Would you ever play a gay character

Even if you're not gay?

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But I am, though.

No, I wouldn't know what it is like to be gay, so there is no point to trying to pretend to be a gay character. I'd probably just fuck up and mess up their character somehow.

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My characters are never happy, you can't be happy when you're a loose cannon who lives on the edge.

I did this once, just to see how it went.

It was almost entirely uneventful.

I have.
In 6 months of play, it came up twice.

I (a straight dude) played a gay guy in a mutants and masterminds game once. Hardly came up in the game, but it informed the character.

Yes, however he'd be catroonishly gay

Yeah, I would. I haven't yet but maybe I will on my next character. I've played straight women before so it's not entirely new to me.

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no, because roleplaying is about fantasies you'd like to live, there's not enough difference between the straight and the gay to make a character distinct, and what differences there are are of no appeal to me, it's no more than a quirk in genetic wiring, you may as well ask would you play as someone only attracted to asians or blacks or redheads, the only differences that will make a change in rp circumstances are those of the world the character is in.

Am I a top or a bottom? Because if I'm playing a top I might as well just play a straight guy

Don't see why I would, but I do love me some fabulous.

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No. Heck in the up coming Magical girl game me and the boy's are brewing up, my character's gimmick is that she's 100% straight

You'd only even notice a difference if they were someone who flirted a lot. A romantically shy gay man isn't going to act much different from a romantically shy straight man.

what does sexual orientation have to do with anything DnD related?

I did, but it ended up making no difference and never came up during the campaign. One player did ask me if he was though, and they don't usually ask me anything like that so I guess it was somehow noticeable?

Sure. No skin off my ass it's not like we're gonna go into graphic sex descriptions at the table either way.

If the sexuality of my character shows up I'm already at a game where I might as well start gathering up a harem.

She’s cute.


Oh you naive, silly user.

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Nothing, absolitely nothing

I like to roll for my gender and if its relevant to the game, orientation

My current character's gay for pay if that counts.

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Sure, no problem with it, might even play a flamboyant elf.

Not going to erp though. But I don't het ERP either so not like it changes much.


Played a gay noble trying to his homoness from his wife. Interesting mechanics happened to the point were the party had to cover for me as not to blow up peace with nobles.

No because it'd just be a walking stereotype or I would never bring it up

>Would you ever play a gay character
Yeah, I'm playing one in a campaign right now.
>Even if you're not gay?
Who says I'm not? :^)

Succubus and Incubus Charm saving throws?

how new are you?

I have played gay and bi characters a few times.

It was partially to help me understand my own sexuality but lead to some great roleplay.

I could be talked into surface-level yuri, maybe. But I basically don't do romance at all, so generally no.

daily reminder that yaoi > yuri

Fujoshi a shit.

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I haven't and probably won't, because I'd probably just end up doing not!Arcade Gannon regardless of setting.

Sure. I'm hetero and I've played them before -- it's just the topic of their sexuality rarely comes up and when it does they're usually lesbians, guys I swear it's not magical realm, it's just pure coincidence.

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>implying guys can be fujos

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Yes, I played a gay character in an evil campaign once. Literally never came up once in game, only reason anybody but me knew about it was OoC jokes.

I'd prefer not to, but I can't imagine it'd be any harder than trying to play a female character

Yeah whenever a DM pulls up a succubus I tell him it has no effect on me since my character is gay. DMs never really know how to react so they let it go through. It has saved the party on one occassion, at least. (I was the only one who resisted its influence, and saved the rest of the party).

If I played a gay character it would be an over the top deliberately offensive caricature, like his defining characteristic would be that he loves penises. I would wear pink sequins and rainbow robes and have a valley girl accent, it would be fucking fabulous.

Not intentionally. But I usually make my characters without sexuality in mind and roll with whatever comes my way. So if another gay character tried to seduce my character, that would be the point where I decide that my character is gay/bisexual.

Unless having an asexual character fits and seems more amusing. Like that time I played a Geth in a Mass Effect game and one of the PCs refused to believe that the Geth didn't have carnal desires (his words).

Even if that worked, wouldn't the succubus just shapeshift into an incubus as soon as she figures out he's unphased?

>implying male

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>demon flees and shapeshifts
>now looks like an extremely handsome exotic shirtless dude
>you see a bulge and shapely ass exposed by his tight leather pants

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BL similar to pro wrestling, it can be popular outside its target audience for somewhat... different reasons.

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No way. That shit's for fags.

Women are the predominant market for yaoi. Probably for the same reason men are the largest market share of yuri.

Yaoi also has some really questionable art practices.

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I think my DMs are too shy to try something like that, but I'd be okay with it. It'd save the other male characters though.

Yes, but not a faggot kind of gay. No going around wearing girl's clothes or wearing makeup, talking with that stereotypical faggoty lisp, dressing in what's basically fetish gear in public, etc. Only regular gay.

you have to dig to find the non shit stuff. the koreans are surprisingly good at it but I guess then it's technically just "gay porn manhwa" then.

never be too sure

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I don't read yaoi (being a straight dude), I just think it's really odd how yaoi has this defined quirk with the weird anatomy. Like yeah guys will draw women with a massive rack and skinny waist but... the stuff you find just searching up 'yaoi hands' is next-level weird. It's like they have face huggers stapled to their wrists instead of proper hands.

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I think it's an exaggeration of masculine traits that still keep some femininity, combined with a general misunderstanding of perspective. Same thing with the defined collarbones, chins and huge eyes. Then again it all depends on the artist and how good they are. Doujins of all kinds have a bunch of good stuff and a bunch of crap.

That's a symptom of desperately craving positive attention, and something I personally fulfill through gentle fdom.

The old softdom threads on /d/ have absolutely soured the dating game for me. I want to be wanted, damn it.

I have. He was a hard gay bara, warrior male type who had a strongly Greek love for one of his hirelings, a young hoplite under his command. They both wound up dying before much could come of it other than some pre-battle hill sex but he had plans to retire with him to his family's goat farm

It's something that seems real common on Veeky Forums honestly. Not sure if it's just attracting people who are lonely fucks or the site's general feel making people lonely fucks. Probably some mix of the two.

Well now you've rekindled some supressed feelings in me and that makes me sad

Yeah, I understand it's mostly just mediocre execution, the hands thing just really stood out to me. Also the small heads but I don't think that's actually very common.

I always leave my characters' orientation ambiguous so that if the DM tries to create some plot that involves them being attracted to someone I declare that they were [other orientation] the whole time to ruin it

So, yes

It can be

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It's 'cuz we like big hands and long fingers. Nothing unusual so far. And in the same way girls get huge tits that would look weird and unappealing irl, males get horrid spider hands on guys when an artist overdoes it.

But occasionally they just seem small. Look at this. Motherfucker could palm his head like a basketball

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That's some sort of absurd parody of the issue, right? That can't be intended to look normal.

Waaaaay back this trend started because Japanese culture hates women enjoying themselves. (Ever wondered why hentai always has that borderline crying "no no please!"bullshit?).
So the only romance where you could show love was gay content. Women left with no straight option latched on to that. Female authors started to code gender roles with the uke (bottom) being super feminine and the semester (top) having over exaggerated manly features to distinguish them from the not-women.
Things escalated when the genre became popular and the exaggerated features became A Thing.

stupid autocorrect...

No, because at the end of the day I will always fear about how self-reflective my character comes off as. And I've also been the target of way too many gay boys that are lonely and think they can turn a straight guy bi with enough charm to risk leaving any openings.

That's part of why I find it more fun to play a female character - a female character isn't reflective of me personally, but what I find attractive in a woman. And that has enough flexibility no one questions if I were to make a bi woman, or play anything from energetic and bubbly to solemn and serious. Maybe no one even cares, but I can't help how my head works.

What would I even do with a gay character, anyway? It's never fun to actually play something you aren't interested in or even limits your interests. Play the exact opposite of what you usually play, and it'll be an awkward experience.

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>Ever wondered why hentai always has that borderline crying "no no please!"bullshit?
I just always figured that was a popular dom/sub thing. It's like 60% of what I find looking through amateur produced audio porn. Most of what women make themselves (with or without a provided script) is them being taken advantage of.

I honestly don't get it but I'm a pretty reserved dude so maybe I'm just not wired quite the right way. I dunno.

I've played characters of pretty much every orientation, largely due to GMing a rather sexually charged shadow run game (group operates from a brothel as their HQ), but also my PCs tend to be some sort of queer. My group loves to have romance and flirting in our games so it's usually relevant

In the case of Japanese content there is totally a cultural aspect to it. The idea that women could enjoy sex has historically been not been looked kindly upon there.
Those shameless sluts!

A lesbian - may be. A pansexual sex-fluid abomination - I have played one.A gay man - only as a DM for one of the NPCs.

Mein nigger.

It doesn't really come up in game for me though.



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Is there any yuri in that witch series?
I've only seen the original episode so far.

bitch i played a gay in a big war-larp where the faction i belonged to stoned gays.
but then they changed the rules so they are now ok with gays cus they want to be "inclusive" or some shit

...but you would know what it is like to be an elf, a wizard, a vampire of a space marine? Do you know what "roleplay" means?


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No, I'm bi and have no interest in limiting my rp options like that. Probably end up with just one person, but who knows if a man or woman until they pique my interest?

The term for guys is fudanshi

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But he or her has to be pre60s style.

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I've done it. Actually, there is a running gag about characters I write ending up in some sort of relationship with characters by a friend of mine.

But I am totally gay though

I'm not opposed, but I have a feeling I'd wind up over the top stereotyping and offensive.
The gay GM would probably find it hilarious, but I dunno about the other gay guy or the lesbian.

>Probably for the same reason men are the largest market share of yuri.
HAHA! It's funny you would think that.
Yuri as a genre split from Shoujo, who's largest market is right there in the name. Girls.
Media that have strong lesbian elements aimed at a male audience either are making a plot or characterisation point about it or are using it for blatant fan-service.
Regardless of which, they are, by a vast margin, the minority of Yuri media.

It's more complex than that.

Part was fantasy writers mining old native genres of gay fiction for material, part comes from the fact that you could not have girl characters talk about sexual attraction in shoujo comics back in the days, so they used girly male stand-ins and part's because slashing characters is fun.

>Yaoi also has some really questionable art practices.
Eh, genre tend to develop a style. Just look at capeshit.

I have played as a elf before, yes.

No, and I would never play a female character either.
I wouldn't know how to roleplay or immerse myself as one.

It seems that Yuri's a lot more limited a genre than Yaoi. Like I haven't seen too much cave girl yuri, viking shield maiden yuri, pirates yuri ect. The people making BL stopped giving a fuck decades ago, so we get shit like Sex Pistols, which is both terrible and terribly hilarious.

My current character is gay in the "my priest touched me when I was a boy" sort of way. It rarely, if ever, comes up so nobody makes a big deal about it.

I have done a few times. Bretty good

Mental diseases are lame character traits, so no.

No, gays are disgusting and subhuman need to be purged.

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So David Bowie circa The Labyrinth?

About half my characters are gay. It rarely comes up. in fact it's only been relevant in one campaign among several over the years. Usually it's not even mentioned or relevant or come up at all, since we usually play for the "actual" reason, stuff like adventuring and fighting bad guys and stuff. The one time it did matter was when I dated another party member just as a cute side plot. So it's whatever.

I'm gay but only a few people know that since I don't advertise it, so that might matter.

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I have, and I'll never never do it again. The reason is the Gamemaster kept trying to accomodate the pcs sexuality, and he made things increasingly deviant and weird. We talked it out, and he called me a prude. I realized that homosexuality is not about falling in love with another dude , its about pure nihilistic carnal pleasure. So I switched to a straight character, but once again, he kept escalating the decadence. These days I am the gamemaster. In my world , people generate spontaneously from the air, everyone is single everyone's a celibate.

I wish I were baiting you.

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are you sure you're not talking about homophobes, sempai?

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So... one dude tried to force you into his magical realm and you've banned all sex and sexuality from your games?
Eh, there are more drastic responses I s'pose.


Can and have, my character for a lot of sci-fi games is a canonically gay space admiral.