ITT: Stupid GM tactics

>GMs who try and get you by specific wording on your phrases
>hurr you didn't say your character puts on his armor before leaving the tavern for the dungeon so he doesn't have it on
Seriously, is there a worse tactic?

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>"My Ancestors are smiling at me Imperial. Can you say the same?"

If "the dungeon" is the tavern basement, it's absolutely cool and good. If it's something that is far away and implied to be dangerous, no.

GMs should absolutely limit player's time to decide in IC stressful situations. It's like a timer for chess.

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That one depends highly on context. The dividing line is whether it's something that the character would have had both the basic competence and opportunity to do.

In your example, if the character was under time pressure, or did something dumb like set fire to the tavern while his gear was still upstairs, or some other complicating elements, then it might actually be legit for the GM to call them out on it. But if it was just a normal peaceful tavern stay then they're being a giant fuckwad for the sake of it.

If a GM really does want the players to state exactly what they're taking with them then he should at least cut them SOME slack early on.

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Stupid GM tactic

>GM allows us to drink and smoke the devil's herb during the game
>Because I'm 50% Veeky Forums I do not partake in such debased acts cause they'll kill my gainz
>GM has a really high haha tolerance of weed and alcohol
>Other players do not
>One hour into the game the rest of the players are shitfaced and fucked up
>GM with the high tolerance to drugs begins to browbeat and passively aggressively bully the players into doing what the GM thinks the characters would do

Its a good thing I stopped taking that game with any grain of seriousness

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>literally making up animals
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>making up animals
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>Rolling dice for the sake of "psyching" out your players.

Ffs does anyone ACTUALLY fall for this?

I did it a couple times but it usually just resulted in them doing more metagaming instead of staring slack-jawed into the void of fate... so no I don't anymore.

That sounds absolutely terrible. Why the fuck would you even think of smoking weed at a game - your attention span and concentration vanish and you'll get fucking nothing out of playing. You won't even remember what someone else said mere moments ago.
Absolutely disgusting.

Similar but
>GM keeps emphasizing something
>do everything you can on that something
like fuck you, I'm trying to do you a favor with your retarded GMing skills and help you progress the story. You're not supposed to pull this dumb meta shit unless there's a reason for it.

I'm gonna post this here too

Specially with a DM bent on usng them as being always interested in your shiniest and most valuable metal objects instead of being oversized prawn raccoons with a knack for eating nails or whatever metallic thing you toss at them. They're supposed to be distraction/puzzle monsters like Mimics, you're not supposed to use them because you feel like ruining your player's equipment knowing they've spent a lot of time trying to get those things in the first place. In 5e they're okayish, they were made into a drawback more than anything - but in older editions, a heavy investment like an adamantine greatsword is suddenly rust monster gourmet.

Fuck DMs who use rust monsters.

I mean, it's perfectly possible to get high enough to enhance creativity but retain your short term memory and attention. I've found it can help me improv and come up with description faster as GM.
Getting completely blazed is definitely counter productive though.

That's often necessary though. Sometimes you need to know something specific that would normally be glossed over, but you can't just ask the player because that would make it really obvious. So the GM needs to find workarounds to find the information out in a 'natural' way.

For example, there's some contact poison on a door handle. Is the PC wearing gloves? It hasn't come up. You can't just ask 'Is your character wearing gloves?' because the the player will think 'there's obviously something dangerous here, so it would be better if I was wearing gloves'. So you don't mention the door and ask the player to describe what their character is wearing, and see if they specifically mention gloves.

If find the weird little information war that goes on between the GM and players interesting sometimes. You get some bizarre contortions of language when the GM uses hedging language to provide certain information without giving the players clues their characters wouldn't have.

It really is all about the amount you smoke. If it's bowl after bowl after bowl then it's going to be a bad time, but I play online and have a hit or two before my game (and sometimes during).

Smoking by yourself is a bit different though.

I love smoking and no amount of fitness or moral faggery will stop me. That being said, i have a major problem in my campaign as all of my.players smoke way too much during play and they forget a lot. To their credit, they all take a lot of notes to combat that, But it's still annoying.

>For example, there's some contact poison on a door handle. Is the PC wearing gloves?
Ask to see their character sheet and if you don't see "gloves" on there tell them to stop metagaming and lying.

>dm tries to get everyone killed by having waaaaay too hard encounters, talking lvl 1 against ranged ambushes + 2 rust monsters and thats not even half the encounter
>then spends the other half of the game giving us rule tweaks like "oh you have an extra inspiration for your death save"

>That's often necessary though.

See, there's difference between that and your examples.

Your example is an unexpected trap.
OP's example is GM assuming PCs are so incopetent they wouldn't think of putting on armor before going into a dangerous place.

It kinda worked out in a CoC game I played. I was a photojournalist and kept descriptions of all the photos I took, yet they didn’t match up with the GM’s notes and all of us had a different story of how that session went. Normally I would hate that, but it made sense for the feel of the game. We just rolled with it next session, with neither players nor characters quite sure of what exactly happened that night in Massachusetts. Something with a wendigo and a body dissected on a kitchen table, at least that’s what the photos were. We could’ve chalked it up to the Dreamlands, but it was spookier just missing an entire day.

> posting a lamb
Is that bunny OK?

>Ask to see their character sheet and if you don't see "gloves" on there tell them to stop metagaming and lying.

>But I'm wearing an adventurer's outfit under my breastplate and the picture in the books shows that it comes with gloves

Backgrounds state which kind of clothes you have, no such thing as "adventurer outfit"
Some are even specific enough to say if you start with a hood.
So that's not a good enough excuse. It needs to be on the sheet.
Talking about dnd 5e by the way

I had to resort to rolling dice that do nothing to keep players from metagaming. The GM rolling a check for the character comes up often enough in the system I'm running that every time I did it, the players would go on high alert and start trying to figure out what's going on, so now I'm just constantly rolling dice behind the GM screen. Also, at the start of every sessions, I pre-roll some rolls and use those as I need, so I can make a check without even rolling the dice. This has mostly solved the problem for me.

>For example, there's some contact poison on a door handle. Is the PC wearing gloves? It hasn't come up.

I've had a GM who decided that we weren't gloves them because we had never mentioned them.

One of the players immediately shot back with: We are outside in Canada in winter. Of course we are wearing gloves.

Usually when something like that comes up and not bringing/wearing the item would have serious consequences for the player, I let them roll whatever the system's equivalent of wisdom is (or something else that seems appropriate) with a penalty that's related to how much I think it would be common sense to have that item, for a person in their situation. If the player makes a good argument for why their character would remember the item, then I might reduce the penalty.

This method has completely eliminated any arguments of this nature.

>GM who ignores that there are rules for how much a character can move in battle
>GM who says that because IRL you don't know how much you can move, you can't plan how much your character runs to charge an enemy and it's up to GM discretion
>GM who says that you don't know how many HP you have IRL, the damage we take will be managed by them instead
>GM who says that you don't know how much damage you took but wants to describe the damage and how the character feels
>GM who ignores a mechanic of the game (L5R- the mechanic is using Void points to reduce damage taken) and refuses to tell you how much damage your character takes
>GM who ignores the setting of the game without prior warning, saying that this is their head-canon (homebrewed)
>GM who has party wander into the Shadowlands (take the Warp from 40k, with only one chaos god instead of 4, but all the same murderrapekill mentality) and only encounter goblins

I just want to know how deep this rabbit hole goes.

>needing to smoke to be creative

that's fukken weak, my dude

How has your playgroup not made GM and Lye soup in the bathtub yet?

He's making a joke that he believes in divine creation you utter tardbag.

He said "enhance" smoking isn't the miracle that a lot of people claim it to be but without dependence it can be a fun pastime and does make you think differently (at points)

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