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Spacefrogs edition




>A Traveller's Guide to the Mortal Realms
>Malign Portents: Behind the Scenes
> Core rules
>General's Handbook 2017!C5BSgTDK!Sx74f87D86frlU0NZ1XKyGP0WEgar52X1Hatj1OA5y0
>Legions of Nagash!L44kEbRJ!VooTlhCe_WTmf5SFEds_wni8Z0EQDfBBsB1KBY_8ZW4
>Malign Portents!7x5hgZZL!l3KcjIUfNjDbEhjFeH31M9mRFfPf03yUFuN-jMU1JBg

>Army and Skirmish Warband builder
>City Generator
>Warscroll battalion blank elf photoshop template.psd

>Malign Portents Stories

New books
>Callis and Toll The Old Ways!JNJiwSLZ!HM0fIa9VjF2hWWpJOS0fymB6kd944VYdHmrk7yKQ2N4
>The Tainted Axe!QRx1gIwS!X3bvo8LQgV6V1Q12C2Y5dnM3m4lF5IkvxTKMzdQuazs
>The Witch Takers!5URyAJTZ!edeqlJAaUNRXsDVBHyGuyL5g3JXlbLej0Ug_oY7qtao

>Thread Question
Who are /your dudes/?

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Consolidate you retard


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So is Kroak technically alive or dead?

>Thread Question
Who are /your dudes/?

Here they are, feel free to tell me what you think of it. I am open to constructive criticism as I am aiming to constantly improve my writing skills

Oops I also forgot Steelhearts Champions.

Technically? dead.

Relic priests are old and powerful enough to tell reality to fuck off, however.

>>Who are /your dudes/?
Probably my BoneZone bois. Though I'm new and still slowly constructing a little network of connections to justify future expansions of my Death army, including why they would work with the Mortarchs.


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Ghetto culture is shit and nagash shouldn't be dragged down to that level.

Have some respect.

I don't make the memes, son. I just repost them.

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Why aren't there more Dragons for the Chaos Grand Alliance?

Why is the Chaos Dragon in the compendium not able to ally with anyone?
Why can't Dragon Ogres be taken as allies by anyone aside from Gors and Minotaurs?

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Can you really say they hate Chaos when they fucking exploded the Old World and almost everyone in it winning entirely?

>implying that the end times weren't just GW wrapping up their ~20 y/o game so they can repackage everything to you under new trademarks and copyright

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And the crew of the Gullet River Galley is ready to set sail! The tortured sound of creaking wood and groaning, rotting steam engines; echoes throughout the fetid waterways...

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>Those names
My plague ridden brother from another mother

I like your idea of a Nurgle steam boat, it’s very original and fun

Do you have any pictures of your models? If you do I would very much like to see them

Aw, thanks man!

Though I just noticed I forgot to name the plagueclaw catapult. Bugger.

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Unfortunately, they aren't fully painted yet. Which is a bit of a moot point; because I was actually going to show off Flff until I found out my camera takes really REALLY shitty pictures. I will however post pictures when I can user, don't you fret!

Repostan' for IDK.

Avatar of Mathlann – not a named character, so you can have multiple and give it relics and traits.
Wounds 12 (first model with more than 10 wounds that doesn't decay)
Move 12"
Save 3+
Bravery 10
Spear 2" A4 3+ 2+ R-2 D2
Hook 1" A4 2+ 3+ R-1 D1
Fish 3" A2d6 4+ 4+ R- D1
- If you charge you heal d3 wounds, gain +1 Damage on the spear and reroll 1s to hit. He can also retreat and charge in the same turn.
- Units within 9" can reroll Wound roll of 1
- Select enemy Hero within 3" with less than 8 wounds; he gets -1 to Hit until the end of the combat phase.

>possibly 200pts

>Gullet River - Rotbark Levy crossover when?

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New death models when

What colour do I paint him bros?

Im thinking a scary as fuck red

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Soon, boyo, soon!

I'd say orange.

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Can someone explain to me how certain priests are able to pray twice? I've seen it mentioned a few times now, but I've never seen an explanation as to why, or what the conditions are. I can't see anything on the warscroll that says can pray twice.

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Making good progress on my next batch of husky boys

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khainite pendant - The bearer can pray three times in your hero phase. However, the first time a 1 is rolled when the bearer prays and they are found unworthy, they suffer D3 mortal wounds instead of 1.

this model looks like a giant rat and doesnt work with the rest of the Lizardman range.

I dont get why anons like it.

No, according to 1d4 and some other articles I've read, priests are able to pray twice in the hero phase natively. I've seen it in some battle reports also, but I can not find the rules explanation allowing it.

>One thing to remember is that priests get an extra prayer from the list of khainite prayers, and therefor can actually pray twice in your hero phase

This is the explanation but it doesn't seem to make sense to me. Because the Priestess of Khaine ability explicitly says they can pray once.

So is Malign Portents (Campaign at least) over after this vote is over?

Ah nvm, I just rechecked the wording. The priests on their own can only pray once. But if they have the right allegiance they get to pick one of the additional and can pray twice.

Read under the 'Prayers of the Khainite Cult' and above the actual listings for the prayers:
Each PRIEST in a DAUGHTERS OF KHAINE army knows one prayer from the six Prayers of the Khainite Cult in addition to
any others they know. You can either pick the prayer, or roll a D6 on the table below to randomly determine it. A model that knows such a prayer can pray twice in your hero phase instead of only once. However, the same Prayer of the Khainite Cult can only be prayed for once in each of your hero phases, regardless of how many priests know that prayer.

Based on that wording, can an allied priest in a DoK army also have access to the additional prayers, and pray twice?

Right after fish elves.

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Because the whole Dracothion fluff basically means that dragons are prime champions of Order now. The best any other faction can get are "corrupted" dragons or Mawkrushas, which aren't technically dragons.

And, honestly, if we, at some point, get a new Chimera model more in the style of Archaon's mount, I'd prefer that over actual dragons.

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More Stormcasts, hurrah

Had a feeling a jailbreak could happen, but I didn't expect it right away. Anvils getting reiforced is cool.

Everyone got reinforced, but they got a lot.

>inb4 GW uses this to justify the return of WHFB characters.

>Everything's back to normal and absolutely nothing has changed
>Except Order and Chaos have an excuse to pump out a bunch more generic hero 'variants'

Fucking Drakefags should be ashamed of themselves.

Yeah, isn't this strongly hinting that characters who died in the end times have now been brought back from the dead?

Hell yeah

They specifically mention Destruction heroes too.

Also Death.



Are you ready to have your favourite WHFB characters as Stormcasts?

Eh, I think in the great scheme of things Nagash is still the one that came out the best out of this campaign
Chaos is the one that was fucked by it

Those models are gonna be flimsy as fuck. They are beautiful and GW uses good plastic, but still those fish are gonna be very fragile

I mean, Nagash is still doing his Great Work. We didn't do much of anything to him. Just broke his prison.

Stormcast Volkmar the Grim would be badass

Did anyone else expect at least something to wrap up the campaign? All we got was the usual fluff about the winning choice.

gw is so fucking lazy


We'll probably have to wait for this afternoon's article about the week result to see what will happen next

Okay so, they are probably writing a book or a series of books about what Nagash is doing and our results will affect that.

>Ice-hearted queens

Hmm.. Kislev, when?

Destruction gets a pass because it's not like they'll ever get anything nice.

Well, people were sperging out about WHFB being dead for so long that GW smelled money.

yay, disney ending
i may vormit

These REEEEEEing deathfags are like music to my ears.

> Ancient magisters and mages, disgraced vampiric aristocrats, snarling greenskin warlords, ice-hearted queens and Sigmar-touched heroes, blind loremasters, duardin kings and arrogant Skaven clan-lords.
>duardin kings
>mfw Dispossessed are back on the menu.

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Grim Pope be back please, not Martin Luther be back please, Isabella von Carstein be back please

>W-why didn't you vote for an obviously self-sabotaging option? You should have stabbed your allies in the back or started sucking Nagash's boner like us!

After all the nonsense this campaign has thrown at us, we finally got to end on a high note. Lost loves being reunited in the shadow of death, mighty heroes returned to their people, Nagash's grand trap undone by his own overconfidence and arrogance. It's perfect.

>Le hobbit "dwarf" reaction image
>objectively inferior to warhammer
You disgust me.

Well, tobe fair, a jailbreak is not stopping Nagash plan though. Still, i am all for high note ending.

>Isabella von Carstein be back please
Why should she have been trapped?

>We just got an advertisement for the upcoming made to order Warhammer Legacy line as a prize for finishing the campaign.

Never said that it did. But it makes for a great narrative, the heroes persevering and finally winning a reprieve at the end. If GW has another campaign lined up to represent the next stage of the Malign Portents narrative, it feels we're well-suited going into it. Also, I can see the return of all these long-dead souls as a great launch point for any Black Library fiction which springboards off from the event, there's loads of interesting stuff you can do with that.

I would hope she love Vlad enough to never forgive Nagash, especially if Bone Pope refuse to bring Vlad back.

On the other hand, Isabella was a thorn on Nagash side during End Time when she was under Nurgle control

Fuck sake, Nagash has won. We had a chance to stop his work before it even began but you guys failed to pick the right choices each time starting with week one when you MURDERED THE SEERS WARNING YOU ABOUT HIS PLANS.

Are you fucking satisfied?

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Yes, I was shilling for Nagash through campain. Bonezone never ends!

First week holocaust will never not be funny.

Some sort of trouble?

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>snarling greenskin warlords
>disgraced vampiric aristocrats
Vlad von Carstein
>ice-hearted queens
Tsarina Katarina
>Sigmar-touched heroes
Luthor Huss
>ancient magisters and mages
Balthasar Gelt? Engrimm von Horstman?

>Duardin Kings
Ungrim or Thorgrim

>Sigmar-touched heroes

We stole all his shit and kicked him in the shin in the process. I'll call this a win.

I literally said yesterday that your favourite characters from WHFB are now trapped inside indistinguishable Stormcast armour, and now they confirm that they're going to have generic looking Stormcasts arbitrarily named after previously cool looking heroes.

I wouldn't even put it past them doing a Vermintide pack with 5 generic looking Stormcasts

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None of that is true, but I hope the thought will confort you when you go to sleep under Lunaghast's light

>disgraced vampiric aristocrats
Plz bring back daddy vladdy


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So this is just an excuse to bring back more fan favourites?

Hah, I got this guy at home.

Guess so
Nagash must have really done a great job back in the Age of Myth for having a ton of important WHFB characters trapped without anyone knowing about it

Tied up in your basement?

man, I regret never playing high elves back in WHFB, they had some really cool looking guys, but my friend always said their helmets looked like dicks and I didn't want him to laugh at an army of them

On my shelf, ancient, but still very pretty miniature,

Their ASF with high initiative was pretty irritating, though

No, none of that is happening. You dumb motherfucker. You're literally strawmanning GW.

>Being this much of a mong.
>non human stormcasts

Are you telling me we won because nagash understimated our stupidity?

Nothing about this even implies any of these people are from the Old World. Why are people thinking that? There's been thousands of years worth of heroes in AoS, that's all these are. Not fucking WHFB characters.

It's because some of them are "from before the Age of Myth"
They're definitely overreacting like they were going to take all the named WHFB characters and bring them back, but I'd say a couple of them may be fair game

They will start giving narrative play only old schools heroes rule, you know that? What better way to go on a "limited rerun" of old miniatures?

>Come up with this idea to justify it
>Leave it to players to unlock it

Sure, but having rules for them doesn't mean they'll appear in the story, otherwise they would have given them rules allowing them to be played in all game modes