Lets have a thread about the most terrifying dangers in roleplaying games

Lets have a thread about the most terrifying dangers in roleplaying games.

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Well, just about anything in Call of Cthulu. Hoo boy fuck that noise.

If we're talking D&D shit, then intellect devourers are pretty terrifying.

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When you get too invested in a character and they die.
When people get into an argument at the table and stop showing up to play.
When no one brings food and everyone leaves halfway through the game to get something to eat.

Cheeto fingers on my crisp books


A DM with a bone to pick
A player with third-party books
When a player or DM brings their significant other to join.


>When no one brings food and everyone leaves halfway through the game to get something to eat.

That's why I always put the slowcooker on before the session starts. You've been smelling rosemary and beef for two hours, you're not going anywhere until it's served, and afterwards you'll be too bloated to move away from the table until you digest.

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Acererak is the easiest trap in to Tomb of Horrors.
You bypass it by ignoring it. That's it. That's all you have to do.

>No one brings food
We have a rule, starting with the DM, than moving to the right we all bring food for the group, and not snacks like actual dinner.
Anything with Save or die spells

>Pulled pork
>Baked potatoes

How the fuck do we not coordinate with Veeky Forums more? Didn't they make meatbreat for us one Christmas?

I just took a peek at their boards and the first thing I saw was a confess thread with over 200 replies, followed by a shitposting thread with a wojack edit.

Veeky Forums is a pretty wholesome board

A succubus whose kiss drains XP.

Specially with a DM bent on usng them as being always interested in your shiniest and most valuable metal objects instead of being oversized prawn raccoons with a knack for eating nails or whatever metallic thing you toss at them. They're supposed to be distraction/puzzle monsters like Mimics, you're not supposed to use them because you feel like ruining your player's equipment knowing they've spent a lot of time trying to get those things in the first place. In 5e they're okayish, they were made into a drawback more than anything - but in older editions, a heavy investment like an adamantine greatsword is suddenly rust monster gourmet.

Fuck DMs who use rust monsters.

simple puzzles that drive players insane

I legit got angry at one puzzle. it was as simple as smash a mirror

Asshole DMs. I don't mean the ones who have real consequences for actions or provide genuine threats and challenges, I mean the fuckers that unironically believe in the player v. gm mentality and enjoy reveling in their ability to fuck over their players with little to no provocation. Truly there is nothing more dangerous than such a beast.

Sounds like those DMs would be better off running the really old school Gygax adventures where each player had 3 characters and could expect to lose 2 1/2 of them by the end of the session.

You folks ever step on a d4

Being indoctrinated into Satanic Cults, don't play D&D kids!

Mindflayers. You only come across those niggers at high levels and you're risking a seriously gruesome death.

Other human players.
You haven't realised the depths of depravity until you've attempted recruiting players from online forums.

The deck of many things.
Nothing else has a 100% chance of ruining the entire campaign.

>I can't make it this week

Try chewets. They're a Tudor England sweet-and-savory meat pie with a free-standing crust.

You're right. They are a puzzle monster. But you're still a retard because you saw the wrong puzzle. You befriend the Rust Monster (which is really easy), keep it as a pet, and sic it on your enemies.

>Ignoring anything potentially lethal
I wish they were that smart.

>*REEEEEEEEEING intensifies*

GMs, How would you handle this
My Knowledge domain cleric (patron:savras) in 5e encountered a Gibbering Mouther formed from the beat-up bodies of some pirate thugs lying ontop a stone floor enscribed with 'mystical runes'. After dispatching it Wagner took notes & charcol/parchment copies of said runes to study to see if he could replicate the ritual on a smaller scale with captured house rats. He had a cage built for them and everything and was trying to recreate another mouther made up of rats that had gotten to know the villagefolk and serve as its protector. Sadly I had to leave the campaign before it finished but instead of having rocks fall on my dude the GM said one day my house was just empty, me and my rats gone.
I regret having to leave the group but I'm still curious if this endeavor could have been seen as legitimate or just derailment. It was my first group, think I got to lvl 5.

hi sean

People not being able to talk about things like grown adults

I am convinced designers added caltrops after such accident.

what do you mean by that?

Do you have any Idea just how good caltrops are for adventurers ?

My players used them extensively. The rogue players, mostly.

Meatbread threads on Veeky Forums get deleted for off-topic these days.

I might just be lucky, but i've never seen the "player brings their significant other" to turn out badly. Had it happen at least 3 times over the years they were never really an issue.

Cr 8. You can feasibly see them as a boss at like level 4-6