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Tell me 5eg, what are your hopes and dreams for UA that will be crushed when the next UA comes out?

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>looks like

I'm a Barbarian and my unarmored defense grants me the same AC as wearing armor. Is there any benefit in choosing to wear armor anyway? All I see is the corner-case downside of armor when being targeted by Shocking Grasp and Heat Metal spells, plus having to don and doff it. Am I missing something?

There's literally only cons.

Get plate and you'll probably have better AC.

Alternate leveling options for Hexblade in order to make it less frontloaded.

I don't even dislike Hexblades, I'm having fun with my own right now, but the potential for abuse is really obvious.

You can't feasibly reach the higher ends of armor

Unarmored Defense sucks compared to + heavy armor.

Tbh warlock was a mistake from a design perspective.
The idea is fine, the execution was bad.

If your Unamored Defense gives you the same AC as your armor, then don't wear armor. Go be the shirtless barbarian you want to be.

Armorless barbarian charging spell caster thinking he's immune to heat metal. Suddenly his primary gets to hot to handle. Reduced to slapping for 1d4.

>Tell me 5eg, what are your hopes and dreams for UA that will be crushed when the next UA comes out?

Maybe an update to the trio subclasses they released?

You take the damage regardless.
If you pass the con save to keep holding your weapon, might as well use your next turn to fuck up that caster if you can.

Problem with your armor is that raw it takes more than an action to doff.
And if you have to drop your primary, who the fuck doesn't have more weapons?

I don't know why but it bothers me when people that aren't tavern brawler or monk think they get 1d4 from their fists. But it makes me sperg like the biggest fucking autistic around.

Is there ever any good reason to add a DMPC or do you have any success story's of using one to make memorable moments? Asking f-for a friend.

My party's Barbarian has 20 AC

Hey /5eg/, Cleric-user here from last night who was asking for help fluffing/homebrewing a Dark Souls style domain.

First off, you guys are awesome, thanks for the advice.

I used all the advice to come up with this. It's 90% a refluffed Forge Domain cleric, but I just want to make sure that no one sees anything retarded. Spell list was shuffled around, and the Channel Divinity is just the Light Domain one. Maybe some ideas for a unique Channel Divinity? The Light Domain one seems a bit tacked on.

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Your friend sounds like a faggot.
DMPCs should never exist. Either they are support NPCs who never make decisions that impact the group (or leave if the group does something they wouldn't do), or they are the GM masturbating over his own work.
Seriously, they never, NEVER, turn out better than if you had simply given them an NPC who might cast heal or counterspell in circumstances where the players couldn't.

DMPCs are only DMPCs if they're bad and the DM trying to self insert or be a player in their own game.
Otherwise they're just good NPCs.

As a DM I'll never understand the mentality of those that DMPC. You get to play literally hundreds of characters. Why do you need to make your own character.

I get not all DMs want to be the DM, but either learn to love it or find someone who will.

How much dick did he suck for max dex and con

So several points,
1) The amount of damage the Barbarian is taking is much less than the damage he'd deal per successful hit (especially if he's a Bearbarian).
2) Unarmed damage does 1+STR damage w/o Monk or Tavern Brawler.
3) Heat Metal is a concentration, so the moment the Barbarian hits you, you've probably lost concentration on the spell regardless.
So go ahead and heat metal, your body will break long before my hands suffer significant burns.

Are lizardfolk OP?4

>2 con, +1 wis
Both stats great for monks, clerics, and druids. Standard +2/+1 so not too much special here
>30' swim speed
not always important but it can be lifesaving
your unarmed strikes are now 1d6 piercing
>cunning artisan
situationally useful but very flavorful
>hold breath
situationally useful but it is powerful in the right situation
>hunters lore
two free skills from a pretty decent list that includes Perception. This is very good
>Natural Armor
AC while not wearing armor is 13+dex. This is great for any dex based class and it even works with a shield meaning you will probably have 17 AC at level 1 with no armor. Druid and cleric can make great use of this.
>Hungry jaws
Easy temp hp once per short rest. The amount isnt great but druids should be able to use this in any animal form with teeth.
Common and Draconic

These guys just have a lot of abilities and no real downsides. They make AMAZING druids and damn good clerics. Very few races get as much out of their racials as these guys grab.

You can also get it if you use a shield. But still, 18 in both is pretty damn high.

An ax'll usually have a wooden haft, friend.

Don't forget no martial should be retarded enough to only have one weapon.

Unless the party specifically asks for one, no. Even then it's better to give them a pet npc to use as a mascot or support character. I've found that some players like to collect npcs and it's a great way to build up a narrative for a kingmaker campaign or something similar. Have them adventure with an alternating cast of background characters and then call on their individual skills to help found a new town/kingdom.

Problem is that none if it is amazing, it's just a lot of very mediocre stuff.
>Ability Scores
Like you said, average. Con is good to have, but wis is only useful for 3-4 classes.
>Swim Speed, Bite, Hold Breath
Might come up once or twice, but only worth taking because they're free
>Cunning Artisan
Really fun sounding, RAW spends potentially valuable reagents to make worthless mundane items
>Natural Armor
Monk has unarmored defense, druid has natural armor, cleric has medium armor, those are the classes that want Wis
>Hunter's Lore
Worse version of what half elf gets, but not bad for perception and stealth
>Hungry Jaws
Requires action economy, 1/rest, very little benefit, most of the time you won't even choose to use it when it's up

Overall they aren't a bad race and they have some pretty good flavor, but they are far from being OP.

Just compare to actual OP races
>Half Elf
+2 Cha, +1X +1Y, any 2 skills, access to elvish accuracy
>Alternate Human
A fucking feat and +1 to any 2, also a skill
>Alternate Tiefling
+2 Dex, +1 Cha, permanent 30ft flight, fire resistance
+2 Cha, +1 Con, scaling aoe and single target damage buffs, radiant and necrotic resistance

What route you go for your hex?

Bladesinger X/ Arcane Trickster Y viable? What spread should the levels be and in what order should I pick them up?

that doesn't actualy matter, having a metal blade is enouph to count as a metal object. and you have to take damage if you are in contact with the object, not necisarily the metal part. Its a little stupid but fuck it, barbs are proficient in con saving throws, and even if you fail the throw you can still chose to hold the weapon you just get disadvantage next turn, which you can remove with reckless attacks.

don't forget the most OP race, yuan ti

Not that user, but for quick fix why not have it be 1/4 warlock level to damage, 19-20 at level 6 or so. If you want to incentivise going straight bladelock then add 18-20 crit at level 10 and put in the stipulation that it only works with pact weapon attacks.

In a perfect world, make the pseudo smite the level 1 feature tied to the pact weapon, becoming a +1 weapon at level 5. Add the curse as the level 6 power and have it scale off of something fun like number of invocations instead of proficiency. Level 10 power add a feature to eldritch smite that combos off of a crit to link it mechanically with the curse. Level 14 free smite when you crit 1/short rest on cursed target, maybe make 18-20 crit if you're trying to really draw people away from eldritch blast builds.

Add in some fun invocations that allow you to control how your smite and curse features work. Curse two targets at once, move curse when target dies, (slighly weaker) buff ally instead of debuffing enemy, add conditions on smite or smite crit, regain spell slot only for smite on killing cursed target. That sort of thing.

What does /5eg/ think of the Eldritch Knight?

Magic resistance is exceptional, but everything else about them is pretty garbage. 2 cha 1 int means you're going to be wasting one of those stats, spells are crap, poison resistance is very niche.

Actually now that I think of it, Yuan'ti oath of the ancients paladin/totem of the bear barbarian is the ultimate tank. For extra cheese take the, by now infamous hexblade 1 and all of the sudden you have a fucking dank build.

Inferior Paladin in pretty every respect, doesn't even have a smite-equivalent to, y'know, actually combine melee and magic like people want out of a spellsword class.

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So, wait.

Looking at the spellcaster multiclassing rules, it states that all your spellslots get mushed together, and you can cast any spell you know from any slot. This is a known fact.

Then, looking at the wizard rules in the PHB, it states that you can copy any Wizard spell to your spellbook IF IT'S OF A LEVEL FOR WHICH YOU HAVE SPELL SLOTS. It also adds that you can then prepare and cast it just like your other spells.

If I'm going strictly by what I read, doesn't this mean that if you're for example Wizard 1 Cleric 19, you can cast all cleric spells innately, and all Wizard spells if you can find them as scrolls and copy them in your spellbook?

Yes, that's right.

Mixing cantrips with weapon attacks and using weapon attacks to give people disadvantage on saves vs your spells is pretty spellsword.

At least EKs actually cast spells instead of just using slots to shit out d8s.

Eh its okay rp wise. But honestly you might as well take hexblade. Though the eldritch knight has good niche.

don't lie to newfriends

Holy shit, that sounds overpowered as fuck. What is even the point of having favoured souls and such when you can get access to far superior spell list by rolling cleric and dipping 1 into Wizard?

Very bad. It has the worst possible spell progression from a very limited list and basically doesn't get any class features.

you are a 1/3 caster, and a fighter that needs int is pretty MAD, though if you only pick utility spells that dotn care about your spell casting attribute you can do some nice stuff. The features, other than spellcasting itself, suck pretty bad.

Oh boy, you can replace one of your melee attacks with a good weapon and a strength modifier for a cantrip that's gonna be at disadvantage at point blank, only do a 1d10 with no modifiers, and make you lose your third and fourth melee attacks when you're high enough level to get them. Wow.

>not using a colossal fucking greatclub

or you can use booming/green-flame blade like someone who isn't a retard

This is technically true, but the actual rules for acquiring new spells of any serious level make it prohibitively expensive. If your DM is an idiot and you can just yank the spellbook off of every wizard you meet, wizard 1/bard or cleric 19 is the way to go.

It's almost like Sorcerers are a shitty completely redundant class that exists just to get shat on by every other caster in the game, ESPECIALLY wizards whom WotC totally doesn't have a throbbing boner for.

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>Going to Easter BBQ this weekend
>Haven't been working much
>Only do lifting, vidya, and DnD in my spare time
What should I tell them I've been doing?

It sounds overpowered as fuck because it is.
It also isn't true.

>It also isn't true.

Lifting, vidya and D&D? How is this a legitimate question?

Self improvement.

Like I'm gonna waste my PHB+1 book for a pair of cantrips that still won't keep up with my basic attack once I get my third and fourth attack. No thanks. I'll just play a Paladin or Hexblade.

Honestly, if you're going to ask for advice on a class, don't get all asshurt and defensive when people give you an honest answer about why they don't like it. You're not looking for opinions, you're looking for an echo-chamber.

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Paladin, Hexblade and multiclassing into Sorc/Wizard/Warlock are all better, with the exception of no War Magic. However Fighters are actually pretty good now in 5e (with the exception of Purple Dragon Knight) so they're still more than playable.
I'm playing a Fighter right now and am thinking of going into Fiend or Undying Warlock, seems fun.


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Not that user, but what? Don't both of those require an action to cast meaning you could make 2 attacks a round instead of your normal 5?

AL doesn't even give you the "+1" book, it's just PHB only.

read the spells known and prepared section of mutliclassing. You could make an argument that you can copy whatever spell into the spellbook, but you could NOT prepare it unless a lvl 1 wizard could prepare it.

Finding spells could be difficult, but the cost isn't that high. 450 gold for a 9th level spell? Peanuts.

you do know those cantrips were reprinted in xanathars right? The same book that has hex blade

>everyone on Veeky Forums is the same person
you silly billy

Using a cantrip and bonus action attack still does more damage at later levels than attacking normally if you can get the secondary effect to go off. Although that isn't considering feats.


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Booming Blade and Greenflame Blade were mistakes. Why anyone actually allows these in their game is beyond me. They're poorly written, poorly balanced, and are more meta-centralizing centralizing options than fucking Landorus in Pokemon.

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So you can copy and learn the spells but you can't prepare them and thus are unable to cast them unless you have enough levels as a wizard?

Now I know those spells are OP in certain circumstances, but EK finds a good balance with them I think (at least once you get a third attack).

Yet people allow Moon Druids and Mystics.

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Reminder that Wizard should be banned from every session you DM.

Truly below average intelligent post.

almost, you cant actually prepare them, the multi class limitations say you cant prepare a spell unless you could prepare it if with one of your classes alone, a lvl 1 wizard can only prepare lvl 1 wizard spells. Weather it is in your book doesnt mater.

So exactly what I wrote.

>Friend sets up a one-shot with me and a couple others since we're home for Spring Break
>Starting at level 7, I decide to play a Wizard since haven't gotten the chance to yet
>rest of the party is two Bards and two Monks
>mfw I dictate the flow of combat merely by existing
>mfw I polymorph myself into a young Black Dragon at the start of the final encounter, thus trivializing it merely by existing
I've never felt like I've actively hurt the amount of fun the rest of my group is having before, but I know how it feels now. I swear by all that is good in the world that I will never play Wizard in an actual campaign unless everyone else is a Wizard too

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Mystics are fine if you tweak some overpowered disciplines. Moon druids are broken.

>Polymorph yourself into a young black dragon
That's not how that spell works

So Our party is level 20 in out long running campaign and DM is increasing the level cap to 30 so he can throw bigger badder homebrew stuff at us. He said he' be giving us appropriate level milestones past 20 if we keep to one class but I plan to multiclass.

What's better? Monk 18/Fighter 12? Monk 18/Rogue 12? Monk 18/ Fighter 2/Rogue 10?
Monk 18/Fighter 4/Rogue 8?

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yes, I misread one of your cants to a can

>The transformation lasts for the duration, or until the target drops to 0 hit points or dies. The new form can be any beast whose challenge rating is equal to or less than the target's (or the target's leveI, if it doesn't have a challenge rating). The target's game statistics, including mental ability scores, are replaced by the statistics of the chosen beast. It retains its alignment and personality.
Is the fuck up that I can't cast it on myself? If so, I feel even worse now

Give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he's talking about a previous edition where the polymorph spells didn't have the beast -only clause or he just made it up.

I'm playing Beast Conclave revised ranger. Picking up my companion but where in the MM does tit show's the creature's hit die do I can increase its HP every level

>don't worry guys I'll just homebrew 10 new levels for each class

>The new form can be any beast whose challenge rating is equal to or less than the target's
>The new form can be any beast
>any beast
Do you see the problem with what you did yet?

What low-to-mid level class features are worth giving up class features appropriate to characters above level 20?

Oh shit I misread the beast clause I'm fucking retarded yet another reason why I shouldn't play Wizard

Don't feel too bad, when you get to 17, you can cast True Polymorph and change your shape into an adult gold dragon. Permanently.

Like said, it can only transform into beasts. That said, there is literally nothing in the RAW to disallow you from becoming a giant ape instead.

dragons are not beasts
beast is an animal
dragons are their own thing

you can self cast just fine, what you cannot do is turn something into a dragon.

>tfw I could have wrestled the Abominable Yeti as a Giant Ape and gone full King Kong
>tfw my mage boner blocked circulation to my head and made things less cool than they could have been

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>TFW you learn polymorph is actually fucking retarded
Seriously? It has a fucking beast only clause? That's some of the most anti-fun shit I've ever seen. Needing a 9th level spell slot to turn something into a monster is fucking stupid.

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Wizard is fine as long as they're not played by min-maxing faggot.

They're always played by min-maxing faggots.

You can still turn your party members into t rexes. Besides, polymorph was fucking bananas in earlier editions.

look at the description where it says the hp. it will have XdY+Z (average) listed. the Y is the hit die

My GM has the party starting at level 3 and has decided to let us request a magic item to represent that we're already somewhat established adventurers. As a wizard what would be a good choice? Preferably something somewhat interesting as opposed to just a Cloak of Protection.

There is; it's called shapechange.

I'm toying with this.

Moved Cha as weapon mod to Pact of Blade.

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Transforming into animals is the sweetest and most wizardly shit.
>waaaah I can't become a demon
Go fuck yourself, for real.

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>You can still turn your party members into t rexes
And their 2 INT. Don't be expecting any high-level tactical play when you're one.