How do you like the new card back, Veeky Forums?

How do you like the new card back, Veeky Forums?

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Is this for real?

This is the purest form Nu-Magic I've ever seen. What's it from?

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>card sleeves
Fuck you.

Looks like it was designed by some soyboy app developer in San Francisco

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Too clean and the logo to the side bothers me, but I'm an old fart that liked old card design pre-8ED.

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Looks like AIDS.

>purest form Nu-Magic

I hope they change the card back because that's what's going to finally make 90% of players quit and never look back.

>black is purple

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that's a card sleeve design you god damn apes
It's a sleeve boys.
If it were a new card back, I wouldn't have a tremendous issue with it, honestly. Proper colors, proper centering, still a portal design, it's neat enough. There's no need to be upset by every change in the world, especially hypothetical ones.

Yeah, that was established three posts in.

Most of us are remarking on how shitty it looks, as a sleeve.

>There's no need to be upset by every change in the world

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Thank you, #wotcStaff. I'm proud you're trying to engage new communities.

I am so glad they are unable to actually change the card back. This is a fucking abomination. The original has that nice complementary scheme with the blue lettering on a brown-orange background, and the font and borders look archaic and bring to mind a magic tome. With OP’s shit, it might as well be TRON the card game.

>If it were a new card back, I wouldn't have a tremendous issue with it

Kill yourself right now.

But I like being upset by things Wizards does!

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>Retards getting triggered over a sleeve

This has to be the easiest board to trigger, too much autism

>There's no need to be upset by every change in the world, especially hypothetical ones.
Changing the back design of a trading card game tends to cause serious problems. Simply put; the ambiguity of the cards is diminished.

Sleeves have been obligate for ambiguity since the introduction of dual faced cards. Changing the back at this stage would not change a single thing.

You don’t need sleeves to play transforming cards, you just need a checklist card.

Fixed it.

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What kind of sad creature actually resorts to using checklist cards?

More like dickmaster cause that sleeve sucks cock.

Your mom must be proud.

Ughh. Can we get rid of that kind of language already?

I wish we'd get rid of all language entirely because language discriminates by default.

Fucking sjw fucking with our sleeves

Pre 8th had

People who draft...

I was drafting IXN and got a legions landing, but you could see through my sleeves and didn’t really want to buy new ones.

I always use checklist cards because I don't want to constantly get my dual-faced cards out of their sleeves.

The point of course is that checklist cards exist for that very reason: even though no one except week-old nublets really plays without sleeves, they're not _literally_ required. If WotC changed the card back in the smallest way, they would basically require sleeves from that point on, and would mark the new cards as proxies or otherwise invalid fake cards in the minds of the players. Most players I know would quit on the spot if the card back was altered - even if the new design was better than the current one (which OP certainly is not), simply because they would interpret the situation as "WotC doesn't print real Magic cards anymore".

lmao green was terrible you nostalgiafag fuck

hi jeremy

Op is a fegit

Agreed. Things were so much more progressive back in the pre-lingual times, when we communicated with simple grunts and shouts and selected mates by bashing their heads in and dragging them to the cave.

It's still terrible though.

It's okay. I don't like using sleeves with designs though.

That looks like a school project

You are a very rude person and not very reflected.

But better than the original

Looks incredibly generic. I can't even tell what kind of product's packaging that is supposed to be from looking at it, it could be a condom manufacturer or a Bitcoin mining rig seller or a foreign country's political party. It could be anything.

>it could be a condom manufacturer

wtf i love magic now!

fucking spot on

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Isn't that just the sleeve design? Actual card backs are staying the same, I believe. Still, not a fan.

Sorry user but not everyone is autistic like you

For some reason magic threads attract /v/ermin like more than any other thread on the board

/v/irgins are actually pretty shill compared to the aspies in here.


>Sorry user but not everyone is autistic like you

Literally 100% of people who play Magic are on the autistic spectrum. You cannot have a hobby with a 300-page comprehensive rulebook without being at least somewhat autistic.

I assume he meant to write "chill".

Stop. That. Right. Now.

Honey, I know your probably the type of misogynistic midwesterner that thinks murdering women with rocks and raping them in a cave is funny, but it's not.

You clearly have no experience in with dealing with severe trauma due to your inherent privilege, but that still doesn't make it ok.

I personally have experienced rock to the head murder rape and let me tell you, IT. SUCKS. So cut that shit out.

The last thing we need in the MtG: The Gathering community is an other jerk like you making jokes that subjugate and question the validity of 50% of the player base.

>tfw judge and you read all the rules
>tfw not autistic
>tfw getting along very well with people and girls


If you are a judge, you're extremely autistic, and should probably get it diagnosed.

I convinced myself of their physical vaginas. :^)

I've had literally no trouble that point to the autistic spectrum, apart from shitposting on Veeky Forums that is.

>he's an IRL magic the gathering mod
>he did it for free
>worse yet, he now has to pay to prove he's not a pedo

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>and girls

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I'm not an Ameriburger.

Have you stopped being an IRL failure? :^)

Are you abusing your position as a judge to fuck the 50% female playerbase, user?
I think that could be rape, user.

Actually, it was the girls who made the first move. But since I have male privilege it probably was rape regardless. All sex is rape.

Can't argue with that. We're all guilty.

Not I ; _ ;

Post feet

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Instead of shitposting, try suicide.

>Make it look like a shitty Netrunner for android

>I am so glad they are unable to actually change the card back.
Never underestimate what a new management is willing to do to prove they're "better than the old guard".

>even though no one except week-old nublets really plays without sleeves
Been playing Magic since Alara, I've never used sleeves.

But would settle for it if it meant my cards wouldn't curle


My brain no work

Changing card backs removes backwards compatibility.

It's something they realized decades ago designing Arabian Knights.

Yeah she is proud of me, and half the town knows about my accomplishments in sports, academics and things like volunteering and teaching kids in the reservation. Basically I’m like Jesus but more muscular and even more hung.

Removing the redirection rule for planeswalkers also removes backwards compatibility.

What's wrong with his face

Yeah, the M10 Lightning Bolt just doesn't work anymore does it. Never in the game's history have the text on cards been errata'd; this is completely unprecedented and uncharted territory we're in, how ever will we make it through this.

Seriously, the retards complaining about the "any target" wording change are the dumbest niggers on this fucking board; and that's saying a lot.

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Having to remember Oracle text and having to use sleeves because the backs are different are things that are on a similar magnitude.

To a new, casual player neither would matter.

Unironically I sometimes wish we'd bring back "werman" as the male equivalent to "woman" just so the rabid feminist types would stop complaining that everything with the word "man" in it is sexist.

No it isn't, you fucks, "man" was always generic for human in general, we just eventually dropped the first half of the word for "male man" because we started to think it was the default. You can argue that THAT bit is archaic sexism preserved in modern language, but at least cut out the "womyn" shit.

Having to remember Oracle text is basically exactly the same as having to remember that the planeswalker redirection rule ever existed in the first place.

Guess what? No card's text ever made reference to it.

>remembering something is the same a requiring a physical item

I wasn't kidding when I said you we're the dumbest anons on this board.

You were refering to someone else and I still don't see the flaw in my logic. If he's just starting out he only uses new cards, therefore he doesn't have to use sleeves since all of his cards have the new back.

I'm not defending the other anons, but your logic requires that the new player is playing the latest set in standard, which is not always the case.

>I can't see how remember rules is different from a physical requirement

Dumb, dumb, dumb, retard, dumb, dumb dumb.

>If he's just starting out he only uses new cards

You know damn well players acquire cards from earlier sets almost immediately. I started during Masques and had Urza block cards within a matter of weeks.


this is hatespeech

Well I have to admit that you got a point there. I still think that both cases will cause problems but yeah the magnitude might be different

He had a moustache and refused to shave it because he would act in a netflix serie or something alike right after the movie, so the CGI team had to model his face where it needed and this is the result.

Don't forget. Sometime in the future, the cards will look like this. Hope you enjoyed Future Sight.

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Loved Future Sight, but they won't use that border for the simple fact that it actually limits what mana costs they can put on cards.

rip progenitus


It would only affect the only people who ever see the card back: casual players who don't use sleeves.

Gonna be honest here, I think it looks better with the light blue rectangle in the middle. What can we put there instead of the old DECKMASTER logo?

>this happened with WoW and now with MtG
>people will call you a cynic if you dislike the way it is now when it's almost always egocentric decisions not for the the good of the game
Also my friend loves clear back sleeves and this will make him sad.