>Arcane Punk
>Science- Fantasy

Arcane Punk: Fantasy setting with anachronistic technology fueled or run by magic

Sci-Fantasy: Sci-fi setting that has magic wielders and creatures alongside traditional futuristic tech

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when i read "arcane punk" i was thinking actual punks, listening to trashy lo-fi garage surf rock, mohawks and torn denim jackets, but using magic.

i'm sure it's been done but how much cooler would "-punk" be if it were actually Punks instead of just a suffix vaguely derived from "cyberpunk"?

punks in the Roman empire

punks in feudal Japan

punks on Mars

underwater punks

punks fighting Cthulhu

mmm. delicious

Arcane punk sounds like a scene magician.
FFXIII had some great high-tech fantasy designs.

It's called Splatterpunk, and Nightlife was a great fucking game.

Arcane Punk tends to be the aesthetic for MOST jrpgs.

Final Fantasy
Tales Of

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A quick lookup makes it sound like a proto-World of Darkness, neat

>Arcane Punk

There's no "Arcane Punk", it's called Magitek. OP is a retard and likely a faggot as well. Sad!

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>Arcane Punk
It's usually called magitech.

wew lads

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>No one gives a fuck about Sci-Fa

Sorry Shadowrun, 40k, and Star Wars, your shits boring.

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Science-fantasy is actually my favorite. Obviously a sci-fi setting, but just enough mysticism to keep things interesting.

>vaguely derived from "cyberpunk"?
It's used in all those other genres the same way its used in cyberpunk, for marketing the aesthetic.

>Arcane Punk
Muggles fighting for scraps in the shadow of all-powerful magocracy

Take a piece from FF8.

A technologically advanced civilization was under the rule of a powerful magic user who was one of the few individuals who can actually use "magic". They launch her into space but even there her presence can be felt as her power disrupts most forms of wireless communications and monsters regularly spring up making advancement and spreading out difficult.

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Arcane-punk is just more fun.

I'm a big fan of "arcane punk" as a genre, if not necessarily a fan of that name.

It's so hard to find art for things for it though
Especially if you don't really like anime

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Gentlemen, this is Wuxiapunk

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Would Guilty Gear be considered Science Fantasy because of Zepp? Also, in Blazblue's world technology wasn't banned but the Control Organization uses mostly magic, so would that make it "Arcane Punk" or Science Fantasy?

>It's called Splatterpunk
Splatterpunk has nothing to do with punks, it's a horror genre

>Arcane Punk
You mean magitek? Stop bolting the word punk to everything, Christ.

Your post is complainpunk.