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>Would the Wyld Hunt try to attack Lookshy to get at a pair of young Anathema?
...user. Lookshy IS the Wyld Hunt in the Scavenger Lands.

They're a Dragon-Blooded stronghold, even if they fight off the Realm, and they follow the Immaculate Philosophy.

So, uh... go with Great Forks, unless you want to fight off 3,000 dragons on their home turf.

>Rosie -400
>You are a hunk of metal, you are also fully able to move like a human.

I would replace “You are also” with “that’s also”.

Actually, in the canon period of exalted, Lookshy doesn't give a fuck about hunting down anathema who don't cause them trouble. Even if they're actually IN lookshy. That being said, go back even two decades and that isn't the case, apparently.

Do you consider "may you live in interesting times" perks to be a good thing, or a bad thing?

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Actually Lookshy doesn't hate Celestials.

From the Scavenger lands book.

>The Anathema: While the Solar Exalted are not hunted or shunned in Lookshy, their arrival is not considered good news. Peaceable Anathema have come to Lookshy and found cordial accommodations for the length of their visits, but their unpredictability combined with the raw power at their disposal makes them difficult to befriend.

Still Great Forks is better if as it puts Lookshy between you and the Realm while also being a nicer place to live in general. Perhaps start in Lookshy for the Armor discount and head home to Great Forks afterwards.

They're technically bad things, but life's much more fun with them, so I take them anyways.

It is very contextual.

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While generally true, the Immaculate Order is very much active in Lookshy and environs. If you want to get away from the Hunt, you are better off heading to Nexus.

It's a good thing buddy, once you enter the jumpers life normal becomes boring. I mean once you've fought dragons, aliens, and eldritch abominations why would you want normal?

Currently? Looksky cares not what your origins were but yeah they were like that once. If She-Of-Fair-Eyes and Mokoto appeared with a Mortal the only big problem they'd have is that Fair-Eyes can break the power balance in Lookshy's favor and that might end up with folks bombing Lookshy or something. The politics of why Lookshy is Lookshy and not Realm place is a big part of why they're like the way they are.


The Story Begins: pastebin.com/6BNjdkth
Of Hellos and Goodbyes part 1: pastebin.com/UHtWeUCW
Of Hellos and Goodbyes part 2: pastebin.com/zScK7QWm
Of Hellos and Goodbyes Part 3 : pastebin.com/kqnNwVPd

As summer waned the Pokemon research center seemed to become more busy. Professor Oak was preparing for some conference in the fall, staying up late at night to run numbers with his aides. I rarely got to hear much about it, since it was top secret, but I wasn’t bothered. I had other things on my mind.

The meetings with Trahearn, what I had taken to calling the tough as nails creature, had continued. As the days wore on I could move closer and closer to him without a growl, but it never stopped watching me as I moved about.

Madoc on the other hand seemed to have a calming effect on him, allowing him to relax during the daily procedures. This, at the very least, was progress. Madoc almost seemed to be talking to him the whole time.

The idea of the poacher hunt seemed to be placed aside for a while. He seemed more concerned with keeping Trahearn alive, but even so we would always turn the idea over as he worked. Every movement was tinged with anger and frustration that only grew with each passing incident.

“I mean it’s just the two of us, we can’t possibly cover everything.” I said one day, settled back against the tall tree that dominated the center of the room. A book on Pokemon Physiology was nestled on my lap. “And the targets keep changing.”

In the last Month we had been given two similar cases, though neither had managed to survive. They had all been missing something that defined their species, and it had been violently butchered in a way similar to the charmanders we had found. The Horns of the Nidorina, the Golden coins of a Meowth. They occured weekly, almost like clockwork.

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From the last thread

will do

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It correlates depending on how much booze I have on hand. Which ever since I got the First Magic was infinite.

I mean... I'm immune to poison. But the booze is more for the people around me. I got really good at reviving people fron the dead due to alchohal over dose

How many of you broke the rules and went back to do pokemon?

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Something to save for mid to late chain but otherwise has the right idea.


I just did the skill thing, but I think it might screw me over. The third one looks good though. Since they're active I guess I just don't use the first two?

Stats: Active Skills:
Increase mental debuff rate of all allies (4 turns)
CD: 6
Inflict burn to all allies (3 times) [Demerit]
CD: 7
Ignore invulnerability & evasion for all allies (3 turns)
CD: 9

Passive Skills:
Avenger A+
At the Boundary C

So if a Lookshy citizen was suddenly saddled with taking care of them how strongly would the higher ups recommend we leave for Great Forks or other less likely to start shit with the Realm parts of the Scavenger lands?

Each time we would head out to where the creature was found, only to pass a night waiting for an attack that wasn’t there.

We of course had reported it to the police, but they seemed just as lost as we were. Each time we checked with them they simply told us they were handling it.

“It’s a Pattern.” He muttered as he to applied salve to the wound. It had taken a few weeks for me to be able to stand to look at it , but I felt it a duty to face the pain face on. It was a reminder of what I had seen. “I just don’t know which one”

He must have become distracted, as Trahearn snapped at the air before letting out his screeching growl. He had been getting better lately in other ways, and though it was unlikely without roots that the bulb would regenerate, the skin and muscles had begun to return. He was still sore though.


I leaned back, turning it over in my brain. “The bulb of a Bulbasaur, the Fire of a Charizard…” We had gone back and taken pictures the next day, looked over what hadn’t been eaten in the night. The same ferocious hacking that had maimed Trahearn had been there, but with the entire system for the flame being pulled out. “It sounds like a shopping list.”

Mark stopped what he was doing, then gently sat back to stare at me, then looks up at the window, his mind working. “A shopping list?”

“Yeah like for a party.” I said, Sticking my hands out, and making my voice high, like a bimbo. As I spoke I ticked off the list on my fingers. “Like ‘Honey don’t forget the bulb of a Bulbasaur and the fire of-”

Do you have your computer?” he interrupted me. Madoc, sensing that perhaps his playmate was free of the daily medicine, crept over towards him. Mark, normally vigilant against such interruptions didn’t even blink.

“Uh, sure. Why?” I said reaching back and digging out the laptop. I

“Because your right, and wrong. It does sounds like a list.”

Depends on the specifics. If they work passively and they can't be turned off, I consider them bad. If they create horrible events and damage to the world that otherwise wouldn't happen, I consider them to pretty much just be drawbacks that you pay for. If they just drag you into interesting events that would occur without them, and they provide some benefit, I consider them worthwhile.

To be fair that's not actually a rule, just a tradition that people love to force on others for some reason.

First, a question: So do Lintha get Inheritance 4 too?
Also, now I'm reminded of how ungodly doctrinally inflexible Lookshy is - such homogenous forces...and their refusal to enlighten people's essence so being a Gunzosha won't be a sacrifice that unduly befalls the thaumaturges they desperately want to train more of.

I am not familiar with a lot of mmorpgs.
If I were to get divine tier equipment for a rogue/assasin build in Overlord the Series what kind of special effects or buffs would it give me?

“But not for groceries.Remember what I mentioned as to why they were collecting the items?”

“For Folk Medicine? Yeah.”

“Normally they take massive amounts of one thing. I’ve heard of whole herds of pokemon being taken out. But we only have at most five or six being attacked and harvested before they change tactics.” The tic-tac of the keys punctuated the pause. “Even more so they are choosing pokemon that are hard to get at.”

“So Either they suck or they have an agenda.”

“Exactly. “ He turned the computer around, and I was staring at something that looked Vaguely occult.

“You think that they are collecting it for a Ritual?”

“Do you have a better idea?”

“Okay but then what ritual?”

He looks over at me and shakes his head. “I am not sure, but It’s the best lead we have. If we can figure out the next move we can stop them.”

“Well then let’s follow it.”

“You want us to go after something that can take apart a grown Charizard?”

The image flash through my mind, and I shivered.

“Well we can leave it up to the police, we just have to figure out where they need to be. Soon. “

Your skills suck, no two ways about it. Your third is useful, but situational. Your second you should never use, and your first is firmly meh.

Regular Pokemon didn't really interest me all that much. All this inconsistent business of Pokemon being able to fight on their own when wild but suddenly being idiots once caught. ten year olds being sent out in the wilds to likely die in droves, etc. The version with ancient japan in a big poke-war seemed much more my speed.

About what I thought when I saw them. Ah well. Can't win 'em all.

Could we start in Lookshy for the Armor discount but just be there in transit towards Great Forks?

Perhaps we're an adventurer from Great Forks who found a set of first age armor went to Lookshy to let them examine it in exchange for a set of Aegis Inset Amulets?

Posting again for review.

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Ive never used my return, so I'm tempted to go back once i hit my stride for genetics. I have a vauge memory of a ruling about pc boxes and taking all of your pokemon, not just six.

Be great for generic samples.

Why does the sword of Jumpchon lose effectiveness when your ship gets close? It'd be cool to control your own ship with just yourself as the crew.

Given it doesn't have the demerit tag, your first skill is probably meant to boost your allies' ability to inflict mental debuffs. Kinda situational, but charming tends to be OP as fuck when it actually works at all so it's not bad.

Captain looks like a perk pretending to be an item since you'll be given access to a ship each jump.

Oh if that happened they'd be nice and just ask you if you'd like pay/try to get you hidden but doing exactly what people think a Solar can do with a place like Lookshy (Fix it) if they're give no choice but to fish or cut bait they'll pay you to leave. Seriously.

1) I'd be kind of a dick if I said no there.
2) The whole 'fluff X fails because Mechanics X' is a thing that's really been there since day one of at least 2E. Like the Ursuptation is nigh impossible without really esoteric charmwork on Sidereals part, but nothing mechanically keeps a person with a certian charmset from just one-shotting all of them.

Yes that's fine, and I could believe that. Though you might have a challenge leaving Lookshy with your First Age suit of armor.

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>All this inconsistent business of Pokemon being able to fight on their own when wild but suddenly being idiots once caught.

Never went the first time.

Thats how I interpreted what you see in the show. Wilds fight on their own just fine. But once they get a trainer it seems like they need their hand held in order to fight properly.knowing my luck I am probably wrong but that's how it always looked to me.

Very solid Jump user.

It loses it when you ship gets further. I'll make that clearer.

Dunno mate. Just used to seeing military ranks, noble titles and other such positions put in the items. I'll see if I can't make it fit better.

I always figured it was more that the Pokemon Trainer is like a tactician, and they guide the pokemon to best use their abilities.

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How would a God-Blooded living in Lookshy go over? The descendant of one of their allies from Great Forks who immigrated, married in, and had the True Breed Mutation to pass down their God-Blooded Status?

What Artifact level is this?
>it generates an unblockable, undodgeable attack with 50 automatic successes, does 100L levels of damage, and is perfect in its own right - even if somehow the 50 successes are reduced to 0, it’s considered to hit with 0 successes.
It's an example Thaumatugical weapon of mass destruction from an example fight.

Unless that's a one use bomb it's probably N/A.


Yeah it's a one shot cannon that has virtually no spread.

I'm pretty sure this is done.

It would be nice if someone could image it, but if there are no big issues I'll upload it later tonight.

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What jump has the best power sharing perks. As In teaching muggles to use magic etc.

Is the Return one time use or can use multiple time? Otherwise it waste of point to me.

Thank you!

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>A normal life is a bad thing
Becoming a jumper doesn't magically solve your issues, you know. It gives you the opportunity to become better, sure, but no amount of jumps will make a lick of difference if you don't move forward.

So if ksbd user is leaving could one of you ircfags or discordites get him to come in and say he is fine with someone redoing the jump after he does leave?

Oh, that's generally because they're supposed to be a team and figuring out what to do is the trainer's job in the team. The trainer is supposed to be the one strategizing and helping the Pokemon grow stronger, while the Pokemon is the one who aims to carry out those commands and kick ass in battle. Pokemon are trusting their trainer to be able to tell them what to do and if the trainer isn't issuing commands there's probably a good reason.

Pokemon that don't respect their trainers and their judgement (both in the games and in the anime) tend not to listen and fuck about or use the moves they want to use. In the anime you saw this with Pokemon like Charizard who would nap for half a battle, flew off randomly and fought his way when it came time to fight. In the games, each consecutive gym badge you earn allows you to command higher level Pokemon you got from trades. The fluff on this I believe is that strong Pokemon you obtained from trades have little frame of reference for your competence and gym badges are good for that.

Fanwank, most people who take it seem to fanwank some sort of cooldown.

>inb4 it's given to Red


>Rarity – 800 (must take Anchor Off)
There are only a few of you in the multiverse. One of your other you's have offered you a chance to go to the originating reality, of this setting where the multiverse emerges from, where they harness unborn galaxies to Build the Carriers . All for a chance to be in your place since this one likes to fix worlds (1-up)

What is this? This doesn’t seem to be worth 800cp. This doesn’t seem to be anything other than points to pay to enter a scenario.

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Is there a drawback limit?

>Ten-Thousand Winter Nights
>This day will happen in three years if you do nothing to stop or change it, and you will lose.
What does this mean? Presumably this isn't just an unwinnable fight right?

Tell me about your chain fluff.

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Cool thank

I guess that could be it. But I still feel like a frickin magical creature that has been fighting for what is most likely its entire life should be good enough not to need a ten year old to give it ideas. Meowth proved that even ordinary mons can be fully intelligent. This is the sorta thing I'd probably spend a whole jump poking at. Probably end up causing a war between humans and uplifted pokemon or something equally nonsensical.
Fair enough, but most of my above statement still applies. I know its mostly a person hangup though.

Here's my thought process on why it's an item: Its benefits are a one-time thing that can be taken from you, largely in the hands of others. It's not something you can gain back or keep when lost barring extraordinary circumstances. Salazar was descended from wealthy merchants, iirc, though. So if it still seems weird, I might be able to swing something with that. I could remove the ship in future settings, just make it an officer's position, and maybe give a free purchase of Nothing could stop the Silent Mary? Dunno. They're both pretty inter-connected, having rank and commanding a ship.

As it is now, a lot of them lead to ~interesting times~ when taken together, so they sort of balance each other out. But I was also most dissatisfied with the drawback section, so sticking to that assumption might come back to bite me if I ever want to add more. I'll just say it's +800 CP for now.

>>Multimedia millionaire by twelve, dot-com billionaire by twenty one

What does this do exactly?


Again, more context is needed.

>How would a God-Blooded (w/True Breed) living in Lookshy go over?
Probably very well.

Very likely N/A or Five, but Five would be a hellishly hard sell.

If you allow the dreams and stuff to continue the full ten years then you are going to lose. If, at any time, you change it so you meet Ten-Thousand Winter Nights before that point. You might win.

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Gonna call it tentatively done! Items and drawbacks are a tad scant but it was honestly really hard to think of them for this series.

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hey, suspension of disbelief is thresholded is different for different people. So I mean it.

I mean I am doing a plot in my Jump about pokemon poachers because there is no way the pokemon aren't used that way.

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>If you dare you may
even entrap a Century Baby, and use their powers to increase your
own and maybe even eat the bloody sun.

Pretty sure the Doctor and people on his tier like JQ can already do things on that scale without additional support.

>ten years
Three years.

Also if we finish the Daughterus scenario can we leave at that point even if it hasn't been 10 years yet? The jump seems to imply as much.

>you are
So many of your perks start with these two words it's concerning. Can't you fluff things up some more so the jump isn't barebones?

>then you are going to lose
Even if we're much stronger than them, have a set of power armor, our own Daiklave, Sorcery, terrestrial martial arts, etc.?

That is why I said tentatively. Just seeing what people think of the perks and items themselves.

So, how does this stuff actually play out?
I read the stuff at google drive but I still can't figure it out. Is it play pretend? I make my choices then imagine what happens? I honestly don't get it.

The whole thing feels super bare bones. Grab one of our fluffy tail jumpers and shake them to drop some fluff into the jump.

What happens is you choose a jump, buy stuff with 1000cp, if you go over then you gotta get drawbacks to pay for it. That’s it. The rest is your imagination. Then you move on to the next jump, carrying everything over from previous one. So your Jumper gets more powerful so he/she grows in power in the imagination

You sure about that?...well, okay. So near the center of Infinity (the 'Omniverse' or the Multiverse encompasses all other Multiverses) are 13 Worlds. These 13 Worlds were created by thirteen individuals, each forging a world ideal to their own visions of perfection, and were loosely connected to each other. Twelve of these individuals would accept the gift of a divine spark that would ensure that would eventually surpass the gods, while the Thirteen appropriately named The Pariah refused and disappeared not long after. So everything was keen and peachy forever!

Except it wasn't. Though the Twelve had gained fantastic power, they remained egotistical and petty. A malevolent force that lurked between all worlds, The Great Darkness, fed into their egos, pride, and personal failings until they twisted into greedy husks of themselves, and its hold grew over them each time they abused their fantastic powers in the name of self-satisfaction or power. Eventually, their powers began to fade away, their sparks dying out, and they turned on each other in a desperate attempt to hold onto power.

This Dusk War ended with the Twelve dead, their worlds annihilated to the point not even souls remain, and two lonely souls resting on one of the world's corpses. However, the Twelve were cursed to quietly reincarnate across the rest of the Multiverse...and only a Divine Spark would awaken them.

Somehow, user acquired the final Divine Spark in existence, and it pulled him to its 'home'...the Ruined World where the prologue began. And his presence is making The Twelve stir from their slumber.

This chain is out of control.

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>Three years.
Derp yeah I'm off the ball today.

>Also if we finish the Daughterus scenario can we leave at that point even if it hasn't been 10 years yet? The jump seems to imply as much.
I believe I've already answered this, but yes as long as you don't have time extensions or something keeping you for the rest of the time.

>Even if we're much stronger than them, have a set of power armor, our own Daiklave, Sorcery, terrestrial martial arts, etc.?
It's kinda like a ritual of execution. If you just let the guy go through with the full ritual you'll lose, yes, but even after only the first few dreams you'll have the information to track them down.

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Thanks, I get it now. I was just super confused because of how much detail was put into it and how there were rules and all that, thought I was missing someplace where all of this applies, like a pdf with adventures or links or something.

Yeah, sadly there really just isn't a lot in the Rebirth of Mothra series outside of Mothra. I mean there is enough for perks and stuff but it's sadly sorta generic stuff.

You can write the story out if you want and then this thread is for talking about it / posting your story/pastebins.

Usually it's vignettes but you can take the painful challenge like me and write long form.

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>even after only the first few dreams you'll have the information to track them down.
Oh, in that case it shouldn't be too bad. I can go retrieve daughteru #2 while Daughteru #1 is studying, preferably before Daughteru #3 shows up to make things more complicated.

No problem. It doesn't really fit into any of my chains, but have a build anyways:

0. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales
Isle of Saint Martin
Age 20
Just The Diversion
Able Seaman
Coward's Wardrobe
Sword of Jumpchon (400)
Nothing Could Stop The Silent Mary... (-200)
Life Support (-300)
Could Someone Please Explain to me... as to why I'm here?, So you have gone mad? (0)

I'm basically going to try and gather a group of people who aren't assholes and go off as a mercenary; my ship's bretty good, and with my sword I should be able to do most of the heavy-lifting myself. I'm probably going to get dragged into some weird stuff that nobody other than me and my crew is going to believe, but I think I can take on most threats that I'm likely to go up against.

Pirate Hunters are called Executioners in the Origin section, by the way.

>added import options
>clarified Sword of Jumpchon

Still not sure what to do with Capitan. If nothing else, I'll figure it out by the end of the thread.

Attached: Dead Men Tell No Tales Imports.pdf (PDF, 1.79M)

No no, fluff it. Flavor text. Pad it with flavor text, mang.

Ye, doing that now.

>Tail of a Female Ghidorah
>Egg of a Female Mothra
Species repopulation time? Species repopulation time.

How do I see through illusions? I want it for Naruto but the option in that jump is competing with some really great stuff.

Outside of reality, there are things. Some of those are sessile, ambient, barely sentient feeders, kind of like mollusks who live off of energy emitted by realities in which sapient creatures exist. They prefer different types of energy - magic, honor, innovation, religion, death, suffering, etc. When they absorb the energy around a reality, they are forced to move on, or starve.
Since they lack a way of propelling themselves between realities, they use a soul-anchor. They make a part of themselves real, put it in a world, and some hapless fuck picks it up. Then the unfortunate fool gets used like a grappling hook: pulled out of reality, swung across the blind eternities until he hits a world, then the entity reels itself over to eat.
Also like mollusks, these things live in colonies - more anchors means a better tether to the world, better feeding, and more chances of finding decent realities to anchor to. But these colonies sometimes split apart in civil wars, fracturing and seriously harming the stupid unreal anemones. In my jumper's case, there are four entities which survived a massive colony's fracture, drifting about until one snags the Jumper. The other three will eventually latch on to their own anchors.
Each lure/real part of the entities looks like a large, oddly shaped key, made from a strange material. Exactly what it looks like differs from one being to another. It exists between reality and unreality, and the inside is much larger than the outside. About 20,000 square feet of space, really. That's the Warehouse, which looks nothing like humans ever built.
In my chain, there isn't any opportunity to pick and choose where jumpers go, or what they get. They'll never get items, and there's no way to take properties with them. They can take any number of followers by letting them ride in the warehouse between jumps - but jumps happen at random, with little warning.

Attached: key.png (640x275, 162K)

Thanks again, mate! Those sound like some fun shenanigans.

Fukken. It's always the little things. Thanks.

>fixed inconsistent origin names
>added drawback limit

Attached: Dead Men Tell No Tales Drawback Limit.pdf (PDF, 1.79M)

Is that you OAA?

Dude. Not everyone is OAA.

Please stop trying to tarnish other namefags by putting that shit label on them.

The Divine Comedy from German Hollow Quest Jump makes a mockery of ALL Illusion based powers if I recall correctly.

Jumpers, have you ever considered the implications of your companions' social perks affecting you? Like, what happens if everyone in the party has "people don't mind your weirdness" perks? Do you collectively drift off into utter bizarreness without anyone to anchor?

>Double Up
Wait, question. If we take this, does it just double up one of the three Big Bad kaijus, or does it double up all of them? Because it says we can take this three times, and suddenly I'm picturing eight Grand King Ghidorahs, and let me tell you that is a very unpleasant mental image.

Actually, on that note, that's not a lot of drawbacks. There's got to be more stuff then that for drawbacks, right? What about something for saving children from latest child eating monster? Or one where Godzilla or Battra exist in this continuity to cause trouble? You're also missing a Shobijin/Ellias companion option, when this is the jump it would fit the most for.

Nah. I'm not any other jumpmaker/namefag who you've ever heard of.

Please stop trying to tarnish OAA by comparing him to shit jumpmakers.

Just don't see many others using 'fukken'. Thought it might be since the jump is pretty high quality as well and didn't seem like the work of a newbie.


That's perfect, thank you. Have a wallpaper.

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>pretty high quality
So you're just shitposting again.

How high-power is Authority? Seems similar to Supergod. Is that an accurate assessment?

Oh? And do tell, how are his jumps "low-quality"? Maybe you're just angry that you don't have any talent to make any yourself?