented.

Name: Canon
Ocupation: Local Hero
A tiefling with a hearth of gold and an arm of steel.

>You need help rescuing your sister from a necromancer?
>You need to get ready for a date and you have nothing to wear?
>Canon's got your back

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We have 15 entries so far. Let's have some more mundane professions!

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Name: Chuck Irons
Occupation: Farmer/Deputy constable
Unique thing: 7ft strongman

A popular figure in town, when not busy working the field, Chuck volunteers as a deputy constable. However this is more of an excuse for him to go around town helping people with odd jobs, or whenever they need something heavy lifted, yet he can step in as an enforcer of the law when needed.
Puts on puppet shows in the town square on weekends.

For 13.

Tiny Village of Thornapple
Total population: 334
elves 3
halflings 16
tiefling 1
doppleganger 1

Total guard: 22
In addition, 7 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Village .
Services in this Village :
Taverns: 1
Blacksmiths: 1
Leatherworkers: 1
Tailors: 1
Cobblers 1
Farriers: 1
Carpenters: 1
Masons: 1
Boatwrights 2

Name: Angus Stonearm
Ocupation: ...Isnt it fucking obvious? You want something forged? If not get out of my sight, welp

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I need a watercolor children's book about this man STAT

oi, person working in my yard.
are you my employee or my lover?

Name: Elisa Stonearm
Ocupation: Blacksmith Assistant, Blacksmith Aprentise
>Excuse my dad's manners, the local land lord is giving him shit usualy, the fat bastard... SO WEAPONS?!

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I like him'
"Grandfather, I brought you another jar of live insects for your experiment." "Thanks honey, just put it over by the stack of empty jars."

Sorry, used your building. Employee.

dude, no village is to small for a tavern....

#4 Finnerty Valevard - Ol' Finn
Local drunkard
He does not actually live here, but spends most of the time exploiting Barnacuses hospitality. He's missing an arm, but when asked about it he always tells a different story.
Likes to gamble with town guard and passing sailors when sober.... and he's somewhat good at it.

Name: Marcus
Ocupation: Son of a Farmer, Hero/Paladin Wannabe
Nature: Heroic, Eager to Help, Hot Headed, Protective
>Has a masive crush on Elisa

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no worries. just wanted to clarify. I pay you good silver, after all :D

forgot - human male around 50 years old

Name: Doctor Hugo Strauss
Occupation: Doctor/Coroner
Unique thing: Plays the accordion at the tavern on Friday nights.

Dr Strauss lives alone in his small apartment above his doctors office at the market square (#6). Relatively jovial considering his career, he is more than willing to exchange some of the leftovers of more intrusive surgeries or autopsies to local wizards or alchemists, in exchange for some coin. Frequently plays the accordion late at night.

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Name: Khyllan
Ocupation: Thief, Best Friend/ Enemy of Marcus (Both Really)
Personality: Chill, Survivalist, Eager to Help (For a Price) Heart of Gold (Would do anything for those he cares about)

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I think I'll take a couple more before the next stage. We need a few farmers or the fields are just for show!

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Name: Reyas Upwater
Occupation: Tanner
One (or two) unique thing(s):
-Will tan anything, absolutely anything
-Experiments with different methods from urine to brain fluid
-Her workshop and house smells terrible
-Loves knives, the sharper the better. Collects them, will occasionally accept them as payment, no ornate designs
-Bathes publicly
-Not bothered by cold

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Nice character but, it is quite disturbing hahaha

Jephod "Mushmouth" Sternn
Lumberjack, spends most of his time hauling logs from the nearby woods for construction, warmth, and repairing the Palisade

5'7", but extremely broad of build, can carry two logs at the same time on his shoulders. Apart from fastidiously maintained eyebrows, is otherwise generally dishevelled

Slurs and mumbles his speech to incomprehensibility; has a tendency to strike up one-sided conversations with townsfolk, who will just nod along and give canned responses to

His mumbling is actually because of his dark secret: He's 1/8th orc on his grandmother's side, and mumbles to keep people from seeing his slightly tusked canines (those don't help his pronunciation either)

I got you user
Name: Jak Scodger
Occupation: Farmhand
Unique things:
-Refuses to eat meat
-Actually loves his job as a farmhand
-Foot long cock

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Name: Byron and Mydia McRavenfish, aka the Leatherhands
Occupation: Farmers, Brewers
Quirk: has perpetually pruned feet due to standing in the rice paddies all day

one of the local Farmers, lives in one of the farmhouses at the intersection north of the main road between 18 and 10. more often found in the fields and supplies the town with rice to be made into flour and other goods. Mydia bootlegs some rice wine in their cellar, which they brings out during local festivals.

To make it even more hilarious, make him religious, make him refuse to have sex cuz his dick belongs to jesus (or whatever god is worshiped in town)

>Foot long cock
Why does he have only single chickenlet?

Name: Ulf "one eye" Pate
Occupation: Farmer
Unique things:
-Fought in a war
-Has seven sons and a very happy wife.
-Strong enough to carry three grown men on his shoulders

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And I'm calling it. Please give me a few minutes to finish up the pdf then we move to stage 2!

We have 26 entries!

Should include (Refuses to fight)

Either pious or painfully shy and awkward

minor edit, Lady Qu is Sarah's Employer, not her Employee :P

Stage 2?

It would be funnier if pious, imagine that combersation with the redneck voice

Grab one snake, now you lady can grab the big black piton, BUT DONT U DARE TOUCH MY PENIS, THAT BELONGS TO JESUS

The lord gave him such a large penis to test his faithfulness, to use it would be to give in to sin.

>The lord gave him such a large penis to test his faithfulness, to use it would be to give in to sin.

The lord also gave him such a large penis to test and temper the faith of the women in town.
Also do we have a priest?

Paers the Cock

Extra-ordinarily intelligent rooster who diligently wakes up the whole village at dawn and doubles as a guardsman in a watchtower, being able to separate strangers from villagers. Sometimes bothers drunks and kids, but scoots away before they can retaliate.

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yes friends, someone said penis. leave it at that

>Also do we have a priest?
Not yet, im on it

omg this must be in the pdf

I think even for the ballsier of adventurers or the more famous celebrity warriors, these guys work with level of teamwork that makes them strict donut-fuck-with fighters. This is only a problem for criminals.

Listen, I don't want to be the no fun allowed autistic, but can we pick one or the other? Maybe she's just surprisingly strong? Can she be a big ol' woman like Brienne of Tarth? This is just too anime.

>Listen, I don't want to be the no fun allowed autistic, but can we pick one or the other? Maybe she's just surprisingly strong? Can she be a big ol' woman like Brienne of Tarth? This is just too anime.
Seconding this user's opinion. You can either be petite and cute or you can be strong. There is a reason strong people look thick and bulky. Honest character design also keeps some form of consistency in a story.

Name: Dirk Douglas Dunsmere the VII
Occupation: beggar
Unique thing: He believes to have a pet cat name "Oscar", but no cat accompanies him.

Flavor: Dirk has a unique stench that isn't quite urine, isn't quite body odor, and isn't quite woodsmoke, but somehow a mixture of all three masked by a strong overture of Citrus

Notice, We have no priest,

Name: Thomas Augustus Torquemada
Ocupation: Priest, Inquisitor
Personality: Masive Cunt, Suspicious of his own grandmother, Sexualy Repressed

-Only Proper prie

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This might be one of those weeb translation errors. I don't know if anime writers are lazy, but they often conflate skill, speed, or competence with the word "strength" even if they are not physically strong.

So op, when are we doing stage 2?

Finally done!

Stage 2:

Now that we have our citizens, it's time to build some stories.

>Quote two (or more) posts in this thread and link the NPCs together in someway. (e.g blood-relatives, friends, enemies, secret crush, lovers etc.)

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Ok ok, Marcus could be Ulf's Boi

Lady Qu places orders with Elisa whenever one of her ships comes to port, usually for larger items. she also repeatedly, but unsuccessfully, tries to court her with awkward flirting and little handmade gifts.

Also i need to ask, is Khillan the urchin canon?

Old Kraditz is permitted to come down from his watch when the twins need his expertise to train new recruits. he respects their work ethic regarding former slaves and helps them evaluate what life skills the recruits appear to be lacking in.

Marcus really doesnt like Lady Qu
Marcus often asks for relationship advise from Khillan wich is a bad idea

Doctor Strauss puts aside some of the more exotic things he retrieves from bodies for Reyas' projects, and is willing to charge less coin in exchange for some of the finished product.

Op It would be really helpfull if you were to give us some feedback every once in a while

The Twins, as a favour to Boomer for a debt they owe to the wizard they will not divulge, bring him the Slaves they rescue from time to time and let him examine them for what the wizards says is "magical potential" and "likely looking apprentices". Perhaps there is an ulterior motives to Godwinson's examinations, perhaps not, but the Captains see no harm in honouring their deal. One of his three apprentices was found in this manner.

Sure! What kind of feedback are you looking for? So far I've tried to incorporate everything as best I can into the descriptions.

Chuck and Ulf oversee most of the farming work in the town. They actually met during the war, with the older Ulf being Chuck's captain and mentor.
Every year since moving to the town, they have competed in the town's annual strongman contest. Nobody has managed to best either of them since their arrival.

>Paers the Cock saved some kids playing outside the walls from a pack of wild dogs by alerting the watch captain before the doggos could close in. Paers was rewarded with a small wooden medal for his heroic action.

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Khillan will periodicly help the doc in his experiments either by, getting stuff he needs (By any means nesesary) or As a labrat

Marcus Is unawere of this
Elisa (Being the big sister type) strongly oposses to the idea, as in:
Elisa: No, just no
Khillan: ...
Elisa: Go to my place, we'll talk there, i have a few things to say to the doctor

can we PLEASE have the rooster go berserk at the sight of the Priest? its like the one townsfolk it cannot stand.

You know, general stuff, post something once in a while, talk to the anons about their ideas

Yes. I support this

>There were some dog packs seen in the outskirts and the children were told not to go too far from the village, but these kids were playing too far away from the safety of palisades.

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Lady Qu buys some of their rice wine to give as gifts to other merchants and her boat captains. she wants them to open a proper distillery, but as their children have moved out of town they don't want to teach non-family the process, so the batches remain fairly small.

Marcus looks up to Canon and Canon treats him like a aprentise and takes him to his less dangerous adventures to learn about the hero buisness, also about ladies

Name: Torsten Miller
Ocupation: Miller (therefore the last name)
One unique thing: Lost his left little and ring finger when he was young and got them stuck in the mill. He calls it his "proof of experience"

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Doctor Strauss has no idea why anyone oppose a small boy taking part in disembowelling corpses and carting the innards around town, as he considers it a learning experience and a good way to keep him off the streets. The doctor attempts to impart knowledge of medicine onto the boy, hoping for an apprentice or assistant for the days when his eyesight goes bad or his joints give up.

>can we PLEASE have the rooster go berserk at the sight of the Priest? its like the one townsfolk it cannot stand.
Hell yeah

#2, whichever tower:

Name: Gerhard
Occupation: Tower Guard
Unique things:
- typically drunk on schnapps
- regards his job as keeping the townsfolk inside; thinks he works at a prison camp
- spit and polish kind of dude

Canon on occasion brings Logan subdued and hogtied beasts and offers him large amounts of gold to try and tame them, he has so far categorically refused these requests on principle. A list of memorable attempts includes
>a bear
>four vipers which he planned to keep in his loincloth in case of emergency
>a giant spider
>a harpy
>a werewolf which turned back into a man midway through negotiations
>a timberwolf the size of a bull

Well so far the ideas have been pretty great! I'm just here to record stuff, we're all making this together.

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her baths are the highlight of his day. were he a much younger man, he'd have tried to woo her. instead, he just watches and dreams. he doesn't actually know much about her personality, but it probably wouldn't bother him much if he did.

Strauss strikes me as kind of an autist (Wich is a nice character trait to have in a doctor i really like it)
Also, Khillan is way smarter than he lets on to, a genious even, as incultured as he might be

I love the mental image of this.
>"For the last time, it's a kennel not a damn zoo!"

>Occupation: Town mascock, alarmcock


I really like this one. The wistful, redemptive prisoner watching from above and burning the image of a young, beautiful woman bathing into his unerasable mind.

Yet another thing his old sins have cost him.

I wonder if Paers has some basilisk blood in him for being such a hero.

Prepare to be bullied by a cock.

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>L: This is a MIMIC! Not a DOG! I cannot train a MIMIC to track!
>C: What if we get it to mimic a dog?
>L: (Bewildered outrage)

Plot Twist:
Paers is actualy bahamuth in disguise

exactly! glad you enjoy it! :D

Probably somewhere on the spectrum yeh, at the very least a weird dude.

I also love the mental image of this

Imagine logan going to the door at 3am, opening it and see there canon with a dire bear on his back
>Slams the door shut

Paers sometimes keeps Old Kraditz company in his watchtower.