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CityofCarse is responsible for many recent scans from private collections. If you have a rare or obscure book, he may be willing to convert your dead tree into digital bits. His contact info is listed above.

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Some games draw more attention than others and will not be added to Da Archive. Please seek the following elsewhere:

Fall of Magic
A Sundered World (including the Dungeons and Delvers primer)
Microscope and Explorer
Ten Candles

Anything by:
Dan Coleman
Lame Mage Productions
Precis Intermedia/P!G

This list does not include the numerous titles banned from v0l@file.

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Just do the text. If you use mIRC, you're going to have to go into your options and turn off the option that denies a whole bunch of file formats, as well as the check box that turns them on again after a couple of minutes (genius design there). HexChat is sometimes recommended above mIRC for this reason, and IceChat 9 has been touted as another easy alternative.

Example of finding things on IRC:

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Requesting The Gardens of Ynn by Dying Stylishly Games

Mageguru has added the newest Pathfinder/Starfinder/Adventure Card Game scenarios I posted earlier to the PFTrove, so I am deleting mine. If you need these, go to:

snip li

under the relevant folders. Thanks Mage!

I may be blind, but I'm looking for this:


I've checked some troves, but at this point I'm just going to throw myself on the mercy of the thread and ask if anyone's got it.

Could someone re-up the BESM d20 Military Vehicles book, please? The link in the Archive Annex says that file no longer exists.

So, I know that Stars Without Number recently came out with a second edition, and that they give away the base rules for free. I was wondering if anyone has the PDF for the deluxe version and is willing to share it, as it has a few other options for some other character types (mainly a mech pilot).

mystical secrets

Seeing as this is still a share thread, despite some peoples hurt feelings and some shitty takedowns.

Joining the request for Barbarian Conquerors of Kahanu, ACKS' pulp fantasy supplement.


Requesting the following for Starfinder

Flip-Mat: Basic Terrain, Basic Starfield, Cantina, Starship, Urban Sprawl - paizo.com/store/starfinder/maps
Starfinder GM Screen - paizo.com/products/btpy9tmn?Starfinder-GM-Screen
Core Rulebook Pawn Collection - paizo.com/products/btpy9tml?Starfinder-Core-Rulebook-Pawn-Collection
Alien Archive Pawn Box - paizo.com/products/btpy9uji?Starfinder-Alien-Archive-Pawn-Box

3rd Party Publishers - all are available on rpgnow
Angry Golem Games
Distress Call - rpgnow.com/product/234169/Distress-Call

Dire Corgi Games
The Starsea Chronicles - rpgnow.com/product/235762/The-Starsea-Chronicles

Gamer Printshop
Dead in Space - rpgnow.com/product/235385/Dead-in-Space

GM DemonMoose
Star RPG Alien Races Compilation [BUNDLE] - rpgnow.com/product/224180/Star-RPG-Alien-Races-Compilation-BUNDLE
Star RPG Bestiary Compilation 1 [BUNDLE] - rpgnow.com/product/222578/Star-RPG-Bestiary-Compilation-1-BUNDLE

Jazzy Bear Brown
Small Stations and Tiny Outposts - rpgnow.com/product/219222/Small-Stations-and-Tiny-Outposts

Is Starfinder Pact Worlds even out yet?


In pdf form?

Looking for these, please :

Xanathar's Extraordinary Vault
RK3 The Third Verse
Dungeon Delve #1 - Tower of The Black Sorcerers


Vigilance Press Presents - Action Scenes - Museum Mayhem (ICONS)


space of sending

Anybody got PDFs of the "Weird Tales" magazines from around 1942-1943? I'd need them as handouts. From what I found, www.pulpmags.org has a few, but from an earlier period (1936-1939), and other places like www.sffaudio.com and www.unz.com seem to have individual (compiled) stories, not the full magazines.

I know he asked the pdfs to be removed by does anyone have the Dan Coleman maps? I dont want the pdf just the maps of the adventures.

Anyone has the tyranid 8th edition codex from 40k in a decent scan. The one in the archive is ****

"I know he doesn't want any of his stuff shared, but can you share some of it?"

>Barbarian Conquerors of Kahanu

Still in playtest. the latest corrections were yesterday

Anyone have "Beating the Story" by Robin Laws?

Anyone got the Scion 2e preview PDFs?

Libgen has a couple: magzdb.org/j/2471

Yes. /file/w4bbbz @ SS

Sadly, the pages for the ones I'm looking for seem empty or contain only broken links. Thanks anyway.

Yeah cause what we are all doing here is completely legit.

The guy asked for his stuff to not be shared and we complied. The amount of share over no-share is vast, so why poke a sleeping bear?

Fair fair.

seconded! all of dems!

How i can get the file? please explain i'm a newcomer

then start at the top of the page, like a newcomer should


Is sendspace actually safe to download from?

No, because we routinely share links to unsafe websites. Duh.

To whoever was going to buy Car Wars Arena in the last thread (along with Car Warriors), don't worry about the Arena's as they have already been shared in digital form. They were bought from the bundle of holding as you can't (or couldn't) get them in digital form any other way, so save your money! They have big maps in them too.

newfag here, what's the point of vola when more permanent uploading options exist, including (gasp!) torrents?

Because torrents are so last decade?