Hey tg

Hey tg.

Mydnd dm lies a lot. He also has a habit of taking ideas off reddit and claiming he came up with them. He did this for many traps, most notably the 20 second timer restart we all
Have seen.

Recently he ran a one shot where we ended up getting randomly knocked out while investigating a plague and ended up on the star ship enterprise. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

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No, now stop trying to ruin your DMs game.

So what if he lies? He's trying to make an exciting setting for you, and if he told you where he found all of his inspiration there would be no more surprises

It's not okay to steal things and say you came up with them.

Game is over, not ruinable

>so what if he lies

>Poster count doesn't go up


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Plagiarism is not okay. I haven't played or heard of a one-shot that ended with a space ship.

Just call him out on his shit

I'd rather have a liar and a plagiarist than a samefag anyday

Is he making the experience good for the players?

If so, fuck off. If not, buck up and tell him that his campaigns need to be better and more original.

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>he outs himself as a samefag
An astounding dearth of dignity

Literally admitted a shameless self bump and you call someone else a same fag.

What the fuck are you talking about?

These are me

>these are me

>Plagiarism is not ok

Bitch please. Everything under the sun is a derivative of the epic of Gilgamesh. modern D&D itself is plagiarized AD&D which plagiarized chainmail which plagiarized lord of the rings which plagiarized ancient celtic myth.

But really, lets get to the heart of the matter. What exactly do you want from your DM anyways? To stop the game and say "by the way this trap brought to you by reddit!"? That sounds like fucking hell. he's trying to build a story and you can't expect him to stop and break kayfabe every few minutes just because you're a lifeless asshole who's apparently grading his campaign like it was a college thesis.

I don't understand anything anyone is talking about anymore, other than that OP is a fag and should just shut the fuck up

After every game he says he came up with everything

Hey this is op's girlfriend he's not gay you are

So what? what's it to -you-? Are you really that concerned that puzzyslayer4d20 on reddit gets credit? Or do you just need a reason to tear him down in front of the rest of the group?

You can't stand him getting a little ego boost off of the other players thinking he's smart and clever I think. not when you know different.

Yeah honestly it's probably some autism.

Group is pretty much all new players, so it's easy for him to take from whatever and claim total originality. Lots of content off of lists like 101 best traps, 50 best dungeon ideas, etc.

I don't even say anything to the group about it, it just gives a disgusting feeling in my stomach watching a friend knowingly lie very regularly for personal benefit. At this point I just try to find the sources from which he takes things.

Dude I think you hate your DM. So much so that you're looking for reasons to passively aggressively rip him apart.

I suggest finding what bothers you about him and coming to terms with it or finding another group cause eventually the drama will tear you apart anyways.

Who gives a shit? I've used things from blogs all the goddamn time. That's what they're for. Do you want a fucking annotated bibliography? Do you want me to cite sources?

>just gives a disgusting feeling in my stomach watching a friend knowingly lie very regularly for personal benefit

He's DMing for you and your friends, and you're being a faggot about it OP. If you don't like it, DM an original game.

its kind of hilarious that some people have an issue with this meanwhile I've pirated every game book I've ever owned. I mean I've bought a few of them but by and large the first time I read something its through piracy.

meanwhile this guy's mad his DM is using traps from reddit

Yeah you're probably right.

Do you say original content do not steal? Do you tell new group members about past things you've used with the preface of 'this one time I came up with X and everyone was so surprised'

He claimed to write two campaign hooks that I looked up the names of the towns and found were pre made wizards campaign settings. Dude didn't change the names at all, used dungeons pretty much as is.

It's not that he's using content. It's that he's using content that's been around for a long time and claiming he came up with it

Maybe he's claiming it as his own so that his players won't think to look up what the traps are and meta-game through it. If you already know his pre-sets anyway then you need to let him know.

I would agree with that if not for bringing up his great original ideas like the resetting timer trap on multiple occasions two years after it happened.

>Recently he ran a one shot where we ended up getting randomly knocked out while investigating a plague and ended up on the star ship enterprise. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
No, that just sounds awful. It's probably his first branching out into the green pastures of OC.

Your DM might have self-esteem issues, either too little of it or too much. People like that do take ideas from other people and then lie about it. It's not a good sign and there's really nothing you can do about it, but doesn't automatically mean they'll be a terrible DM.

You should probably just abort this thread anyway. It's already infested with a lazy troll and people pretending to be retarded/legit retards. Watch them snuffle in the dust and prove it.