Twilight 2000

I just managed to snag a bunch of v2.2 books but they seem really dense at first skim. I love the setting but Is it worth learning the rules or is it better to hack a system you're more familiar with? like do the heavy sim rules add anything that makes the game more fun?

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It is both hilarious, amazing and awful, I would definitely recommend giving the ruleset it a go for the sheer novelty.

The rules as complicated as it seems at first glance. I strongly advise you to give it a try. It's a really cool game.

IMO, the best way to learn the rules is to create a couple of characters and run a couple of combats (man vs. man, man vs. vehicle, vehicle vs. vehicle).

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Here, have some Cold War pics to motivate you.

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It's very much of it's time, being a crunchy 80s GDW game, but that's all part of the appeal
I loved fucking this game as a kid
Here's a stash of PDFs if you're interested!C9sQhbwb!NVnD4jvUn5inOrPJIAkBhA

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Typical NPCs.

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Village militia

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Local militia commander

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US troops in Eastern Europe

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Russian or Ukrainian stragglers

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Mini playlist:

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Russian special forces stuck in the Wroclaw area.

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Russian OMOH trooper enjoying a couple of beers he looted from a Polish household.

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City defense

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US troops in Hessen, Germany.

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Some civvies foraging for supplies.

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Your average East European Twilight 2000 cityscape.

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I really enjoy the 1980s Cold War gone hot aftermath premises. We ran a partisan campaign set in our own hometown in the Pacific NW of US which had been invaded by the Commies ala Red Dawn. It was tremendously fun. Even used maps from the local library to plan our attacks.

One more NPC.

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French troops

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French troops securing the eastern side of the Rhine.

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French soldier shooting at refugees trying to cross into the Security Zone.

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French soldier arresting a German straggler trying cross the Rhine.

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Prostitutes going to work.

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Civilians collecting "drinking" water.

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US tank somewhere in East-Germany.

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Bad news coming.

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Some unnamed Polish city in summer after month of combat between NATO and Warsaw Pact units.

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Veteran NPC

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Here's a character sheet I had made for the 1st edition.

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Vehicles sheet

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