How would the Imperium of Man fare in the Scooby-Doo universe?

How would the Imperium of Man fare in the Scooby-Doo universe?

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Norville was cooler when he wasn't a black-ops sleeper

hypnosis is a hell of a drug.

What are you talking about? The whole WH40K franchise is based on Scooby-Doo levels of stupidity and rediculousness.

These threads are taking a kind of Avant garde turn and I like it.

Well name me one Primarch who has been able to eat a Scooby snack, just one.

Fulgrim? Biiitch. Maybe the Emperor, bit nothing as weak as a Primarch.

Now, if the Imperium hired the gang to find the missing primarchs, maybe, but no telling if olde' Scoob would kill them to practice his deadly craft.


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Shaggy is practically invincible in his normal state. If they make him bring out the ol' swoows right in, there won't BE an imperium of man anymore.

Luckily for Russ, he's a dog lover

>implying Ultra Instinct Shaggy Blanco isn't a DAOT supersoldier and the Emperor's peer

They cannot defeat Shaggy Blanco.

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Am I missing something? Isn't shaggy a loser stoner?

>he only watched the creeper episode

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The series takes a weird turn when Shaggy destroys the moon so the three stooges won’t combine into the mega-stooge. Best episode of the New Scooby Doo Movies

Considering that one time power armored Scooby fucking iced a bunch of Nazi robots I can't tell if this is bullshit.

I feel like the setting would go from grimdark to nobledark just bu virtue of chaos being able to get away with a lot less shit.

"Who corrupted the Imperial Library database?"
*pulls helmet off tau to reveal a chaos tainted priest of the omnisiah*
"I would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for you meddling Astra Militarum!"

Also I imagine from the day Tzeentch crosses paths with the scooby doo gang he is on a constant high blood pressure alert from the stress of all his plans being exposed by bullshit luck. This while all the other Chaos gods are laughing their asses off.

Who would win Shaggy blanco ultra Instinct or an avatar of a chaos god?

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pretty sure Scooby Doo is Imperial Propaganda for Children to detail the glory of the Inquisition.

The Mystery Machine is non-descript Inquisitorial Ships, with Scooby and the Gang being an Inquisitor and his/her henchmen.

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Scooby would be worshipped by the space wolves clearly

Actually, being unironic here, the Scooby Dooverse is actually pretty powerful, especially with some of the latest shows and movies. Like, I'm fairly certain that the Evil Entity would demolish all of 40k if it were to ever be freed.

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Ultra Instict Shaggy Blanco solos. Hell, even Super Saiyan 4 Shaggy Rojo or GoD Scooby solo. Even SSoaS Rolf solos.

Scooby would not join the space wolves.

I like the weirdness. Like that one episode where Daphne and Fred both get a sex change and fall in love

the fuck happened to Pericles? I guess I should watch the rest of Mystery Inc

The most surprising is still Scrappy's redemption arc. I was actually sad to see him go by the end of it.

>Jinkies, look at this blue and white striped ceramite Nemes Headdress, Leman! I think I just found a clue!

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I hope Russ loves being bottom, because Shaggy won't take no for an answer.


Is this even real??? I dont believe you.

I can't tell who's meming anymore

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I wouldn't even blink if they were not lying.
In one of the movies Scrappy Doo stole people's fucking souls, like actual physical consciousness and all, and disguised himself a cult leader while the husks were filled with goddamn demons.

Then when he's found out, Scrappy injects himself with soul steroids and become buffer than the Emperor himself.

Lets see, his friends with zombies, aliens, ghost, vampires, other undead. As a dog, can dodge just about anything, and almost always runs away. And in the end he unmasks everyone. Also witchs and what could be called tech priest.
Seems he might end a war.

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Wolfenstein 2 (2017)

So long as Shaggy is in the green shirt and not the red, they stand a chance. A slim one, but a chance none-the-less.

I honestly don't remember what this webm is but it had scooby in the filename.

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Scooby-Doo's allies, Speed Buggy, Jabberjaw, Captain Caveman and The Funky Phantom, Batman and Robin, Laurel and Hardy, the Addams Family, the Three Stooges, the Harlem Globetrotters, Speed Buggy, Jeannie and Josie and the Pussycats, Hex Girls, Aliens, Vampires, Ghost, Mummies, and more.

I like the way this show turned Fred into a shonen protagonist who believes in the power of convoluted traps.

That webm isn't from Mystery Inc. "Traps Illustrated" was pretty hilarious, though.

His traps tend to work on the second try, every time. His first are pretty much guaranteed to fail for some damn thing or another.

Say that to his face, see what happens.

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Schoopy-Doo and the gang show to the imperium that the Imperial Cult is a lie, and they would've gotten away with it too if it wasn't "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids" -Ecclesiarch

That was the first live-action movie, which amazingly isn't the most ridiculous thing that's been done with the characters.

Man, I used to watch the shit out of young scoob

Also the New Archies, that was pretty tight

Minus the 88 run I think the best was up till 05. I mean the 05 series looks the best, but the classics still good. Plus all those straight to DVD/VHS movies.


That's the filename I have for it.

That's kind of a misleading chart. It leaves out a bunch of stuff, and I honestly have no idea what the "1998-2005" thing is supposed to be.

The period of time where the only Scoobs being produced were Scoob movies?

Looks like their movie outfits to me.

The more times an act is repeated, the more it becomes an art.

Maybe one of the many direct to video movies that were coming out? I don't recall a specific series for the show that came out around that time.

It's a picture of one of the direct to video movies, which started coming out in 1998 and have continued running since then. The first few movies are kind of their own thing, with the same art style, the one in the picture, and a similar, darker tone that stands out against the other DTV movies, but those only ran until 2001. The other movies in that time frame are What's New movies, with the show's designs and much tamer tone.

If you think about it, the Emperor is just some kind of a caveman and he's in there while we're in here and he's in there...

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>ultra instinct Shaggy fusion

They don't stand a chance.

You forgot Commander Cool and Mellow Mutt