What's the best generic system that can be used for all types of settings?

What's the best generic system that can be used for all types of settings?
I would mainly like one where different types of magic can feel different, that more generally you can adapt to fit a setting without being broken or unbalanced and is less overwhelming than GURPS.

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Literally Dungeons and Dragons. Change some of the rules around to fit the setting and game you're going for. Easy peesy.


I like FATE


Tell me what you you're trying to make and I can give you some pointers.

What in the goddamn are you talking about

Genesys is okay, but I personally favor GURPS and HERO so I've not looked at other universals much. I won't try and evangelize to you, though.

The only thing I specically wanted in my case is a type of wizardy magic, a shamanic one, a standard priestly, one based on pacts with demons and one based on innate magical abilities.

>where different types of magic can feel different
I don't think a generic system is going to be able to do this for you. It might make it easier or harder to do it yourself, but I don't think it's going to be able to do it for you.


Goddamn it OP
GURPS does all of those, and well
Perhaps check out BRP? It's got a number of very different magic systems, largely across several compatible games
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Is there a way to simplify GURPS for players?

Yeah. Use templates, just give them Gurps lite so they can learn the basics and introduce everything else as needed.

Could works after all, I will see check what other people here proposed.

>What in the goddamn are you talking about

Dungeons and Dragons is a very simple system, especially if you go with 1st or 0 edition, and the DIY or modern OSR movement. It conducts itself to homebrew well and can work for almost any kind of game you can think of.

Doesn't some versions of D&D already do this? Besides easy enough, just draft up some classes.

BRP by Chaosium would probably fit the bill. The skeleton of it is simple and intuitive (D%, roll under your skill), and the big yellow book has a ton of guides for Sorcery, Wizard-y Magic, and Super Powers that could be fluffed and modified to get the magic traditions you want. I think "Classic Fantasy" was the book they put out specifically for DnD style adventures. Anyway, the only real issue I have with the system is it leans strongly towards low-power/gritty, but it isn't too hard to add in stuff to make characters more powerful.

D&D of various stripes can be beaten into shapes resembling other genres, but not well

Elric! and Stormbringer also have nice magic systems to jack, and are BRP compatible

mmm what happened to the gurps posters?

FATE Core/Accelerated, RISUS, Savage Worlds, Genesys, Mutants and Masterminds, Strike!... there's basically an infinite amount of generic systems out there.

Sounds like Mythras/BRP, you even have mysticism than lets you play shaolin monks/wuxia style characters.
It's an easy sistem able to do any gritty style game very well, at the most high levels tough its more broken.
The First Law, conan, farfhard and the Grey Mouser, LoTR etc kind of games.

Scariest things about GURPS, in my experience at least, was the huge list of very specific skills. It's very easy to get lost in that list. I've since ditched those in favor of wildcard skills which are a bunch of skills grouped into thematic bundles. For example, instead of having to worry if you have every skill you would need to play a seasoned investigator, you just take the Detective! wildcard skill at a decent level and move on to the next character trait.

I wish I could recommend some other generic systems, but I mostly use GURPS and M&M depending on the level of crunch I'm aiming for, and M&M's focus on speedy, action-packed play means it's not really detailed enough to differentiate types of magic beyond giving them different power modifiers.