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How would your character fare in a the dance of the phalanx? Who would be your partner?

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I know exactly who I'd be dancing with, and since our discrepancies between Dex and Int are roughly equal, it doesn't matter who does which.

She'd dance with her fiancé, of course. His Dex and Int aren't quite as high as hers, but I think they'd still fare pretty well.

>Low Dex
>Low int

He'd do it with his wife but he'd be clumsy as all get out

As long as he's got points in Knowledge (Nobility) and Perform (Dance), he'd shore up any deficiencies between your scores and his.

>High Dex and Int
>Decent Cha as well
He'll do perfectly fine.

Ironically, the only character I've got active who would ever be invited would be horrible.

I need help. I am constructing a group of NPCs as possible recruitable NPCs for a campaign. The main idea of the campaign is to gather and build a mercenary company that will, eventually, go up against a big invading foreign army. To do that they need to pick up people in just about every town, pay wages, and more. I have some ideas but would love more. What kind of people would you like to see if you were recruiting mercenaries? Here are a few of the ones I have written:

1. Erik Vogel, Level 3 Ratfolk Cavalier, NE. Young Arsonist with a brand on his face, now a beggar after several years hidden away in house arrest as an embarrassment. Embittered over his parent's deaths he eventually burned down the home of who he felt responsible. Grew up in a lavish lifestyle with his adopted parents, the ones who he eventual decided were the perpetrators. He has a powerful gambling addiction and is drowning in debt.
Associate 1 - Gaming or gambling associates, loses all his money there.
Associate 2 - Last living relative, wealthy merchant councilman in a distant city

2. Dieter Reichen, Level 2 Inquisitor, LN. Failed cleric, brought back to life suddenly and violently by a superior when a lie of his went sour and he was killed in a duel publicly. He only did so due to lies told to him by another student. Grew up poor in the big city, but now lived in obscurity. He lives with his regrets quietly in a monastery far from others, all the monks on the monastery have a vow of silence. Closet racist.
Associate 1 - The adventurer who killed him.
Associate 2 - The head monk of the parish he now belongs to.

3. Marian Kottmann, Level 4 Wizard, CN. Known as the Lightning Bug. As a child he grew up extremely poor, an absolutely destitute existance for him and his younger brother. As a child a hedge wizard aided him and his family, taught him to read, etc. He received a reccomendation from this wizard to go to school. He excelled. Rich kids at the school tortured him relentlessly, he eventually lost control and killed several of them in a magic brawl, including a school offical. The guilt at what he did eats away at him. He was offered a reprieve from the hangman's noose for instead using his skills.
Associate 1 - The school's current headmaster who gives him orders through sendings.
Associate 2 - His lover, a girl he met while at college who helps absolve him for what he did.

4.Sascha Lotz, Level 3 Human Summoner, LG. Son of a mercenary. Always felt there as something following him, something over his shoulder, or something out of the corner of his eye. At age 8 his father brought back young half-orc he claimed was his daughter, and their half sister. Tension in the town was high because of orc racism. The town tried to lynch his sister, and a fiend whispered into his ear. It was the fiend who had followed him since he was a child. He awakened as a summoner and fought them off, stealing his sister away to leave the town. He now wants to find his father, his younger sister in tow.
Associate 1 - The Fiend, his Eidolon (A Contract Devil)
Associate 2 - His younger half-orc sister

The players are starting at level 1. I need some good ideas for level 1 NPCs.

Indeed he does. The only mechanically better match in the party would be a mirror image of my own character.

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Charisma is utterly irrelevant, the only thing that matters is if you have a rank in perform. Have only 1 charisma? Doesn't matter!

Makes you wonder why they ever bothered with Charisma as a stat.

Why not look into the various available NPC codexes?

Where were you when you realized that /pfg/'s obsession with shipping would finally yield mechanical benefits?

>Charisma doesn't matter in one minor section of one book of one AP
>Fuuuuuck it doesn't matter

>Charisma is the end-all be-all god stat to get frisky with Ameiko in Jade Regent

That might be a good idea, but a lot of the NPC codexes are really badly written.

One of my friends has been talking about a gestalt campaign. Thinking a fun combo might be a Brawler/Mesmerist focused on locking down opponents with tripping/grappling/debuffing. Would be screwed vs Non-Humanoid Opponents but I'm kinda okay with that.

The question: is a tall dark haired amazon grappler who drains her opponents' will a little too, uh, Magical Realm? I just think it would be a fun character but the guys I play with are pretty Normie and I don't wanna become That Guy

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>The question: is a tall dark haired amazon grappler who drains her opponents' will a little too, uh, Magical Realm?
Just a bit, yeah.

>implying most people bother with the relationship mechanics
The silence is from nobody using it.

Ah well. Guess Sir Nonymous the Masked will ride again.

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I had a friend help me out with this (first-time) PF elf build:

- lv 1: verdant shifter (1) + accursed story + plant eye graft
- lv 2: ranger (shapeshifter)
- lv 3: ranger (shapeshifter) + natural weapon combat style + improved natural attack + weapon focus (natural)
- lv 4: verdant shifter (2)

Anyone got the Pact Worlds PDF? My gm is looking for it, and it's neither on the OP trove or remuz trove

Here you go you little bitch

Somebody posted the link last thread, user.

it's shit

I recognize that url.


Cool, I'll check it out
Thanks user

How does one Saltzpyre in Pathfinder, assuming gestalt and 3pp is available?

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I mean, I don't know who that is, but presumably it has something to do with the gif he posted.

Yeah but it says nothing but 'uses pistols'

Buckle those swashes, and sprinkle a little inquisitor on top.

Not him, but I'm curious, so here goes.
Witch Hunter from a Warhammer vidya, Vermintide.
Does investigation, fights with 2 pistols in combat but can also use swords and knives and all that, is generally focused on fair and just conduct instead of going full "burn the witch".

And now that that's done, I'll leave it to you.

Any games recruiting? Any gestalt games recruiting?

Viktor Saltzpyre, Imperial Witch Hunter.

Mechanically, he's a lightly armored Human who makes extensive use of pistols and finesse weapons such as rapiers or daggers. His abilities, beyond being a rapid-fire ranged and swift melee combatant, are "pinging" enemies as targets for his party members, making foes chosen by him take more damage and more susceptible to criticals.

In the lore, he's a fairly unorthodox - albeit theatrical - Witch Hunter who investigates reported Cultist activity within the Empire, rooting out corruption and Skaven infestations wherever they may be found.

Sounds like a classic Rapier-using Butterfly's Sting build of Rogue, although with the added weapon of pistols. Might I suggest a Vigilante (with the Exposed archetype, of course, to just make it Rogue+), or perhaps a Fighter (Legendary Games version, if you can; otherwise use SoM's Coiled Blade as an alternate source of utility). Butterfly's Sting is a necessity alongside a +1 Keen Rapier, so that you can hand off your 1/4 chance to crit to allies with more damaging criticals (say, your greataxe or gun-using allies).

Inquisitor(Sanctified Slayer) with a level of Gunslinger.

These are both fantastic suggestions, thank you! Do you think a Desperado Warlord or even Privateer would be useful for the gunfighting aspect, especially the dual-wielding rapier and pistol?

Desperado Privateer combo well together, and if it's on the table it's quite a neat build (although not overpowering since Solar Wind + Tempest Gale isn't thaaaat great).


That's certainly a good option, but kinda fails to capture the researcher/investigator side of the character.

Inquisitor with Black Powder Inquisition. Take Warpath Follower if PoW is on the table.

Can someone hit me with a tier list of all the classes in Pathfinder?

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That's one of the things about Pathfinder (and often tabletops in general) is that you can't make your anime or video game inspired characters totally true to their sources most of the time because your character can't be good at everything

Just have multiple classes from the start that you can upgrade fully as you level.

You'll be strong as fuck, so the GM will have to send bigger nasties at you.

Speaking from my experience recreating anime characters in Pathfinder, the only way you're going to be able to do so even somewhat effectively is going to be through Gestalting.

Warlord is Cha-based, so you’d be getting plenty of points thrown into the relevant means to gather information.

Got a question, but do many people get players for campaigns from here? Someone suggested I give running a campaign here a shot, but I've not done much online stuff.
This is just research for the future, not going to be happening super soon.

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/pgg/ is shit but from my experience, most places and players are even shittier.

Your Results May Vary, whether or not you get apps or even if you end up choosing people from here (assuming you post the request on Roll20 and get apps from there as well) is basically luck of the draw, especially since most people don't actually say where they came from unless you ask.

Right, well. There's no harm in trying, thanks for the honesty.
Mostly just am looking for a relatively casual game to DM, as the people I DM for irl can get pretty intense.
Also they're complete normies, so I sorta wanna be able to DM without hiding my powerlevel so to speak.
Might give it a shot sometime in the future, maybe when 2E comes out, maybe sooner.

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What's some gimmicky shit I can do with the possessed hand feats?

and am I reading it right where it basicially grants an extra attack with hands autonomy?

I believe it can only attack when seperated from your arm.

That would be an uninspired mechanic since hand's detachment has hand's autonomy listed as a prerequisite and the attack is only mentioned on hand's autonomy.

Ah, I thought it was the other way around. Reading through the feat though, the text; >When you are unconscious, paralyzed, asleep, or stunned, your possessed hand can still act on your behalf in a limited fashion.
seems to imply it can only be done when you're suffering from one of those conditions.

I forgot to line break, fuck me.

How do I ask someone to be my dance partner?

There's a difference between houseruling shit and using the rules designed to introduce bonuses and penalties outside the mechanical listings for the sake of allowing players to affect the outcomes of the game in more than one way. The fact that the GM may - per RAW - introduce circumstance and situational bonuses and penalties is what prevents PF from becoming like 4e and 5e, a mechanic driven boardgame. It gives the players more agency and allows the GM to adjust things on the fly, which makes for a more organic and often much more realistic game than the strictly mechanical adherence to the rules. This isn't some "rule zero fixes everything", this is "this rule exists to allow players more agency".

This angers the 2hu and the white-room theorycrafters because it makes their ability to mechanically minmax and optimize less important than roleplaying and creative thinking.


Her intelligence is very high, but bher dex is low, and while she has rthe performance to boost it, her understanding of the nobility is poor. She is also waifish in appearance and terrifyingly strong, so it would be difficult for someone to lead her in a dance effectively.

she's also exceedingly shy and would be distressed by someone being that close to her. Especially someone she liked.

High Int/Low Dex is actually fine, you only need one or the other - your partner will be the one who needs high Dex.

It's the latter part that would make things difficult for her.

Especially since she's definitely crushing on the archer-paladin in the party, who would be an excellent partner for the dance...and treats her very kindly considering she's an annis hag's daughter. This happened last weekend.

Man, I was looking for an archetype of Bard that sounded good and Street Performer seemed alright, I was even willing to give up Inspire Courage for the "make an ally seem invisible" trick cause it sounded cool, but Streetwise just isn't worth it compared to Bardic Knowledge.

tfw the only people you play with are normies so you'll never get to play a witch cursed to live in the body of a pure loli
why fucking live

This reminded me, do characters reach level 7 before the dance thing? Or level 6 at least, since we play by 3 ppl we are 1 lvl ahead of the curve.

paizo seriously?

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lmao is that for real

What's wrong with eel?

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Witchborn Changeling.

I have a great NEED to enforce my magical realm through the Despoiler of Flesh.

nothing, unless it looks like circumcision gone horribly wrong

That's what Japanese eel looks like, ya dip.

i was talking about Taldan eel i posted, i haven't even noticed eel on your pic because of the girl's huge beautiful eyes

I wish to sneak around in fullplate(And preferably swing a 2h sword, but that's just a bonus) What is the best way to do so?

That's what I was referring to - the Taldan eel. I didn't post any image.

Greater Silenced, Greater Shadowed mithril fullplate.

maybe i'm just depressed and gay

Mithril, comfort, steelbone frame. Done. Zero ACP fullplate.

Could I swap Comfort with the Armor Master trait?

Armor Expert. My bad.

I mean that's fine too. Whichever you prefer. Armor Expert takes a trait you might have wanted for something else, and comfort only costs extra gold and makes it fine for hot weather and easy to snooze in.

The biggest gimmick i know of is taking the feat line on a witch or wizard, make it your familiar, give it the bruiser archetype, crunch some numbers and look at what STR it gets

So after many years and several campaigns... the only way to play Pathfinder where things don't break is without full-progression spellcasters, right? Because every time it's either something the Wizard can do or something the Cleric can do that breaks the game. You never hear about a Bard breaking the game unless he knocks up an elder god and completes an ancient apocalyptic prophesy or something.

if by "where things dont break" you mean "boring railroaded PC RPG" then sure

I almost never hear about wizards breaking games, its a meme


Because they don't break games, they make the supposedly big things and certain sub-systems pointless. Travelling, crafting, skill checks and preparations all become meaningless if the wizard spends some coin and time in finding the needed spells for them.

This. All the evidence that points towards wizards breaking the game are whiteroom theorycraft and anecdotal evidence (which they are quick to claim any instance of them not breaking the game is). Also, all wzards have quantum, spell lists, multiple schools, and tons of bonus feats as well as every scroll and wand ever, not to mention every single metamagic rod.

>every skill check the wizard can replace requires a spell that grants a skill check
I always thought this part was really amusing.