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>Document compendium: Contains official (ex-canon) DnD 3.x variants and a fan made DnD 5e version! Also contains the official Warcraft Chronicles volumes 1 and 2.

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lore wise dosen't the quest in BfA slaughtering villagers make the horde pc's evil by default ?

>I seriously hate this writing, why the fuck would Saurfang run to the Alliance just because he has trouble with Sylvanas?
>Wouldn't it be more in his character to take a heap of like-minded Orc/Tauren/Troll veterans and make a spilnter Horde in Northrend somewhere?
Nothing said Saurfang throws in with the Alliance. He just kinda fucks off and does his own thing.

So, where is he?

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>a dev joked that the Only forsaken left are the PCs and the dark Rangers

Shoot me, forsaken were based

Refining the process by which to transform Jaina into a dreadlady.

My Forsaken has essentially become a Gondola. Wandering freely, observing events, and reflecting with a sense of warm melancholy, perhaps with a touch of sentiment.

>Mal'Ganis is one of the many demons summoned by Gul'dan in front of the Tomb of Sargeras to attack the forces of Azeroth in the climactic, disastrous battle at the Broken Shore.
After that 'Joked' is the keyword there.

Still, why would he choose to remain in Stormwind Stockades?
Surely he would prefer freedom and then the chance to do his own thing rather than sitting in an Alliance prison?

Presumably trying to put together some splinter faction of demons so Blizz can keep using those models as future enemies, and Demon Hunter and Warlock abilities won't be COMPLETELY useless in future expansions.

Mal'Ganis was summoned and yet we never see anything of him in Legion, which is strange considering he is one of the most important Demons in lore.

Yeah, in hyperbole since the race doesnt even have a homeland in the lore anymore.

No one said he's staying in the Stockades, either.

He doesn't sit in prison, he demands the guards take him to see the king, and they listen because he's Varok fucking Saurfang.

so Anyone else reading Chronicles and feels they are saving Kel'Thuzad for a big expansion just like they did for Illidan in BfA?

Screencap this post, he'll be back in Battle for Azeroth, and we'll have a raid set entirely within the Shadowlands.

What really did it for me was blizzard writting him like hes actually the one running the Scourge and not the Lich King. They even mentioned he named it and is the one who created the armies.

You know what makes me mad?
>Jaina: Khadgar, the Horde is committing genocie! How can you stand
>Khadgar: Well see um, both sides had their share of atrocities and not many people actually died-
>Jaina: Khadgar, the Horde is slaughtering innocents in Kul'Tiras! How can you stand by as they attempt to extinguish the lives of civilians!?
>Khadgar: Well you did invade Lordaeron earlier and-
This means Mr. Mage thinks he knows more about the nature of the Horde than Saurfang. If the most trusted member of the Horde says the current Horde leadership is evil, I think his word has more weight than the observations of a group of mages who technically made and broke alliances with both the Horde and the Alliance in the span of a couple years for realpolitik reasons.

Plot twist: Kel'Thuzad isn't a boss, but a quest giver.

considering what happened to the other dreadlords in Legion he was right to fuck off

revived Burning Legion led by Mal'ganis and the empowered Skull of Thal'kiel when

You know, I would have counseled the 'High King' or Andy Boy to have immediately recognized Saurfang as the ranking Horde statesman on an ambassadorial tour and hosted him as an honored guest with full diplomatic gravitas.

Khadgar is clearly trying to stay out of the war and maintain a "bigger picture" viewpoint, since he's the Guardian of Tirisfal and all.

To be fair, Saurfang can break with Sylvanas's Horde with minimal long-term diplomatic fallout. He is a hero of the Horde, commander of the Might of Kalimdor, and all that. Khadgar is in a much more awkward position, given Dalaran's history as a former Alliance city, not to mention the whole "purge" business.

Now, obviously, characters make the choices that they do because Blizzard needs X to happen and can't write a consistent narrative to save their wallets, but Khadgar's stance can be pretty easily understood if you assume that he wants to leave the door open for the future.

Genn would have thrown a fit.

>Treating the #2 of your faction's mortal enemy like an honored guest
The citizenry would never stand for it.

You mean they weren't already since at least Cata?

For the same basic reason that 20-somethings from California can claim that America is the worst thing ever and protest in the streets with "Down With America" signs without getting added to the no-fly list, but god help you if you're from a Muslim country and you disagree with American statecraft.

>Varok Saurfang
He isn't just the #2 of the Horde, he was also the Supreme Commander of one of the only unified Alliance-Horde armies in recent history. If there's anyone from the Horde that the warriors of the Alliance would be willing to dine with, it's Saurfang.

I don't really see the big deal about Saurfang working for the Alliance? If you watched Star Trek they had a character kinda like Saurfang in it who was one of the leaders of Cardassia but his entire race forms an Alliance with an Alien race he finds dishonorableand instead works with the federation to defeat Cardasia because he sees Cardasias values changing.

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Khadgar has been watching the player characters in action for the last two expansions. He just watched us beat up Archimonde, Kil'jaeden, and two friggin Titans. He refuses to do anything that would make him a target to any of them, on either side, and can you really blame him?

There's also difference between someone fucking off on their own and taking the whole city with them.

Did you, uh, ever finish DS9? Because you're...missing a few important details there, especially at the end.

>tfw the warrior class order was Odyn's Fan Club instead of a reinstated Might of Kalimdor
I will never not be mad

Is anyone else going to miss the class orders in BfA? Not being the leader of them, that was retarded, but being part of a class-based organization that was more concerned with class goals and constructive developments provided a nice counterpoint to Genn and Sylvanas screeching in my ear about warden towers.

I'll miss having Alonsus Faol and Calia around.

He was the allied commander during Silithus and honorably dueled with the Alliance Warrior PC, and was the only Horde leader to give more to Ally PCs than "I have nothing to say to you, ." He's the second orc after Thrall humanity can trust, more so if he shares their suspicions with the current "warchief".

What happened to them anyway? Did Golden Boy turn to Calia and say "lol here's Lordaeron back."

>tfw you will never get to spend time with Thisalee again
>tfw in future expansions she will be a regular quest giver and forget about our escapades in the Broken Isles

I honestly really enjoyed every part of the Warrior class order hall, I suppose the quest for the mount was okay at best but I really enjoyed the Hall itself and the followers we got.

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I have a lot of criticism for the class order system, but I do love the idea of them. I mean, that's always been a big part of the appeal of paladins for me. If I make a human or a dwarf, I'm a Knight of the Silver Hand. If I make a blood elf, I'm a Blood Knight. Ditto for shaman and druids.

So even if I dislike a lot of their implementation, I basically approve of the class orders. Hell, as underwhelming as the campaign was, I really like the Unseen Path's concept and am happy to have my hunter be a part of it.

The Conclave is bullshit though.

>tfw no longer king of my own demon planet

I think he might mean Damar.

>He didn't want a Valhalla filled with the greatest warriors in history hanging out and having friendly throwdowns with each other, including Lothar and Doomhammer

>tfw I can't be the Demon Hunters replacement Illidan anymore and get my dick sucked by blood elves with 1,000 succubi worth of skill.

No, that's fucking gay. More like carve out a piece of neutral territory and form a city by warriors for warriors

>I really like the Unseen Path's concept and am happy to have my hunter be a part of it
See, that one felt like bullshit to me. I'm a gnome with a mechanical dog and the best gun that I can engineer, peering at the world through goggles with MORE GUNS on them. The closest I ever get to nature is accidentally irradiating it.

I'm pretty sure you still retain your title with that order and the accomplishments that came with it. The PC shaman will continue to be the Farseer of prophecy who did the impossible and united the Elemental Lords under a single cause.

would have been cool to see him in WoW to be honest.

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The filename is literally dukat.jpg, though

You wanted to create not-Sparta and beat the shit out of kids for being weak fuccbois?

I know, but he's basically describing Damar and not Dukat.

You're right. As we move forward, we can't let our nostalgia blind us. We have to remember that there are positives to this change, like the one you posted.

What's gonna happen to the Fel Hammer, anyway? Alliance gets to keep the Vindicaar.

Really? I actually really liked the Conclave specifically because it felt much more like a new organization being founded, rather than resurrecting Ancient Forgotten Secret Club #20. Could have been really interesting to see it develop over time, as priests from different religious discussed various matters and tried to arrive at some kind of universal truth.

Together with the VX-001 Anti-Personnel Assault Cannon, the Fel Hammer and Acherus form a new V-07-TR-0N

The Fel hammer is mostly inoperable floating over Marduum so it's going to stay neutral like Archerus until the Demon Hunters need to assemble again.
If you mean "Can the horde have it" the answer is no. Demon Hunters are a Night Elf class that Blood elves wiggled their way into because of Kael'thas.

This except its in Alterac.

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It bothers me that people don't appreciate that the Warrior class hall being Valhalla, and the Warrior storyline being you styling on and proving yourself stronger than Titanic Watchers like Thorim and Hodir, was crucially important in establishing Warriors as not being the "oh yeah and those nerds are helping too" class of Legion.

If the Warrior Class Hall had been something mundane like Fray Island or the Brawler's Guild Basement you would have had the very legitimate point that the most useful thing that the Battlelord could have done was off himself and have the Deathlord raise him into an objectively more useful class.

Valhalla and working for the Titans very neatly steps around the issue of the Warrior being compared to the "Warrior but with undead powers" and "Warrior but with fel energy and a double jump".

>Alliance gets to keep the Vindicaar
At least until the next time the draenei attempt to move it, anyway. Their track record with space ships has more crashes than a Eurobeat thread on /wsg/

I was actually thinking a BG to fight for control of it would be rad.

>"Warrior but with fel energy and a double jump"
Demon hunters always felt more rogue to me than warrior

What did the Horde even get from Highmountain anyways? They got a couple adventures from the tribe not the whole tribe dedicating themselves to the horde. Seems like a bad trade.

Except it does nothing to acknowledge the lineage and ethos of every breed of warrior out there, namely those from different races. A dwarf warrior works differently from an undead warrior.

Literally nothing.
If you're lucky there will be a line that even acknowledges that it still exists with the Illidari hanging around on it doing whatever the Illidari are concerned about now that the Legion is dead.
What is more likely is that it won't be mentioned at all, anywhere, nor will anything else related to the class orders in BfA.

>that the most useful thing that the Battlelord could have done was off himself and have the Deathlord raise him into an objectively more useful class
Don't give those zombie-plate fuckers any ideas now.

What actually made people from the Arathi blood line such excellent warriors? Where they a direct blood line to the Titan Tyr?

probably training

How is she in bed?

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Their concentrated testicular mass. They channel shear ballsiness into their weapons.

Nah, they're powered by Pain and Vengeance. They're really hard hitting frontliners as opposed to sneaky backstabbers. Just like a fel mage is a warlock.
Fel does need a rogue though.

dead fish

That's rather the point, isn't it?
You couldn't possibly display EVERY type of Warrior in the setting, so you choose a neutral one.

Malfurion been married to that for over 10,000 years and still loyal.
Dat would have to be some mighty fine pussy.

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Baine got a wife. Maybe.

People complained that the warrior order campaign "does nothing that speaks to me as a warrior." It's just Titan shit.

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no, these villagers likely worshipped the Old Gods and were secretly members of some cult, like most humans. Look at the Church of Holy Light, the Duskwatch and the Scarlet Crusade

Andy Boy? Do you mean Manduin?

Probably awful, other Elves such as Liadrin or Thalyssra seem like the good crazy in bed.

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Well, to be fair, guns and robo-pets didn't exist when the Unseen Path was founded. That said, my Horde hunter's a goblin with the same setup as you and I feel there's a place for the modern, technologically oriented hunter in the Unseen Path's mandate.

He's been asleep for nearly all of that time. Clearly she's nothing but a dead fucking fish. They don't even have a single kid together

Or he has a mighty fine dick because she stayed faithful while Malfunction had a lil snooze.


And it's funny because he literally started as a random meme NPC in Orgrimmar.

I'm not sure it really counts if he was asleep in his man cave for 9,9986 of those years.

Sure, SHE'S loyal as all get-out, but he hasn't exactly been around.

>The woman who literally tells you that when she was stressed out she'd go into her husband's literal mancave and ride her brains out on his dick wheile he was sleeping.
Tyrande's got thousands of years knowing how to work her hips based on slight twitches of your face.

Liadrin and Thalyssra are the most asexual type of "Noble" elves I've ever seen though. I wouldn't be surprised if nightborne had sex via arcane staring contests.

Don't they know him? Numerous Alliance soldiers served under him in Silithus per Chronicle 3, so they are likely to respect him more

Lore friends, what other possible classes can possibly be added? I know there's several that some want but might be too close to others (Dark Ranger, Warden) but the only other option I see is Tinker.

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Well, the Highmountain are mighty warriors, possibly stronger than their Kalimdor cousins.

And when combined with Suramar, means that the entire Broken Isles are pretty much Horde territory.

When does this happen?

Citation needed

I guess I just don't understand how that leap is any greater than the one required for the Conclave.

I thought Khadgar explicitly didn't want to be the Guardian and is just a radical centrist

>I wouldn't be surprised if nightborne had sex via arcane staring contests.
Or silly mind-linking helmets like Demolition Man.
I wonder if they wipe their asses with three seashells.

It's as Warrior as anything in the setting.
You die and go to fucking Valhalla where you become an immortal champion of the actual gods of the setting.

"People" are just fucking upset about it because they wanted the class which is uniquely impossible to claim has any kind of theme should have catered to whatever their inane, arbitrary interpretation of said imaginary theme is in their head.

He didn't, but had to embrace it to fight off the Legion.

modern Blizzard is built on memes. Just look at Hillsbrad

It's during Val'sharah. He's exaggerating a bit but she does say that when she was stressed she'd go down to his cave while he slept, and when she reemerged she'd "have the conviction to lead her people."
Plus she's the closest to a Troll, she's barely shed the accent after all, clearly she has some crazy savage mating habits.