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Can someone please post the 4 horseman cyoa please?

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Why don't people like PDFs?
Why do people prefer huge, unwieldy image files?

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PDFs are more of a pain on my phone, and it seems like less people know how to properly edit a PDF, so they end up too wordy or poorly illustrated.

One, PDFs not as flashy as a 1080x6400 jpg file.

Two, pics over text for today's user.

fucking plebs can't read

Pick Magus, drain only from evil dickbags like the tea party. Use power of magic to feed the sick and hungry, lead mankind into a golden age.

That's great.
You going to share that power?

Thank you user but that wasn't the one I was thinking about, It was a imaged one I think and had you be a ruler of some land

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I know what you speak of, but I don't have it saved. Sorry.
>Black menace

Cat with a Gat. Duh.

>black menace
That's racist.

Only once I am badass enough that I can be sure to prevent it from being abused by a jerk.

Sure, you say that now, but lives are still being used to fuel mana and you can't keep an eye on everyone.

cat with a gat

Thanks anyway user

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Seven deadly sins pdf anyone?

That's the one I was looking for user, thank you

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My mastery of magic says otherwise.

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Anyone got the Hwaet mystery box?

man, I just realized how much I dislike "obligatory" sections and "meta-savvy" shit

just because you know you're doing something unoriginal doesn't make it better, if you cant even be bothered taking your own cyoa seriously why should others?

obviously this is less of an issue for comedic cyoa like loli-attack and waifu hatred

What are obligatory sections?

A modern masterpiece.

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The one that gives you a foot long tongue and chaotic headlights
Now i can pretend to be a slaneeshi cultist in real life and i've got proof.
Shame i am more of a Tzeentch guy, but hey, i won't complain

Do you have the CYOA?

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yep, all but the mb

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This checks out. Here's the goods.
(part 1 is a PDF version)

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I asked plebbit for the CYOA, turns out they had it

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Nope not this one. The other one.

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You went to reddit. Renaming it to shit on it doesn't change the fact that you went there for help.

I did not have it on my hard drive user :(

He tried here first, and we failed him. Maybe reddit is better after all.


who [RHINO THREAT] here?

Have anyone from CYOAG ever met each other in real life?

nobody from cyoag exists in real life

If that were true i would be able to be with my waifu

We are all little girls, our dads and moms don't let us leave the house

>leave the house
>she's actually been allowed to look outside

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Alright, here's the latest version of the WIP. i decided to add four more abilities, but i'm not sure what those abilities should be. suggestions? Also thoughts on the teammates i came up with would be nice.

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Remove PeePee, add something with huge tits

Could always add telepathy, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, or race only upgrades.

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>wanting to look outside
the outside is ugly

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Shit. I can't post Mago 5. Anyone got a copy?

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Please add more males, and middle aged females to the team mates. I always like to RP making a "family" serenity style and I cant do that if all the women are like 20ish.

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What's the problem with 20ish woman? what you want a 15 year old?

Hmm, i already gave Alteans pyro and cryo, so i dunno about making those abilities...
Race only abilities could work, maybe. Any other suggestions?

Morgan Yu is late 30's, and at least 4 other women are way older than 20's.
Also, considering my track record with Demigod CYOA, which had like, 7 guys vs. 30 girls, this is a huge improvement.
Also, female characters just tend to be easier and more fun to make.

Wait, you're Demigod's author?



Hmm, a comment on the math. Unless I've screwed up, Asari are the 4th best Psionic race. Lifting = 3/4x max strength, so we have Android (6000), Qunari (5400), Aquoid (3900), Asari x4 (3600), Human (3300), Gray (2700).

So while it's in their racial description, Asari aren't actually that good at Psionics. At least, not unless there's more to it than raw strength, which is all we're given. Not sure if intentional.

Yep! This is what i've been working on for the past couple of weeks instead of the V2.1 update. I'll get to that eventually, i just got kinda bored with constantly working on that CYOA as a whole.

No. I'd like like two at 30ish one at 45ish and maybe one at 50/60ish. You know, a plethora of choices.

I'm the one whos going to be a 25ish something women jumping around the universe. I want maybe one or two girlfriends to hang out with and roughly two potential love interests. I'm ok with them being dudes or butch ladies. One of them will defiantly be Morgan. And Aliens with giant life spans dont count! dont pull this OH ACTUALLY shes 220 but she's a loli so it doesn't matter. I want wrinkles and laugh lines. Lol and dont even kid me, you just like using sexy pictures of women :P
GO out and find me some sexy dude pictures and we'll be in business. In fact, just write a bunch of female profiles you like and then switch them over to dudes.

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You could be a Tzeentch cultist, user. There are plenty of blood filled humans walking around.

If i'm being honest, for some of these, like Doz the Brutal, i wrote the backstory to fit the picture i found. It's bizzare how hard it is to find multiple good, non-naked Gray pictures out there.

Damn. Well, wouldn't be the first time i fucked lifting strength up. I didn't realize on the Demigod CYOA until like, V1.5 that the first upgrade to Super Strength made it like, 1/2 as strong as the basic level did.

I guess i'll set a limit to that for Asari, probably 8000 or so.

>If i'm being honest....
I hear you. Keep at it. you can do it. Your doing good work.

mmm I'll make Rio in her 50's. Might as well.

Geck Pecko all the fucking way.


I don't catch your drift friendo

What is /cyoag/'s favorite names for waifus or daughterus?

>/cyoag/'s favorite names for waifus

Ones I can shorten into cute nicknames that aren't overly complicated and unpronounceable.

Crushinator the Mighty.

She's MY waifu!


And you would declare that without approaching me, her papa-san, for permission for her hand in marriage?