Less features as a selling point

>less features as a selling point

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Some of the best players I've ever had -- the best storytellers, the best actors, the best roleplayers, the ones who really get into character and make the game fun and worth playing -- have been bad at math and turned off by games that are too complicated and numbers-heavy.

Oh, but that's not what you care about. Of course it isn't.

All my players have to calculate the ballistic trajectory of every bullet they fire

>PF/3.5 are worse than 5e

Checks out t b h.

>alright user, how many atoms is your character made of?
>"uh, 400?"

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>Good game:
>"I want to run up the wall and catch his ankle before he escapes!"
>'Okay, make an Athletics check contested by the opponent's Acrobatics check'
>Not good game:
>"I want to run up the wall and catch his ankle before he escapes!"
>'Okay, let me consult page 282 of the player's handbook...'
>'Oh, I remember now, there are updated grapple rules in that new book, Grabbers and Gonads Volume IV, I own the first three but let's use the most updated rules. I'll find a .pdf on my phone.'
>'Come on, load...'
>'There we go! It says now you're supposed to make an atheltics check to grab his ankle only after you succeed a DC 5 jumping check and a DC 13 acrobatics check to reach up the wall. then, he contests with a +15 because he has the Buttery Ankles Feat from 'Culinary Adventures 2' book, so he'll roll now and you have to make a grip check to hold on as he tries to slip away.'
>'Guys? hello?! Is anyone paying attention? Why are you guys so rude, on your phones all the time. WE'RE TRYING TO PLAY A GAAAAAME HERE!'

Try harder pathfag. You're just mad nobody's as autistically bolted to your shitty sunk cost fallacy as you are. 3.pf is gone and it needs to stay that way.

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My game has more features than yours, but 90% of them are shit that doesn't work. Good game design!

>my mom bought an suv to drive me to soccer practice

We get it user you play GURPS

>Quality of features > quantity of features

you can't thread your own post fag, much less in greentext

I can do whatever I want you smelly sausage

I make all my players write out their full genome during character creation.

In my experience I've seen the opposite. People who don't give a shit about mechanics don't give a shit about the RP.


And if 5e had any quality features I'd agree with you

>bringing /v/ shit into Veeky Forums

This is a stupid blogpost and the idiot undermines his own argument multiple times in the comments.

>Buttery Ankles Feat from 'Culinary Adventures 2' book

ha ha ha

Is that what we're discussing then? Please elaborate on what standard you are comparing it to

/v/ has been leeking into Veeky Forums lately via MTG threads

This is exactly why I stopped playing DnD and D20 games in general. Fuck the math and the luck and having to stack a million +1s for my character to do the things they're supposed to be good at. I went rules-lite a couple of years ago and never looked back.

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I've just read the comments and you appear to be talking out your ass.

You have a quote for that?

What is this faggot /v/tard shit and why are you fat tongued shitpainters replying?

I assumed it was a burn at OSR, since they tout the very minimalist mechanics and DIY nature as major seling points

>I've just read the comments
Clearly not.


I dunno, I sorta feel that by default tabletop games have a finite amount of features they can give you for simultaneous use before becoming unplayable.

But at the same time, I quite want more features.

It's a conflicting experience, and the only resolution I can come up with is to try to fit more features in, but somehow also make them lighter to use.

I am considering using off-human processing for this. I could go through dozens of hit location and bone density and blood amount charts in a second with a processor backing me up. So, if I offload a lot of the combat crunch to computers in actual execution, it theoretically leaves more usable room for other things, like enhanced racial selection or wider tactical options or a skill system.

It's not what you're describing but I get the feeling you would like Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures.

a google search makes it seem very rules light.
I'm not necessarily arguing for rules light, I quite enjoy some meaty rules to work with each other, but it might be interesting.

It's an interesting system not for being light but for what it chooses to cut.

It also comes with a lot of optional "roll on tables" content, which is the diydnd/diyrpg scene's favorite way to add features without adding crunch.
If you can tolerate Zak S.'s writing, dndwithpornstars. blogspot .com/2012/05/fat-game.html

well, I can understand the design philosophy at least.
And like I said, it's a pretty reasonable one.

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Because complexity is inherently a good thing.
A tangle of wires is complex, with many features, but that doesn't make it good.

Yeah, I had the exact opposite experience.
But you don't care about it, you only wanted to show some anecdotal evidence.

>What is this faggot /v/tard shit and why are you fat tongued shitpainters replying?
Now that we don't have quest threads on this board, our options for entertainment are more limited.

So go to /qst/ if it's such a good, entertaining, well-made time.

>missing the point so hard you kick your own ass

Board's dead, baby. Board's dead.


I've been wondering why people start screaming about /v/ every time someone makes a caveman thread lately.

Do you newfags not realize that Veeky Forums has had caveposting threads for a decade?

Guess quests suck then.