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Army of Horsefus when?

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>A Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms
>Malign Portents: Behind the Scenes
> Core rules
>General's Handbook 2017!C5BSgTDK!Sx74f87D86frlU0NZ1XKyGP0WEgar52X1Hatj1OA5y0
>Legions of Nagash!L44kEbRJ!VooTlhCe_WTmf5SFEds_wni8Z0EQDfBBsB1KBY_8ZW4
>Malign Portents!7x5hgZZL!l3KcjIUfNjDbEhjFeH31M9mRFfPf03yUFuN-jMU1JBg

>Army and Skirmish Warband builder
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>Warscroll battalion blank elf photoshop template.psd

>Malign Portents Stories

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>Callis and Toll The Old Ways!JNJiwSLZ!HM0fIa9VjF2hWWpJOS0fymB6kd944VYdHmrk7yKQ2N4
>The Tainted Axe!QRx1gIwS!X3bvo8LQgV6V1Q12C2Y5dnM3m4lF5IkvxTKMzdQuazs
>The Witch Takers!5URyAJTZ!edeqlJAaUNRXsDVBHyGuyL5g3JXlbLej0Ug_oY7qtao

>Thread Question
What do you think will be the next army to be released? (beyond Deepkin and Nighthaunt)

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>What do you think will be the next army to be released? (beyond Deepkin and Nighthaunt)
Stormcasts of course

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>Army of Horsefus when?
Hopefully never.

>thread literally overrunning by furfagots

Someone make a less degenerate thread

it's monstergirls you faggots

It just hit me that Lords of Sacrament might be crazy with the new rumored schools of magic if Death gets ANY mortal wound spells.

I'm sorta excited, to be honest.

It's still beastiality.
Veeky Forums is christian site


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DoK snakefags would disagree

>not converting your DoK Doomfire Warlocks into centaurs to go with the harpies and sneks

Amateurs, all of you

Don't. Changehost will still destroy everything.

Stormcast will likely get ANOTHER battletome and some new wizardy units come the magic update or AOS 2.0, as they have to keep up with the trends.

What I actually want to see is some battletomes for freeguild, ironweld, dispossesed and wanderers with some kickass fluff, maybe cross-army battalions that allow keyword sharing, like freeguild supporting ironweld gunlines. I also want an ironjaws update, with a boss on a Gore-grunta and some new double headed Orks in Gorkamorkas image.

Army of SJW, who gives a shit?

So I keep seeing the AoS 2.0 meme, and I am convinced it's just a meme. Am I missing something people are not telling me? As far as I can tell it's just wishful thinking that started as a hypothetical until it circulated around to become 'confirmed rumors'

Did someone say Bull Centaur?

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>it's monstergirls you faggots

That's just furry in denial.

But user, I'm making an army that I want to play and I want people to play against.

Less degenerate thread here

>kickass fluff
Pick one
>dispossesed and wanderers
but user, you already have Sylvaneth, Kharadon Overlords and Fireslayers battletome

A GW ex-insider, Rob something, confirmed it on a livestream of the 'honest wargamer' after GW accidentally released a clip of it on their twitch channel for 12 seconds or so.

I want an army of these fucks, but too bad they're bad and expensive.

All armies deserve battletomes user.

Oh, ok, go ahead then. Sorry if I sounded like an ass. Have fun, and post BR. God knows we need reports in here.

Yeah agree, armies, not a police forces

>Literal army of stripperelf fetishbait femdom fantasy army

>accidentally released a clip of it on their twitch channel for 12 seconds or so.
a clip of what? 2.0 trailer? 2 guys talking about 2.0? source?

T-thats mean user. Freeguild try their hardest.

>ugly faces
>male bodies
>covered tits
Sure thing pal
See as I said, SJW army

This is now a CDorf thread.

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Make the real manly choice user.
Go Thunderscorn.
Unleash your inner 80s power metal fan by deploying a whole army of dragon centaurs powered by rage and thunder.

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That feel when you get your horse waifu only to get cucked by a literal bull.

I legitimately wanted to, but I couldn't make them work even as GA:C. They're fun to play once and never again, just like all the other NPC factions, sadly.

>I find something unattractive therefore everybody does
>Male bodies by GW are ripped to shit if topless, these are as female as GW gets
>GW couldn't get away with having an army of titelves in their stores, the parents wouldn't let their kiddies in, the DOK are as uncovered as is allowed
>since when is femdom associated with SJWs?

2.0 trailer, can't be arsed getting the source, it was a few threads back, but on top of the mysterious magic video from adepticon, something big is coming

The Slav is trying to hard to bait.

Furnace Kings WHEN?!

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Does anyone have it saved.

Also to another user after nighthaunts allegedly Slaanesh and then grits of some kind.

So, what Battletome has the Slaves to Darkness rules in it? The only thing I know is that it is supposedly in some Grand Alliance Chaos book, that I am unable to find.

>malign portents is about to end
I liked some of the short stories, especially the ones showing examples of somewhat usual events in the setting, I hope they keep them up for future stuff too.

I just hope we get a teaser or something tomorrow revealing what the great work was

can the leaker give up the warscroll/points for pic related and the shark please

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forgotten pic

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Not soon enough

>>I find something unattractive therefore everybody does
>finding thin-man from XCOM attractive
>>Male bodies by GW are ripped to shit if topless, these are as female as GW gets
Wrong, Witch aelves never had male bodies and they weren't fat
>>since when is femdom associated with SJWs?
Will it be correct example?

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Yeah cause that's how this shit works

You want General's Hanbook and either go look at the individual PDFs on the unit's store page or get the Azyr app.

One legit appeared in Auction of Blood and we got more insight on them in Spear of Shadows.

>it was a throne
>of all bones except skulls

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Anyone understand what the fuck he's trying to say?

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user, we get it, your mom touched you as a child

>I bring great shame to my race

>BDSM passive projecting hard


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Lets just stuck with the thread we‘ve got, user. We can make it less degenerate in her ourselves.

My based brother.

Hopefully an army that finally appeals to me like my Bretonnians do. I‘m dreaming of a Free People‘s Battletome being released along a new „Knights of Breton/Order“ kit that looks properly AOS-ified. Also some more normal knights on magical beasts like the demigryph riders would be sick AF.

Though if we‘re honest, we‘ll probably get one of these:

>Shadow Elves
>Light Elves
>Slaanesh rework

I‘m honestly kinda annoyed at myself for not finding enough appeal in any of the newer armies for myself. I guess its just because I cant stand elf armies.

do u think we will get delicious chocolate horsefus too? with realistic sculpted puffy lips??

fuck off sperg

>Hopefully an army that finally appeals to me like my Bretonnians do.
Can we mass-report such fags?

Sadly stormcast check all the boxes that knights do in GW's product line user. With none of the actual feeling or flavour mortal kights in not-shit armour have. DESU I'd like stormcast if they had actual helmets.

Thanks user. Much appreciated.

M-mortarchs, skullbros, eyefriends we-we only have ten hours.

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let's pray for one of elf armies to be horsefus, or at least their inclusion in beastmen army

You must know that the rest of the choices went Nagash's way, right? We fucked our chances the very moment we decided to kill every seer.

not sure, seems some kind of guttural rambling in written form.
maybe he's hungry.

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Nagash will win anyway user, don't worry. Bones protect you.

Skaven spy detected

the new art for the DoK codex was bad in the sense that instead of the elves looking pretty they look like hags

the lore in the DoK codex was bad because it reads like feminist revenge porn

the models for the DoK army are 10/10 except Morathi's snake form could have been better imo.

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Yeah, I think its too bad that SCE look the way they do. They‘re honestly a really fun high fantasy army concept, and I like the way their lore screams „THUNDER LIGHTING DRAGONS AND POWER METAL“, it just kinda sucks that they all have that ugly face and horrid proportions.

Calm your tits, sperg. I never even played fantasy. I only just got into AOS a couple months ago with a second hand Bret army, since the official factions just didnt reach my „100% awesome“ meter required for me to start an army.
Let people enjoy whatever army they like.

>TFW Ironjaws battletome is bad because the Orruks aren't sexy and have too much armour
>TFW the lore in Ironjaws battle tome is bad because it reads like Gorkamorka havin' a laff

Art doesn't have to be sexy to be good user

They aren't meant to be pretty. They are bloodthirsty murder cultists. Aelves in AoS aren't necessarily meant to be pretty.

Not going to lie, this campaign marks the first time little Slaaneshi me and my uber Khorne usual opponent were always on the same side throughout the whole thing.

>Aelves in AoS aren't necessarily meant to be pretty

yeah i get thats the design choice GW went with but it didnt have to be that way. Making them ugly just cause they could didnt make a lot of sense any more than making them all ugly hags makes sense either.

Warhammer has never been about things being hot and sexy, it's about being METAL AS FUCK and looking awesome in a non-titillating way

>it's about being METAL AS FUCK and looking awesome in a non-titillating way

Why did they make them look like garbage then?

>Come on to Veeky Forums
>look for my 40k containment board
>find 2 /aosg/
You fucking people need to be taken out back and shot.

>Making them ugly just cause they could didnt make a lot of sense any more than making them all ugly hags makes sense either.

there was a point i was trying to make... its been a long day let me try again.

There was no good reason for GW to make them all ugly hags. No preexisting fluff or lore compelling an all ugly hag army. There isnt necessarily a reason why they had to all be pretty either. Sure the whole point of the cauldrons of blood is to make blood sacrifices to khaine so when the elves bath in the cauldron they are make young and pretty forever... But GW didnt have to make them all pretty.

its just interesting they GW wanted them to all be ugly hags. I dont see the point of that.

Correction. 3
This kind of cancer is what got /sug/ banished to /trash/

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Okay, then.

What does everybody think of the race of Bull Centaur being renamed Ba'hal as their keywords imply?

I count 4 generals right now, one is going to die soon, so that leaves us with 3.

better than getting called ogor

I think that it means nothing unfortunately. LoA are a legacy army, so I think that if they'll ever get updated, they'll be fragmented in 3 branches, Chorfs, Artillery and Centaurs. I'll bet the centaurs will get a very silly name, something like Brass Bulls for the unit and Massive Brass Bulls for the heroes.


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Remember tumblr recently closed a bunch of accounts that turned out to be owned by Russia. Veeky Forums is most likely just as crawling with people paid 50 kopieyka per post to incite outrage.

>Russian hackers are why people don't like ugly chicks!

Are they all ugly hags? As far as I can see they tend to be conventionally attractive women making mean facial expressions in poses not designed to accentuate their sexuality.

Maybe I have low standards, but I'd take one out for a nice seafood dinner.

Femdom is shit tier.
SJWs are shit tier.
Therefore, femdom is SJW.

did you ever see those power-metal hot fantasy babes painted on vans?

How do hot babes enter into this discussion about the DoK?

Seems like these russian folk do less harm shitting up board games generals than they do promoting WW3, so if they want to waste their time here, I'm cool with it

GW paid actual money for this to be made. This is the state of GW's art department.

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>Femdom is shit tier

says a man who's never been tied up in silk and stroked by a cute mommy gf

That's like saying a goose isn't a duck, even though it obviously fucking is.

are there centaurs other than these dwarf ones and chaos ones?

I imagine the wood elves would have something, right?

sorry i meant to talk to the dude who claims METAL art is not supposed to be hot

Why should I care if people are too stupid to think for themselves? If Russia is influencing people’s decisions with bots, those people are dumb as hell. Also the US government and also a shit load of US COMPANIES do that shit nonstop. I don’t doubt the existence of Russian bots, but I find it funny that the government is throwing a fit about it when they blatantly do it too.

It's obviously a fucking magazine for his NOT-bolt pistol you mong, look at the actual models on the store you sperg. I think it's a shitty model, but the art is ok.

I think we'll get a Chorf(with Artillery), a Ba'hal horde faction and a Daemons of Hashut faction. Through the current faction also works as it is unified.

fuck off Nighurs

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magazine for his bolstorm pistol
you sperg