How would 40k fare against Lucemon?

How would 40k fare against Lucemon?

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hi malal

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>Comparing the Lord Of Eternal Darkness to a measly psychic ocnsturct that cant even fuck up his fellow psychic constructs and no longer exists as an entity anymore
InsertAngryEater.Jpg here.

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Aren't these threads getting a little out of hand?

Perhaps. But at this point, it's either we suffer threads like these, or we let /pol/ or Reddit faggotry take over. Both of which are worse than threads like these, since at least these threads are somewhat related to Veeky Forums at the very least.

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I hate the name falldown mode

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Chaos Mode is the superior name in all honesty.

cool villian horrible name

Man, Digimon has come a long way since I was a kid

It has hasn't it? I still remember when it was just a basic Pokemon counterpart but with talking Mons once upon a time.

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well th first show had Apocalymon wanting to destroy the universe so not really

World enders are a dime a dozen in digimon.

So when do these guys get their own Omegamon variant, since they just added a few?

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7 demon lords, 2 of 3 gods of destruction, 4 dark masters, 6 Big Death-Stars

I think most digimon wish there were only a dozen

user these two are actually based on Omegamon, the sword and the single cannon both represented on the characters shown there.

Plus Ogudomon who's the Jogress of the Seven Demon Lords; Gulfmon, who's the evolution of a leftover piece of Apoklomon; and Megidramon X who threatens the fabric of the Digital World just by existing.
To name a few.

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How many Guardsmen will Renamon turn into heresy before the Commissars will run out of bullets?

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Digimon has an utter crapton of world/multiverse destroyers thinking on it.