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>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their decks strategy and card choices.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commanders color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Also unofficial, also has GOAT search interface.

>Thread Question
What's your favorite way to screw with steps and phases?

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>thread question

that pic says it all

also, I wish 10th edition foil time stops weren't so expensive. So pretty, yet so much money

That one enchantment that gives someone an extra upkeep

What are some good protection permission spells?
Cheap stuff like Swan song

>What's your favorite way to screw with steps and phases?
By taking extra combats with my big dumb Xenagos deck.

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>What's your favorite way to screw with steps and phases?

Fatespinner clones

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Thank you user

This shit is pretty crazy.

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>that flavor text

Another good choice for that guy building the meme deck from last thread,

they can choose the same step or phase for each fatespinner
still a cool card tho

You talking about the guy building a Taniwha deck?
thats me

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This guy:

>card text is just rotated with the whole card frame
I get the joke
>but the word order in the flavor text is reversed, but the rest of the formatting is the same
That irks me to no end. I get that it's separately referring to the turn order being reversed, but it would feel more consistent if they also mirrored the flavor text typeface or something.

>thread question

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I fucking love this card. I remember back in the day splashing blue in my fungus deck just for that to get tons and tons of saprolings.

This is literally my #1 target for removal. I will banish Fatespinners before Seedborn Muses, Consecrated Sphinxes, and Blightsteel Colossi.

i gotta run this. i don't know what in...but something.

This card is brutal in Sen Triplets.

post weenies with cool effects
also weenies with voltron potential

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I have a soft spot in my heart for Goldenglow Moth.


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Came here to post this. Amazing card that slips under the radar somehow. My Zedruu deck plays a ton of upkeep triggers.

It's great when people haven't played against it before and for a few turns think "This isn't so bad" and then slowly get more and more frustrated.

this will help your weenies make more weenies

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Literally anything blue it will get you continuous advantage.

Any blue commander that doesn't care if you get a combat phase.

i just realized this kid is going to be the U/W/x enchantments matter commander i've been waiting for. come on wotc don't let me down.

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fatespinner only affects your opponents

who is this?

raff capashen

Not!Ertai Capashen.

Yeah, I know he doesn't look like a Capashen, but I guess Jamurra took over the world in the last 60 years. They had every advantage, after all, what with one of their major nations being eternally phased out.

>Doing some sample draws of a newly built/tweaked deck
>Get that hand that is so unbelievably perfect
>Realizing the mathematical chances of ever seeing it again

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>want to pick up some things that A25 reprinted, but really cautious about A25 because lol, print quality
>cards that were reprinted are still like twice the price of their A25 counterparts
>now get to decide if I pay cheap and gamble for decent quality or buy things like Azusa at twice the price I can otherwise buy her
Thanks wizards. Real great set.

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You're in luck user! The chances of seeing it again are exactly the same as before you saw it the first time!

Anyone here got experience with Hackball? There's this 60 bucks list online that I found on reddit and it seems fun, competitive and upgradeable. I want something to enter the format and hackball seems like the best way to do it for very cheap. Well, at least better than Sidisi ANT glass cannon, that is.


Go back to the modern general where the kithkin meme belongs.

For Messing with steps, my favorite is in Atraxa Fungus tribal and Paradox Haze. In the meantime, I have a question:

Anyone got any suggestions for improvement?

So why is this 10 dollars when darksteel ingot basically does what it does? Is it because of proliferate memes?

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The hat is too dumb or I would run her

you can get an extra mana out of it for a turn
Proliferate bonus is negligible

My friends are unfortunately less into MTG than I am, so I usually build better decks and I slowly beat them. I need a deck that immediately makes me the archenemy to even the most thick guy, but isn't a combo deck. Something that makes them go "oh shit"

The things I am coming up are
>big dudes
>board wipes

any suggestions on something else?

>when you know what colors you want to play but none of the commanders of that color are overly appealing

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Zurgo sans MLD if they're really soft

What colors do you want to play?

I got 10 bucks on Jund.

people post online about card curling all the time and i have never had a single card curl even a little. i hate foils tho, so that might be a factor, but otherwise you need to remember that the internet makes a mountain out of every mole hill.

none of my A25 cards have any curl.

because you can tap it to add a charge counter and then remove that charge counter at the beginning of your precombat main phase to add one mana of any color.

i know that feeling. i've got my fingers crossed tho.

Oh my.

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Not him, but you are spot on. I can't wait for new Darigaaz, because he seems so generic he isn't pushing me into aristocrats, tokens, dragons

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Wait, what's going on?

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Seems like a good idea; I was thinking Gishath, but that pigeonholed me into janky dinos

You're technically right.
Grixis, Jund, Temur and Jeskai seem the most appealing, but all the "good" commanders have a bad rap, and I don't want to be the guy at the table who's just targeted because of my commander, and the rest are eh.

>So why is this 10 dollars

Its not $10 you drooling tard, its $4.
Second off, it can ramp you for 2 mana instead of just one. So if its your only ramp you draw and you play it turn 3, turn 4 you can lay down a 6 drop.

Quit being a whiner
GRIXIS - Nicol Bolas, Sedris
JUND - Xira Arien, Darigaaz
TEMUR - Surrak Dragonclaw
JESKAI - this is hard, but Ruhan?

there are always partners

Don't be a pussy, buy all the big Dinos and ramp like crazy

Well, that's really saucy. Nature's will could also fuck people over.

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>Used to run Borgy 2.0
>Playing against Arcum Dagsson
>He uses his ability to get rid of my sol ring out of spite
>Grab Storm Cauldron
>Kill him
>His face

I miss you Borgy.

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I'm in admiration of your style and those digits friend. You have been christened this thread's official cool guy. Use your powers wisely.

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Man, the play group that plays at the new comic and game store (that just opened up a month ago) is trying to do an EDH league. We had a poll on two separate sets of scoring rules, and this one guy just will not accept Order of Elimination points. He’s gone on a huge rant about why is bad and wrong and unfun, called out literally everybody who had voted for it, and then posted an entirely new poll specifically for Order of Elimination points.

I’ve had three different people who were gung-ho about the league tell me that if it’s going to be like this they aren’t going to play.

I don’t want this new game store to lose business because this one guy has a stick up his ass about one particular way of scoring.

How do you guys feel about this?

I buy only one copy of a card if its value is over 10$. I put those cards in a binder and put proxies of them in all my decks. If someone gets pissed at my proxies (which are good quality) I show them the real card in the binder. Some people are still pissed though. Why? Am I just surrounded by rich autists?

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You can't arcum a sol ring.

You've killed this blossoming gamestore with your stupid shit user. You should be ashamed.

All extra rules are horrible, without exception, particularly scoring points for your victories or whatever. You just have 4 player pods where you play down to see who wins, then do another tournament. If people are faggots such as yourself, have a "casual" tournament with all your bullshit separate from the actual tournament with significantly worse prize support. Why? Because cherry picking rules so you win is stupid, regardless of spike and his $5k deck.

Just unsleeve the card and put it in the deck that you're playing. Easier than to deal with autism

If people get buttmad, then why not just interchange the cards between decks when needed?

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>No pauper maid cleaning the shitter for draft chaff?
>The state of Veeky Forums

nice fucking get user
also good work

>point to binder
>has the card but doesn't actually play with it
I doubt I'd say anything, but I find this super annoying. Why did you even get the card if you're literally not going to play with it? Take the thirty seconds to switch it over to the deck you're playing.

Go to bed, Marski

what are the best decks for loaming hard and fast?

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You already know the answer.

That’s the thing. This Spike was the guy pushing for the League. The difference is he wanted a bunch of rules like “Get points for sickest play” or “Best Deck”. But a reasonable rule comes around where it’s not winner takes all, and he fucking explodes.

Luckily it’s just an EDH league, and he’s very unlikely to come to any other event.

Varolz scavenge deck.

That's supremely autistic. Just sit the fucker down and tell him "dude, your deck is above group power level, tone it down"

Well i got some new cards today /edh/ My friend pawned them off to me after he told me he's returning to mexico. Apparently he got banned from the school and labeled a dangerous person after someone reported him to the police for making threats. I don't believe it myself, the guy's too nice for that. I'm always that guy who takes his friends cards if they're taking a break or leaving the game but, fuck. i'm just sitting here at two in the morning with his cards in my hands and just feeling a bit hollow about the whole ordeal. at least he got his bachelors while he was here but he was going for his masters.
I'm sorry, i don't normally blog post but i needed to vent. hope your days go better anons.

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This and world at war in my Yidris deck has turned it up to 11, it’s insane

Oh wait, you are supporting the idea that its good to have good prize support for first, slightly worse for second, worse than that for 3rd, etc?

You are fucking retarded and he is right. That shit would encourage collusion like no other.

That being said, EDH with any prize support on the line for winning is fucking retarded and you will never get a good meta that way.

If you want a good model for your LGS to follow, I have successful one that works at an LGS I go to. They have EDH nights once a week, and you sign up on a sheet when you show up and play a game. As long as you play at least one game you get entered into a raffle. Each week you show up to play on EDH night you get entered again. Once a month on a random EDH night they draw the prizes, which are usually just playmats, sleeves, and deckboxes, but they do other stuff from time to time, like special promotional material they get from wotc too, like airships and posters, or a FtV. The number of prizes they give away is tied to how many people are showing up to events (we average 20+ people an EDH night)

There is no cover or anything, so you might ask yourself "How does the shop make money?" and the answer to that, other than keeping lots of food and drink to sell on hand, is to actually cater to EDH players. They actually have plenty of deckboxes in stock for double sleeved 100 card decks in variety of colors and styles. They keep EDH singles in stock whenever they can, and keep an online database of their singles so you don't have to dig through boxes for jank. Finally their sleeve collection is enormous (and they are sure to stock every kind of Dragonshield they can, since its really popular for EDH for a lot of reasons).

They actually have a binder specifically for sleeves, so people can pick up the sleeves and check out their color, feel, and opacity.

Run something like this by them and see what you can do. They have had a lot of success with it.

Yesterday's Saga rekindled in me the desire to see big girl Marit Lage again.
Suggestion for a good commander for playing her?
The only idea I had is Karona for an avatar Tribal

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This is Veeky Forums. People can't talk to other people like adults, they have to act like manchildren.

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Anything with White friend.
Devour worlds.

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Gruul smash puss

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get green for big mana and recurring the land

maybe go trostani and search for mirror gallery and spam marit copies

This is an interesting idea.
Also the initial reason why I thought of a commander with B, since Vampire hexmage and Hex parasite are in those colors

>There are ways to remove a creature
You don't say
>Implying there aren't more ways to give hexproof or shroud than stars in the sky

This is also an interesting idea
>search for mirror gallery and spam marit copies
I need the new Dominaria's helm asap

>Implying there aren't more ways to give hexproof or shroud than stars in the sky

>He thinks it will save him from the rift.

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tell me chucklefuck what cards dont fold to rift


Basic lands

>Reminded me of that time I pyroblasted a rift into oblivion

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I think you’re kinda a dick, and I know the playgroup around here well enough that I’d be surprised and disappointed if people colluded. Even then this Spike guy who I have been arguing with hasn’t raised that point.

However, the way your store runs things sounds great. I’m gonna make a note of it, and I’ll suggest we try that if/when this EDH League falls through. Thanks for that.

>Me timmy me usually smash
>Got bored of making creature based decks for Edh because I found myself just putting the same creatures in over and over
>Made a Kess Spellslinger deck because it she looked fun
>Fine tuned the deck
>having a fucking blast
Now I am looking into Yidris, can you go spellslinger value etb creatures?
He seems really good with delve cards because of the incidental value.

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>Niggas whom play mono red
My n word.

>Pyroblast & REB both at last have a foil printing
>mfw I'm freed from my autistic reservations to slotting them in my RW deck

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It was a game where I was playing my GR deck, but I have it in my mono red too

What are the chances we see her get another card in this block? A new card.

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I built a token deck that's more about big scary tokens then little piddly numbers with my man at the helm.
It's a shame the embalmed copy doesn't do commander dmg.

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That... is actually quite possible. I guess it depends if they think after SOI it's too soon for another big eldritch monster. Plus it might not fit with the rest of the story they have planned.