Does your character have an interest in reproducing?

Does your character have an interest in reproducing?

Have they already, intentionally or otherwise?

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He wants to die alone because that's what he thinks he deserves. Unfortunately, he got drunk and knocked up a knife ear. So now he's forcing himself to live through the adventure, be a better person and be there for his new family because that's the right thing to do.

He had a son who died from a particularly unpleasant fever several years before the campaign started. He's not really interested in having any more children, especially since he's become a lich and is pretty much totally incapable of it.

He has, however, taken in a sentient golem as a sort of adoptive son.

He's part of a class of slave-warriors who are discouraged from marrying but encouraged to be promiscuous everywhere they go. He's got probably thirty or forty bastard bastard children across five different continents.

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My character has 14 kids between two wives and two other mothers.

Last character I played didn't give a fuck. Before that I played a Half-Orc Druid who was 17 (random starting age). He wanted to have adventures and see the world for at least a few years before getting tied down.

>Unfortunately, he got drunk and knocked up a knife ear

that's am odd order for words

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Pathfinder threads sprung a leak again?

He's an cardinal of a fertility turn semi-Abrahamic god who still has some of his fertility tenets. He has about fourteen kids that he knows of.

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Had eight strong sons, watched all but one of them die while retaking lost levels within the hold. Wife died shortly thereafter, now he's off to search for his last remaining son.

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>Saving Private Ryan
>Dwarf Fortress Edition

He has three daughters and two sons that are the other PC’s characters

He has no idea that his eldest son is plotting to kill him after they get paid for the bounty they’ve taken on a mated pair of griffins terrorizing one of the largest port cities in the Southern Kingdoms. His daughters are suspicious about the whole ordeal, and have taken to encouraging sleeping in a single, enchanted pack roll to keep an eye on him

>taken to encouraging sleeping in a single, enchanted pack roll to keep an eye on him
Even with the context my mind began to race with possibilities.

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no, but he likes to practice, just in case he changes his mind

No but a lot of my players do, and I keep having to kick them out because of it.

>Does your character have an interest in reproducing?
well, hes fond of the thing that results in reproduction

>has he already
not as far as he knows, but he doesent check before leaving

She's an alien, and the only member of her species known.

The likelihood of her finding another of her species is very slim, so she would probably have to settle for a human husband, with no guarantee of biological compatibility.

>tfw my character wants nothing more in the world than to be a mother and raise her children with a father
>tfw my character is a tiefling cursed with loli body so she drowns the sadness in booze and burning bad guys to death

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Well, she was a mother of two sons who's also made into NPC characters by my GM

She also chaste herself by taking an oath to be a paladin-equivalen of my setting, due to the guilt over her husband death in the hands of BBEG. Even thought her eldest son is against that idea

What, like during game night?

Because unless they're pumping one in or pushing one out on your table I don't see the issue.

>you will never be an autistic That GM

Feels damn good

Meanwhile mh PC is a crucidaemon tiefling who long ago pyt away any hope for romance, dating or even a quick fling because it's like Grimtooth's down there. Still, her mentor's daughter seems determined to change her mind, even if it would take magic for them to have kids.

Congrats, OP

>What, like during game night?
No, usually in between sessions when they have to cancel because they need to "stay home and watch the little guy." Fuck your child, faggot. I don't owe you shit, I didn't ask you to make a baby, nor am I obligated to give a fuck that you have one. Why should I care? It's not mine. There are 250 more of them being added to the planet every second. Fortunately, there's a 9-month warning that comes with these things, so I know ahead of time to start coming up with ways to kill off your characters before you inevitably have to quit the group. It's always that or "well I gotta get up early the next morning cause I gotta work extra time at work to pay for my shitspawn" or else "my wife wants time with her friends so I have to do the shopping" or all that other shit. Actually I've just started cutting off myself emotionally from players as soon as they get married, to prepare myself for the inevitable baby, which inevitably leads to that player being kicked from the group because no, I am not going to cancel the session just because you couldn't keep it wrapped. Fucking idiots. I've lost 3 players this way so far. Fortunately the rest are permavirgin faggots so no worries there.

Damn typos on phoneposts

I use TTRPGs to deal with my desire to be pregnant. I worry it freaks the other players out.

I had a character die to ceremorphosis and be reborn as a mind flayer with disassociative identity disorder.

Does that count?

No but we had a session where we went to an alternate universe and my character in the universe was evil and pretty much raped and mind broke the AU version of an NPC we had with us which led to him having a son

Found the incel.

You do realise your game isn't the most important shit in the world, right?

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Are you a dude or dudette?

Because that could make a difference.

Guys can't get pregnant, user. I've never heard of a dude wanting to get knocked up either.

I take it you're new here, then.

I dunno. Nonconsensual pregnancy sounds pretty sexy.

40k Inquisitorial acolyte. Is a pretty notorious horndog so I imagine he probably he has quite a few bastards spread throughout the imperium.

He's quite enamored with the idea of being involved in someone's upbringing. He's the younger of two brothers and idolizes his older brother a fair bit, so he would relish an opportunity to be the cool older brother himself. Whether that will mean reproduction, adoption or just getting involved with education or something remains to be seen.

He hasn't had any kids yet, he will if he meets someone nice (and resolves all his other campaign stuff).

If you consider 2007 new, sure.
That's pretty much my biggest fetish.

Getting laid does not require you to have children.

>You do realise your game isn't the most important shit in the world, right?
No, but if you're not willing to make time for the game, you should quit. That's just good manners. If you choose children over gaming, that's fine. But it is a choice, and you need to deal with making that choice.

>hasn't been here since 2002
Yep, that's a newfag

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She is in fact so not with the idea of spreading progeny that she ran away and got cursed by a fairy.

Does actively trying to build a race of self repairing immortal golems capable of sheparding the world into a new golden age by causing the singularity count?

Because I am 100% trying to do that and therefore way too busy to bother with sex.

Oh I did also already spend a decade creating an intelligent learning homunculus and infused it with a chunk of my own soul, not sure if that counts as reproducing either.

Like an impregnation curse or something not related to why she ran away in the first place?

A guy proposed to her, her parents told her to accept it, she told em to pound salt, she ran out and accidentally cut through a fairy circle and got cursed.
While she's glad to have something to occupy her time, it is decidedly inconvenient to be under the thumb of pissed off fairies.

I'm a faggot, but all the characters I play as are straight. Most have fade to black hooker sex but a couple tried to start families and settle down.

Yes, she wants kids. She's trying to find her husband and its not going well.

I'm a dude and often bemoan the fact I'll never be able to get pregnant.
But I like my dick too much to be a tranny so I'm in a weird position.

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He’s a little bit racist but he’s come to care about her

You wouldn't be able to get pregnant if you were a tranny either. Accept your masculinity and live vicariously through a wife. Go forth and procreate!

>giant red oni who is probably infertile
I think he'd make a great dad, but it's not right for a runner to have kids with his chaotic lifestyle

Sorta? My GM does shit like hooking our characters up to NPC's in some way we aren't expecting. I normally play vanilla as a human fighter, and as punishment for such a 'boring choice' and to dick with me he makes half the villains in the setting my bastard offspring and they turn evil because I was never around. Certainly makes encounters more...interesting

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My current character is the offspring of my previous character, a lesbian wizard who magically impregnated her girlfriend.

I'm sure there's somebody out there that's willing to make her a mother, user.

>That's pretty much my biggest fetish.
Sounds like a pretty easy fetish to satisfy in TTRPG, anyway. Just have your character sleep around and show signs of pregnancy once you find the right guy.

>racist ANGRY ABOUT ELVES character
>gets drunk one day and impregnates an elf
That's neat

Part of the problem, innit? The kind of people what would make her a mother you wouldn't want around kids.

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One is an old preacher whose already been there done that. Wanted his son to take over the church when he kicked the bucket. Has stated many times in the campaign that he just wants to retire and die in his sleep.

The other has absolutely no business trying to have a kid and knows it.

Yeah, I know that I just worry that I'm mentally ill for wanting that before realising that I don't actually wanna chop off my body parts, I'm actually asking out a girl I've had a thing for for a while tonight.
Wish me luck.

... Or it's a man that has gotten comfortable enough around her to realize she's a passionate woman whose youthful figure belies the maturity underneath.

Ganbatte user

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The only way to solve this is obviously to curse a guy into being a shota forever.

user you're adorable when you assume the best of people like that

How young does this Tiefling look, anyway? It shouldn't be impossible for her to find a man who isn't a pedophile that would be interested in getting with her - as I said, eventually she'll attract the romantic attentions of a man through showing off her womanly side, which means the only hurdles are those in the bedroom and convincing him to get inside her.

>fairy circle

So is she just stuck dancing forever or what? I would have had her knocked up by the Fairy King for irony.

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It's hopeless, man.

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I'm going to be frank with you, user. Even if you found a man who loves her and wants to have children with her, she's got the body of a girl so young I doubt he could even put his dick inside her without causing damage.

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Drinking and bets has led to the assertion that things of that nature are possible without damage. Hooray, alcohol.

Hey, look! She's having sex with her party members, that's great! Just try to make her next foray into a partner's camp have some romantic undertones and get the ship ready to sail.

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Kek no, drunken experimentation was carried out with inanimate objects. Nobody wants to go to jaul and she's more the party mom anyway.

God this make me want to have a baby. Veeky Forums you're memeing me into wanting to get pregnant.

user stop, that kind of thing only happens in niche futa on male hentai.

Join a campaign and achieve your dreams! Or go on a filthy ERP forum and pump one out.

Doest casting Clone count as reproduction?

>tfw you'll never be able to play a female character because all of your friends are relative normies
I need to get into some online games with other freaks like myself.

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High elf sorcerer who lost his wife and son in An Incident involving his half-drow brother who was angry at life and not being reason enough for mommy to stay with the rapist drow dad.

He's too sad to find another wife, but he's basically taken the young human female alchemist of our party as his ward because she reminds him so much of his dead daughter. He's even beaten a bandit that was going to be a major boss to death with a table leg to protect her.

You could just let them bring their kid along if they need to watch them on game night. Happens occasionally in my group and it's never caused a disruption.

Can't, wouldn't if he could.

It would bleed him of too much power to create a progeny, and with friends like his, any sign of weakness would end with several hundred knives in his back.

Are you a femanon?

I'm playing a Rogue Trader that had to kill all of his children because they kept trying to have him assassinated so they could get their mitts on his Warrant, so he organised a family dinner to discuss inheritence and proceeded to blow up the ship they were on.

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Check out /pfg/, they're hot for games like this.

He would love to have children one day soon, but his long-term contract and the demon invasion he may have to solo may make that hard.

It's a 'what if' question that sometimes floats around on her off-days, but a great many factors stand in the way. One, it would rely on finding the right man, which doesn't seem likely given her life so far. Two, even if she's making headway with her issues, she's aware enough of them to know that she's not fit to be a parent yet. Three, it'd mean taking several years off from training, which is something she cannot afford. Four, she has no fixed abode and the road is not a place to raise a child.

She's not even really certain she can have children anymore. Being almost cut in half, beaten to a pulp, near-fatally poisoned, electrocuted, drowned, impaled, burned, frozen and asphyxiated might have left some permanent damage

Might give that a shot sometime when school and timezones aren't kicking me in the ass.

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>She's not even really certain she can have children anymore. Being almost cut in half, beaten to a pulp, near-fatally poisoned, electrocuted, drowned, impaled, burned, frozen and asphyxiated might have left some permanent damage

This has always been a concern for female adventurers. Until you hit those high levels where regeneration and Wish are available to restore your shattered womb, female PCs should be notably barren between levels 5-15.

Male adventurers too. All it takes is one good kick, you know?

Alongside all the other horrific magical radiation sources the other user listed, yes.

You'll just need to come with a concept more than just, "fill me up."

You don't need to be foaming at the mouth to be racist. There's a lot of wiggle room between the average dude and role playing as Pelinal reborn.

Oh, I tend to make pretty decent characters as a part-time DM, so even if I got into a game like that fetishshit would take a sideline.
I just wanna be able to play a cute girl.

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>That spoiler
/pfg/ will love you if you DM for them, user.

Does a massive clone army count?

He does, but mostly to get revenge on his wife for poking fun at him a few times. God I love playing low wisdom characters

Dose getting Berserk style raped by a demon count? Cause that happened to our female party member.

I might consider it when I'm not DMing two games irl, but I haven't touched Pathfinder in years.

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It counts.

Although it counts even more if they came at least partially from your genitals.

>"And pass on the Infernal taint in my bloodline? Do you think I'm stupid?"

Once he saves the world with his pals

Do it, you pussy.

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Good luck user, I hope I catch it when you decide to!

It does sound fun, I might think about it for a bit considering I'm close to finishing one of my campaigns.

You're not some guy from a genestealer cult are you?

What sort of campaign would you have in mind, user?