In which we post wizard towers

>In which we post wizard towers

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That's clearly a tower for clerics.

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>meanwhile, in the space marine tower...

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>inb4 dicks

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Why do wizards live in towers, anyway?

Hang on, I think I have a few somewhere

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Magic powers increase with altitude.
It has something to do with the sun I think.

>the wizard's desk

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Lots of storage space without a large amount of real estate

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Because the height makes them easier to feel better than others and isn't that what magic is really about?

its a mystery

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>you will never live in a world where the Chicago ghetto was demolished to build a kilometer-tall obelisk

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Towers require a lot of material to create, making them a sign of wealth. They physically and spiritually elevate their occupants over their surroundings. These are traits that help identify a wizard as someone beyond a normal life, invested with power and knowledge. You can also get some very pretty views from high up, so it's also nice for recreation.

Towers are associated with astronomers, who are associated with scholarly pursuits and astrology, which are associated with wizards.

It really is a fuckin shame

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Towers allow one to discern the sky and the land with great ease, and thus are associated with observation. They are appropriate for hermits as they can excuse themselves by living high up in the tower, and any visiter who comes knocking at the bottom floor will never be heard and thus safely ignored. Furthermore they are foreboding, they stand out yet you don't want to linger in their shadow, further dissuading visitors. Combined with the first point, hanging around a tower gives the sense that you are being watched by someone or something stronger (higher up) than you.

Those stairs are making me nervous just looking at that shit

This user gets a cookie

Because they're beta nerds who spend all their time reading books and hate talking to people. And nowhere has less people around then 10,000 feet above the earth.

What, are you going to practice complex air magic while touching the earth? It'll get contaminated!

The White City was amazing.
This would have been mindblowing; a monument for the ages.

Why didn't they go through with it?

Because building something that large in the 1890s would have cost more than the entire combined property value of the city.

That and getting fucking wrecked on magical drugs.

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Not enough moolahs, as with many such things.

To reach Heaven and talk to spirits. And presumably they make good observatories.

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The funny thing is, if (((they))) hadn't stopped Tesla from building his global free energy system based on that tower, the world would have been kept in such a high state of charge that sensitive electronics like modern computers would never have been possible and we'd be stuck in a permanent diesel-punk world.

>implying that isn't FUCKING SICK

Still annoyed that you never get to actually go in that tower. Wonder if it was cut content or something.

On that note, with a tower you get to giggle about being high while being high and spitting from the roof to see if you hit someone on the ground.
Just remember to have a safety railing around the roof. Or a ring of feather fall.

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What's stopping NK from building something like that and buttefugging the global information system?

The plans are locked up in a vault somewhere. And also they don't want to get shelled to shit.


What the actual blue hell is this comic

Long abandoned ruins


Druid clubhouse?

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were Irish wizards trying to compensate for something?

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Imagine pissing off almost every country in the world. It wouldn't go well for NK.


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Please stop pretending Tesla was relevant it's getting embarrassing at this point.

>AC not relevant

ah, I see we have the Wizard of exploiting pathing bugs.

I imagine you'd need a global network of towers for effective coverage so it would just fuck up themselves and anyway north korea already has trouble keeping the lights on without powering some global energy saturation experiment.

What's it from? Dark Souls? It looks kind of familiar

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It was Mojo fucking around with ideas to revamp the Avengers, that example being a high school setting.

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Yeah, Dark Souls 3 DLC I think

To dominate the surrounding countryside. You can sit up in your tower casting spells on people approaching, meanwhile firearms dont exist so sitting up in a tower nobody can attack you back. Its a defensive position

>huge tower over a massive dome
That's just asking for trouble.

No nakh (modern Chechens, Ingush etc.) towers?

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