The king has a terrible stutter, making him embarrassed about public speaking

>the king has a terrible stutter, making him embarrassed about public speaking

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>the king gets around this by perfecting his stern glare, his mere presence an inspiration to the people

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Shut up, England. No one gives a fuck about your weird movies.

"Eugh, gawrd save the kween!"

Limey shits.

>the king is mad, as he speaks to plants and refers to the court by the names of birds

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>The king is taking lessons from a bard on music, controlling his voice, and is become a lyricist, because he doesn't ever stutter when he sings.

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>The king is usurped by the general of his armies, who has the call of the men at his side and the will of the people in his ear. A new campaign to cleanse the elves from the land is put underway within a fortnight of the crowning of the usurper

mm, yes, president-for-life trump, now there's a head of state to envy. fucking claps, when was the last time -your- leader served in combat?
oh right, bone spurs, i forgot.

>the King hires someone to speak for him
>his mouthpiece rationalizes it as the people being too lowly to hear the King's words directly

The king, apparently a mundane human, mysteriously manages to remain in power despite the presence of high level clerics and wizards in his realm.

Oi, have got your banter loicense?

>If not for his insecurity, he would actually be rather eloquent - those close to him know this, which would explain why none of his close confidantes are plotting to seize power for themselves.

>the king has an erectile dysfunction, making him unable to sire an heir

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>the reluctant philosopher-king unifies his lands against all odds in a time of great strife and war, and remains respected by all his adversaries.

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Royal blood template bro. It's basically a divine rank.

Fat trumplanders lose by default.

Jesus bongs have zero bants

>The immortal co-called "God King" is being kept young through a magical fountain of youth that only a few of his inner council know about.
>Wanting to be the one, true king of his land, he has no heir and thus no queen.
>He is a mighty hero revered by his people as a God but must sip from the fountain each day to maintain his life.
>If smoeone were to pillage or destroy the fountain, the King would have 24 hours from his last sample before perishing, and having his entire kingdom fall with him.

Never GMed a game before and thought of this premise on the spot, what are your thoughts? I'm thinking of running a one-shot campaign to test the waters as a DM with this as part of the setting.

Unless King Tuck I keeps some of that fountain of youth water somewhere in reserve, he's got no business calling himself a king.

>Despite being heavily mocked by his adversaries, the king is a good ruler and actively seeks the well being of his subjects

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He doesn't remain in power despite the powerful clerics and wizards. He remains in power because of them.

They prefer his rule over any of their number taking over.


>The water is only magical when it is in the fountain itself. When removed from the fountain it will become ordinary water within 2 hours. Any water or other liquid within the fountain will turn to youth water within, removing any taint, disease etc.
His reign will only last as long as threatening dissenters remain unaware of the fountain and its whereabouts (not very long), but I still think it's a neat idea.
>tfw reign of immortal god-king only lasts a couple centuries

I thought bongs were supposed to be better than this.

Is it even legal for you to banter anymore? Aren't you discriminating against someone based on national origin? Isn't that illegal now?

yfw the local sharia police take you to jail for being racist

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what's fuckin sad about you clowns is is me and I'm not actually british. So, when I say your disgusting, oafish liar of a president is as cowardly as he is orange, you can't hoot about sharia or meme about chav accents, you're just going to have to accept that these things are objectively true.
Too bad, try and elect a human being next time.

>Too bad, try and elect a human being next time.
Not familiar with American politics are you, slav?

>the king has a terrible stutter, but if the Scatman can do it so can he

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Samefag here, just gonna drop more king stories before these retards make this thread have a quicker death than the king from >The king has been dead for decades but is kept alive through a lesser deity in order to give itself relevance, ie power

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Didn't you read his post? After 24 hours any water taken out of the fountain is made into normal, unclean water.

>the king's engine is on full throttle today.

Having a princess who worked as a truck mechanic is very helpful.


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>The emperor has made his horse a priest, and plans to elect it to public office.

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