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Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work?
DMs tell me about some of the challenges you want to throw at your party and how they'd work.

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I like this thread, I would post here.

But I am going to sleep.

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Does anyone actually like Duergar?

>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work?
Honestly, since yesterday's Mearls stream I really wanna do a Half-Orc warlord doing some fun commander shennanigans
Currently at most I can take commander's strike as BM and that's it, so I gotta wait

I think they're fine - gives dwarves more shit to have interactions with.

Starting a whole new campaign soon and the possibilities are getting me excited.

>Fallen Aasimar
>Used to be Good Goy Aasimar
>Followed my angel's instructions unquestioningly
>Fucked up some innocent people after being convinced they weren't
>Later discover the trick that had been pulled
>Turns out my angel is a dick
>Decide to cut all ties to him and his "cause"
>Now seek a world free from the influence of deity-like creatures
>Eventually want to go on a god-slaying crusade down the line, probably

For a non-contribution post at least the doggo pic is comfy

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Learn the rules before making yourself look retarded.

the facts of intent can't be determined by parties other than the intender - the opinions of some shmucks don't matter
but since my actual point is that you should want people with thin skin to leave (I doubt you'd disagree), I think we ought to be on the same page

>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work?
>Ancient Oath Paladin 7/Dragon Sorcerer X
Ancient order of dragon knights who swear an oath to an ancient gold dragon to spread love and beauty, to not just to protect life but to also enrich it with love and kindness. The dragon knights are charged with exploring thru the world like the roots of a great tree enriching lives and promoting growth.

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Actually sounds pretty fun

more sfw than looking at pictures of your own family at a beach, with the addition of not even being images of real people in the first place

What are some you got cooked up?

woah this thread got nuked

I for one appreciate the mods trying to solve the issue.

In other news, has anyone taken inspiration from anime or manga and gotten away with it? I know this has been asked a couple times in the OP but I'm now tempted to do it myself.

>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work?
I've got an idea for a GOO Tomelock whose patron would just be a refluffed version of the Accursed Archive from the attached pdf. He'd have the Cloistered Scholar background and basically be compelled by his pact to seek out and "donate" new knowledge to the archive or else be deprived of his powers. Personality-wise I'd make him act like a college student who's always got a paper due in the morning and is obsessively researching shit to give to his patron. If I play him as an elf I can push that even further since he would never need to sleep. I really like the concept, but then I remember that I'd have to convince a DM to let me use INT as my main stat as well as put effort into fleshing out the Warlock and Patron both to a degree I'm happy with and I put the character on the backburner.
>tfw can't enjoy Warlock because the work needed to make the character fun to play contradicts my autism that only allows me to write 2 paragraphs of backstory

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Once my DM accidentally made a dragonborn paladin that was white with blue eyes. He didn't realise what he'd done til someone pointed it out

Do anime-y vidya count?

that's a decent split since OotA paladin's 7 aura is actually busted later in the game

Sure since what I'm think of falls under both, at least will once the next season or two comes out.

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A night hag posing as an art critic. Several of the party are artistically inclined. Her goal is to capture them, petrify them, and suck out all their talent to fuel her magical whims.

She's got a cadre of sharply-dressed youths who are REALLY good at convincing people they are to be trusted, ie incubi and succubi.

She's one of the primary sponsors of an art contest in a major city. The idea is someone in the party will win the contest, she'll seek to purchase their work and invite them to her opulent mansion to see their work displayed. Heroes think something is up, her assistants move in and "convince" them everything is fine.

Now that I think about it, I haven't managed it yet in 5e.

But when I DM'd briefly I had a cool skeleton wizard man who was, though obviously much weaker, basically Momonga

yeah well the original concept for this character was "I want to piss off my fireball and magic loving DM"


Is it "derger" or "dwear-gaar"?

>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work?

I had an idea to make the Warden from For Honor. It would be kinda boring and more just for combat fun and to act OH SO HONORABUUU.
I also have the idea of an Oath of Conquest Paladin who's sole goal is to put his kingdom back on track to being able to win a war even if it means taking out the current leaders and replacing them with people he trust to get the job done.
Then I also thought it would be kinda fun to play either a Goblin or Kobold Warlock who uses the Mask of Many Faces to look like a Gnome or Halfling and be accepted by people.


sadist dm is a red flag - if you feel like u gotta counter your dm shit ain't right

I know I won't be able to pull of anything close to his powers, would have to run something like M&M I've been told, but the personality and ideals are something I wanted to pull heavily from.

It's better that way anyway, I think. Good luck.

Tell me about life force tethers. Can they work in 5e?
Stuff that's basically "one person can't die unless the other does at the same time, often has vastly improved regeneration".

Been mulling a Revenant Conquest Paladin for CoS who is focused on putting down the vamp if I can ever play it. It looks really fun mechanically to go full CHA and grab Menacing. Plus I really get invested in everyone’s characters so being kind of immortal and being able to perform last stands and sacrifices for the party to book it would be neat. Ahaving an undead hero rise with a great evil every time it awakens to conquer it and put it back down is always cool and I like the subversion of the evil-leaning Conquest oath.
A little edgy and contrived but eh.

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there's a second level cleric spell you should read

Which one?

My backup character for the current campaign is a dwarven forge cleric, who was cast out of his clan for murdering his brother was slated to become the community's holy blacksmith. My character was so jealous that he attacked and killed his brother, feeling it was his right to be the forge master.
After being cast out, he found himself slowly gaining the powers associated with the forge domain. He realises he's been blessed by the God of the forge as a chance to redeem himself, and to spend his life wandering the world doing good deeds.
I plan on picking up as many flame related spells as well as magic initiate to grab control flames, bonfire and earth tremor, which I'm flavouring as him channelling the forge power into his hammer and bringing it down in a great firey blow

>tell me about some of your character ideas
Always wanted to run a Dragonborn draconic sorcerer with fire-themed spells. Probably been done many times before, but it's on my list of future characters, along with a plate-armoured dwarf rogue, a cultist tome/GOO warlock, and a barbarian/bard multiclass.

>tell me about some of the challenges you want to throw at your party
When I was DMing I really wanted to add in some opportunities for politics, and allow cunning players to swing local elections to get laws changed and win favour with the new mayor, etc.

the one you don't know that creates a life force tether between the caster and an ally

night night user, sleep well, dream of rolling many 20s

Remember to get the elemental adept feat if you gonna specialize in fire

Oh man I had an idea for a character if I was ever allowed to use this
>Middle aged male, romance novelist by trade, writes under pseudonym
>works received well across the region, but has hit writer’s block over the past few years
>learns of/makes contact with the Fallen Exile one day
>sets off into the world to write this, the greatest love story he’s ever heard, end goal being making a happy ending by reviving the Exile’s beloved by using Wish from that Invocation
>Possibly betray the Exile by wishing for his own spouse back instead
An Aasimar would probably the fitting and best mechanically, but for some reason I want to make him a dwarf. Would definitely go Tome regardless.
I dig yours, the image of a harried researcher downing java and slapping together bullshit essays to appease the archive is a good visual.

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>Spells you cast ignore resistance to damage of the chosen type.
Neat, but does it include immunities?

How much are you fucking yourself by going into curse of strahd with a bunch of necrotic spells?

a lot

It really should. If your character concept is "Fire Mage", then the GM shouldn't have to worry about whether they're going to gimp you by sending the wrong kind of fiend against the party. The feat is basically a required pick for that character concept regardless, so having it not work in certain relevant situations feels like a rip off.

>Evocation Wizard gets to apply +INT to all of his darts.

How do we nerf Evocation Wizard?

>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work
Wood Elf Rogue raised and trained by his deadbeat thieving dad after his half-Drow mom got taken back to the Underdark. A job went wrong and now his dad is in jail, but since his dad only ever treated him like another set of thieves' tools he didn't mind. Now he's looking for a way to find his mom while exploring his real interest of nature. I'd want to go Scout Rogue for four levels and then Multiclass into Gloomstalker Ranger for the rest of the game, fluffing the Gloomstalker abilities as Drow heritage kicking in. Real quiet guy that really just follows others and tries not too make too much noise, because he has sensitive eyes and ears (Dump CHA, take Observant somewhere down the line, pump WIS, Expertise in Perception). Maybe take Elven Accuracy and only use it when he's in darkness, say that he's an excellent archer but he can't shoot as well in daylight because of genetically dilluted Sunlight Sensitivity. Maybe even ask the DM to give me diadvantage on Perception checks using sight when I'm in daylight, since I'd likely have 27 or 28 passive perception possibly as soon as level 9, with the hopes of getting to 30. Originally I wanted to play him as kind of autistic since he didn't have a good up-bringing, but I figure that doesn't gel too well with high WIS, so I'll just make him kind of quiet and codependent with glimpses of of his childlike wonder when he starts talking about camping, hunting, or nature in general.

So my group ended all life in the universe and now they're at the start of time on a barren planet, they headed towards a spire which holds the essence of an elder god that birthed all life that they managed to undo and they entered a pocket dimension which is the nightmare of a little girl trapped in a dolls house which they are now in and im not sure where to go from there. Any tips?

>damage subclass
>only buffs a shitty low level spell when it's better to save slots for utility/defense
>can just nuke things with higher spell slots anyway

As a GM I let people who take that feat turn immunities of the chosen damage type into resistances instead.


it's only one damage role per spell idiots

Veeky Forums, am I fucking up clerics? There's something I'm just missing about cleric spells, namely which ones I know. Do I have access to the entire cleric spell list at all times? Do I have access to the whole list, but have to select spells each morning like a wizard? Or do I only know as many spells as slots I have for each level and those never change?

I only just realized that only using the same spells as I have the entire game might be a dumb idea.

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That sounds pretty good and somewhat in line with the OoA paladin I'm planning to play soon. Was saved by a Nymph who guards an entrance to the Fey Wild when he got lost in the woods as a kid, kept going back to hear more tales of heros and because he figured she must be lonely. Eventually takes his oath and sets out into the world, partially because he's now a diplomat for his family, but mostly to find a heros tale she hasn't heard.

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you're correct

And Magic Missile is only one damage roll

you're a prepared caster
please read "Spellcasting" under cleric

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Dig deeper, the little girl is mearly the manifestation of the the elder god that they can comprehend, have the edges of the world start cracking and unsettling them. Through their actions of freeing her they set in motion the timeline they know, if they keep her trapped they eventually enter one full of nightmares and horrors spawned from the same elder god.

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so is there any reason to take a rapier over the two shortswords as a rogue? The extra attack just seems too good to give up for slightly higher damage die

only if it's hitting a single target at the same time for all bolts otherwise they're separate strikes

Sneak dice only get applied to one attack per turn.

wrong, crawford has already made it clear that you roll a single 1d4+1, and that result is applied to every single dart.

Well then I just won't accept it. There, I balanced it.

"that roll can damage the SAME target more than once"

Forgot to add the new beings are twisted forms and shapes of her tormentors, the party, in all various ways and possibilities.

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You choose spells every morning. You can choose from the entire cleric list. The number of spells you can choose is your Wis modifier + your cleric level.

no, you made an already weak subclass even weaker, good job buddy

>mfw I realize I make all my villains into women and all peoples that have a non-european aesthetic like mongol, chinese, aztec, african, japanese are all made into non-human races and the less close to european the more beastlike races are chosen

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The 2nd- your God is your spellbook, but you still have to prepare spells each morning.

so you've realized you're a racist who likes evil women

>hey user why do you only ever play the same character?

It's not my fault variant human is the most viable race. Screw DM's who even nitpick at this sort of thing.

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How am I supposed to stop him from one shot killing my bosses with a 9th level Magic Missile dealing 66+11d4 unblockable damage?????

>back to /pol/


you stupid motherfucker

Thank you Anons, I'm an idiot

Unoptimal characters are objectively more fun, user. Surpress your autism.

It's ok user, I have to actively ensure I don't make most women strong warrior types, especially in command positions.

Variant Human might be the most viably mechanical race, but if you are actually playing the same character personality wise, you're just bad at it.

And playing a different race won't help you roleplay better.

I love you user.

>9th level spell slot
if he has 9th level slots user you can give the enemy fucking hundreds of health points

I was speaking metaphorically obviously, if an Evocaiton Wizard casts magic missile at a higher level spell slot, he's going to do it at level 5 spell slot max, to also get Overcharge max damage.

So literally 70 damage on level 14 unstoppable.

How is a dragon supposed to cast shield??

oh fuck r u me?

Where can i buy these dice with the ampersand logo?

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Using the variant that gives them the ability to cast spells.

read the fucking monster manual you soyboy, there's a goddamn variant for giving them innate spells

I find I have a hard time bringing my characters to life. I can flesh out whatever personality I want but it fizzles out halfway through the first session either by circumstance or awkwardness. Although I have an easier time roleplaying a human than any of the other races.

Throw a rakshasa at him.

>dragons are literally known for being magical
>doesn't think they can cast shield

>How is a dragon supposed to cast shield??

Do you think Dragons are retarded? Do you think they are idiots? Do you think they aren't innately magical? Dragons can be Warlocks, Sorcs, Wizards, really fucking anything you want them to be.

>Running Tomb of Annihilation
>Jungle full of undead, everyone is dying, curse etc etc.
>Players would rather catch pirates
I'm not mad, it's amusing.

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My players recently agreed to a campaign with the vague premise given of the Outer Plane/Cuthulu esque forces have bled into the material plane. They have no idea how excited I am to run this or the things I have in store for them around every corner no matter what way they go due to the nature of the setting. Have fun user

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>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work?
I would genuinely love to play a sorcerer whose entire focus is being a font of magical energy. That means being a Wild Magic dude, and convincing my DM to let me take advantage to roll on the chaos chart more often than the rules currently allow. Probably give up one of the other perks wholesale, I don't care about them much.

The character himself would be a wanna-be mad scientist type, trying to figure out why he's basically a walking nuclear reactor. The wild magic would be so bad he likely wouldn't remember what he originally looked like or what species he originally was.

I know it's a borderline meme character, but I love the idea of waking up with minor mutations and causing games to swing wildly one way or another. At least his character wouldn't be lolrandom.

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>So literally 70 damage on level 14 unstoppable.
An air elemental as a random example has 90 HP.

4 of them are a 'medium' challenge for a 14th level group.

A group is meant to fight 5-8 challenges a day between easy - hard.

So your wizard roughly speaking, blows his 5th level spell slot to not kill 1 monster, and still has to deal with 3 more of them that combat and 30+ or so more of them through that adventuring day.

How is this overpowered?

Even a Red Dragon has 256 hitpoints. Your player would have to blow all his high level spell slots to kill the Dragon. This assumes he fights the dragon with all his spell slots, the dragon has no counter measures to magic missile , doesn't kill the wizard before he finishes casting spells at him and doesn't just fuck off and fly away.

>variant human is the most viable race
Please tell us more about highest level character and why its only level 5

I've been trying to revise the Sorc's Metamagics. Adding some new ones and revising existing ones. Any thoughts?

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>almost killing a 90 HP air elemental with a 1st level spell

hey, he's level 5 with double the feats of your dragonborn hexlock named Shadowfang

>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas

Changeling Bard posing as a murdered Human Paladin-Knight in order to seek out the murderer and avenge his death.

>A single monster got the wizard to burn a higher level spell slot
This is a good thing, you ignorant fuck. I bet you're one of those shit DMs that lets the party long rest whenever they want.

>Alright anons tell me about some of your character ideas and how would you make them work?
Changeling Hexblade anarchist-spy, their patron is the dagger of a legendary kingslayer that is using them to sow chaos and regain their strength (dagger may be possessed by the kingslayer)

Lizardfolk Sun-domain cleric or paladin, has a hate-on for undead and praises the Sun often for religious and practical reasons. Raised by a temple dedicated to the Sun god, a giant centipede that protects against evil, after their tribe was mostly wiped out to fuel a Necromancers army

Bronze Dragonborn bard that uses an enchanted trumpet and someday wishes to be a world-renowned musician to piss off his sorcerer parents

Current character, a Human Arcane Trickster rogue, once an acrobat in a circus turned burglar before joining the party during a jailbreak. Has become a reluctant vigilante after being guilted by party into joining them.

>DMs tell me about some of the challenges you want to throw at your party and how they'd work.
Current party has a ranger who is the estranged son of a merchant family that has some pretty shady practices and connections. Right now they're investigating why a tribe of goblinoids decided to attack a cider and wine farm when they had a friendly trading relationship up until then. Part of their mission is to successfully secure a lockbox that contained the deeds and other important paperwork for the family that owned the farm.

Turns out they were goaded into it by an evil druid hobgoblin after the farm started clear cutting to expand their vineyard. However, they haven't discovered that the hobgoblin has been hired by the rangers family to cause a distraction allowing someone to sneak in and steal the deeds so the rangers family can take ownership of the farm after the party clears or drives out the goblins.

Not him but i'm playing a level 7 human wizard and it's the best thing ever.

Who the fuck ACTUALLY long rests outside of sleeping hours, I swear /5eg/ comes up with some weird bogeymen