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Dark Eldar preview:

>Latest sisters news

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Imperium is for faggots but GK are for quadruple faggots

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Old. School.

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How do I best make use of Ballistarii? Are autocannons or lascannons the way to go?

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Oh shi-

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>Enemy BA charges his 8 death company into my Ghostkeel
>Kill 3 in overwatch
>Use Repulsor field and kill another 2
>The ghostkeel takes 2 damage after saves
>Hits back
>Kills another one
>One runs away in moral
>mfw through the entire ordeal

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Onagars. Balistarii suffer heavy penalties

Mortar rounds detonate on impact, he's fine, it's a dud.

or it's just landed, went through some soft sand or something so it burrowed a bit and is about to blow

What does repulsor field do?

>How do I best make use of Ballistarii?

Convert them into Sydonian Dragoons.

So is that next Imperial Armor book about Tau vs Mechanicum dead or what?

you never trust a dud, always call EOD. I bet your one of those idiots who doesnt where their reflective belt either. Your the reason why we have safety briefs that last 5 hours.

Say, I know there's various Scion players here so I have a question. What's a decent

Repulsor impact field
Use after enemy charge, roll dice for each model within 3", mw on 6

>Rangdan Xenocides
>you will be receiving Legiones Astartes support from none other than the renowned warriors of the II and XI legions

Whelp, time to retire and emigrate to Calth for a quiet life of farming I guess.

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How does this 2k shoppinglist look?

Total cost is 2k/2k, entire list would be Bork'an.
The idea is to have the Cadre Fireblade + 3 units of Fire Warriors in the tidewalls as a mobile death fortress, the Fireblade will be in the droneport to give the 4 Marker Drones BS2+.
The rest of the army will be:
>1 Cadre Fireblade for footslogging buff
>3 units of 6 FW (higher-unit/lower-model count so they can cover more ground/objectives), each with a DS8 missile pod turret for extra damage output once they've gotten into a good position, + 1 Guardian drone to share if they're close enough.
>2 units of 6 Pathfinders, no special weapons, but have 1 of each Pathfinder drone to share.
>1 Railhead with SMS +2 seekers
>1 Twin Plasma hammerhead with SMS
>Coldstar Commander with ATS, 2 missile pods, the Plasma Accelerator Rifle, & Examplar of Mont'ka
>XV84 Commander with 2 Plasma Rifles + Integrated Markerlight and Target Lock (I wish I could drop the Target Lock)
>1 Crisis team of 3 suits, (ATS, 2 missile pods), (ATS, BC, CIB), (Iridium, EWO, 2 BCs) + 2 gun drones and 1 shield drone
>1 unit of 2 Tetra Pathfinders for greater markerlight output

All the FWs in the tidewall have pistols so that if the enemy does get into melee range, they can still fight back without having to disembark.

I really went in trying to get enough markerlight sources to reliably keep it on 5 for at least 1 or 2 targets each turn, I might've gone overboard. All of my sources of Markerlights:
>1 Cadre Fireblade in Tidewall BS2+
>4 Marker drones ignoring move penalty and hitting on 2+ as long as Fireblade stays in Tidewall BS2+/BS5+
>1 Cadre Fireblade on foot BS2+
>XV84 Integrated Markerlight (30" range) BS2+
>total of 12 Pathfinders BS5+
>2 Tetra Pathfinders High Intensity markerlight (3ML stacks per hit) BS4+

I've only got 2 seeker missiles, so I feel like I'm not getting the most out of it, should I try to drop something (a drone?) for another seeker or 2?

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>Expecting correct grammar and spelling from cannonfodder

I love these things.

crayens r for eating not fer riting

>Hail Warmaster
>Rangdan Xenocides were more than 100 years before Horus became Warmaster

I love Sisters!

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fuck you, gotta use something when you run out of jalapeno cheese spread.

And in about one year from now, we will be able to play sisters models designed in plastic in this decade. What a time to be alive.

Fireblade aura doesn't work if he is embarked in a transport. Unsure if tidewall counts, but it should because GW hates fun.

Ion head > Railhead

I also see a distinct lack of drones. Do you like having >your dudes die?

Also if you're planning on actually buying this shit then for the love of jesus don't.

But it does look like fun

With the new covens and those leadership debuffs, is it viable to make a LD-bomb army? (I think it was called "freakshow" or something like that at 7th ed).
Or is it just a waste of time, as it would only affect things that already should be dead?

they will be monopose

I like that the version of the Solar Auxilia triage pamphlet for after the Horus Heresy has started is basically just "If his suit is breached, he's dead, either from being dismembered by a bolt round or because the Death Guard have saturated the battlefield with radiological, chemical or biological weaponry".

And the metal minis aren't? Even if they are monopose it's a vast improvement over what we have currently

Its a max of -3 so not really, I mean its an ok bonus but you shouldnt base your army around it, its more like a nice after-thought. Night Lords can get even better debuffs and they arent particularly great.

>I bet your one of those idiots who doesnt where their reflective belt either.

They're just The Man trying to cramp my style dude. Neon yellow doesn't match my MTP ensemble, it'd clash.

Waste of time, too many things in the game are either outright immune to morale or functionally immune due to small squad sizes to begin with.

Unless there is some bomb ass ability they haven't revealed that cares about enemy Ld and is good enough to pick a faction trait for, but I'll believe that when I see it.

Warp travel, ain't got to explain shit.

There is no article on Sisters
Why lie

>doesnt even wear silkies
you disgust me

No joke though, had a SSGT go back stateside during our deployment in afghanistan because his wife hit and killed a corpsmen on the side of the road because he wasnt wearing his reflective belt and running along the side of the road at night.

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Because Sisterfags are gullible retards.


This is... something good... that games workshop is doing? Pinch me

>Fireblade aura doesn't work if he is embarked in a transport
Entirely correct, he's in the Tidewall to give the drones his BS skill (if there's a Tau INFANTRY unit embarked, the drones launched from the Droneport may use that models BS instead of their own. The army will be acting as two seperate groups, trying to do a pincer attack, tidewall fortress of doom on one side and footslogging + tanks and suits on the other
>Unsure if tidewall counts, but it should because GW hates fun.
RAW as long as the Fireblade (or any other aura written this way for that matter) is outside of the Tidewall, it will still work on the troops within. The Aura effects all units, but only works with certain weapons, meanwhile the Open-Topped Transport means that any and all modifiers effecting the transport also effect the units embarked within; Aura effects Tidewalls but does nothing for it, Tidewall transfers aura benefit to embarked troops, they get bonus.

>Ion head > Railhead
I know it's a lot better, but I really prefer the Railhead over Ion just because RAILGUN. Hopefully I'll have enough MLs in place for it to be fine. I brought along the FW Plasmahead to help balance it out.

>lack of drones
They're just so expensive right now I can't justify bringing very many, I included 2 gun drones + a shield drone for the crisis suits to act as additional protection and ablative wounds, + the guardian and pathfinder drones.

>Also if you're planning on actually buying this shit then for the love of jesus don't.
I'm sorry user, I fully intend to, but not all at once. Right now my entire 40k collection is a partially complete Tau SC, 1 Cadre Fireblade, and 1 box of Pathfinders

That's what happens when you let SJWs into the military

GW really wrote themselves into a corner with morale.
Mindless bugs, no fear
Mindless boops, no fear
>Marines/edgy Marines/gold Marines
Literally can't feel fear
Mindless beeps, no fear
Only afraid of Farsight, fearless otherwise

Half the armies canonically shouldn't even be effected by morale so what's even the point of it?

>gotrek and felix
>age of shitmar shlock
nah, miss me with that gay shit

Well to be honest seeker missiles aren’t great and neither are most suits. Broadsides (missiles and ATS) and ghostkeels are the only good suits aside, of course, from commanders. And stealth if you count them but even then it’s more “meh, I need elite filled and don’t want a marksman (which are breddy gud markeerlight fodder) or kroot” than good. The real winner is our volume of fire, easy brigades filled with FW squads can pump out hundreds of shots buffed by SoF ethereals and fireblades. Bork’an is good, just needs some help. Brigade is a tau must though, you need CP for a lot of stuff. Also what other people said

>what's even the point of it?
Guard players and their Commissars.

Well if you're dedicated towards it then don't let your memes be dreams man.

I still think it's bad, fun but bad.

>He believes tyranid/nercon/space marine/admech/orkz propaganda

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Salamander waifus when?

Codex: Legion of the Damned

Just think about it.

What are your overall thoughts on the Kabal and Coven rules previewed so far? Also, and there any Kabals or Covens that you're disappointed didn't get rules?

Deepstrike restrictions suck! Bring back scatter and Dangerous Terrain.

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>be guardsmen
>get shot
>fail morale
>get shot

It feels like someone who knew and liked Dark elfdar wrote the codex. Doesn't matter if it's good or bad.

>tfw the dude who wrote yours doesn't even play the faction

It was released i 6th ed.
1 unit and 1 relic


But, really, what would it have? I mean, I'm all for a supplement and an update for the index entry but there's not a lot to justify mechanically.

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Noooooppe fuck you

Top stuff, fun, useful and unique and the stratagems so far seem to be very creative. Im glad GW has taken yet another army out of the gutter and that they are being more creative with Stratagems, makes me optimistic in the future of other armies.

>said no one ever
oh hey, who wants their 400 points of assault terminators scatter into terrain or off the board and instantly wiped out.

What if they brought back Horus?

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They also had an HQ named character in that release if I recall correctly

Man... and we had such high hopes for 8e back then...

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>Primaris lotd

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No one thought they could make an entire codex out of Custards.

They did.

and and all plot progression is good. but i want my barefoot eldar waifu to defeat him in the final battle

Oh yeah, shit, I wear a hi-vis vest if I'm running on the road at night, I don't have a deathwish. Should be running on the side of the road facing on-coming traffic anyway so you can dive out of the way of homocidal wives and gf's in 4x4's. Fuck wearing that shit round camp though, haven't seen anyone actually do that in the Royal Bongistan Defence Forces outside of training.

Fists or Talons?

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Nope, only LoD squad, sergeant can take relic.
Army was 1 elite + 3 optional elites

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>putting a troll link in the OP


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>Administer Punishment


Did Primaris suddenly become unable to die?

That still doesn't answer what would go into a Legion codex

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Looks very powerful with a lot of diverse and deadly options, but most importantly it looks fun and very fluffy. 10/10 codex so far

Alpha Striking would be less prevalent if there was a risk for it to backfire if you placed things real close.

What if all Imperial saints were just briefly given warp powers by chaos so they could undermine the Emperor's plans?

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I need to make more penguins...it’s been a good while.

High Risk, High Reward > No Risk, No Reward

/aosg/ is self-destructing again. I'm just going to hang out with you guys and research what 40k army I should get into.

fuck off fag

Can chaos just force warp powers onto anyone? Especially when they're the most faithful and pure, I doubt it.

Overall really hyped. Wych cult reveals will be deciding factor on whether or not I get a new SC!. Sad that The Hex didn’t get an obsession, them being the true artists of flesh craft, and all.

Chaos Daemons, you can play them in 40k, WHF and AoS

Talons are redundant with a +1 to wound

also take the DCD over the furioso

Your face will look funny when they finally arrive.

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wait for fish elves

Think of it this way with Euphrati Keeler. Spoilers for the first HH book.
>Spawn a horror from the warp
>Spawn some warpflame in front of her hand
>Melt an Aquila into her skin
>Everyone thinks she was given magic power by the Emperor
>Now everyone has proof big E is a god
>Just as planned

high risk, little reward. you could literally scatter into the unit you wanted to assault, and get wiped out anyway, that is if you didnt scatter into terrain or off the board. thats why land raiders were a thing, because it was too fucking dangerous to travel any other way.

weren't lotd post warp fuckery Firehawks? Pretty sure that precludes them from having Primaris

>GW makes snake elves look like a cross between elves and snakes
What a shocker.
New Celestine and girls looks ace

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The current DS system is fine. The best way to help it would be add more means of variance for the distance. For example, a Drop Pod strategem that allowed you to get within 6" for a CP

I missed a lot when I was away, it seems. Since when are there snek girls?

Pretty sure Cawl had some spare Firehawk geneseeds to tinker with.

No. The less randomness the better. The risk is not being able to charge for melee units and that can turn out pretty bad.

I know thinking about literature outside what they taught me at school and black library but I'm going to assume this is a very cultured shitpost to which I say, Fanar well played old chum

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My 390 pt filler for Scions is:
Tempestor Prime (Warlord)
-Hot-shot Las Pistol and chainsword
-Kurov's Aquila
-Grand Strategist

Tempestor Prime
-Chainsword and command Rod

3x 5 man Scion Squad with 2x Volley guns
Taurox Prime
-Heavy Stubber
-Hot Shot volley guns

To bump to 500 I would make 2 squads 10 man with 4 Volley guns. I use this filler for the CP, CP control, anti horde, and objective cappers.

>It feels like someone who knew and liked Dark elfdar wrote the codex.
This, absolutely. About time we got another preview that felt as spot on as the Imperial Guard one did in terms of flavor.